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A Sporting Chance
by English Bob

Baz pulled the sleek, silver grey Mercedes into the parking bay in front of the stadium. He was a happy man today. Since as far back as he could remember, he had been a soccer supporter, following the progress of several local teams and occasionally getting tickets for a major game. Today was a major game, and today, his wife Janet had agreed to join him. Baz and Janet had been married for fifteen years and were both in their late thirties. Although his wife had always been interested in sports in general, Baz had never before managed to get her to come to a soccer game.

Exiting the car and flicking the central locking button, Baz waited for Janet. There were always the last minute touches to be made to her dress and makeup before she would allow herself to be seen in public, but for the life of him, Baz could not understand why. She was as attractive now as she had been when they first met all those years ago.

Baz smiled to himself as he watched his wife reset her already perfect long black hair and smooth the tight fitting, short skirt over her legs. He had suggested several times, that they were only going to a soccer match, and that it didn't really matter how she was dressed. He knew, as always, that these comments fell on deaf ears, Janet always considered her appearance to be of utmost importance wherever she was going.

"Don't look at me like that, Baz!" she said with a wry smile. "You know it takes a little longer these days for me to look good!"

"You look fantastic, love. You know I love to see you in those short skirts. It starts to get me all excited!"

Janet finished adjusting her clothes and slipped her arm through his. Leaning up towards his face, she planted a wet kiss on his lips.

"Why thank you, kind Sir! I know it's a lie, but I love you for it anyway!"

"Would I lie to you?!" he replied with mock astonishment. "Come on lets get into the stadium before it's completely full."

As the couple made their way into the gate, the crowds were starting to build up. Thousands and thousands of supporters had paid to watch this particular game, and Janet and Baz jostled and pushed their way towards the stand. Janet was surprised to find that there were no seats in the section they had booked.

"Do we have to stand?" she asked, as she felt herself boxed in by large, predominantly male bodies on all sides.

"Yeah, fraid so. There were no tickets left for the seated section. This will be OK, though. We get a much better view from here.

She had to admit, Baz was right. She could see the entire playing area from their position. In order for her to see properly, Baz had suggested that she stand behind him on the next tier up, so she would be able to see over his head. This she did, placing her hands on his broad shoulders.

As the game began, the noise from the crowd was deafening, the cries from several thousand people echoing around the large stadium. Janet could feel herself being pushed from all sides as the crowd surged, but didn't really mind too much, she was beginning to get caught up in the wonderful atmosphere of the game and could now easily see what attracted so many people to this form of spectator sport.

The game progressed with both sides sharing several near misses. Every time one of the teams came close to scoring a goal, the crowd would surge and Janet would grip her husband's shoulders for support. She was really beginning to enjoy the sensation of moving with the crowd and the atmosphere was getting her more than a little excited. Towards the end of the first half of the game, the inevitable happened and a goal was scored. The crowd went wild, surging forward in one huge mass with everyone crushed together tightly.

It was then that Janet noticed the touch. At first, it had been fleeting and light, but now she definitely felt the unmistakable sensation of a large hand resting on her bottom! At first she had thought that it was just the movement of the crowd, and half expected the owner to mutter some sort of apology, but as the crowd settled and the game resumed, the hand stayed firmly in place. Surely, this was not usual, though Janet. She felt a little confused, but had to admit that with all the excitement, the presence of the hand was not entirely unwelcome! Leaning over slightly to bring her head closer to her husband's, she whispered in his ear.

"Don't look now, Baz, but someone's got their hand on my ass!"

Baz was engrossed in the game, and replied casually.

"So?...what do you want me to do? Punch the guy out for you?

"No, of course not, silly! It's not really bothering me, and, in a way, it's kind of nice! I just thought you should know."

"Well, tell me if anything else happens!" finished Baz with a laugh

All the time that they had been speaking, the hand had been pressing harder into her butt as the crowd pushed forwards, and Janet had really begun to quite enjoy the stimulation. Her excitement of the game was quickly turning into a sexual excitement as the hand began a slow circular caress on her behind. Earlier, Janet had been a little confused by the attention that she was receiving, but now a wicked grin spread over her pretty face and she was pleased that she had worn a shortish skirt.

Baz felt his wife's fingers grip his shoulders tighter and turned his head slightly.

"What now?" he said "Are you ok?"

"Mmmm yes, fine. The hand that was on my ass, just moved down and touched my thigh!"

"You want to try and move somewhere else?" said Baz as he tried to indicate the futility of attempting to fulfill that suggestion.

"God no! It feels really long as you don't mind?"

Both Baz and Janet had always been open minded throughout their marriage, and Baz was in no way about to put a stop to anything new that his beautiful wife wanted to try.

"Of course not, sweetheart." he replied in a warm whisper. "Just keep telling me what he's doing. I'm getting quite excited with just the thought!"

Happy now that Baz was on her side, Janet kept her head close to her husband and gently began to wiggle her bottom back towards the disembodied hand. As if sensing her acknowledgement and encouragement, the hand that had previously been simply resting on her naked thigh, began to make almost undiscernible movements back up towards her ass. The movements may have been extremely slight, but Janet was more than aware of them. The fingers kept creeping slowly upwards, as this time, with a minor sense of shock, Janet realised that they were going to rest back on her behind *underneath* her skirt!

Janet's breathing became a little short as she reported back to Baz again in a strained whisper.

"Oh, God. His hands going up my skirt now.....very slowly, but he's nearly at my panties!"

The response from Baz was little more than a low moan. He had always fantasised about watching his sexy wife with another man, and, although he was not going to see it directly, to get a commentary from Janet seemed somehow even more exciting. He realised, with some surprise, that his penis was stirring and starting to become erect in his jeans, and was now looking forward to his wife's next comment.

Janet was now pushing her rear end firmly back towards the hand as it gently circled over the firm globes of her buttocks, protected only by the thin material of her silk panties. She gasped, and again tightened her grip on Baz's shoulders as she felt the fingers slowly ease the leg of the undergarment to one side and gingerly slip inside. She knew that she was wet down there. She was at an age where she felt she was at the peak of her sexuality, and it usually took very little to stimulate her. This was certainly no exception.

"Mmmm...his fingers are inside my panties now baby!......ooohhhhhh I can feel them sliding slowly along my slit!"

"Christ, Janet. You got me so hard with all this. I bet your dripping wet, aren't you?"

Janet let out a stifled moan in reply, as she experienced the sensation of a long thick, finger enter her vaginal passage. The finger began to move more rapidly in and out of her wet hole and was quickly joined by a second and then a third digit. Janet's knees buckled slightly and she held on more tightly to her husbands shoulders for support.

"I'm getting finger fucked now." she breathed "he's three...fingers! I think I'm gonna... yes... yes... Oooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhh... I'm cummingggggggg"

Baz could feel his wife's body shudder against his back as the orgasm crashed through her body. She was obviously incapable of speech, but was rather letting an almost continuous moan escape her lips. His own erection had become quite uncomfortable now, but he knew that it was unlikely that he would be able to do anything about that situation before returning home. He made a mental note to fuck Janet's brains out as soon as they got through the front door!

As the fingers were slowly withdrawn from her soaked snatch, Janet wondered with some regret, if her experience was over. She knew that this was not the case, as she felt two strong hands grip her hips and pull her slightly backwards. She glanced around her. She knew that she must have looked flushed and excited, but thankfully, nobody seemed to be paying her any attention, nobody appeared to have seen anything. She tried to turn her head to catch a glimpse of the owner of the hand that had pleasured her so much, but she was held tightly, and again pulled backwards. The gentleness of the fingers now seemed to have vanished. This was fine with Janet, she wanted and needed something more, something a little more turbulent, a little rougher. She was not to be disappointed.

With a hard jerk, Janet found herself pulled back against the unmistakable contours of a hard erection, still encased in rough denim. The hands were now back under her skirt and were tugging the back of her silk undergarment down over the swell of her ass. She felt feet between her legs as her own feet were urgently kicked apart thus making access to her cunt that much easier. She heard a zipper being lowered and felt a fumbling behind her.

"Oh my God, Baz. I think I'm about to get fucked from behind. He's pulled the back of my panties over my butt and got my legs open!"

Baz remained strangely silent, as Janet became aware of her husband's hand now slowly creeping, undetected, up the front of her legs and under her skirt. The crowd surged forward again and Janet suddenly felt the tip of a warm and extremely hard cock pressing insistently against the entrance to her pussy from behind. This was it, she thought. I'm gonna get fucked in a soccer stadium, in front of thousands of people who don't have a clue what's going on! Her feet were kicked a little further apart as she felt the head of the cock pierce her vagina. At the same time, she experienced the feel of her husband's familiar touch as his hand slipped under her skirt and down into the front of her panties in one swift motion. Her pussy was now so wet that the hard erection behind her was thrust up into her vagina with little resistance. As the cock began to drive it's way into her depths, so Baz began a light massaging on the hard clit that he had just located.

Janet's hips were being thrust back and forth by the powerful movements of her unseen assailant. There seemed no let up for her. Thrust backwards, she was impaled deeply on the strangers solid meat, and, thrust forward, her tender, throbbing clitoris was being frantically stroked by Baz. There was nowhere for her to go other than up to heaven, and Janet succumbed to another earth shattering climax. As her knees buckled once again, she felt the cock, so deep in her pussy, swell and twitch. She knew that the strangers climax was imminent and prepared herself for his cum. With a final deep thrust, that Janet thought would split her in two, the cock erupted. Janet was overtaken by the strength of his climax. His hands gripped her rounded hips so tightly, that, had it not been for the material of her bunched up skirt, she was sure he would have left fingerprints on her skin. His seed exploded into her vagina at a massive velocity as she felt him convulse behind her. His cock spasmed several more time before he was completely drained.

All too quickly, Janet felt the intruder withdraw, and heard him rezip his jeans. She realised that throughout the experience, her eyes had been closed. She now opened them and was greeted by the sight of Baz licking his fingers with a wicked grin, and almost immediately, The referee blew his whistle indicating the end of the first half of the game. As the crowd around them began to thin out a little as people drifted towards the bar area, Janet wheeled around to find the stranger that had pleasured her so well. As she turned she was greeted with blank stares from a group of teenage lads. Embarrassed slightly, and realising that the stranger had obviously left without a word, she moved back to Baz and quickly put her arms around him. She suddenly felt very exposed and needed his comfort and protection.

"That was amazing." Said Baz breathlessly "At first I thought you were just making it all up because you were bored, but when I had my hand in your panties I could feel every movement of his cock in you pussy! I guess it was definitely for real!"

Janet smiled up at him "You bet it was for real! It was so exciting, just knowing that anyone might have seen us, and when you played with my clit I came so hard I thought I'd pass out! We have got to do this again sometime! I think I'm gonna enjoy watching soccer with you."

"Soccer is great honey, but right now I just want to get you home" he replied, patting his crotch.

"Screw the game! I've got something that needs your attention. And it won't wait much longer!"

The End

* * * * *

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