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A Thousand Kisses
by Morgana869

I stand in the doorway of my room.. light shining from the window and candles lit to illuminate the shadows. I feel you come up behind me. Your breath caresses my neck and I close my eyes. Softly, I feel your lips touch my skin. My breath catches in my throat. I tilt my head to one side and you kiss my neck softly. Your tongue lingers slightly.

You place your hands on my hips and pull me back into you. You wrap your arms around me and tell me you love me. I smile softly and tell you I love you... Your arms tighten and I feel your smile. I turn in your arms and kiss you. Your lips are so soft and gentle but they are demanding. They demand something of me that I have given you so many times in the past. They demand my love, my touch, my devotion. You have all that and more from me because I do love you.

As you kiss me, you slowly back me up to the edge of the bed. I raise my arms and you slip off my blouse. You whisper "beautiful," and I smile. Your hand lingers and caresses my breast. My nipple awakens and tightens for your touch. You reach behind me and undo the clasp of my bra. You kiss my shoulder softly as you slip it off. You kiss me again but set me down on the edge of the bed as you lower yourself to your knees in front of me. As I sit and look at you, you wraps your arms around my waist and bury your face in my chest. You inhale my perfume. "Mmmmmmm," You say. I gasp as your mouth takes my breast and you suckle from me as if I held the very thing you needed to live inside of me. I wrap my fingers in your hair and press you to me and I moan. I close my eyes. It feels wonderful. Your touch always feels wonderful. You run your tongue down my stomach to my navel and push me down on the bed. You unsnap my pants and run your tongue a touch farther down...

You stand up and slip off your shirt. I raise up on my elbows to watch you... So magnificent are you that you take my breath away. Your strong shoulders and textured stomach catch my eyes and I stare. You take off your jeans and you are breathtaking. You are beautiful to me.

I motion for you with my hand and you come to me. I slide up on the bed so that my head rests on our pillows. As I start to take off my pants and you playfully slap my hand away to start taking them off yourself kissing down my hips and legs as you go. You ball up my pants and toss them into a corner of the room which makes me laugh softly. You grin devilishly at me and start licking up the inside of my ankle, all the way up to my knee. You then start kissing my skin, making it tingle. You kiss almost all the way up inside my thigh. You push my legs apart, look up at me and kiss me there.... the most delicate and sensitive part of me. Your tongue runs up and down. Your lick me. I whimper and my hands fist up in the bed sheets. You find that spot. You take it into your mouth and suck gently which makes me gasp and my back arch. You run your tongue around it continuing your assault on my senses until I start to climax but you stop when You sense I am starting... I cry out for you not to stop but you slide up my body and kiss me. I taste you and I taste me...mingled together in a heady flavor.

I moan against your mouth and as I do, you take that moment to enter me. You fill me so completely. I feel myself stretch to accommodate you. I am so tight around you that you gasp and grit your teeth to keep control. You take a deep breath and moan. Once you have regained your composure you start to move inside me. I feel you slide in and out of me. You feel so wonderful. I am dizzy with the pleasure you are giving me. You feel my nails as I run them down your back and when I grip your shoulders. I wrap my legs around you so that I can take you deeper inside me.

It doesn't take long at all for me to start to reach my ends. You feel me tense and cry out. You feel my body contract around you. It drives you almost to the brink too, but you are determined to hold off as long as you can. As I regain myself, I kiss you. I kiss you everywhere I can reach. I push you off me and you roll off, but you take me with you. As I lay on you, I run my hands down your side softly tickling you. I slide my body down.... kissing your stomach... tonguing your bellybutton.

I slide down farther. I take your hardness in my hand. It has started to get a touch soft from not getting the attention it deserves. I kiss the tip softly to tease you, then I stroke it once or twice to get it hard again. Now I place my lips on the tip of it, gently sucking. I run my tongue around in circles on the tip, paying attention to the hole, the ridge. Then I take as much of it as I can into my mouth, running my tongue up and down the shaft. I softly lick and suck you. Again, I can taste myself. I cup the rest of you in my hands and gently massage as you start moaning. You wrap your fist in my hair and I moan. The vibrations make you jump and whimper softly. I slide my hands up under your hips and squeeze your ass cheek. Your breathing gets heavier and you jerk me up your chest. You tell me, "I have to be inside you Right Now!" I kiss you lips hard and you slip up into me and the instant you are inside me you almost sigh in relief. I sit up and rock once or twice. Gawd it feels so good....

You feel so good. I lean back till my hair brushes your thighs. You fondle my breasts as I ride you. You start to moan as you feel me around you. I rock back and forth and you start to come. You reach up and grab me to you as you moan louder and come inside me. I wrap my arms around you and relax on top of you. You kiss me softly and we fall asleep with you still inside me and my hair caressing your cheek.....


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