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A Scary Affair
by English Bob

Even as I sit here in my small office, two days later, my hands still shake slightly and my nerves are shot. As I write this, I look down at the ashtray on my desk and notice that I am already on my fifth cigarette and fourth cup of coffee of the day. It's not yet 9am. I haven't slept for two days. I can still hardly believe the amazing story that I am about to tell you. It seems too fantastic, too unreal, but I assure you, every word is the truth.

My name is Cooper, Ted Cooper, but everyone just calls me TC. There's nothing special about me, nothing amazing. I'm thirty years old, happily married to Mary, and have been for eight years. Mary is a little younger than me at twenty seven. She has a cute, trim figure and a pretty face framed by long dark hair. I work as a middle manager for a large insurance company in the city and we live in an old barn conversion apartment out in the country. The journey to work is a pain, but we both like the solitude and quiet of our rural community, so I put up with it. I mention that we live in an old building because it directly relates to the story that I am about to tell you. You see, we have a ghost. A poltergeist, I believe it's called. Now, please don't dismiss me out of hand as a nut, two weeks ago I would not have believed me either, but as I said, it's all true.

My story begins about a fortnight ago. It was a warm weekend, and Mary and I were working in the garden, she weeded the flower beds while I attempted to uproot a small tree that we had been meaning to move for sometime. Because of the pleasant weather, I wore only shorts and sneakers as I toiled with the tree and Mary wore only a tiny pair of jean cutoffs and a thin halter top. From my position I could see the upper curves of my wife's splendid 38C breasts, as she bent over to attend her work. What with the heat from the sun, and the lovely sight that my eyes were glued to, by noon I was ready for a break.

"I'm gonna grab a quick shower and get a beer." I said as I passed her, playfully patting her bottom as I went.

"OK, hon. Get a beer for me too?"

I nodded as I entered the house. Climbing the stairs to our bedroom and adjoining bathroom, I notice a chill in the air. I thought that maybe we had got the A/C system a little too high and checked the switch on the landing. Puzzled to see that it was still set to the regular temperature, I rubbed my hands briskly over my shoulders. The thing must be broken I thought as I turned it down a little. The air seemed to go colder still as I approached our bedroom. This was ridiculous, I thought, amazed to find that I could almost see my breath in the air in front of me. My hand reached out for the door handle and grasped it firmly. Damn! It was freezing cold! As I pushed the door I felt resistance. It was jammed, wouldn't budge an inch. For several seconds, I stood in the cold air and rattled the latch back and fourth without success. About to give up and ask Mary what the hell was wrong with the A/C and the door, the temperature suddenly increased dramatically. As my skin began to heat nicely, the door suddenly opened. As I entered, there was a strange musty smell to the room. Not particularly unpleasant, but rather like freshly dug soil. Oddly, the curtains were closed. I was sure that I had opened them earlier. What surprised me more though, was what was neatly laid out on our bed.

Now, Mary and I enjoy a very healthy sex life together. We have no secrets and few inhibitions. I am fully aware of her fantasies about other women, and she knows all about my liking for lingerie (not that I wear it myself, of course! I just love to see women, and Mary in particular dressed in fine stockings and lacy underwear etc!). I looked down at the bed. Neatly displayed were a collection of Mary's sexiest lingerie, set out in such a fashion as to resemble an actual person wearing them but without the body inside! A red silk bodice was at the top of the bed, still buttoned and laced and with the suspender straps hanging down. Underneath the bodice were a pair of black lace bikini panties and below them, a pair of sheer black, seamed stockings. The stocking tops were still attached to the suspenders from the bodice, and the whole outfit was completed by a pair of high heeled black shoes, placed at the feet of the stockings. It was almost as if someone had been wearing the clothes and then just vanished from within them! Thinking that Mary had been feeling as sexy as I had and was maybe expecting a little fun later on, I decided to return to the garden and surprise her.

As I made for the door, the cold wind suddenly returned and blew it shut with a loud slam. I felt the cold chill my flesh once again as I pulled and rattled the door in it's frame, more than a little concerned now and wanting to get out of the room. I was starting to panic slightly. What the hell was going on? and why would this fucking door not open? My heart leapt and almost missed a beat as I felt cool hands on my shoulders. Whirling around quickly to see who the hands belonged to, I was shocked to discover that I was still the only one in the room. Suddenly I felt a great strength take hold of my body. It was futile to resist as I was half carried and half dragged towards a chair by the window. I was practically thrown into the chair, the strong force holding me securely in place and not letting me rise. Through a crack in the curtains, I could see Mary still tending the flower beds. Once, twice, I called to her, but although my voice resounded clearly in my head, no sound was emitted. Mary looked so far away, as if outside of this room were a completely different world. My attention was quickly returned to my present situation when I felt a weight on by knees. This was madness! The weight felt exactly like a small person sitting astride my knees facing me. I could almost feel breath on my face but still saw nothing in front of me.

My senses told me that my shorts were now being undone! It wasn't as if I could see them open all by themselves, I couldn't. Looking down, they were still closed with my belt still buckled, but I could definitely hear a zipper being lowered and I could definitely feel my crotch being exposed to the cool air. My brain seemed to refuse to accept the conflict of senses that I was experiencing and it just seemed easier to close my eyes.

Now without the benefit of sight, my mind seemed to be able to grasp more of what was happening. And what was happening was extremely pleasant! I didn't want to open my eyes, the horror of my sensory conflict would be too much. I just wanted to bathe in the amazing sensations that I was now experiencing as cool feminine fingers began fluttering up and down my solid, exposed penis. The fluttering touch continued blissfully as, with mounting passion, I felt a warm wet mouth envelope the head of my cock. I relaxed slightly. I did not want to look out of the window to see my wife, unaware that her usually faithful husband was receiving an amazing blow job, and I certainly did not want to look down towards my own crotch! The pressure on my penis was increasing. The mouth now seemed to be sliding up and down my solid shaft and soft fingers played happily with my heavy balls. I wanted to move my arms to try and touch whatever would be in front of me, but, frankly the thought of what I might encounter, scared the shit out of me! My mind conjured up pictures of statuesque, attractive women in red silk bodices and black stockings as I felt myself approach an inevitable climax. Almost as if sensing my readiness, the fingers squeezed just a little tighter around by balls and the mouth sucked me a little harder. I felt what seemed like a tongue wrap itself around my glans and my hips jerked forward involuntarily. With a deep, satisfied sigh, my orgasm released itself. For what seemed like ages, my cock spewed forth the hot semen in almost machine gun fashion that would have impressed the most virile stud.

Some moments later, as I sat exhausted in the chair, the room seemed to become warmer. Once again, I could hear the familiar sounds from the garden and the road that I suddenly realised had been absent before. I decided to risk opening my eyes. Slowly, almost frightened of what I might see, I let my eyelids lift. As I glanced around, but the room seemed now quite normal. I knew that I had cum, but on inspecting my still fastened shorts, I noticed with some surprise, that there was no cleaning up to do, no trace of semen at all. For a moment I thought that I had dreamed the whole thing, my imagination working overtime. But my penis was still twitching with post-orgasmic spasms, and the lingerie was still neatly arranged on the bed.

After a few moments thought, I had decided to tell Mary what had happened. She would probably think I was completely crazy, but I had to try to make her believe me.

The argument had continued right through the weekend. Mary was angry that I should make up such a story, obviously in order to frighten her. No matter what I said or how convincing I tried to make my words, she would not even begin to think about the idea. Quite frankly, the whole thing sounded so surreal, I was beginning to doubt myself. That is until two nights ago.

Up until the day before yesterday, nothing else out of the ordinary had occurred and although it was still difficult to forget the incident, I guess that I had put it to the back of my mind. It was the early hours of Saturday morning. Mary and I had enjoyed an extremely pleasant evening out at our favourite restaurant with a couple of friends. We had all talked until late in the evening and it was well after midnight when my wife and I finally crawled into bed. Again, it was very warm, the air still and muggy, so we decided to sleep naked on top of the covers. I was in that stage of half sleep half wake, my mind drifting lazily, when I felt the first breath of chill air. Immediately I became alert as I recalled instantly the events of nearly two weeks ago. I closed my eyes and lay back on the bed in anticipation. Could I go through with another unseen sexual encounter with my wife right beside me? I thought. The question remained unanswered in my mind as I waited and waited and waited. I expecting to have to make the decision soon, but nothing was happening happening. Slowly, and carefully I opened my eyes. Had I been mistaken? The room was still cool though, so I guessed that something would happen soon. A small moan brought my head whipping around to look at Mary. Again my heart skipped a beat. Not because of what was happening to me, but because of what was happening to my wife!

I looked down at the figure beside me. For all the world, Mary appeared to be asleep and dreaming. I looked at her breasts, flattened against her ribcage as she lay on her back. Her fingers were idly flicking over her sensitive nipples causing them to swell and harden before my excited eyes. I looked further down her smooth tanned body, towards her clean shaven mound. My eyes nearly popped out of my head. She had spread her legs outwards and brought her knees up towards her slightly giving me a clear view of the highly aroused state that she was obviously in. Her hips were moving up and down. This was a familiar position to me. I knew that it was the one she usually adopted when I was eating her pussy! Now that I was fully awake, I knelt beside her and began gently stroking her hair. Almost instantly her eyes flew open as she stared me straight in the eyes. She tried to speak but I knew the confusion that must me contorting her mind. She quite obviously could not comprehend how I could be kissing her pussy so tenderly as well as stroking her hair at the same time.

Mary's head span around as she tried to look down. Quickly I held her face in my hands and, directing her lips towards mine, kissed her long and hard. I did not want her to see the empty space that was between her wide spread legs.

"Shhhhh...its ok darling. Just let it happen baby." I whispered softly as I broke our embrace. "Close your eyes and just try to relax. Enjoy the sensations."

Mary's eyes closed as she surrendered herself to the experience. For my part, I was being turned on like crazy and realized that I had been idly playing with my penis which had now grown into an impressive erection. Continuing to stroke my cock with one hand and my wife's hair with the other, I watched her body react to the unseen assailant. I now knew that she was receiving an excellent tongue bath as I heard her moan at me to lick her clit harder and suck it into my mouth, still, obviously unable to convince herself that it was not my tongue or lips that were giving her so much pleasure. For several more minutes, Mary writhed and twisted her body. Her hips lifted from the bed and her legs spread wider than I would have thought possible. The whole sight was incredibly erotic, if not a little scary! I could see her smooth vaginal lips part every now and then as if unseen fingers were holding them open while the tongue continued its merciless caress. I gasped aloud, as did she, when I saw her tiny stiff clitoris pop out from under its protective hood. It seemed to quiver and twitch slightly. This sight was too much for me, and almost without warning, my cock erupted in my hand coating my chest and abdomen with its sticky fluid.

Mary was not far behind me. With her eyes thankfully still closed, she uttered a small, high pitched scream and lifted her hips high off the bed. Her nipples were red and swollen, almost glowing as she continued to pinch them, her orgasm crashing through her body. I looked back to her vagina. The lips were opening and closing in a rapid beat as her muscles contracted and relaxed. As before though, none of her vaginal fluid was visible. It was as if the orgasm was all in her mind.

So, now maybe, you will understand why I'm sitting here in my office a nervous wreck. We talked, and have decided that we need help. At this moment Mary is organising a couple of scientific research students from the local University to come by and take a look. I'm not sure how much use they will be or what they expect to find, but we have to do something! I've hardly been back home in the last couple of days, preferring to keep busy in the office. It wouldn't matter anyway, Mary is so tranked up at the moment, she probably wouldn't even notice I was there. If the students don't find anything, Mary is convinced that we should seek help from a priest or something. Well, I don't know about that sort of thing. All I know is that something tells me our poltergeist will only leave us when she wants to! And the way she gives head, I'm not all that sure I want her to leave!

- The End -

* * * * *

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