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A Surprising Afternoon
by Scott G.

Don't do it. Don't jump.

The man leaped from the bridge's rail, plummeting... plummeting... plummeting into the icy river in terrifying slow motion.. His body disappeared for what seemed an interminable amount of time, then bobbed to the surface amidst the hostile waters, tossing about as if in the middle of an angry mob. His hands flailed in an effort to keep himself above the water's surface, his body battling against his mind in the will to live, and the river taking sides with his mind. It swept him downstream, tugging at his legs, sapping the strength from them until the man was yanked beneath its surface by unseen hands. He did not reappear. The water swept over him, and resumed its journey southward, showing no sign of remorse at being an accessory to death.

Jackson gripped his armrest in white-knuckle disbelief as he watched in morbid fascination the scene that had unfolded before him. He could scarcely breathe. His heart reverberated against his chest as he examined the river, knowing without seeing that the man continued downstream with little struggle. His mind raced, wondering how anyone could just jump like that, giving himself up to whatever death offered, and questioning how it could be ever be better than living. He sat, paralyzed by the chain of events that had taken place.

* * * * *

The credits began to roll before Jackson realized that people were getting up from their theatre seats and heading toward the exits. The lights had just been turned up, and he looked around sheepishly, embarrassed at having been so caught up in the movie that he had forgotten where he was. His hands were moist from gripping the armrests for so long, and he wiped them on his shorts to dry them. He drew in a huge breath, and then exhaled in an attempt to calm his beating heart. He silently chuckled to himself at his own behavior. God, how humiliating, he thought. For once, he was glad to have come to the movie alone.

He stood up to leave, shuffling sideways from his seat in the middle of the row to enter the aisle. He slid his hands down the legs of his shorts again, pressing away the remnants of the sweat. He walked up the aisle slowly, passing the remaining rows as he neared the door of the theater, his mind still caught up in the movie's excitement. He replayed the last moment of the movie in his mind, over and over. As he neared the door, he thought, What the hell. I'll just stay and watch it again. He turned around, and headed back into the theater, heading for the same seat he had occupied before. Three rows down, middle of the row. The next show was still a matinee, so he doubted there would be any problem with seating. There had only be a handful of people at the previous showing.

Jackson sat back down and waited. As he sat, he glanced around and noticed a few early arrivals coming through the theater door . Four teenage girls came bouncing down the aisle, whispering to each other and then giggling into their fists. They moved past Jackson, and bounded into the second row, directly in front of the screen. He doubted whether they even cared what movie they saw, and smiled as he remembered his own teen years, some twenty years ago. He hadn't cared then either. He thought about those times, and how he and his buddies used to go to the movies and sit directly behind a group of girls like that, talking about them, throwing things at them, pulling their hair, anything to get their attention. He couldn't believe he had acted like that.

An older couple came in and sat two rows in front of him, carrying their own popcorn in a plain brown bag. They took turns sipping out of a single drink, and talked quietly as they waited for the movie to start. An early date, Jackson thought, and wondered how long they had been married. They showed the comfort of many years between them, and talked and smiled easily as they took turns dipping their hand into the popcorn. Jackson hoped that someday he would have that kind of ease with someone. His divorce had soured him toward relationships, but he was getting to the point where the loneliness was beginning to weigh on him, like the Mariner's albatross. He wanted to experience the good things with a woman, not just remember the bad things that had happened with his ex-wife. Her inability to show warmth had led him to be cautious with any member of the opposite sex.

Jackson heard the soft music being played as the screen changed snapshots before the start of the movie. He vaguely recognized the notes to "Stairway to Heaven" being played by an orchestra. God, was he so old that his music was now reduced to elevators and orchestras? He rolled his eyes, then settled his 6'1" frame deeper into his reclining chair. His shoes caught on the sticky floor, and made a sound like cracking peanut brittle as he lifted them up to push them forward. He crossed his right foot over his left knee in pretzel fashion, and closed his eyes, waiting for the lights to dim.

The sound of a seat being pushed down nearby caused Jackson to open his eyes and look to his left. He sat up quickly, as if waking to an alarm.

"Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to startle you." A woman, 30ish, was just sitting down one seat to his left.

The woman looked at him and smiled softly. Her chestnut-colored hair dangled in delicate curls about her round face, and her deep brown eyes suggested warmth and compassion. Her smile was small, as if her lips refused to give in completely to the thought. Jackson sensed the woman was only being polite, and quickly responded to her apology.

"Oh no, it's alright. I've actually seen the movie once today. I just wanted to see it again." Jackson couldn't believe he had just admitted to such a ridiculous thing.

"Really? Me too. I saw it the other day, with a girlfriend." His embarrassing admission had no obvious effect on her. The woman sat down, crossing her left leg over her right knee, the hem of her skirt falling open, revealing her smooth tanned leg. Her right foot pointed downward gracefully, and Jackson caught himself as he looked down to watch her dangle her sandal from it absentmindedly. She was attractive, but obviously distracted enough not to notice that he had looked at her longer than was necessary. Her hand fiddled with a thin gold necklace holding a St. Christopher medal at it's bottom, near the first button of her blouse. Her eyes gazed at the screen but did not register any response to its offerings. Jackson found himself drawn to her looks, and was curious as to why she was alone.

"Did you like this one the first time?" he asked, trying to recover from his earlier admission.

"Yes, I did, although I'm not sure why I chose to see it again. The ending almost did me in."

"Well, it did the guy in too," Jackson responded, smiling just a bit in her direction.

She smiled again, a little wider this time. "Yeah, I guess it did. Good point."

Jackson unfolded himself from his seat and stood up. "Listen, I need to head to the concession stand for something to drink before this thing starts. Excuse me for a moment?"


As he moved sideways across the row, Jackson grazed against the woman's foot. He could feel her toes against the back of his bare leg. It sent goosebumps traveling up his calf as he looked back at her. "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to bump you."

"Oh, it's alright. Don't worry about it." She looked up and smiled, and moved her foot so that he could pass by.

Jackson made his way to the aisle, and headed out to the concession stand. Five minutes later, bottled water in hand, he strolled back into the theater. He found the aisle, and started to enter. The woman started to get up.

"Oh, no. Don't do that. I'll just sit on this side," he responded, settling into the seat to her other side, leaving one vacant between them.

"Are you sure? I can move for you." She turned to look at him, moving her legs to the side.

He looked down. Both of her legs were facing him now, and he couldn't help but stare momentarily at her nicely shaped, tanned lower body. He looked up, staring into her eyes, and felt his face flush as he realized she had been watching him. He grinned somewhat sheepishly, and she smiled back in return. She began to bob her foot up and down a little as she stayed in the same position, letting the sandal slip off her heel. Just as he was stammering for something to say, the lights began to dim, saving him from further embarrassment. "No, it's ok. I don't mind," he said, turning his head toward the screen, thankful for the interruption.

She was obviously amused at having caught him in mid-stare. Her eyes twinkled, and her lips began to open into a playful grin. Jackson could feel her continue to look at him, and his face remained hot with guilt at having been caught. He showed more interest than normal in the trailers for the upcoming movies, and tried to act as if nothing was wrong. It didn't help that the thought of her shapely legs was a real turn on to him. He could feel the faint tingling in his balls as they reacted to the information received from his brain.

"Hey, would you mind if I sat next to you? I don't want to interrupt the movie for everyone else, and we can talk easier that way, since we've both seen the movie,' the woman said, already lifting herself up slightly to slip into the seat next to Jackson. 'I tend to get jittery in movies like this too, and maybe having someone next to me will keep me from jumping in my seat during the scary parts. I promise not to bother you too much, though."

"Um, um, no. I don't mind," he replied, but not turning his head to watch as she made the switch. He could feel her arm as it rubbed against his own when she sat down, and the hairs on the back of his own forearm stood up in reaction. He could faintly make out the scent of the patchouli oil as she settled in her seat, making it even more difficult for him to focus on the movie screen. Her effect on him was unsettling at best, and he was having difficulty in controlling his breathing. He took a deep swallow of his water, then fumbled it back into the cup holder.

The movie began, and Jackson soon found himself again mesmerized by its intensity. His eyes drilled into the screen, and he soon forgot his surroundings. He moved forward in his seat, resting his elbows on his knees. His water remained in it's cupholder, its temperature rising from neglect. During one moment in the movie, Jackson sat back up and pushed himself back into his seat, as if reeling from the punch that the protagonist had landed on the unwilling informant in the scene. Just as he settled back down, he felt the electric shock again, only the current was coming from his calf. The woman's foot, now out of the sandal, was rubbing gently back and forth over his exposed skin.

His mind now yanked abruptly away from the movie, Jackson tried to look interested, while his heart began to race at a frantic pace once more. Her toes were gently sliding over his calf, causing the hairs to stand up in anticipation. Now aware that the contact was intentional, he tried to think what he should do. He closed his eyes momentarily, and a little moan found its way from his throat.

"Does that bother you?" He could hear the faint teasing in her voice as she continued to rub her toes over his calf. Her arm never moved from its place next to his on the armrest, and his forearm once again tingled from the touch. "I saw that you were staring at my legs as you sat down. Do you like them?"

"V-very much so," he stammered, feeling the blush work its way from his neck and into his cheeks.

He continued to stare at the screen, but his breathing had grown quicker and more shallow, making it evident that her movements were drawing more of his attention.

"Well, thank you very much. I happen to think that your legs are very nice also." She continued to push her toes back and forth over his calf, raising them a little higher each time, her knee bobbing up and down rhythmically. When she reached his knee, her hand joined in and began caressing the back of his hand as it rested on the chair's arm. "As a matter of fact, I happen to think that you look very nice everywhere."

Oh God, he thought. His cock was much bolder than he was, and began straining at the cotton shorts in an effort to make itself known. He turned his head slightly in her direction, and saw her staring at him, her lips parted into a slight smile. She took his hand in hers, and guided it to her thigh removing hers after placing it there. Another moan escaped from his lips as his hand found the hem of her skirt directly beneath it.

"This movie doesn't hold that much interest now, does it?" she cooed as her fingers slipped over the armrest and down to his shorts. She delicately stroked his throbbing member through the material, and Jackson felt it jump from the caress of her fingertips. His own hand moved less confidently, but found its way under the hem of her skirt, moving upward. Her skin felt slightly damp, and he continued onward, finding no obstacles to stop his progress. Damn. She wasn't even wearing any panties. His cock now ached as he gently let his fingers trail over her pussy lips, and felt rather than saw her un-cross her legs to allow easier access. Her pussy was moist to the touch, and she exhaled audibly when he found her clit with his second finger. His confidence grew, and he began to rub her hard little button in circular motions with his middle finger.

"Mmmmmm. Yessss....right there," she sighed as she let her head fall back against her seat. Her legs spread wider apart, and she pressed her hips toward his fingers to encourage their movements. Her own hand had stopped moving over his cock, but remained in place as he pushed his two fingers easily into her now drenched pussy. His palm pressed against her clit, and he rubbed with it to generate more friction against her. She placed one bare foot halfway up the seat in front of her to keep her balance.

She whispered in uneven breaths as he finger fucked her. "God yes. That's it. Finger fuck me. I'm so fucking wet." She began to rotate her hips to allow maximum sensation as he pushed yet a third finger into her and began arching them upward to find that special spot. He knew he had found it when she gasped out loud, and began clenching the armrest with her hand. She began grinding her pussy into his hand, her clit begging to be rubbed and touched. Jackson could feel his hand almost cramp up from the sheer force of her thrusts against it. He looked quickly around the theater to see if anyone noticed, and realized the other patrons were engrossed in the movie.

As he slid the third finger from her tight hole, Jackson lowered it to tease between her pussy and her ass. Her body immediately responded, and she lowered herself into her seat to offer herself to him. "Finger fuck my ass Baby. That feels so good while you finger my pussy." She spread her legs even further now, and Jackson circled her tight little rim with his index finger, the tip barely touching her skin to moisten it and prepare it for him. He then inserted it to the first knuckle, wiggling it as he did. She swiftly pushed her free hand on top of his, directing him to press it deeper into that tight hole. He did so without delay, inserting the entire finger into her ass, moving it around simultaneously. His fingers continued to work on her soaked pussy, and he sensed that she was near orgasm. He could smell the musky odor coming from her as he worked his fingers in and out in maniacal fashion.

"Oh god. I'm going to cum. Fuck me faster. Do it. Make me cum."

Jackson didn't need any more encouragement. He slammed his fingers into both holes now, forcefully opening them up and pumping them wildly back and forth. Her juices covered his hand, and she pressed her own palm on top of his, egging him on. Suddenly, her body became taut in the chair, and she emitted a small yelp through clenched teeth. Her pussy tightened around his fingers, refusing to let them go as she began to cum on them. He pushed them as far into her as he could, and ground his palm against her clit, feeling her spasm against him. She now gripped his wrist with her hand, and her other hand left its place on his cock and gripped the other armrest. He could sense the orgasms coming across her in torrents, her body debilitated by seizures, her pussy convulsing around his fingers. She must have felt these for quite some time, because his fingers felt like they were permanently encased inside of her.

Finally, her eyes opened. She let out a deep sigh, her body falling weakly into the seat. Her pussy released his fingers, and he pulled them out of both holes slowly, savoring the feel of her wetness as he did. She looked at him devilishly, then lifted his hand to her lips, sucking on those wet fingers that had just made her cum so violently. Her mouth made little slurping sounds as she drew them over her lips, her gaze never wavering. She licked and sucked contentedly on his fingers, her skirt still pushed up to reveal her drenched pussy lips. She made no attempt to close her legs, letting him enjoy the fruits of his labor.

"Now it's your turn Baby. Let's see what you have in here," she stated, moving her body over toward him, her fingers nimbly moving across his shorts and to his zipper. She pulled it down slowly, and his cock peeked out through both the boxer slit and the opening of the shorts. A small circle of precum had stained his shorts, and she rubbed her finger over it longingly. "OOOoooooo Honey. You are ready for me, aren't you?", she teased as she began to coax his throbbing cock from its nesting place. She stroked him evenly, never averting her gaze from his eyes. His own eyes glazed over with wanton passion, giving in to the slow, sensual masturbation that she performed on him. He closed them and leaned back, feeling her take both hands and wrap them around his 7" manhood, sliding them up and down over the sensitive skin, pulling the precum to the slit. He only opened his eyes momentarily when he felt a vaguely familiar wetness on his cock, and saw her bending down to slip it into her mouth. It had been so long since he had felt that wonderful warmth, and he felt the tingling in his balls as she bobbed up and down over the shaft, stopping at the top to lick the precum onto her tongue, showing him the line that clung from his slit to her lips. She then greedily pushed herself all the way down to the base, sucking him deeply into her throat, and swallowed. He almost exploded right then, but tightened his muscles and tried to regain control.

Jackson could feel the cum begin to well up inside of his shaved balls as she forced her mouth over him. He took his hand and placed it in her hair, helping to show her the rhythm that felt best. She followed his lead, and he soon felt the familiar pressure building in his prick, preparing to send a gusher of cum into her mouth. She sensed it too, and quickened her pace up and down to hasten his orgasm. He also noticed that her hand had slid back down to her own pussy, and she was fingering herself with abandon, matching the pace with which he fucked her mouth. She made guttural sounds in her throat as she let him fuck her more rapidly, and he could feel her opening herself up to take his salty offering.

All at once, Jackson tightened his grip in her hair to give her the sign that he was going to explode. "OH FUCK," he hissed as his cum shot out of his cock, splashing the back of her throat. She swallowed again, then pulled herself from his cock and jerked him off with her hand, watching a stream of cum fly over the seat in front of them. His next stream caught the back of the seat, and then he felt her bend back down and suck him hard into her mouth, pulling the last drops from his dick and onto her waiting tongue. Her hand never stopped its assault on her pussy, and she came immediately after he did, spasming once again as she fucked herself with renewed spirit. Her mouth closed around him as she came, holding all of him inside until the spasms subsided. She then let it go, licking the shaft all the way to the head, then letting it fall to rest on his shorts. She lifted her hand from her wet pussy, and let him lick her fingers to taste the musky, nutty taste that they held. Jackson pulled all four fingers into his mouth, eagerly taking her flavor from her. He wanted to taste all of her now.

She gently pulled her fingers from his mouth, and leaned toward him. Her lips found his, and she kissed him gingerly, her tongue separating his lips and letting it dance inside contentedly. She broke the kiss reluctantly, kissing him a few more times as she removed her lips from his, and held his hand in hers. She then released his hand, and helped him re-insert himself back into his shorts, his cock still sticky from the combination of her lips and his own juices. She zipped him back up, and then smoothed her skirt back over her thighs.

Jackson didn't know what to think. This beautiful woman had just made him cum so hard that his mind was a jumble of thoughts. She didn't give him much chance to regain those thoughts, however, as she slowly stood up from her seat.

"Honey, you made my day, you know that?" she murmured as she bent over to kiss his cheek. He began to stammer, but she placed her finger on his lips, kissed him again, and walked slowly from the aisle, and out of the theater. His eyes followed her as her hips swayed sensually up the aisle, until she disappeared through the theater door, out of his sight.

Jackson stood up quickly, and hurried through the seats to follow her. He raced up the aisle, and shoved the door open, looking in both directions once he got to the other side. Unable to determine where she had gone, he ran through the foyer of the complex to the outer doors. As he plunged through the doors, the sunlight hit him, forcing him to squint immediately. He placed his hand over his eyes in a mock salute to shield them from the afternoon sun, and searched for the woman, but to no avail. There was no trace of her anywhere.

Jackson dropped his hand, and looked down to the curb in front of him. There, glinting in the sun, lay the St. Christopher's medal he had seen around her neck when she sat down. He leaned over and picked it up, placing it in his pocket. He hoped that one day he would be able to return it to its rightful owner.


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