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Arii's Travels
by Kitti Klaw

Her heart pounded as she raced through the forest. The young elf didn't dare to look behind her; not for fear of crashing into a tree, but because she did not want visual proof that they were gaining on her. Their shouts were enough!

"Come back here, elven witch!"

The elf girl only grimaced and ran faster, their yells fading in the distance. Then she heard the barking. She tripped on a protruding branch, measuring her length in the dirt. "Dammit..." She scrambled to her feet and started scaling the nearest oak tree. The dogs caught up, however, when she was about five feet up. Jumping, they bit at her. One closed its teeth around her boot heel and pulled. The dog's weight was too much for her small body, and she tumbled back down, just in time to see the four or five young human men catching up to their dogs. The tallest of the group, a black-haired, black-eyed lad dressed in dark colors of the forest, yanked her to her feet.

"Where's that loaf, witch?" he demanded.

"I ate it, dumbass!" she shot back. He slapped her across the face, hard, as the other boys snickered. One grinned maliciously and said, "She can pay us back..."

The tall lad, nor the others, missed his meaning. Indeed, the small elf was quite shapely, with pert breasts considered medium by humans, large by elves, and that elven slimness of waist made her average waist seem quite voluptuous to the boys. Her bright bluish green eyes sparkled, and her honey hair shone in the patchy forest light. Her long, pointed ears twitched at this suggestion. Their eyes raked across her body, glinting dangerously. "That bread was to last us all the day, and you had the audacity to steal it. Now you *are* going to have to pay."

Her eyes flickered with something~fear, perhaps?~but was quickly erased by her eyes, which turn to glimmering bluey-green ice. "How? You gonna have me make more?"

"No. We're... how nicely can we put it... adopting you."

Her eyebrows shot up, and as she opened her mouth to make a retort, he slapped her again. He motioned to the others, and they stepped forward. Tying her tightly, they gagged her. The thickest of the lot, a blond haired, blue eyed oaf, slung her over his shoulder, but they all had to take turns carrying her~their backs got sore from her tied-together hands beating at them. Finally, they came into a small clearing, with a small pond and a cottage. They took her into the cottage and ungagged her, throwing her to the floor. Closing and locking the door behind them caused the elf girl to think for a moment. She realized she might as well get some sleep now.

Several hours later, the cot came to life once more with sound. Soon, one of the boys entered the room, carrying a wooden bowl in one hand and a spoon in the other. She recognized him as the one who had grinned maliciously at her. She rolled her eyes as he knelt next to her. His eyes narrowed, and instead on untying her so she could eat, dipped the spoon into the bowl and proceeded to force-feed her. After the first bite of the thick stew, the girl decided that she might as well cooperate; because her elven heritage kept her safe from herbal poisons, the stew was good, and she didn't want to give these boys any more satisfaction than she had to...

Later that night, all of the boys came into the small room in the cottage they had put her in. The dark lad untied her while the others bolted the door. She moved, not to escape, but to rub feeling back into her wrists and ankles. "You people ever heard of proper blood circulation?" she grumbled. None of them spoke as the dark boy reached out and grasped her left forearm , pulling her slight body to him. Startled, she didn't move. Dair, for that was his name, as she would later learn, pressed her back to his chest, which resulted in her sitting on his lap pressed against his young virile body. "Be a good little elfie, now, and we won't have to hurt you." Her throat tightened as she nodded. "Yes, Master." Her voice was barely above a whisper, loud enough only for Dair to hear her. He nodded in satisfaction.

He pulled off her elven boots of silence, which were followed by her leather jerkin. He unstrung her belt, loosening her tunic. He lifted both off of her, revealing fully those pert breasts. He squeezed one lightly, and she jumped as her body trilled. He laughed softly, and the others backed quietly out of the room. "So I'm your master now, am I?" She nodded. He ran his fingers around her nipples, which slowly hardened into small pink rocks. He let go of her and she scrambled off his lap. "Where ya going?" he asked, catching her by the ankle. She fell into his arms and he laid her on the ground. Pulling off her soft deerskin breeches, he admired her long, (in comparison to her body) muscled legs. He ran his hands up those legs, caressing her soft, milky white flesh. His hands touched her now-exposed cunt, and a shiver ran through her slight frame. He smiled softly and slowly slipped one finger into her. He wiggled it about a little, and said, "Are you a virgin?"

"Yes, Master..." was the hesitant reply. "Don't worry, I'll be gentle," he said. He pulled his finger out and licked it off, savoring her juices. "You taste very good, my little elfin friend." She moaned quietly as he reached up and began to lick her clit. Soon, he had her trembling at his touch. He flicked his tongue at her labia, teasing her. She quivered as he backed up and pulled down his own breeches, revealing a seven- or eight-inch member. Her eyes widened as he lowered it to her dripping cunt. He placed his head at the opening and slowly eased his way in. A low moan escaped her lips. He pulled back out, and pushed back in several times, picking up speed each time. Her hymen had long been destroyed by long rides on horseback, so this was easier than it should have been. As he pumped her, she vocalized her pleasure until she had her first orgasm. Soon, his inexperienced cock shot its load into her, falling limp and slipping out again.

"Master.." She murmured. "Yes, elfie?" he said back. "My name is Arilyn..."

To Be Continued...
(seeing as how the others need haven't had their turn yet...)


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