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A Swinging Life: Second Encounter
by Tidewater

Ann and Fred had introduced us into the swinging game. Besides enjoying every moment of that first encounter, we found out a few things about ourselves. Karen found she was an exhibitionist while I found I enjoyed watching her have sex with other men. I was a voyeur.

Our second time out was an invitation from Ann and Fred, to join them at a weekend party up in the mountains above Atlanta. We looked forward to this. We were given a map and told we could arrive any time after noon on Friday. Karen, was no saying much but we had discussed the fact that we would be careful and if any thing happen we did not like we would get out as fast as we could. This was new to us and we just kind of wanted to see how far this party would go.

We pulled up in a large yard next to a new Buick. There were six cars in all. Our's being the sixth. I did not see Ann's and Fred's silver Olds. Karen looked good in yellow shorts, a white top that barely covered her hard nipples. High heels gave her a head about nearly every one else. We had a small bag in the trunk, that we did not get out till we saw what was what. Even before we could push the bell the door open. A tall guy stood there smiling at Karen. He told us he was Andy, and this was his house. It was a large ranch that rambled on in a long "L". He told us there were six bedrooms and that we were more than welcome to stay if we wished. He was dressed only in a small brief bathing trunk. He was not a well-built guy he had a bit of a potbelly, but he was a nice looking guy of about my age. We were lead through a den where we were introduced to a Bonnie, cute little blonde, with great tits. And her husband Tom. Another couple was Frank and Fran. We said Hi and went on through to the pool out back. There was two more couples and Andy's wife, Linda. There was a Mark and Phyllis and a Hazel and Bill. Mark and Phyllis were much younger than any one else at this party. Phyllis was nude from the waist up. \She had large round tits that hung like great melons on her chest. Mark, was big, maybe three hundred pounds, but still not a lot of fat on him. Karen smiled at him right away. I don't know why but I would fine out later that she liked Mark right from the Get-go. Off to one side was a small house where we were told we could change if we wanted to, or we were welcome to go nude if we wished. I returned tot he car to get our bag. Much to my surprise when I returned Karen was in the pool with Mark. Both were naked. Karen was in deep water up to her shoulders. It was easy to see that Mark had a hand on her tit. They were half turned so I could not see Karen's hands but I guessed she had a hold of his dick. O, what the hell I thought, as I looked around and saw Phyllis siting nude in Andy's lap on a deck chair. Andy, said, " You better watch out Mark is a fast worker." He laughed and I dropped my bag and my clothing on the pool decking. My cock was already hard I could not see Karen's hands but I knew she was a skilled and active partner. She had great hands that had many times brought me to a near climax, and then she would finish me off with her hot cocksucking mouth. If she did that for Mark, she would have to do it under water. Just about then Linda Andy's wife, to be came over and stood by me. "Your wife is a lovely girl," she said, "Oh, we are not married we just live together" I told her. She said it was the same with her and Andy. She was still wearing her bikini bottom. I told her Mark was in for a real treat if she wanted to give him a blowjob. She ask, me it cock was the only thing Karen like to get her mouth on. I said, I was not sure about that, but maybe if she were hot enough maybe she would enjoy licking a pussy or two. Looking at Andy and Phyllis I saw that Phyllis was down on her knees sucking Andy's cock. Linda, was what I was looking at and she told me Phyllis was an avid and expert cocksucker. I told Linda that Phyllis would have competition with Karen here. I told her Karen would much rather suck a cock and have it cum in her mouth than get fucked. Linda agreed that some girls are like that. When I returned my gaze to the pool Karen and Mark had moved to the shallow end of the pool. I saw then that Mark had a long thick cock, and Karen had gotten him very hard. I of course was still hard just standing there watching what was going on. I loved to watch Karen in actin. I hoped she would give Mark a blowjob there by the pool.

My voyeur needs were soon fed to the fullest. For Karen and Mark got out with Mark standing with his cock fully hard. Karen did not kneel but rather bent over at the waist and took his cock in her mouth. As I told you Karen is tall, with great long legs. So her perfect ass was there for all to see. Karen's best feature is her ass. Oh, she has great tits, and a beautiful face, but her ass is firm, round and the cheeks are well formed. No man can help but look at her ass as she walks by.

Much to my surprise everyone, all six couples were now at poolside watching Karen suck Marks cock. Even Phyllis had stopped to watch. I looked around slowly. I noticed Bill had the longest and thickest cock of all the guys and he was moving up behind Karen. His wife Hazel, was there b his side to help. She held his monster of a cock as he got up behind Karen. Hazel even sucked on his to wet his cock, but I knew that there was no need for that for Karen's cunt would be dripping by now It always did when she sucked cock. Karen did not even look around as Bill rubbed the head of his cock along her cunt. Then slowly he made his cock disappear and Karen only wiggled her ass to say how much she liked the feel of that.

There was my Karen, sucking a fine hard cock, and getting fucked at the same time while nine people looked on. It was so exciting I damn near cum just watching, I wanted a picture of this. There was a camera in my bag so I got it out and ask if any one minded if I took a picture, no one objected so I took several of Karen getting fucked while she had a cock in her mouth. Mark, rolled his head back and held Karen by the head, he seem to ram his cock even father into her mouth.

He cried out as he started to cum, Bill was banging away at Karen doggie style, Karen was doing her best to suck all Mark's cum but Bill was making her head bang into Marks' belly making so of the cum dribble out of her mouth. Hazel standing there watching closely saw this and bent down and licked some of the cum from Karen cheek and chin. Then I was really taken back Karen and Hazel kissed hard full on the mouth.

I guess they were trading cum. What a sight, I could not take it any longer, I turned to Linda, for she was still by my side and ask her to suck my cock because I was about to cum. She said, she had a better idea, she dropped her bottom and turned around she pulled the cheeks of her ass wide open and offered me her ass hold to fuck. I did not hesitate, my cock was up her tiny ass in a second with my cum shooting almost as soon as I got my cock in her lovely ass.

Almost at once every one started to fuck and suck, guys were jumping from one girl to the next till we were all fucked out. I got three blowjobs; Karen sucked every guy off and got screwed by all twice. We left that weekend well fucked and very happy, oh, yes, Karen did not lick a pussy herself, but Linda and Hazel licked her cunt. Karen was on a high and so wind up she started to suck my cock as I drove the car and we were only ten miles for the party house. We agreed to meet Hazel and Bill later that month.

It turned out they lived not too far from us. Andy said, he would have a run coming down our way soon and hoped that he cold make it while bill and Hazel were visiting us. I thought now that would be nice three guys and two girls. Besides I liked hazel.


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