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Adopted Sister's Anal Adventure
by Robb

It had been a few days since I heard from Sally. Our initial sexcapades had been intense. I was getting hard just thinking about them. My wife had to head out of town to finish a contract with a customer, so it left me alone. The pool was nice, nude swimming was a favorite on mine.

The phone woke me out of my daydreaming. "Hello." I said.

"Hey! What's up?" Mark said on the other end.

"Not much, just hanging."

"Linda gone?" He asked.

"Yea, for a few day."

"Well, Sally and I were thinking of stopping by and having some fun in your pool. Do you mind?"

"Not at all. I have a few beers in the fridge. Come on over. There is plenty of space." I answered back.

"Sally suggested we pack and overnight bag. I have to head to the office for a few hours tomorrow, but I can come back. Since you and Sally are off, maybe we can make a weekend out of it?"

"Sure...Sounds good to me," I said before I thought about it.

"Great, we'll be over in an hour." Mark said hanging up the phone.

My mind was running. The thought of seeing Sally again had my dick rising quickly.

They arrived and Sally didn't even say a word to me. What happen, I thought? Mark already had his bathing suit on and he told Sally to get hers on. She went to my bedroom to change while Mark and I broke into the beer and made idle chat. A few minutes later, Sally appeared in a conservative two-piece suit. Mark commented that she should put on her sexier suit but she just smirked and told him no. Boy was she cold.

All of us had several beers and made idle chatter about work or whatever else came up. Mark went to use the bathroom and Sally turned to me and told me that Mark demanded a blow-job from her on the way to my house. I asked her what she did and she said that she told him where to go. We were both in the water waist-deep and she grabbed my dick and said that it was too bad that she couldn't suck on that tool.

I was surprised by her boldness. Mark had just come back and tossed me another beer.

"Sally, take your top off." Mark said. He was kinda drunk and not really sure what he was saying.

Sally looked at him and wanted to piss him off. "Sure, honey." In one quick motion, her top was off.

Wow, they are beautiful I thought to myself. Every time I have set my eyes on them, they just look better and better.

Mark didn't seem to notice, or care. He jumped into the pool with Sally right behind him. I jumped in to join them. We started to horse around with each other, tackling, dunking under water and just playing with each other. I made sure to get my feel of Sally's tits whenever possible. She was grabbing my dick every chance she got. I was hard. It was nice that I had a loose bathing suit on so it didn't show too much. Sally knew.

Mark made his way out of the pool as Sally grabbed onto me. Mark was heading for the bathroom. Sally turned her ass to me and said, "Fuck me now. And do it quick. I'm so fucking hot and I want you inside. Do me now."

I was so turned on I took my hard-on out and she slipped her bikini bottom aside and I mounted her from behind while we were in the pool. We were fairly deep in the pool, so it took me a second to line my dick up with her pussy.

It went in real easy. All the way in. "Fuck me" she moaned.

I was fucking her fast. In and out; in and out. I had her hips in my hands and I was rocking her hard.

Then, Mark jumped out onto the patio singing into a beer can. Caught! MY dick was all the way in his wife. We both stood there as Mark looked at us and said as he finished his line, "Toss her in the deep end. Go for it."

Then he went back to singing in his can. Sally and I were shocked, but she picked up that Mark was not paying much attention to them. "Finish me off. Then throw me."

With a few quick intense thrusts, she came and I did too. We both let out little screams and Mark looked. I grabbed Sally's leg and tossed her into the deep end of the pool.

"Good job." Mark said to me. "How are you feeling, honey?" he said to Sally.

"I'm feeling great. I wish I could do that again." Sally looked at me as she finished saying it. Both of us knew what she was referring to. Mark was totally oblivious.

We took a break from the pool since it was getting late. We had some dinner and chatted while watching TV. Mark got up and found himself heading to the spare bedroom. Sally went in and checked in on him about twenty minutes later. She came out.

"He is out cold. The beer got to him." She grinned at me.

"Well, what would you like to do?" I started to ask.

She peeled off the little outfit she had on and motioned me towards the pool. Of course, I was staring at her bald pussy as she walked towards me. We headed to the pool and she whispered in my ear, "I want you to fuck me hard and long right here. No quickie, just good hard fuck."

She jumped in. I started to take off the shorts I had on and asked, "Won't Mark wake up?"

"No, he is so out of it." She smiled, "Even if he did, we'll be in the pool and he won't notice."

I jumped in and Sally was right around me. Grabbing my dick she was stroking it slowly as our lips met. I had my fingers in her and I could feel the wet slippery cum inside her. Even in the pool, she was very hot. She guided me into her hot pussy slowly. I wrapped my arms around her and she did the same. We kissed as we were attached by my dick. I started a slow rhythm inside her. Her tits were rubbing my chest as we continued our underwater fucking.

We were in a serious groove as she started to moan. I picked up speed and started creating serious waves. She let out a scream as she came hard. I was about to cum when I decided to hold off.

When she came around we kissed intensely.

"That was great." She said.

"I'm not done."

She looked at me as I guided her to the shallow end and put her on the steps. I brought her around to kneel on the top step. Perfect height.

I slipped right into her. All the way deep. I thrust my dick in and she screamed a little. If Mark came out right now, we were have been screwed. But neither of us cared, it felt great.

I started a serious penetration and her hips bucked to my thrust. I grabbed her hips and rocked her hard. I was thrusting so hard I was lifting her right out of the water.

"YYYeeewwooooo..." I screamed as I shot my cum inside her.

Her scream was just as intense, but quieter...

I slammed a few more thrusts into her and then we held our position until my dick went limp.

"That was awesome." She said as she started to get out of the pool.

I grabbed her ass and did a quick lick of her ass. I rimmed her for a few seconds.

"Oh my! That felt wild...You got to do that again."

I turned to her, kissed her and said later.

We went back into the house naked and she headed to the guest room, me to my room. About 1/2 hour later, I was just about asleep when Sally walked in.

"Do you mind if I join you?" She asked climbing into the bed, naked of course.

I was about to answer her when she begged, "You got to do that thing you did to my ass. It don't know, incredible."

Knowing she wasn't going to leave if I said no, I told her to get on all fours. She did it so fast.

I spread her ass cheeks open and let my tongue touch her sexy little pucker hole. She gasped. I then started licking slow at first. She was now panting, rather quickly. I decided to stick a finger in her open pussy. She loved it and pushed her ass further into my face. I licked and licked for close to twenty minutes and her pucker hole was soaked. She had cum at least twice. I decided to pull my fingers from her pussy and slide them into her ass. I slid a finger slowly into her and she jumped a little, but then pushed back for me to continue. I was all the way in and met no resistance. I started to finger fuck her ass for a few seconds and she was already cumming and cumming hard. Knowing she was rocking, I decided to put something else in her ass. I quickly found a bottle of oil and oiled my dick. She knew it was coming and just smiled. I positioned my dick at her pucker hole and slowly pushed it in. The head took a second before her hole started to swallow it. Finally, the head was in and I waited a second for her to relax. She didn't want to wait and started to push back slowly. I just let her push.

I heard her pant, "Oh fuck...oh fuck...oh, oh this is good..."

A few moments later, I was all the way in her ass. I started to pull out slowly and Sally started panting really hard. I thought I was hurting her, so I was pulling out of her; when she begged, "Oh, wow, this is fucking awesome...fuck me harder..."

I slide back in a little faster than the first time. She wanted more. She started bucking. I sped up. I was fucking her ass with hard long thrusts. And she wanted more.

"OOOOwwwwwweeeee, wwwwooooowww...Give it to me. Harder!!!" She was now screaming.

"Yes....Yes....Oh, fuckin yes..."

I screamed as my load blasted in her hot ass.

Then she did something I never expected, she bucked me hard and screamed louder than I have ever heard before.

"Ooooooooooohhhhhhhhhh fuuuuucccckkkkkkkkk. ..."

That had to wake Mark up I thought. She didn't care...She was still cumming. She didn't stop, even after I pulled out of her. It was a few minutes after that before she came down.

"I think you woke Mark." I said.

"Who the fuck cares? That was so...intense."

About five minutes later as we relaxed on the bed, she got up, kissed me and told me that she was going to bed before he came looking for her. She headed to the door, naked and very well satisfied. I was still thinking how sexy she looked.

She turned to me and said, "Mark will be leaving about 8:00am. I will be back and you are going to fuck my ass till he gets back."

Smiling, she left...

The morning will have to be another story.


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