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All the King's Men
by Keri Patton



It was another rainy day in England. The sound of the wind whistling through the cracks of the old castle awakened Keri. The sun was not yet out, though darkness still prevailed over sunshine. It has always been that way....

King John still lie awake in bed, knowing his daughter was sleeping, knowing his daughter was dreaming...maybe of some far off land where the morning sun lit up the sky with purple and orange cascading clouds. But he tried to block out those thoughts of the wonderful things that his only daughter might be dreaming. He had a dilemma, and this is what kept him awake.

Keri's birthday was tomorrow. She would be a woman then. The hardest thing for King John was realizing what that meant. It meant that she had to move on, had to start her own family, and the hardest part of that realization was that first, she had to get married.

"Marriage" was a word that could both infuriate John or make him smile, depending on the context on how he and other people used the word. Throughout the years, he has always received offers from many men, all wanting to take his daughter's hand in marriage. The difficult part was finding one worthy enough. After all, Keri would inherit the throne after his death and he wanted to find a man who would be honorable to his daughter's name.

From the squires to the noble knights, numerous proposals had been presented to King John. He hadn't taken the time to give that information to his beloved daughter because she had been too young to worry about marriage. But now, he had no choice. Tomorrow she had to begin worrying about it, because John was only giving her two weeks to make her decision. Time had taken its toll on the King, and he didn't know how much longer he would be alive. The marriage had to happen as soon as possible to ensure his daughter's happiness before John's time to leave.

"Damn these decisions," the King said as he closed his eyes and tried to go back to sleep, thinking of how he would tell his daughter that she had to get married...and soon. The relaxing breeze and moisture coming through the open window reassured John that everything would be all right.

Keri awakened again, this time for good. It was still muggy outside, but the rain had calmed down. However, there still was no sign of the sun.

Her servant was the one who awakened her, indicating that her presence was needed in the dinner hall. Keri climbed out of bed, then it hit her. Today's my birthday.

The smile filled her face immediately. She was treated special everyday, but today she would be treated even more special. Her birthdays have always been memorable. Keri straightened her long dark hair with her fingernails, trying to get the tangles loose. She slipped out of her sheer sleeping gown, and put on a long elegant dress. Within ten minutes of her awakening, she left her room to go downstairs to the dinner hall.

The floor was cold to her bare feet, so she walked fast. The torches were lit, so she didn't have a hard time seeing where she was going. She knew the castle well. Born and raised there, she could probably find everything even if it was pitch black in there.

When she reached the dinner hall, everything was pure elegance. There was a crowd of people standing behind their chairs, talking softly, obviously waiting for the princess to sit down. King John was at the head of the table, and Keri went to the other head of the table and where her mother used to sit when she was alive. She died when Keri was 12.

A hush fell over the room as everyone noticed that Keri was in the room. King John looked at his daughter, with her green eyes sparkling just like her mothers used to do. John wondered how he was going to bring up the topic of marriage today, but decided that first thing's first.

The King spoke and all heads turned from Keri to the man who was speaking. "As we all know, today is my lovely daughter's birthday. We have a fine feast here, just for the occasion. I hope you all will come back here tonight for another celebration. I know most of you will anyway because I will have the finest wine there is," the King laughed. Everyone laughed along with him and sat down after John took his seat.

Even though it was a special day for Keri, the King was still in full charge of the castle and the kingdom.

Keri ate her food innocently, while male eyes scoped her, because they realized what her birthday meant. She did not realize it yet, but it was King John's mission to tell her after breakfast. And it was those thoughts that had the King worried.

After the meal, Keri sat around and tried to hold conversations with three different guys. She was surprised that the men were being so nice to her. But when the King approached his daughter, the men quickly left, each one hoping his words were enough to capture her heart. "Did you enjoy the meal?" John asked.

"Yes daddy, it was very pleasant."

"That's good. Um...let's walk around a little bit, I want to talk to you about something," King John said, sweat beginning to form around his eyebrows.

"Okay. What's on your mind daddy?" Keri asked with the sweetness of her voice whispering of her love for her dad.

"Well Keri, today you are a woman."

Keri laughed, "I know that daddy."

More sweating by the King. "Well, there are things that women, well, they just have to do certain things."

"Like what? What do I have to do that I haven't done before?" she asked.

"Well, take your mother for instance. She was your age at one time, and well, when she turned into a woman, she met me."

"But I have already met you daddy," Keri said playfully.

The King laughed. "Of course you have. But I mean that she got married to me, because we love each other."

Confusion filled her mind, so Keri asked the question, "So are you saying that I have to get married?" Not a hint of anger, not a hint of frustration. Just her sweet voice questioning what she has been told.

They stopped while the King looked into her eyes. "Look Keri, I don't know how much longer I am going to be around. My time is winding down, and I just want to see you happy before I leave."

Keri's head dropped. Now came the sadness, realizing that he was right.

King John continued, "You have to get married. You are going to be queen when I die, and I want to make sure that you have a worthy husband."

Keri lifted her head with the trace of tears in her eyes. "Well, who am I suppose to marry?"

"Well, I will leave that up to you, but I have received several proposals," the King answered.

"Really? From who?"

"Quite a few from the squires, but they aren't my type of people. They are just servants. I have also gotten a few from a lot of knights in my army."

"Well what am I supposed to do about that daddy? I can't marry all of them," Keri said.

The King laughed with her humor, although her humor was unintentional. "No, no, no, I am giving you two weeks to find the man that you are going to marry. Tonight at the celebration of your birthday, I will announce that you are looking for a husband...I am sure that that will keep the men coming to you, trying to capture your heart. You will choose in two weeks or before then, depending on whether or not I approve of your selection."

Keri's mind was racing with all of the details of what she must do. "Why do I have to do this, daddy?"

"Because I already told you that I want to know that you will be loved and cared for when I am gone."

Keri's head dropped again. It was hard enough losing her mother, now her father is talking about dying. This was all too much for her. "I don't want you to die father."

King John lifted his daughter's head and let the tears fall on his hand. "I know," he whispered.

"You will be missed dearly," she said in a barely audible voice. "I will try to please you with my selection of a husband."

"Thank you Keri."

The music was loud, and Keri thought twice before stepping down the last few stairs and into the hallway leading to the dinner hall. She had spent the whole day thinking about what she must do, and she knew that once she went into the dinner hall, everyone would know that she was looking for a husband.

She went down the last few stairs anyway, despite her realization. There was an old family friend in the middle of the room playing the harp. The massive room was very crowded with people from the surrounding villages. A lot of couples were dancing with their mates. With the sight of Keri came a loud applause. She couldn't help but smile.

She was wearing her mother's old wedding dress, with a French lace adding the final touches of purity to the gorgeous dress. Keri bowed to the applause as it ended. Then, she made her way to her best friend, who came from the village just to see her. She was the only person Keri really felt comfortable with, considering the circumstances.

Many men approached Keri throughout the night, and more came after the King made the announcement that his daughter was looking for a husband. There was one guy out of all of them that Keri really liked, and it was also the King's favorite knight. He was tall and broad shouldered, very muscular, and very handsome. He didn't try to force himself all over Keri, he just tried to be friendly without over exerting himself. They had talked before, but now things were different because he was now able to ask her for marriage. Keri explained that she didn't feel really comfortable saying "yes" to his proposal just yet, because she didn't know him well enough.

"Well how about we spend tomorrow together, so that way you can get to know me better?" he asked.

"Well I think that would be just fine," Keri replied, blushing.

They talked a little bit more, but soon the wine was getting to everyone, and people were beginning to act crazy because of drunkenness. Keri drank a couple herself, but wasn't nearly as drunk as everyone else seemed to be.

She decided to call it a night, and go up to her room to think about all of the different proposals that she received throughout the night.

The door opened quietly. The man walked into the room and closed it just as quietly as it was opened. He watched her the whole night, watched the men throwing themselves upon her. Oh, how that angered him. She was his woman, and nobody else could have her. He was naked quickly, wanting to hurry up and give Keri what she needed to become a complete woman. He went to her bedside, and drew back the sheer white curtains. She slept so peacefully, so quietly.

He pulled the covers off of her and slowly grew hard, seeing her perfect womanly body beneath her gown. The curves were in the places he liked most. He pushed up her gown to her stomach, and crawled onto the bed. Her hair was soft and black, desperately trying to cover what he wanted most. He opened her legs and lowered his head to her private gift.

Keri slowly flung her eyes open and began to scream at the sight of the intruder. He covered her mouth and tried to calm her down. She kept screaming and then she began trying to kick him, but it was no use. He had his legs over hers, so kicking was impossible. Because Keri wouldn't stop screaming, he tried to wiggle his hard cock into her tight hole. He wouldn't fit. Keri saw the opportunity and bit his hand. That's when he swung with all of his force and hit the precious princess on her temple.

Darkness prevailed again. With Keri out cold, he took her gown the rest of the way off, uncovering her rounded breasts. His heartbeat was racing. At first, he wanted her to just give him the damn pussy and let it be over with. Now he wanted to make it special.

He started by gently touching her breasts, playing with them, moving them around. Even though she was knocked out, her nipples were hard. He grazed the tip of her nipples with his fingertips, only making them harder. He lowered his head and nervously and slowly licked her nipple. He was sweating from all of the excitement and understanding of what he was doing. He was about to take the virginity of King John's only child.

He put his whole mouth over her nipple and tenderly sucked it. His cock was aching with overwhelming hardness, begging to be jerked off or sucked or anything. He enjoyed the pure taste of the princess. Her scent was delightful, causing him to lick a little harder, to taste every portion of her body. He spent quality time on her breasts, becoming very familiar with the way they moved with his hands, becoming accustomed to having the privilege to be able to do such a thing.

While licking Keri's nipples, his thoughts stayed on her tight pussy. He wanted to be in there, he wanted to lick her chaste pussy and play with her parting lips. And with those thoughts, he finally moved down her body, from her titties to her charming pussy.

He took a deep breath and inhaled the warmth and scent of her pussy. He stuck out his tongue and gently slid it up the middle of her virginal hole, stopping momentarily at her clit, then gently sliding back down to the base of her pussy. Then he slid his tongue back up to her clit, spending time moving it around with his tongue, pressing it with the tip of his tongue, then moving it around in small circles with his tongue.

This made Keri's eyes open, and she jolted a little bit, but to the man's surprise, she just stared at him. Her facial expressions indicated pleasure, indicated the need and the want for him to continue doing what he was doing. He saw that she liked it when he moved her clit around with his tongue, and oh, she did.

She began to squirm slightly with tickling feeling of her clit. The man had his face buried between Keri's legs, tasting her sweet wetness, exposing her weaknesses. He continued to suck on Keri's clit, and was able to insert his index finger into her tight hole. He moved the finger around and around, trying to loosen up the princess for his hungry cock.

He wasn't worried about the gasping noises that she was making. As usual, it was raining, so it would take a lot of noise to disturb anyone. The only person who was disturbed as of now was the man. His cock was sexually disturbed. He pulled his finger out of Keri's pussy and ceased his wonderful tongue work. Keri was feeling tingly as she watched him raise himself over her immaculate body. He had his throbbing cock in his hand, aiming it towards her pussy as he moved forward. It very slowly went inside, but only tip deep. It was hurting both of them. Keri felt her pussy stretch, and the man felt the head of his cock being pinched by her tightness. Unpleasurable for both, but he pulled out and went back in...tip deep again. He repeated this motion, pushing a little harder each time, and getting a little deeper each time until he finally was able to slide throughout Keri's pussy.

Keri felt like her whole world opened and was invaded by a gigantic force. The pain was there, but it couldn't match the enjoyment of having his cock now sliding back and forth inside of her pussy. If the pouring rain hadn't been so loud outside, they both would have heard the sound of the friction between his cock and the inner walls of Keri's most prized possession...her pussy.

The man was still a bit too ashamed to look into Keri's eyes, so he watched his cock as it appeared and disappeared quickly into Keri's pussy with each thrusting motion that he made.

Keri mostly kept her eyes focused on the ceiling, but found it even better to watch the object that was giving her pleasure. She felt her back begin to get sweaty from her increased body temperature. She felt like her back was sticking to the sheets under her.

The man put Keri's legs of perfection on his shoulders and began to go faster, sliding with ease now that her pussy was wetter and now stretched from his cock, and only his cock. Oh, what a great feeling that was for him to know that he owned her pussy for the moment!

With rush of heat slowly going from his testicles up the length of his cock, he sped up even faster, knowing what was about to happen. He pushed Keri's legs off of his shoulders and suddenly pulled his spewing cock out of her, spurting his warm oozing liquid all over her stomach.

Keri just watched, amazed at what was happening. She felt like her pussy was on fire. It was discomforting, and as the man collapsed on top of her, she wondered if that was it...if it was over. She didn't want to speak a word, but instead, just stared at the top of his head. Suddenly, she felt naked, and felt the need to immediately cover herself from this stranger. She pulled her nightgown back down over her body and wiggled her way out from under the man.

She didn't know what that funny looking stuff was on her stomach, but she just wanted to do one thing in the world right then, and that was to go to bed. She didn't care that the man was lying there because she knew if he were still there in the morning, the guards would kill him. Keri just moved over to the other side of the bed and covered herself, making sure the man wouldn't be able to see any part of her. She felt gooey with that stuff on her stomach, so she rubbed her nightgown over it, trying and hoping that it would disappear. It only made her sticky.

Keri tried to go to sleep, but there was a lot on her mind. She had her back to the man, and she felt him get off the bed and assumed that he was leaving. Her pussy was sore, and she wondered why it was so wet down there. She figured that it was that man's stuff and that he must have gotten some on her pussy. Keri thought a lot of things, trying to go to sleep, thinking of her birthday, thinking of the marriage she was supposed to have. The thoughts just kept on coming and eventually the princess fell asleep, remembering that she had to spend the next day with her father's favorite knight....

This story is to be continued....

Were you the man that had the privilege to fuck Keri? Or were you Keri? Maybe you wanna be the knight that gets to spend the day with Keri tomorrow. Want to know what will happen when Keri spends the day with the man who wants to marry her? Keep your eyes open and your mind ready to explore the world of medieval times in England, along with King John and his beautiful daughter Keri, as she must find a husband within two weeks, or face failure to her father.


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