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A Slut is Born
by little miss blair

I can't believe it. I've been Sarah's roommate for 6 months and never, for one moment, suspected anything different about her. She is the prettiest, sexiest, well-built girl in our dorm.

Some things were a little strange with her now that I think about it. Like she always wears skirts, never jeans or slacks. I just thought she liked to show off her long, tanned legs. She also got up every morning at 4 or 5am, took a shower and studied before class.

Now, by sheer accident, I've found out why the skirts and early showers.

I was to take the red eye special and visit my parents for 3 days. I missed the plane. Arriving back at the dorm I stopped off at bathroom before going to my room.

Standing here in the bathroom I can see in the shower by looking into the mirror. There stands beautiful, big-titted Sarah washing the biggest cock I have ever seen. And its hanging from her body. It's in a soft state and still must be 8 inches long.

What kind of freak is she, I'm thinking to myself. All the while I couldn't take my eyes away from that huge cock hanging from an almost perfect female body.

I slipped out of the bathroom and went back to our room. Sarah doesn't know I missed my plane yet. Won't she be surprised when she walks in.

20 minutes and Sarah returns to the room wearing a bathrobe. She become extremely uneasy when she saw I was back. Probably wondering how she's going to get dressed, I thought. I thought the only way to handle this was to come right out and confront her.

"Sarah, I started out. I saw you in the shower half hour ago and I saw your private parts. I'm your roommate and I have a right to know that I'm rooming with a male in an all female dorm. Don't you think I have a right to know?"

"Yes you do, Sarah answered hesitantly. But your wrong about the male part. I'm female. My entire body is female as I'm sure you've noticed many times. I also happen to have a male part. I'm a Hermaphrodite and there is nothing I can do about it. That's the way I was born."

"You mean you have a vagina too?" I asked quizzically.

"Yes I do, she said. Since you now know my secret do you want to see?"

"No, no. I don't want to see it." Damn, I thought to myself. Why did I say that. I sure would have liked to see that big cock again. It was fascinating.

"I changed my mind, I blurted out. This is something really strange and I probably will never have a chance to see something like this again. I don't mean that your strange but you have to admit its different."

I watched as she opened her bathrobe, her big tits falling loose from their restraint. And there it was, the biggest cock I have ever seen. It was absolutely huge.

It seems to be getting bigger, I thought to myself. My God, its growing. She must be getting turned on by exposing herself to me.

There it stood proudly, all 12 or 13 inches. It looks as big as my arm.

"See what you do to me, she said coyly. Every night I watch you run around the room in panties and t-shirt. This thing has been extremely hard to hide living with you but I'm pretty good at it.

I watch her move close to me, take my hand and place it on her huge staff.

'Ohhh," I moaned as it quivered to my touch.

Now she was putting her lips to mine. I've never kissed a girl before. But the huge cock in my hand makes me oblivious to her advances.

Her hand was under my skirt stroking my pussy lips and I knew she could feel my wetness. Her tongue was swirling in my mouth as she lowered me to my back and climbed on top of me.

My moans grew louder. My hands never leave her huge, throbbing dick and, to my surprise, I was guiding the head to my cunt. I pulled my panties aside and placed the head against my lips. I felt her push against me and the big head slipped inside.

"ARGGGGGHHHHHHHHH!" I cried out as this huge thing filled my hole.

My hips moved to meet hers as she began a slow thrusting motion, each stroke driving this huge piece of meat deeper into me.

My God, she's teasing me, I moaned to myself. My hips were lifting from the bed trying to suck this throbbing hunk deeper into my womb.

"Fuck me Sarah, I screamed. Fuck me. Deeper, deeper. I want it all. Pleaseeeeee."

"Do you want it all, slut?" I heard her say. Beg me slut. Slut, Slut.

No I'm not a slut, the word burning into me. I always hated that word. I'm not a slut but I want this dick.

"Yessssss, pleaseeeee fuck me. I want it all," I kept screaming incoherently.

Suddenly she buried the monstrous dick inside me. I have never been so filled. I tightened my pussy lips around it trying to hold it in.

"Ugggggghhhhhhhhhhhh," I felt it to my very bottom. The sensation of her large tits mashing against mine pushed me over the edge. I began to cum. My orgasm was so intense I thought I would pass out.

"Finger me, you slut," she screamed at me.

She grabbed my hand and placed it below the base of her cock. I felt the slimy wet pussy as my fingers easily slipped in.

I immediately came again. I didn't want this to ever stop.

"I'm going to cum, I heard her scream. Finger meeeeee!"

I felt her pussy juice soak my fingers filling my hand fill with her cum. She stiffened again as her dick began to shoot her gooey load into me. I felt the hot liquid filling me setting off the hardest orgasm I have ever had. Waves of pleasure swept over me again and again until I passed out into darkness.

When I awoke Sarah was dressed for class.

"Are you going to tell anybody about me Slut," she asked. "Or are you going to be a good slut and keep my secret.'

"God no, I'm not going to tell anybody," I said. "I'm the only slut I want you to have. I'm the only slut I want you to fuck. I'm the only slut I want you to have sucking your magnificent cock. I'm the only slut I want you to have sucking your pussy. I'm the only slut I want you to have in your life."

She smiled knowingly as she went out the door.


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