The Best Erotic Stories.

A Tight Cut Pt. I
by Che

"Do you want a shampoo today?" she asked, pen poised above pad, large wide-set blue eyes looking at something somewhere behind me, perhaps outside the salon window.

"Just a cut," I repeated. I knew she'd seen me when I first walked past. We'd made eye contact and she must have known what was going through my mind. At the moment I was making no effort to hide the fact that I was checking out her stunning good looks. She was the kind of girl businesses hire as receptionists as soon as they graduate from high school. At front counters, looks are more important than brains. She was living proof. No more than eighteen, with her looks she could have gotten any job she wanted if she played the game right.

Wild tight tangled blonde curls to the middle of her back, the young girl had the looks that made guys of any age stop and stare. Wild hair caught my attention but her figure set it in stone. She had the kind of firm breasts that made teenage boys weak in the knees, high perky-nippled twins that almost looked fake. Those saucy conical twins were stretching the front of a light-weight spandex-cotton top and I couldn't stop staring, even when she turned and walked away to speak with one of the female stylists. That seductive walk, the hard sweet curve of tight ass and two legs better than most runway models kept my eyes on her every move and quiver as she swung that wild tangled mane back over her shoulder with a single toss of her head. Miniskirts are short, everyone knows, but hers could have gotten her busted for hustling on most streets in America. An inch shorter and I could have told you the color of her panties. I had no control over the rush of lust, suddenly so hard I had to make a quick adjustment or suffer the pain. She noticed and came back to the counter and looked into my eyes for the first time since I'd come through the door. Me? I was looking right at her partially open mouth, probably because she was licking two shocking-pink glossed lips with a tongue nearly the same color. You know what I wanted those lips doing. I swear my cock doubled in length.

"Denise will be with you in ten minutes. Have a seat and she'll call you when she's ready."

She paused when I didn't respond because I couldn't stop staring, my eyes moving from impudent nipples to a made-for-you- know-what parted-lip mouth.

"Aaaaaaaa . . . ya got a restroom?" I asked, still watching her tongue move over shocking-pink plump lips.

Pursing those full kissable beauties, she smiled a smile I could only describe as very naughty, pretty blue eyes twinkling. "In the back. First door on your right."

She took a deep breath, nipples growing longer as I watched, upturned conical tips stretching the soft pink cotton spandex.

"Anyone usin' it?"

She put the pen down and exhaled audibly, amused by the fact that I was staring directly at her nipples. I'll check," she smiled, brushing an imaginary something from the nipple-stretched spandex top.

Turning, slim hips swinging, she looked back as I followed her toward the rear of the room. Twice she glanced over her shoulder, sultry eyes focused below my belt, smile now a smirk. Parting beaded curtains dividing salon from the back, I stopped next to her when she stopped. She tapped on the restroom door. There wasn't a response so she opened it and stepped back. From where we stood I couldn't see the salon main floor, the curtain was blocking the view. My gaze returned, moving over her from pretty head to wedge soled clogs, the bulge in the front of my baggy cotton pants so obvious it made her giggle. She was staring at it like I'd been staring at her nipples.

"What?" she smirked, blushing, twisting like some girls do who think it looks cute, nipples so long and firm I knew she was definitely getting hot.

"You're totally sweet," I said, taking a deep breath, " . . . absolutely, totally . . . tight!"

"Gee . . . thanks!" She blushed, looked toward the front of the salon, then back at the bulge in my pants, pink tongue parting succulent lips and leaving them glossed with saliva. When she raised her finger to lips and sucked the pink painted fingernail, my dick got so hard I had to make an adjustment. Aware that I was watching her mouth, she giggled and blushed even redder. "What?"

"Ya know what I want, don't ya? I saw ya through the window when I was walkin' past . . . I saw ya checkin' me out. I didn't come in here just for a haircut. Ya came back here with me 'cause ya wanta suck me off." I knew I was taking a big chance but I couldn't stop looking at her shocking pink mouth.

Instead of being shocked, she giggled again, tip of her first finger between those lips. "Don't be silly . . . you're awfully forward!"

"So are your nipples." I grinned.

She looked back toward the salon. "I'm supposed to be watching the front desk. Someone might come in . . . "

"In your mouth?"

She looked back at me and shivered! For a second there I thought she was gunna get down on her knees! I kept looking at her mouth.

"Ya like that, don't ya . . . the taste of cum? I know ya like givin' head. Come on, let me watch ya play with yourself while ya suck me off."

This time she really blushed, honey-tanned cheeks bright pink, one hand under the front of her short skirt. "What makes you think you can talk to me like that? You're so bad!"

"No I'm not," I grinned.

"I'm not that kind of girl . . . "

"You're not a cocksucker?"

There was perspiration on her upper lip. I knew what her hand was doing under that short skirt. Her hips were making moves that I'd seen before when a girlfriend of mine used to make herself cum while I watched.

Moving her hand away, I slipped my fingers under the front of her skirt and caressed a warm deep slippery cleft in the smooth satin crotch of her panties, panties that fit so tightly I couldn't even get my fingers under the edge. "Oh, yeah . . . I like the way your pussy feels through these panties. Fuck, babe! You're already wet. Come on. What are ya waiting for? Ya wanta suck me off. What's wrong? Afraid ya'll get caught?"

"Don't make me do this . . . Oh, my God! I can't do that here . . . "

"Sure ya can," I smiled, taking her hand and pulling her into the restroom, "ya fuckin' want it. Come on, pull your skirt up and sit on the toilet. I'll stand between your legs in front of ya . . . that's about the right height."

"Oh, my God!" she blushed, turning and pushing the privacy lock on the door. "Jesus . . . you're taking advantage of me . . . I shouldn't be doing this!"

"But ya wanta, don't ya? I knew it the second I saw your mouth. Ya got a mouth that's made for suckin' cock! Come on. I saw where ya were lookin'. Your fuckin' panties are already wet just from thinkin' about it."

Cute face flushed, breath shallow and quick, she straddled the toilet and sat. I could see her panties now, tight white satin panties, a smooth glossy white crotch with a very obvious deep cleft that made me drool like a fuckin' dog. Her fingers were already teasing the deep cleft. I unzipped my pants and pulled out a growing erection. I'm not sure about all females, but the girls I'd gone out with liked the fact that I hadn't been circumcised. I was glad about that, too. I'm sure it has to damage some very important nerves. Anyway, she was clearly aroused by what was happening. One hand was between lovely wide spread legs and I could see her fingers doing tricks to that wet cleft in the crotch of those little satin panties. Blue eyes became slightly glazed as she looked at the head of my swollen cock. When I pulled the foreskin back, a huge clear tear of pre-cum popped from the little eye.

"Jesus," she sighed, licking full pink lips, "that's a fucking big cock! Look at the size of that head! I can't suck a cock that big . . . Jesus, look at all that pre-cum!"

"Take your top off . . . show me your nipples . . . play with 'em . . . show me your pussy . . . make yourself cum."

She did and I almost came, too. Those perfect breasts barely jiggled, dusky-pink nipples begging for kisses. Over a half inch in length, they were growing longer as she teased them with her fingertips.

"That's a sweet little crack! Let me see it. I bet ya masturbate a lot." I was watching her fingers press into the satin covered cleft.

"Un-huh," she whispered. Still watching the crest of my cock oozin pre-cum, she was rolling a pink jelly-bean nipple between thumb and first two fingers, other hand jiggling between pretty tanned thighs. Glancing up, she caught the full lower lip between pearly white teeth, long eyelashes fluttering. "God, you're so bad! I do it every day. Jesus . . . I fuckin' love playing with myself . . . I love making myself cum . . . let me use some of your stuff to make my panties slipperier . . . "

"Show me your panties. Do it. You're fuckin' cumin' already, aren't ya?" I whispered, stroking foreskin back, exposing an eleven inch fully erect cock.

She covered her fingers with pre-cum and continued rubbing herself between the legs, fingers slipping like they were greased. Sucking in air, she began quivering like she was experiencing a major seizure, pretty legs shaking, masturbating faster, so excited she had a hard time talking. "Fuck . . . " she gasped, large wide-set blue eyes open wide, gasping for air as she orgasmed, "fuck . . . fuck . . . oh, my God! It's so fucking good! I am! I'm cuming so hard I'm gunna piss my panties!"

The head of my cock was so swollen it looked like it was about to explode, long swags of pre-cum swinging from the large helmet-shaped plum colored tip. She was watching the thick crystal swags, her moist tongue half out of that sensual pink lipstick-glossed mouth, the blue in her eyes radically reduced in size by enlarged dark pupils.

"What are ya waitin' for, babe? Want it?" Grinning, I stroked my foreskin slowly, the scent of male crotch and sight of frothy thick white cock-cheese making her nostrils flare.

Generous mouth opening, her pink tongue was working over those generous pretty lips like it wanted more than a just little taste of that cock-cheese. "Un-huh," she whispered, her orgasm approaching like a downhill runaway truck. "Fuck . . . stop teasing me! Let me suck it! Let me taste that stuff! Sucking dick makes me cum like crazy! Jesus . . . if you're gunna cum, I want a nice big warm fucking load right in my cock-sucking mouth!"

"Ooooo, ya are nasty, aren't ya? I dig chicks who talk nasty! Nasty talk gets me off . . . I'm gunna cum twice," I breathed, reflexes already out of control. "Tip your head back and open that fuckin' sexy mouth . . . stick your tongue out an' cup it. I wanta watch my cum shootin' right in your fuckin' mouth. Ya swallow it, don't ya? Ya better not spit it out. Yer gunna swallow it all. I dig watchin' babes eatin' my cum!"

"Jesus . . . I will! Just do it, you son-of-a-bitch! I love eating cum! Shoot it right in my mouth!"

Spasming again, she stuck out a broad pink tongue and cupped it under the head of my cock. Pulling foreskin back as far as I could, and pressing cock-head against that extended fluttering tongue, I shot off, counting each thick surge. Eight enormous shimmering wads gushed onto her tongue, a cupped chute ushering pearlescent semen into her large wide open mouth.

She shuddered orgasmicly and I heard the sound of fluids splashing into the fucking toilet! "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhggghhh," she gurgled, cloudy pearlescent semen covering a milky-white glossed tongue and filling her still open mouth to glistening lips.

"Oh, yeah! Swallow it, ya little cocksuckin' whore! Ya fuckin' love it! Swallow that fuckin' cum!"

My last spasm had barely subsided when she closed plump lips and swallowed repeatedly to get it all down as she masturbated to what appeared to be a very satisfying and very juicy orgasm. I don't think I'd ever seen a chick cum that hard or that much!

"Fuck . . . " she panted, wide tongue working over pink lips to get any cum she'd missed. "How did you know I wanted that? Jesus, that was a huge fucking load! That's so fucking good! Just the taste makes me cum! Did you hear that? That wasn't me pissing! Ever see a girl squirt when she cums? I cum as much as you! You really made me cream my panties! Other than taking it up my ass, nothing makes me cum so hard as gettin' a nice warm load in my mouth and swallowing every fucking drop! I just wish I could get more of them. I need a few loads like that every day!"

"More? You're an animal! My kind of girl! Fuck, I love watchin' girls do that! Stickin' their tongues out so I can shoot off right in their mouths. Fuck! What a sweet little cum-slut! Damn! Ya sure swallowed that load!" I grinned, rubbing semen over two swollen pink lips. "So, ya like gettin' butt-fucked? Ya like takin' a cock up your ass? What a good little girl! Show me your ass . . . stand up and bend over. How old are ya, anyway?"

Standing, turning around, still finger-fucking herself, she did, stretching the juicy crotch of her panties to one side so I could see. What I saw nearly made me cum again, a crotch as smooth as silk, small puckered rosy anus a closed flower between tanned muscle-hard ass-cheeks. Fabulous legs spread wide, the smooth lips of her pretty little cunt parted, exposing a pink lining glossed with girl-gush, which at the moment was running down the insides of both thighs.

"Eighteen," she whispered, teasing her pulsing anus with a wet fingertip, three fingers up her cunt.

"Whew! That's fuckin' hot! Ya shave your whole fuckin' crotch! What a good little bitch! Stick your finger up your ass," I said, squeezing my cock to keep from cuming again too fast. "Stick it all the way in."

"I will if you lick it," she whispered, spreading the cheeks of her ass with both hands after sucking her fingers, little anus puckering like a lover waiting for a kiss. She looked back at me and smiled, semen glossed tongue wagging from a half open mouth. "Be a sweetheart and kiss my ass! Use your tongue! I love getting my ass licked!"

What could I do? The scent and taste of her smooth warm asshole made my dick so hard I almost stopped eating her out to shove it up that tight anal pucker! When I worked my tongue in deeper she clamped down hard.

"Eat my asshole, you fucking pervert! Suck it! You're as naughty as my brother! Stick you fucking tongue all the way in! Ooooooo, yes! Here it cums, you ass-licker! I'm gunna cum right in your face!"

Feeling her quiver I got my mouth over that plump pink cunt and sucked as she squirted a load as large if not larger than my own! "Jesus Christ," I hissed, after swallowing the very warm flood, "ya cum more than any chick I ever went down on! Do ya always squirt like that?" I was licking cunt gush up from my fingers and face.

"When I get this hot!" she giggled. "You eat asshole like you enjoy it! You're my kind of guy! Other than my brother, usually girls are the only ones who'll eat-out my ass! Of course they like it better after it's been fucked real nice!" Pulling her fingers out of her cunt, she wiggled two all the way up her ass, hips shaking as she made herself cum, cunt juice spraying all over her hand. "See that! That's not piss! I wish Denise was licking my asshole! We love doing the nasty thing with each other! Fuck! I can't stop cuming! Can you really cum again? Oh, my God! Let me kiss you . . . let me taste my ass and cunt on your tongue . . . " Stroking cock with one hand and finger-fucking herself up the ass with her other, she got her tongue half-way down my throat, sucking tongue so eagerly I knew she'd suck a quart of cum from my cock!

Catching my breath, I eased her back down on the toilet. "Keep finger-fuckin' your ass an' start suckin' me! I'm gunna shoot this fuckin' load right down your throat!"

She took the head of my cock in her mouth, the warmth so intense I almost came again on the spot. Keeping time with sucking lips, I could hear her aggressively finger-fucking herself up the ass.

"Oh, yeah! Keep finger-fuckin' yourself, ya hot little whore! Jesus, are ya really bisexual? I'd dig seeing ya and another chick eatin' each other out! Ya cum like a fuckin' nympho!"

"You nasty pervert! I can't help myself You make me so hot I can't stop cuming!" she giggled, licking glossy pink lips. "Oh, yeah! A nice big hard dick! Make me deep-throat that big long bastard! You're making me make a juicy mess in my nice new satin panties!"

Not only could she talk nasty , she knew how to suck, fellating me like she was in love with the act, moaning as she sucked, hand nasty-dancing in tight little panties while finger-fucking herself up the ass.

Taking her head with both hands, I pulled her pretty face toward me, thrilled when she didn't resist. My cock slipped past her uvula and right down her amazing throat. "Whoa, babe!" I said, blonde hair wound in both hands, fucking her mouth like a tight little cunt. "What a fuckin' hot little cocksucker! I knew ya really loved suckin' dick! Ya deep-throat like a fuckin' porn star. Wanta swallow another load, or ya want this one up that cute little ass?"

She only sucked harder, nose in my pubes, cock bedded in the back of her throat. "In my mouth," she slobbered, pulling back and spitting saliva all over my cock so she could jack me off better. "I can't go around all day with cum running down my legs. Feed me that fucking cum, you son-of-a-bitch! Just watch me swallow your load!"

She deep-throated me again, then spit on the crest so she could stroke me with long, long strokes. I almost blew a load in her face.

"Oh, yeah!" she giggle, taking a breath. "That makes me cum real good! I love getting deep-throat fucked while swallowing cum! God, you have the nicest cock! Shoot a nice warm load right in my mouth while I'm sucking! Oh, my God! I'm such a slut for swallowing cum! I totally love the way cum tastes! What do they call that? An aphrodisiac? I love the way semen smells! I even carry a hanky in my purse that Denise jacked her little brother off in, just so I can smell that aroma! The kid has a crush on me so she told him she'd give it to me as a present. Look how long my nipples are getting! You know you're taking advantage of me, don't you? You nasty pervert! Taking an advantage of a girl my age. You knew I couldn't help myself. You knew I'd suck you off."

"Ya know it, babe . . . I always knows when a chick wants ta suck my dick." I pulled her toward me.

Still finger-frigging her ass, she giggled . . . then sucked the dark swollen crest. "How did this cock ever get past Denise? That little slut wanted to suck you off, too! Did you see the way she looked at you? Jesus, you have the nicest cock! It's so long it goes almost down to my tummy! Mmmmm! Gimme more cum, you tasty bastard! You've got me the mood to swallow cum! I've never done a client at work before, and I haven't had a load like that for three days! My brother just left for college." With one hand, she played with my balls, tongue suction increasing, mouth stroking. Throbbing violently, my cock gave up the load, warm cum surging down her resilient throat. "Gaaaaaaaaagaaahhh!" She almost gagged, but not missing a drop, swallowed madly to take all of the immense warm orgasm, pulling back to enjoy the flavor and swill surging semen around in her jism-filled mouth. "Fuck . . . I think I'd kill to get a load like that! I cum so hard with something up my ass, even if it's just my fingers! Golly, my panties are soaking wet! Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm, you fucking taste so good! Lucky I got to you first instead of Denise. She woulda sucked your brains out . . . or jacked you off right in her mouth! That anal slut's the jack-off princess of the salon! She loves jacking guys off! She's done a couple of guys for us before . . . the girls love to see her make guys give up their loads. I think it's a power trip, but she loves to see cum shoot! Do you like girls to jack you off?"

"Sure . . . into their mouths!" I grinned, rubbing my cock- head over her open pink lips. "I'd let her do me!"

"Oh yeah? Not if I get to you first! Next time I'll jack you off into mine!" Pulling her finger out of her ass, she slipped it between her lips and sucked like she'd just sucked my cock. "Mmmmmmmmmmm, wanta lick it again? I got a nice tasting ass! See me suck my finger?"

"What a fuckin' little slut! I knew ya wanted ta eat cum by the way ya looked me. It was as obvious as if ya had it tattooed on your face. Like, hey! I'm a babe who loves ta suck cock an' eat cum!"

"Golly . . . I really am, but let's go before someone misses me!" She stood and adjusted tight panties and skirt, put the cotton top back on and checked herself in the mirror. "Golly, I look like I just sucked off a horse!" she giggled, using tissues to wipe pink gloss at the corners of a most succulent cocksucking mouth. "You made me cum so much my panties are completely soaked! I'm all running down my legs! It's a good thing I didn't take those loads up my ass! I hope I don't make a wet spot on my skirt. I should take my panties off and suck out the crotch but Denise is waiting to do that. The little crotch-slut licks me every day. I love getting her face between my thighs and her tongue up my ass! She loves licking cunt-juicy panties and licking my ass!"

"Really?" I grinned. "Love to see that! She's cute, too. How old is she?"

"She's twenty-three . . . she's the oldest girl we have. I'm the youngest. Sharon and Tanya are both twenty-two. Denise has a thing for young girls, and I have a thing for girls who like to lick me. You guys! You really like to watch girls doing girls?"

"Totally! Want me to pick ya both up after work?"

"Well . . . we were planning on doing something else tonight, but why not . . . okay. We get off at six," she whispered, blushing at a remark I was taking the other way.

"Always sweet to get off," I shot back. "Had a feelin' ya'd bend over ta please me . . . "

That sent a rush of color up her cheeks and I thought she was going to laugh.

"Oh, I will," she smiled, nervously toying with the beaded curtain, looking out into the salon. "I promise to bend over again for you after work!"

"Six it is, babe," I said. "Don't snack and ruin your appetite. I'm gunna take both of ya out an' feed ya."

This time she blushed so hotly she had to cover her face with both hands. "Don't worry . . . I had just the perfect snack. Six? I'll be ready to be fed by then. Just feed me like that again and as much as you can!"

That made me smile.

"An' remember what I said about taking it up my you- know-what."

"Ya want me ta fuck ya up your ass tonight? I'll do it if ya'll suck me off as soon as I pull out . . . "

"Oh, my God! You're so nasty! Golly, you know I want it! I get just weird if I don't get it up my ass often enough. Oh, all right . . . I'll do it, really. I promise. I'll suck you off as soon as you pull out . . . it'll make me cum just as hard as you do . . . "

"Yeah? I dig it! You're a perfect little slut! Listen, about what ya said about Denise suckin' my brains out? Were ya serious? Ya don't mind if I ask her?"

"I was serious! We get crazy together almost every day. She's wilder than me. I don't mind. Ask her if you want."

"Ya won't get pissed?"

"No . . . as long as you . . . you know . . . do that nasty-thing to me so she can go down on me while I go down on you afterward. Plus, I want to see you lick her asshole. I like watching sex, too. She has the cutest little asshole and loves to get her ass licked as much as I do."

"Now who's nasty? She'll suck your ass after I've fucked it? Perfect! I'd love ta do both of ya that way an' watch ya suck out her ass!"

"Well . . . she'll go down on you, an' she definitely eats ass, but I'm not sure if she's into taking it up her's. If she lets you, you have to eat her out after you cum up her ass. Deal?"

"Well . . . okay, but before I take ya home, I wanta see ya an' Denise suckin' the crotch-a your panties . . . I wanta see ya 69ing. Deal, too?"

She blushed crimson and looked down. "You're so nasty! But I'll do it. She'll do it, too. She was telling me how hot she was this morning, how she wanted me to bend over so she could lick my panties. She wants to do the nasty thing with me tonight. See? You make me think such nasty thoughts."

"That's nice," I smiled. "Thanks for the compliment. I like ta see girls enjoyin' themselves. After I fuck it, I wanta see her suck my cum outa your tasty little asshole!"

"Then tell her to," blushed the blonde. "She's not just lesbian. She likes being dominated . . . and she really likes to eat my ass after it's been fucked! When she found out that I liked anal sex, she came on to me like a shark."

"What a good girl," I grinned. "I can't wait ta see her eat your little asshole!"

I zipped up and checked my pants, then followed her back to the front and took a seat by the window. There wasn't a spot on her skirt but the insides of her thighs looked wet. No one seemed to have missed us. The other two hair stylists were nowhere in sight. Willowy sultry Denise was still working on the man in the second chair. He was going on about some movie. Picking up a magazine, I thumbed through it until Denise called my name. Now I was the only patron in the salon.

"How do you want it?" she asked, flirting, fastening the sheet around my neck.

"Down on your knees at my feet," I grinned.

She blushed as red as her blonde girlfriend.

"Oh . . . ya mean my hair?" I said. "Hey . . . just make me look better."

"You're totally bad!" she flushed, swatting my shoulder. "But you already look great!" She was obviously at ease around guys with roving eyes. "Come on . . . want me to do anything special?"

"Yeah . . . but I don't think we could get away doin' it out here. What would the other girls think if they caught us doin' the nasty? Wanta go back ta the restroom?"

"Naughty, naughty! You make me blush. Anyway, they're gone . . . the girls went to lunch."

No one was waiting. In the mirror, I could see Denise behind me, sultry and definitely tight. She was looking at the blonde for more clues. She must have gotten one.

"You must be good," she grinned, doing naughty things to pretty mouth with an unusually long tongue. "I haven't seen little Crystal look so satisfied for months!"


She feigned a weak slap at my cheek. "Not me. Why would I be? We're just girls who like to have fun."

"Lucky me," I said, watching her licking full luscious lips as kissable as her girlfriend's. "Jesus, anyone tell ya ya got a long tongue?"

She grinned and nodded. "All the time! Got it clipped so I could really stick it out! See?" She stuck it out and easily licked the tip of her nose. "I had a doctor clip that little piece of skin underneath. When I stick it out, it always gets someone's attention."

"Ya got mine!" I smiled. "I can think of a bunch-a things ya could do with that tongue . . . "

"Me, too," she giggled, "and I do!"

"All right, babe! I wanta watch!"

"Just watch?" She giggled again and pulled my hair.

I watched her eyes in the mirror, large, dark pretty eyes. Occasionally, I caught the girls flirting with each other. Denise had a sweet touch, fingers making the hair on the back of my neck stand up like that insistent pig in my pants. Tantalizingly, she rubbed firm nippled breasts against me as she worked, perhaps flirting for a good tip.

"Anything else?"

That was an open question coming from her.

"Well . . . let's see . . . do ya like ta wear tight satin panties like her? Ya suck cock, too?"

Another mock slap accompanied by a blush, but clearly she was having fun. "You are so naughty! How did you know?"


"Psychic," I smiled.

She brushed my neck and shoulders with a soft brush to remove cut hair. "Psycho, more likely!"

"About your panties . . . you'll let me see 'em later? Seriously. Bet you're wearin' white . . . or pink . . . "

"Ooooooooo! You are so bad! What are we going to do with you?"

"Well . . . suck me off," I grinned, rubbing my swollen erection under the cover of the barber's sheet. "You and Crystal like ta eat the same things?"

Noting the action under the sheet, she really blushed and swatted my hidden hand. "Did she tell you? Crystal! What did you tell him?"

Still at the counter, Crystal giggled. "Everything!"

"Well . . . we do . . . " she blushed, glancing at her girlfriend. "So . . . what do you like to eat?"

"What ya got in your panties. Come on . . . what color are they? I bet you've been playin' with yourself. Let me smell your fingers."

This time she mussed up my hair . . . then brushed it, touched my cheek, then held fingertips under my nose, fingers that smelled distinctly like excited cunt.

"Think you can you can keep up with two of us?"

"With a little help," I smiled. "Like ta eat what she has in her's? I like ta see girls eatin' each other's panties."

She leaned closer, firm breasts against my shoulder. "Oooooo, me too! Duhhhhhhhhhhh! I'm so slow! Now I get it. She was in the restroom with you! Oh, my God! You didn't shoot something in her panties, did you? Oh, my God!" She blushed and looked at Crystal.

"Not in her panties . . . " I grinned.

"Oh, my God! Are you serious? She gave you head in the john? I'm like, so sure! Crystal! You greedy little tramp! You get all the best tips!" She was seriously pouting.

"So, join us later," I laughed, "and I'll eat both of ya after you give me head. Ya get my first tip."

"Oh, my God! Like, you're serious?"

"If ya swallow, babe! I like givin' an' gettin' head. Crystal said ya like the same things too. So, like, we're a perfect match. I wanta see that tongue makin' her wiggle. She says ya like puttin' on shows. I like ta watch! Ya know what she wants me ta do ta her tonight, don't ya?"

"Knowing her I can guess!" she blushed. "She told you what I like to do?"

"She said ya like lickin' her panties . . . that ya like lickin' ass an' jackin' guys off. She said ya'd suck my brains out. Guess that's why ya got your tongue clipped!"

"It was," she grinned, one hand under her smock. "So you liked the way my fingers smell? Here, take another sniff. You made me real wet talking like this."

Slipping her fingers under my nose, she waited to see what I'd do. After inhaling the sexy cunt sauce covering her fingers, a thick coating like transparent gelatin, I grabbed her wrist in my fist and sucked her fingers clean. I thought she was going to fuckin' fall down. "I suck pussy lots better," I grinned, licking my lips. "An' that's not braggin'."

"You can lick mine any day you want!" she sighed, fingers caressing my lips.

Anyway, she really blushed when I left a generous tip and started for the front counter to pay the bill. "Do you have time to go back there with me?" she asked, holding onto my arm. "I want some you-know-what, too!"

"Don't be naughty!" said Crystal, looking at Denise while taking the twenty and handing me change. "Cum again," she smiled, clear blue eyes twinkling, "and thanks for cuming in . . . " voice trailing off, making eye contact again with Denise before finishing, "my mouth!"

A flush was rushing up lovely high cheeks as she openly played with her crotch.

"I'll cum again," I smiled, putting change in my pocket. I started to leave the client empty salon, then turned back. "Look . . . be sure you're both wearin' tight satin panties. I like that . . . the way pussy looks in tight satin. It makes me real hungry ta eat what's hidin' inside."

One hand on the counter, other out of sight, full pink lips in a playful smirk, Crystal licked them and looked at Denise. "That's good news! We'll be waiting, won't we, Denise? See ya at six."

Standing close to Crystal, Denise pouted but nodded eagerly. "I want the same thing you gave her! In my mouth! Why not stick around and let me put on a show for the girls when they return? Wanta let me jack you off? I do it real good, don't I, Crystal? I bet he'd like it."

"Gotta go, babes . . . maybe I'll take ya up on that another time, but got places ta go an people ta do."

My Michael Jackson one-hand-crotch-lift made the girls giggle as I moon-walked backward out the door. I could guess what Denise's other hand was doing. I had a difficult time walking with a hard-on, but got to my car without anyone else noticing the petrified condition. From where I'd parked I could see Crystal and Denise laughing and playing behind the large front glass windows.

As I drove away I kept hearing her remark in my head: 'Other than taking in up my ass, nothing makes me cum so good as gettin' a huge warm load of cum in my mouth!' After tasting her tight dusky pink pucker and watching it sucking her finger, the muscle firm cheeks of that Bay-Watch ass and the way she walked, I couldn't wait to get behind her and make her an even happier girl. Oh, yeah! What could be more fun? Two playmates to bugger, girls who'd suck dick that had just fucked ass, even their own. Oh, yeah! Eleven lucky stiff inches. I was going to load Crystal's little asshole with something both girls loved to eat! I was thinking about spreading both chick's cheeks from behind, showing them how I sucked cunt and tight little assholes, eager to lube Crystal's tube with a few big loads.

I wanted her in white satin panties, sucking a load from my ass-slippery cock while I went down on Denise! I was also wondering if Denise sucked as good, if she loved anal sex, if she'd do threesomes or just watch. I tried to picture her peeling Crystal's cunt- juicy panties down, pretty lips sucking cum from its smooth white crotch, or sucking it straight from the adorable little blonde's open cum-oozing asshole. That thought made my ears hot! Turning the radio on, I tried to distract myself from torrid expectations that had me picturing the girls 69ing after I'd fucked both of them up the ass. Was I a lucky guy, or what?

To Be Continued...


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