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A Sex-Filled Reunion Pt. I
by Trish Martin

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Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 2 parts for faster page loading.

My telephone was ringing as I walk in the door from work on Friday, answering it and got a pleasant surprise. As I heard my girlfriend Leslie's voice my body started trembling and heating up at the same time. You see Leslie and I used to roommates about 11 years ago for a very exciting but brief point in time. We have kept in contact over the years but only by telephone or letters. To my surprise, this call was to be different. As I said hello her response was, you had better sit down sweetie I have some wonderful news. "OK," I said.

"I'm going to be in town next week for 7 days can you pick me up at the airport?" she said.

Excitedly I said, "OF COURSE, what time is your flight and what Airline will you be on?"

"It's flight 432 on American West next Friday and lands at 7am." Leslie replied.

We set the final plans for me to pick her up and talked about old times, just before I got off the telephone I said, "Wear something sexy without undergarments for quick and easy access. Because as soon as I see you I want to be able to touch you ok."

Breathlessly she said, "OK." We then said goodbye and hung up.

I walked into my room in a daze remembering the fun I had with her and then with Michael when he joined in to help her introduced me to all the joys of sex with a man as well. As I remembered the way Leslie made me feel my hands started to roam my body, my clothes were in the way so I began undressing, becoming more aroused by the second.

When I peeled my underwear off my juices had already soaked them. Slowly I began pinching and rubbing my tits to relieve the pressure building there. Then I slid my hand down my torso and stopped just above my pubic hair prolonging the intense feeling that was building between my legs. I was so involved in the fantasy I didn't hear Michael come into the room. Removing his clothes he stood at the foot of the bed and watched my hands pleasuring myself, while lost in my fantasy. When I opened my eyes, I found him with his cock in his hand and a giant smile across his face. I eagerly spread my legs and he crawled between them taking my throbbing pussy in his mouth.

As soon as his tongue applied pressure to my clit I came explosively. He quickly thrust his cock deep inside my throbbing pussy and kept me in ecstasy until he exploded inside me. When we had calmed down he asked what had gotten me so Horny and I told him about Leslie's call. "That's great sweetheart, but I have to go out of town on Friday with a lay over in Atlanta, I won't be back until Monday," he said. Michael went from the medical field to being a pilot for Delta Airlines when he lost a patient.

"Oh OK, well she'll be here for a week so you'll get to see her on Monday, then," I replied with a pout. "I'll miss you while your gone though." I purred. The week went by slowly. I couldn't concentrate on work because my mind kept straying to Leslie and what we used to do with each other. I was in a constant state of arousal and Michael made sure I was not able to relieve the building tension. He said it would be explosive when Leslie finally relieved all the built up passion that I was feeling.

When Friday came around, I dressed carefully wearing my tightest, sexiest black dress I had with no undergarments except a pair of garters to hold my stockings in place. Having clear and total access to my pussy, Michael played with me all the way to the airport but would not let me orgasm. I was driving so I couldn't relieve my self either.

We got to the airport at 5:45 and Michael's plane was not scheduled to take off until 6:45, so he led me to the pilots lounge. There were a few other pilots sitting around waiting for their flights but we passed by them and went into the sleeping quarters. As soon as Michael closed the door and locked it, he gathered me in his arms kissing me thoroughly. When we stopped to catch our breaths Michael smiled. "How about giving me something to help me get over not being here this weekend?"

I slid eagerly to my knees and unzipped his uniform trousers taking his swollen cock deep in my mouth. His hips started undulating to the rhythm I set until he could not take the slowness of it any longer. Grabbing the back of my head, he fucked my mouth with a wildness he had not displayed in a long time. Just as excited as he was, I sucked his cock deep into my throat with every thrust inward thrust of his cock. Pulling my head tight against his balls, Michael exploded deep in my throat with a guttural growl of satisfaction. I swallowed every last drop then licked him clean, pulled up his trousers and zipped them as I stood up to kiss him.

"God that was amazing. You have never taken my cock all the way like that before. I could get used to the idea of having Leslie come into to town more often if you keep that up," Michael said. We straightened ourselves up and walked out into the lounge, the knowing smiles on the faces of the other pilots let us know they knew what we had been doing.

After Michael's flight took off, I paced the waiting area anxious for 7am to arrive and Leslie's plane to land. When her flight was announced I felt my pussy go into overdrive. We recognized each other immediately and she rushed over and gave me a long and passionate kiss. Causing onlookers to stop and stare but we paid them no mind. We picked up her bag and went to the car. As soon as we reached it, Leslie dropped her bag and pulled me into a hug. I moaned when I felt one of her hands slide up my leg and a finger dip finger into my slick pussy.

"Soaked I see!" she purred and then stuck her finger in her mouth and sucked it clean. "MMMMMMM! Just as I remember," she said. Now let me see if you followed the directions I gave you." I said. I thrust two fingers into her wet unclothed pussy and smiled pulling her head down for another deep kiss. I slowly began fucking her with my finger right there, causing her to moan. Stopping before she could climax, I removed my fingers and slipped them between out mouths so we both licked them cleaned.

"MMMM," I said. As we broke apart, someone came around the corner and on trembling legs we got in the car.

We drove straight to my house and as soon as the door closed behind us, I told her to undress so I could get a look at her. She obeyed immediately. I then told her "This week you are going to be my slave Leslie. I remember you told me once you get excited fantasizing about someone taking charge, so I am making that a reality this week. Your first duty is to do as I say, when I say with no questions or pausing to think about it is that understood?"

"Yes," she whispered. "Good, now come here and let me see how much you missed me." I commanded. She walked to me and I slid two fingers into her waiting pussy. She came immediately.

"MMMMM so you did miss me I see," I said to her as she floated back to earth. I removed my fingers and brought them to her mouth she took them eagerly and cleaned them. "Now undress me and service my pussy the way you taught me to do to you so long ago," I commanded. She undressed me and ran her hands down my body toward my pussy. I caught her hand before she reached it and said, "No hands, with your mouth only," and pushed her into a kneeling position in front of me. I spread my legs and she took me in her mouth hungrily eager to please me. "SLOW DOWN!" I ordered.

She slowed down sliding her tongue down my slit and then sucking gently on my clit. In no time at all she had me grabbing her head and grinding my pussy against her face, crying out loudly in orgasm. When I calmed down I said, "Michael had to go out of town until Monday. He told me to tell you he will see you then and he hopes you enjoy having your fantasy come true. This will give us more time to perfect the role you'll be playing until you leave won't it?" I informed her.

She shook her head yes. Telling her to stand I showed her to her room and helped her to unpack. She discovered the top drawer of the dresser was nothing but pleasure devices. When I saw the look on her face I smiled wickedly and said "Yes, love - we will eventually use every single one of them and some we will use repeatedly now bring me the small anal plug and the KY." She did as instructed. I sat on the bed, patted my thighs and said, "Lie across my lap love and let me introduce the two of you."

She lay across my lap with her ass in the air, trembling with excitement. I gave her ass a couple of pats and then dropped a glob of jelly on her ass cheeks. First I rubbed the plug in the jelly and then worked the stuff around her puckered opening. When I slid a finger in I noticed her wince and asked when the last time was that someone entered her ass. She told me the last time had been the night she gave me my birthday party. "That explains it then, relax your muscles sweetie just like we did when Michael introduced us both to a real cock there, remember," I said.

I slowly slid my finger in and out until her muscles relaxed and she began grinding her pussy into my thighs. I heard her moan and then give a small squeal of protest when I removed my finger. I laughed saying, "Patience my dear." I then inserted the anal plug. She moaned and ground her pussy into my thigh trying for the release she desperately wanted. "No, no my love not just yet," I said and patted her ass telling her to stand up.

I stood up and went to the dresser where I pulled out ankle cuffs, wrist cuffs and a collar I bought for her to wear. When they were in their proper place, I turned her to face the full-length mirror so she could see what she looked like. "I know nothing about being a Mistress but will learn as the time goes by. I can not be cruel like I have seen them do in videos ok. I will treat you the way I would want a Mistress to treat me Ok," I explained while we admired her in the mirror. She shook her head in agreement, just then, the doorbell rang and I wondered who that could be.

"Go answer the door," I told her excited at the prospect of some else being able to admire her beauty as well. Leslie stands 5' 6" with long brown hair and the most gorgeous bedroom eyes. Her breast size is a firm 34B and she has an ass you just want to grab. I followed her into the living room and when she opened the door, I saw Michael's eyes widen and a smile spread across his face. "What are you doing here Michael? How did you get here I saw your flight take off this morning?" I said with surprise.

"I had Jack take my place and snuck off just before takeoff to surprise you. I see you already started the initiation of our slave," he said with a smile that resembled a hungry wolf.

"Yes love I have, but just barely so you arrived just in time to help," I put my arms on Leslie's shoulders.

"I hope to serve my Mistress and Master well this week for I love them both." Leslie said with excitement. I felt Leslie's excited shiver when Michael reached out a hand and fondled one of her breasts. Kneading the flesh while rubbing the nipple between his forefinger and thumb causing Leslie to moan and thrust her chest forward. Watching Michael fondle Leslie's breast made me want in on the attention. I pushed Leslie to her knees and moved closer so I could kiss Michael.

While kissing him I reached down and unzipped his trousers freeing his already hard cock. With my hips, I moved Leslie's head letting her know to take him in her mouth. As her lips closed around his cock Michael moaned and deepened the kiss. I reached down, grabbing Leslie's arm, to bring her hand to my slick pussy and began rubbing myself with her hand. When Leslie took over and inserted two fingers into me I began grinding on her. I could feel her hair tickle my pelvic bone every time I thrust my hips forward for a deeper penetration of her fingers.

The three of us made quite a site there in the hallway, with Leslie sucking on Michael's cock and fingering herself and Michael kissing me while Leslie's fingers sawed in and out of my pussy. I could feel Michael tensing and I knew he was about to cum so I broke the kiss and stared into his eyes urging him on as my own orgasm built. We all three came at the same time. If Michael had not been leaning against the door while holding me up we would have collapsed from the intensity of it.

After straightening up his clothes Michael helped Leslie to stand and told her to start a shower for us. As she left the room Michael walked out the door saying, he left something in the car. I walked down the hall to my room and tumbled onto the bed until the shower was ready. Michael walked in a few minutes later carrying two packages, which he set on the bed.

"What are those?" I asked sitting up.

"Something special for you and Leslie to wear when we leave for dinner."

I glanced at the clock and saw it was almost four in the afternoon already. "My, how time fly's when your having fun," I mumbled to myself.

Michael heard me and commented, "Yes doesn't it."



This story was split into 2 parts. Jump to any of the segments from here:
Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 2 parts for faster page loading.

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