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A Stolen Orgasm
by Wilson Hart

Once, in a quiet cabin on a private lake, I stole my wife's orgasm. It all started with our planned, weekend get away. The two of us were spending a couple of days alone in a friend's cabin, away from the grime of the city. We had hiked through the woods, then canoed playfully around the lake, enjoying the scenery and finally swimming naked in the cool water. Stretching out on the private beach, I carefully massaged oil deep into her skin. Working my expert hands over the back of her legs and thighs. Turning her over, I continued the massage, but took extra care applying oil across her tits, down her belly and deep into her pussy folds. "Oh Honey," she purred, spreading her legs. "Why don't you finish me off," "Sorry baby, but I figure it's payback time." Remember all the times you squeezed my joint in a crowded room, promising to take care of me later?" "Now, it's my turn to watch you squirm." With that, I eased off and promised her more things to come.

Although disappointed, she also knew that I would repeatedly fuck her brains out after dinner. Smiling, my hard-on and I took the short walk up to the cabin where I started the grill. Watching from the deck, she continued sunning, but was also lightly fingering herself in anticipation. Like me, she could wait and let herself build. With dinner ready, I called down to her as I popped the cork on a great Pinot Noir. After a light dinner, we sat on the chaise lounge, still naked, kissing and touching lightly as the sun exhausted itself against the landscape.

Arm in arm, we moved back to the cabin where she promptly showered as I cleaned up the few remaining dishes. Waiting patiently for the hot water heater to kick back on, my beautiful bride began turning down the bed. After lighting a bedside candle, she awaited my arrival. Would you believe that after all that foreplay, she fell asleep. That's right. All that hiking, canoeing, swimming and wine, had had their effect. She was fast asleep like the forest outside our small cabin.

Exiting the shower, I toweled off at the bedroom door. I just shook my head in disbelief. Believe me though, seeing her in the soft candlelight she lay in perfect repose she was my very own quiet nude, ready to be painted. Nothing to do now but simply stroke the brush on the canvas. Not at all ready to give up, I smiled. "OK lady," I thought. "Let's have some fun."

Slowly and catlike, I eased onto the bed, and began to caress her leg, planting simple kisses on her inner knee. She was beautiful in the candlelight, but I didn't want to wake her, not just yet. I repeated the kisses, slowly advancing my trail up along her inner thigh. Pausing to listen to her breathing, I watched, fascinated as her breasts pushed rhythmically against the warm evening air.

Having been aroused all day, nothing could now stop the continuation of my adventure. Bending down, I lightly brushed her shaved pussy with my nose, cheeks, and lips, I inhaled the sweetness of her warmth. Expelling that same warm breath across her pussy, she visibly shivered, yet allowed her legs to open naturally. With this obvious sign of encouragement, I continued my actions and began licking her repeatedly. My sandpaper tongue played with her, toying with her folds, exploring her wet, shaven smooth pussy. She purred audibly as I continued the foreplay.

In my voyeuristic mind a plan was forming, one that extended our game on the beach, but with a new twist. So I continued the game, only now it had a renewed purpose. I would not wake her. No, I wanted to tease her, play with her, and watch her. Yes, that's right. Let's watch her release her excitement in a dream. Maybe she'll be releasing it to me, or maybe she'll release it to a dream lover. Yes, a dream lover, a product of her own imagination. Some wisp of creation that only she allows to enter her mind. A dream lover willing to play only by her rules. Unknowingly however, she will also be playing by my rules. Let's watch her physical confusion as her dreams and my reality intertwine. Let my tongue dance between her legs as I view her reaction.

Dream my darling, dream. Go ahead, visit a small Parisian café, dine on a secluded Caribbean patio, whatever your choice, I'll go with you. To accompany you as you entertain your dream lover. You'll also carry with you the real demands of my tongue's caress.

With the game in place, I quietly placed my hand on the inside of her knee and applied light pressure. She responded naturally, by simply letting her legs fall open, fully exposing her pussy. As I bent down to apply my mouth, I saw the dewy moisture on her pussy. Maybe her dream lover had arrived already and was playing the part that she demanded. Do you have him on a sunlit beach? Is he secretly caressing your arm at a crowded cocktail party? I never stopped the licking. I continued exploring her folds, slowly sliding my tongue up one side of her vagina and down the other. Deliberately pausing, she soon became anxious and confused, as she unknowingly moved her hips searching for the lost intensity.

Continuing my game, I licked her again, this time putting both my lips tightly around her swollen clit. Her nipples were hardening fast, her breath becoming ragged, her body continued to yield with the passion of her dream. Soft, slow, and deliberate, I never paused in my oral mission. At what point in the dream was she at now? I envisioned her sitting, madly crossing and un-crossing her legs, feeling aroused and alive. Then, as if on cue, her hand moved down, gliding across her soft belly to caress my thick dark hair. "Aah, yes," I thought, her lover has arrived, and in her dream he is matching himself perfectly to me, the physical lover, already in place.

Yes, now we were in sync. Both of her lovers servicing her dream-demand. She was actively moving now, moaning, as her juices flowed freely into my mouth. Arching her back, she danced wickedly against my tongue. "Aaah," she groaned, "Oooh baby," she hissed, through her clamped lips. Pulling on the back of my head, she drew me closer, raising her knees, her inner thighs beginning to tremble. Building now, she was yielding to her creator. My slick tongue continuing to circle her pussy, with wet, deliberate pressure. No, I wouldn't stop now. Still asleep but with eyes fluttering, she tossed her head deeper into the pillow, moaning again and again. Quickly insertig two fingers, I added to her dream, moving deep into her swollen pocket. "OOOhhh,"...she moaned, grinding my face ever deeper between her hips.

She was riding the wave now, coming with that deep, throaty moan, bucking against my fingers and tongue. She contracted hard against my face, her pussy clamping tightly on my fingers. Shuddering again and again, her release filling her dream lovers mouth with the fluid of her passions.


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