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A Sex-Filled Reunion Pt. I
by Trish Martin

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Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 2 parts for faster page loading.

"The shower is ready Master," Leslie said walking into the room.

"Good you shall help the Mistress and I bathe and dress for dinner," in a way I have never heard him speak, kind of with an English accent. Taking my hand Leslie helped me from the bed and led me to our bathroom. We had the house built to our specifications with the money I inherited and our wedding gift from his parents. The bathroom was large enough to fit a whirlpool bathtub and a shower that could hold up to four people with room to spare free movement of each person. I stepped into the warm cascading water followed by Leslie. She picked up the soap and began to wash my body, turning an activity that usually was to be relaxing into something erotic.

I leaned my head forward while her hands glided down my back and over my ass, enjoying the sensations her actions were causing to course through me. When Leslie finished cleansing my back she turned me to face her and began washing my breasts in slow circles moving her hands down my body and between my legs. Wanting more I quickly rinsed the soap from my body and pulled her mouth to my breast, telling her what I wanted without using words.

Leslie took my nipple in her mouth sucking and nibbling gently first on one then kissing a trail to the other. With the sensations building to a crescendo between my legs, I needed to feel her mouth on my sex, so I grabbed her head pushing her to her knees again. As I spread my legs Michael opened the shower door, seeing my need he chuckled asking, "Leslie does your Mistress want to cum?"

"Yes Master she does." Leslie answered. Surprising me, Michael lifted Leslie to her feet handed her something then lifted me into the air and wrapped my legs around his waist thrusting his cock quickly into my wet pussy. "OH...M-my...God...Yes...Fuck me Michael." I yelled. He slowed his thrusts holding my orgasm at bay. Michael lifted me up to where only the head of his cock lay nestled in my box. Then slammed me down the length of his cock thrusting deep into my pussy, I was in heaven and hell at the same time. Leslie, who I had completely forgotten about in my stupor, began to rub my ass bringing a moan of pleasure to my lips. When Michael brought me back down on his cock, Leslie inserted a finger into my ass.

This continued until she had three fingers sawing in and out of me to the rhythm Michael had set. As I came down again to my surprise and utter pleasure a dildo had replaced her fingers sending me spiraling into a gut wrenching orgasm, I went wild screaming, "Yes-s-s Fuck my ass and pussy. Oh... Yes... Yes... OH... OH... I'm gonna cum again."

My second orgasm sent Michael over the edge and his hot seed gushed into my pussy bringing him to his knees. We kissed slowly returning to earth, washed quickly and got out. Leslie dried us all kissing me before we walked out of the bathroom. "Help your Mistress dress for dinner and no more playing or we'll be late."

Michael said guiding us to the room Leslie was staying in, as we walked in we saw that Michael had laid out the clothes we were to wear for the evening. My outfit consisted of a slinky black evening gown that slit up both sides of my legs to just below my hip, stockings with no other undergarments, black heels and a floor length cape. Leslie's outfit consisted of a black slinky dress that stopped three inches below her ass, no undergarments, black heels and a black cape that stopped at her knees. Leslie blow-dried and styled my hair did my makeup and then dressed me.

I stood watch as Leslie prepared herself for the evening, slipping my hands between her legs or along her ass every now and then while she did. When we were dressed, we walked into the living room to see Michael dressed in a suit the same color as our outfits looking devilishly handsome. "The limousine is waiting to take us to dinner, are you and your Mistress ready to go Leslie?" he asked. "Yes, Master, we are ready," Leslie replied.

"Very well shall we go?" he said and held out an arm for each of us. Michael climbed in letting the driver help Leslie and I in. His eyes popped out of his head when Leslie bent over causing her dress to rise giving him a birds eye view of her glistening pussy and her succulent plugged ass. He then turned to me and I noticed the bulge in his crotch. As I bent my head to get in, I let my hand glide along the length of his bulge hearing him moan; I smiled and sat down. When he closed the door and walked around to get in the driver's side I whispered to Michael what I had done.

He smiled and kissed me running his hand along my thigh stopping just below my again tingling pussy. The driver asked where to and Michael gave him the name of the restaurant that just opened today. As the car surged forward, I watched the driver glancing in his mirror, so I motioned Leslie to her knees between my legs. Michael, who had also noticed the driver's interest, moved my legs apart while sliding my dress over exposed my bare pussy and grabbed the back of Leslie's head guiding her mouth to my sex.

Stopping at a red light gave the driver a chance to turn and watch the activities going on. Removing one heel I put my foot between Leslie's legs lifting her ass into the air, as I did she held my leg and began to grind her wet pussy against my ankle. Michael looked up chuckling and let the driver know the light had turned green. Reluctantly he turned around and drove. Leslie and I exploded together as we pulled up to the restaurant, clean your Mistress off Leslie and we shall go to dinner. Leslie cleaned my leg with her tongue while the driver watched, when we had righted ourselves he got out and opened our door smiling. "When shall I be back to pick you up sir?" he asked Michael as he climber out.

"Around nine my good man." Michael said and then asked; "Do you know of any good clubs around here that a lady who loves to dance can go?"

"Yes sir I know just the place I shall take you there after dinner." He answered then climbed back in the car. We walked into the restaurant and the host sat us at a quiet table in a candle lit corner. The first thing I noticed was that the table cloth reached the floor, that along with the candle lighting made it a perfect spot to live out a fantasy of mine. Michael sat us in the booth while he sat across the table in a chair. I removed my heels again and put my feet in his lap so I could fondle his cock through his trousers.

When our waiter came to the table to take our order Michael had to clear his throat twice before he could speak. As he was telling the waiter what we wanted, I squeezed his cock with my toes causing him to suck in his breath on a hiss and sit up suddenly. The waiter gave him a strange look and asked if there was anything wrong. "No..." clearing his throat and grabbing my foot to keep it still Michael tried again, "No nothing is wrong just a cramp in my foot." With our order written down the waiter left us alone and went to get our drinks. I smiled sweetly and leaned toward Leslie, kissing her on the cheek. I whispered "when no ones looking crawl under the table, service Michael then me before our dinner arrives."

With a wide eyed look at me for confirmation, which I gave with a nod of my head, Leslie looked around and when no one was paying attention slipped under the table to do as her Mistress had commanded. Michael's eyes grew wide and his cock gave an involuntary jump when he saw Leslie slide under the table. I just smiled when he gave a start of surprise when Leslie unzipped his trousers and removed his stiffening cock. I kept my foot on his thigh feeling her hair tickle when her mouth closed over his cock making him hiss in pleasure. The waiter returned with our drink order saying our food would be up shortly and if we needed anything further to let him know then walked away to wait on another table.

Within minutes, Michael's eyes glazed over and he grabbed the side of the table for support signifying his oncoming orgasm. With my foot still on his thigh, I felt him tense his ass muscles trying to reach deeper in Leslie's throat with out being obvious about it. Knowing he wanted to cum I put my foot on the back of Leslie's head pushing her quickly down the length of his cock sending him over the edge. He growled and shook the table almost knocking over our drinks. I then felt Leslie's hands on my thigh's opening them to gain access to my dripping pussy. Slowly she ran her tongue up the inside of one thigh letting me feel her progression toward my waiting sex. I slid down a little in my seat giving her complete access to me. When I felt her, hands leave my hips I knew they were heading toward her pussy so she could pleasure herself as well. I reached under the tablecloth and whispered loud enough for only her to hear, "Give me your hands now dear."

Leslie put her hands in mine, clasping them, I put our joined hands on top of her head bringing her mouth to my pussy. Leslie began to slowly lick my pussy from bottom to top nipping my swelling clit gently with her teeth. I closed my eyes breathed deeply and licked my lips. Pushing her head deeply into my pussy, she began using her tongue like a small cock pushing it into my cunt, fucking me with it.

She brought me to a quick climax, then slowly licked me clean. When it was safe I gave her the signal to come out from under the table and pulled her into a deep kiss tasting our mixed juices on her tongue and lips. Our waiter served us our meals and we ate without anymore mischief on my part. When we finished, Michael paid the check, tipped the waiter well for his unknowing help in our desirable dinner and we left. Outside, the driver was there and opened the door for us. I motioned Leslie to get in first and when she bent over to get in I put a hand on her waist halting her movement, long enough for me to put two fingers in her slick pussy.

I did this while watching the drivers eyes go wide as Leslie pushed back onto my fingers for deeper penetration of her pussy. I removed my fingers and grabbed the driver kissing him while slipping my fingers into our joined mouths letting him taste Leslie's sweet juices. He moaned into my mouth sucking my fingers clean. As I joined Leslie in the car I heard Michael tell the driver we decided to go back home instead of to the club, so that is where the driver took us. He pulled into our secluded drive and opened our door. Michael was the first out of the car then me and finally Leslie.

As she got out I said, "The gentleman deserves a nice tip don't you think dear?" Putting my hands on Leslie's shoulders, I pushed her to a squatting position in front of the driver. I then reached around her head and unzipped his trousers pulling out his rigid member and holding it, rubbing his cock. He moaned his pleasure at what I was doing; I moved my body close to his pressing Leslie's head toward his cock with my pelvis. I kissed him deeply as I positioned his cock at her lips and pushed my pelvis into the back of her head. She took his cock into her mouth and slowly began taking him down her throat. He moaned into my mouth and I moved my pelvis setting a rhythm for her to follow. I broke the kiss and laid my forehead against his so I could look into his eyes as Leslie sucked him. I grabbed his ass, pushed my pelvis forward driving him deep into Leslie's throat, she began moaning, and the vibrations it caused on his cock had him spilling his cum instantly.

As I felt his body tense I pushed Leslie forward as I pulled his ass toward me so he was down her throat when he shot his load. Leslie took it all like a good girl and then licked him clean while I kissed him. "My god man you are very lucky to have these two ladies, I would love for them to teach my girlfriend that trick." The driver gasped out when I released his mouth.

With a wicked grin on his face Michael said, "Bring her over sometime and they will." He then paid the driver.

As the driver took the money he said, "When ever you need a car just ask for Steve and I'll be here in a Jif." He got in the car and drove away.

Michael walked into the house closing and locking the door behind him. "Leslie attend your Mistress and prepare her for me."

"Yes Master," she answered and began undressing me slowly slid her hands up my thighs to my waist. Leslie took the top of one of my stockings in between her teeth and slid it down my leg. Kissing her way up the other stocking covered leg she treating it the same. She then kissed her way back up to the core of my womanhood and licked my lips softly. She raised her hands moving my dress up to my shoulders, stood and pushed it over my head. I was now exposed to Michael's piercing brown eyes.

"Shall I prepare you for her now Master?" Leslie asked. Michael shook his head yes and she walked to him, reaching out she removed his Jacket and unbuttoned his shirt. When his chest was bare Leslie kissed and sucked his nipples making them hard. She kissed her way to his waist, glancing at me before opening the button of his trousers with her teeth. Sliding the zipper down the same way she undid the button, she removed his trousers with his socks and shoes. The both of us now naked, I walked to Michael standing beside him.

Michael grabbed Leslie's head and thrust his cock against her lips to gain entrance, "give me your hand Leslie." Taking her hand Michael put it on the top of my mound slid it down between my legs to my waiting pussy. As Leslie took his cock into her, mouth Michael guided her hand in pleasuring me. After watching, Leslie and I pleasure the driver Michael was very close and shot his load within a couple of strokes from her mouth. His guttural cry sent me over the edge into one of my own.

Calming down I walked to the kitchen and returned wearing a strap on dildo a little larger than Michael's cock. Lying down on our couch, I told Leslie to come sit on me because I wanted to fuck and suck her. She walked over and straddled my waist sliding her self onto the cock I held positioned at her beautiful pussy. She leaned forward and I took her right nipple in my mouth sucking and nibbling it. Leslie began grinding her pussy on the cock moaning her enjoyment. Michael, his cock hard again; walked up behind her and began rubbing her ass.

When he slipped a hand between our bodies, he felt the wetness there, caused by Leslie's juices on my belly. Coating his hand, he rubbed it on his cock and Leslie's ass. Michael then reached between her cheeks and removed the anal plug, making Leslie moan louder. When Michael positioned his cock at her anal entrance, she paused in her movements.

Michael's cock slid into her greased canal easily. With his cock buried deep in her nether region now, Leslie began moving again. In seconds, she increased her speed as her orgasm ripped through her. Her crying out sent Michael and I over the edge to our own orgasm, causing the three of us to cry out in unison. Exhaustion, finally over taking us we fell asleep. Awaking long enough to wash up and go to bed the three of us lay cuddled to each other and fell into a deep restful sleep.

To Be Continued...

This story was split into 2 parts. Jump to any of the segments from here:
Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 2 parts for faster page loading.

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