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At The Mall
by English Bob

At 8.45am, Sam was sitting in a rented Ford, in a side street, a short distance from his home. Although he and his wife Beth had played this game before, it never failed to excite him and his nerves jangled as he tried to listen to the radio and waited. Sam and Beth were in their late twenties and had been together for eight years. Life had been good to them. They had an excellent relationship with a varied and slightly unusual sex life. They both enjoyed and looked forward to their games together, that had recently become more and more adventurous.

This game, Sam had planned himself. He knew how his wife loved to show off her attractive figure. He had to admit that she had a lot to show off! At 27, she was at the peak of her sexuality. Her long, jet black hair tumbled in curls over her shoulders and nearly reached her trim waist. Her long, shapely legs tapered smoothly to well turned ankles and dainty feet. The only thing that, perhaps was not perfectly proportionate, were her breasts. Large firm globes of soft flesh that looked a little too sizable for her otherwise slender frame, topped with deep pink nipples that seemed to stiffen at the slightest suggestion of excitement.

But this day, Sam hoped that it would not just be him that her womanly charms were exposed to. He had taken the day off work and, as he did not want Beth to recognise his own car, he had rented the Ford for this specific purpose. For the fifth time in as many minutes he checked his watch. Beth was not even aware yet that the game had started!

Bleary eyed and still yawning, Beth walked into the kitchen to make herself some coffee. She assumed that Sam had all ready left for work, as she busied herself with the coffee machine. Turning on the TV, she sat at the pine table and glanced at the morning paper. As she picked up the publication, she noticed a small envelope underneath. The envelope was unstamped and just bore her name in neat printed letters on the front. Beth immediately recognised the printing as belonging to her husband. She smiled as she tore it open hurriedly.
Good morning, darling. The game has already started!
Beth's voice caught in her throat as she gasped in a breath. She was not expecting this at all. These games could take on any format, and she quickly glanced about her to make a mental check on her surroundings. Everything seemed familiar, everything still in it's place. She relaxed slightly and read on:
The game is simple. All you have to do is follow my instructions to the letter. You are to go on a shopping trip, but this is to be no ordinary trip. You will dress thus: A white silk blouse that exposes your ample cleavage. The blouse is to be accompanied by your black skirt with the long split in the side. On your feet you will wear black patent spiked heels. You will wear neither bra or panties.

Take your car and drive to the mall. Enter the new, trendy fashion shop on the first level and tell the male assistant that you wish to try on a skirt. You will leave the door open a little as you change, making sure that your lower body is visible to the assistant You will use your feminine charms to innocently encourage the assistant to join you in the changing room. If he desires you (which I am sure he will!), you will submit to him willingly and without question.

You may then purchase the item and return home.

As Beth read and re-read her instructions, she could feel a tingle pass through her slim body. She still wore only a light robe to cover her nakedness, and could sense her nipples already beginning to harden in anticipation. Oh, this was going to be a good game, she thought. She only wished that Sam could be there to see her and not stuck in some boring meeting, thinking about what she was doing and adjusting the hard-on that he would inevitably develop! She poured her coffee and climbed the stairs to her bedroom to change.

Selecting her outfit from the closet, she laid it out carefully on the bed. The blouse that she had selected was very daring, almost transparent, and the split in the skirt would reveal so much of her tanned thigh that she had never dared to wear it outside yet. Slipping off her robe, she changed clothes quickly. The cool silk of the blouse felt good against her skin as she slipped it over her shoulders, the fabric stimulating her nipples as it touched them. Unobstructed by her usual underwear, the cool, conditioned air of the room flitted around her close trimmed vagina as she pulled on the skirt and checked the split was in the correct position. Despite the early hour, she felt incredibly sexy as she descended the stairs, and had to resist the increasing urge to masturbate there and then. Oh well, she thought, gulping air into her dry mouth and throat. No time like the present! Grabbing her purse and keys she left the house and climbed into her car.

Sam checked his watch again and scanned the road ahead. He knew that if Beth had followed his instructions properly, she would be driving past the end of this side street any time now. His heart almost missed a beat as he saw her green Nissan pass directly in front of him. Quickly starting the engine of his own vehicle, he pulled out into the traffic of the main street and followed her at a safe distance. Pulling the peak of his baseball cap down over his Ray-Ban's so as not to be recognised, he chuckled softly to himself. He was anticipating a good game!

As she drove, Beth squirmed a little in the leather seat. Feeling a little naughty, she had pulled her skirt up behind her and let the bare skin of her bottom rest against the cool seat. The mall was not very far away. She would be there in less than ten minutes. She felt so sexy, so excited. Her exhibitionist tendencies had now overtaken her as she sighted the mall and pulled the car into the parking lot. She did not even notice the nondescript Ford that parked several bay's away. With a quick adjustment of her makeup in the rear mirror, Beth stepped from the car and walked casually towards the entrance of the mall. As she entered, the cool conditioned air in the large precinct, contrasted sharply with the mid summer heat outside. She walked towards the escalator and could feel the silky fabric of the blouse agitating her already aroused nipples further. As she passed other shoppers, she quickly became aware of the glances that were directed towards her chest. She located the store on the first level and entered, casually browsing the rails.

Sam trailed his wife carefully, so as not to be noticed. The outfit that he had selected for himself was fairly bland and consisted of a blue sweatshirt, jeans and track shoes. Combined with the cap and sun glasses, he hoped that he would remain inconspicuous, and whilst at a distance, not be recognisable to his wife. He kept a safe distance between them as he followed her up the escalator to the first floor and saw her enter the store. One of the many facts about this game that Beth was blissfully unaware of, was that Sam had already spoken to the store assistant on many occasions, and had primed him on today's visit. Ben, the assistant, was really keen. The way that Sam had described his wife and her exhibitionist streak, had left him with a solid erection on more than one occasion. He was fully expecting to see a lot of her today, and perhaps more!

"Can I help you Miss?" came a voice as Beth browsed a rail full of short skirts.

"Hmmm, maybe. Do you have this in my size?"

"I'm sure we have, Miss. Let me check out back, ok? I'll just be a second."

As she waited for the good looking assistant to return, Beth looked around. The shop, selling male and female fashion, was fairly crowded with shoppers of both sexes. She knew what she had to do, but was a little apprehensive about the amount of people around her. She relaxed slightly, when she realised that the other shoppers were mainly young couples. The only single man, apart from the assistant, was a tall middle aged guy wearing a baseball cap and sun glasses, but he was standing over the far side of the store and was too far away for her to make him out properly.

"This is your size, I think Miss. I've also brought two different colours, would you care to try them on?"

Beth took the offered garments, and taking a deep breath, made her way to the changing room that the assistant had indicated. She entered the cubicle, noting that it was a little larger than the usual changing areas, and, as instructed, pulled the curtain only three quarters of the way across, leaving a gap of about eighteen inches. As she began to unzip her skirt, she glanced out at the assistant. He was an attractive lad of about 21 or 22. Tall with short fair hair and a cute smile. He was busy with some paperwork, but Beth noticed him glance towards her from time to time and then look at someone else; another customer, Beth assumed, that she was unable to see.

Sam moved to a position behind a rail of suits, and indicated to the assistant Ben. From Sam's position, he had a clear view of the changing cubicle with the curtain pulled only partly across and could see his wive's legs as she stepped out of her skirt. Sam smiled as he realised that she was moving around inside the cubicle, intentionally giving Ben and himself only teasing glimpses of her lower body. He looked over at Ben and nodded towards him.

"Excuse me." Sam heard his wife say to Ben. "Could you assist me for a moment please?"

Ben smiled up at her and walked towards the cubicle. The woman was very attractive and seemed to be having some problems zipping up the new skirt that she was trying on. As he had been told would happen, she had not closed the curtain and he had been treated to several lingering glances of her long sexy legs. He was excited to think that maybe he would get to see a little more of her now!

As he stood just outside the changing room, he could see that she had pulled the skirt up, but it was still unfastened and she was holding it in place with her hand.

"Could you help me with the zipper please? It's a little stiff."

That's not the only thing around here that's stiff! He thought to himself as he entered the cubicle. As he gingerly took the skirt's zipper in his fingers she let go with her hand. Ben's fingers were slippery with excited perspiration and the inevitable happened. The zipper slipped from Ben's fingers, and unsupported, fell to the floor revealing Beth naked from the waist down with the exception of high heeled black shoes.

"Oops. Oh I'm sorry" Said Beth unnecessarily.

Ben was trying not to stare, but the sight of her beautiful tapered legs and neatly trimmed pubic hair that barely covered the puffy lips of her vagina, was making it extremely difficult. He swallowed hard feeling small beads of perspiration break out on his brow. His erection must now have been obvious.

All the while, Sam watched. His own erection growing in his faded jeans. As he saw his wife standing semi naked alongside the younger man, he was eager to see the situation develop further. The only problem with this game was, that in his current position, he was unable to satisfy his own lust without running the risk of being arrested. He was already looking forward to joining Beth at home later and fucking her brains out!

"No. I'm sorry." said Ben in response, as he realised that this woman was making no attempt to cover herself. "But I have to say that you have beautiful legs."

"Only my legs?" Beth said with a wicked grin.

" p..p..pussy.....looks great as well!"

Beth threw her head back and laughed out loud.

"Oh you are so sweet! Thank you kind Sir!" She had already glanced at the crotch of his trousers, and knew that she had excited him. "Trying on sexy clothes always turns me on.....and by the look of that, I think that I may have turned you on as well!"

Ben followed her gaze to the front of his trousers and immediately blushed a crimson red. He turned slightly and tried to hide his growing bulge.

"Oh come on! Don't try to hide it. She continued, whispering quietly. "You're a young man standing in front of a woman with her legs and vagina on display! Of course you're going to get an erection! I'd love to see it."

Sam was watching and listening intently now, his own cock pressing painfully against his pants. He remembered his recent meeting with Ben. He had told him that Beth would be very forward, but even Sam didn't really expect her to be quite this bold. He saw the shocked expression on Ben's face and chuckled quietly to himself.

Ben had regained a little of his composure now. He knew that she was right, his erection had been growing for sometime, but could he really expose himself to her here? Now? He glanced out of the cubicle and saw with relief, that the store was now very quiet. The few customers that remained were over the other side and being assisted by one of his colleagues.

"Ok. If you want to see it, here it is!"

Ben quickly unzipped his trousers and, pulled out a long and thick penis. It stood out proudly in front of him as he continued to stare at Beth's legs and vagina.

"I can't possibly let you go back to work in that condition!" murmured Beth as she looked at the young penis with wide eyes. "You helped me, now is there anything I can do to help you?"

Sam's excitement was rapidly rising as he tried to adjust his erection into a more comfortable position. God, this was a fantastic game, he thought to himself. He wondered what his wife would do now. Would she fuck the young assistant? Would she blow him? Sam hoped that she would select the latter option. He was only too aware of what a great cocksucker his wife was, and he knew that Ben would enjoy receiving her mouth as much as Sam would enjoy watching it!

He was not to be disappointed. Gently the half naked Beth backed her young lover towards the stool that was placed in the corner of the cubicle, and encouraged him to sit. Dropping to her knees in front of him she quickly shimmied his trousers and underwear down to his ankles giving herself better access to his exposed groin. Lowering her head, she tenderly planted feather light kisses on his thighs and used her hands to smoothly part his legs. He hands continued to roam over his inner thighs, teasing and tickling, as her lips became more insistent and gradually worked themselves higher up his legs.

Ben was finding it a little difficult to breathe. He had been treated to blow-jobs before by various girlfriends, but certainly nothing on this scale. This woman was experienced. She was really good! He could feel her tongue flicking higher up his thigh's towards his throbbing cock, and, as he heard her moan softly in quiet approval, was pleased that he had been blessed with well endowed equipment.

Beth's small hand closed gently around the, frankly, huge shaft of Bens penis. She licked her lips and began tracing wet lines around the base and over his heavy balls, starting a slow up and down rhythm with her hand. As she pumped his cock she let her wet tongue slide lovingly up and down the shaft, sliding over every vein and bump, feeling them against he sensitive lips, revelling in the texture. Without warning, she slid her tongue along the whole length of the underside, and reaching the swollen, bulbous head, took the throbbing meat directly into her hot mouth.

Ben closed his eyes and sighed deeply as he felt the head of his cock slide gratefully inside her mouth. Her fingers were doing sensational things to his balls as they cupped and stroked them, sending shivers up and down his spine and causing his shaft to throb uncontrollably. She was building up a terrific suction now as her head began to gently bob up and down on his erection, taking more of his ten inches inside her mouth on every downstroke. He briefly wondered how much she would take. His previous girlfriends had sucked him, but had never been able to take more than half of his long shaft. His silent question was quickly answered. Without missing a beat, he felt her move the angle of her head. Just slightly but enough for him to notice. He then experienced an unbelievable sensation. The shaft of his cock felt compressed as her mouth opened even wider and she swallowed him deep into her throat. Ben had been trying to keep his moans of pleasure down to a quiet whisper, but this new experience made his head spin. With a low, guttural groan, he felt his balls contract. He tried to warn her, but his words came out as little more than a strangled croak. He tried to pull back, but her hands were planted firmly on his thighs keeping him in his sitting position, her lips closing over his shaft and forming a tight seal. His orgasm hit hard. Strong jets of unseen thick white semen streamed from his ejaculating penis and disappeared into her throat. For a full minute Ben twitched and bucked his hips, he could see and feel her swallowing hard, trying desperately not to let any of his precious fluid escape, but there was too much. He watched as some of his sticky cum began to seep out from the seal that she had made around his shaft and drip lewdly down her chin and fall to her chest, staining her blouse. Ben looked down. As the fluid settled on her blouse, it caused the fabric to turn transparent, and he could clearly see her upturned and very hard nipples. He remembered the words that her husband Sam had spoken to him at their last meeting. He wanted Ben to leave her wanting. Leave her in a state of excitement, so that when she returned home, she would fuck like she had never fucked before! Ben gently reached down and squeezed an erect nipple through her blouse, causing her to close her eyes and moan deeply. Yes. He was sure that he had achieved that aim!

As he watched his wife and her young lover dress themselves quickly, Sam knew that it was time to leave. Quickly exiting the store, he almost sprinted the distance to the parking lot and jumped into the rented car. Thankful that he had parked in a fairly secluded bay, a distance away from most other vehicles, he hastily tore down the zipper on his jeans. Throwing a coat from the back seat over his lap he proceeded to haul out his throbbing cock. He could not wait to get home and take his wife, he had to satisfy his lust now. His mind still full of images of his wife on her knees with Ben's large cock buried in her throat, he jerked himself off swiftly. Within seconds, semen was spurting from the tip of his penis, and staining the fabric of the coat. Sam didn't care, he was just relieved to be able to release the tension that had built up over the last hour or so. Now he could drive home and wait for Beth. He knew that the game would not be over until he had fucked her in every hole she had and eaten her pussy until she begged him to stop.

Tucking his still hard cock back into his pants he started the car. As he drove home, he was already trying to think of a new game for next time!

- The End -

* * * * *

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