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After the Movie
by ShyGuy

After you and I had been out for dinner and a movie one evening, we went back to my place. Over dinner we had talked about almost everything between Heaven and earth. You had mentioned how sore your back and shoulders were from working long hours in front of the computer, and I had promised to give you a massage.

Upon returning to my home, I told you to go soak in the tub, and I would come and get you in a bit. While you were in the bathroom, I laid a big towel on my bed, lighted some scented candles, put a relaxing CD on the stereo, and turned all the light out so only the candles lit the room.

I undressed, and went into the bathroom, where I joined you in the tub. I told you to stand up, and we started to lather each other up, slowly and sensually. After we had washed, we rinsed the soap off, and toweled each other dry.

We went into the bedroom, and I told you to lie down on the bed on your stomach. I covered your ass and legs with a towel, and after pouring some massage oil into my hands, I started to massage your back. Slowly I massaged your neck, your shoulders, the lower part of your back, the side of your torso, and your arms. I could feel, and hear you beginning to relax while I was massaging you.

I then folded the towel down so that it only covered you butt, after having massaged your back thoroughly for a while. I started to massage your feet with a lot of detail, and then slowly up your calves, and your thighs. Slowly I massaged the inside of your thighs, and my hands moved closer and closer to your groin. Suddenly I stopped, and moved up so that I could massage your ass and hips. After I had finished that, I asked you to turn onto your back, so I could massage your front. I started by massaging your face, and then moved down over your neck to the top of your chest. During this time I had used the massage oil frequently, so my hands could slide easily over your skin. I slowly moved around your breasts, without touching them, and down to your stomach.

After having massaged your stomach and hips I gently let my hands slide closer and closer to your groin again. You slowly spread your legs in anticipation of me playing with your pussy. But just as you were ready to feel my fingers inside of you, I stopped and moved down to your feet again. I again began to massage your feet slowly and erotically, letting my fingers slide between your toes, and teasing the sole of your feet also. I then slowly let my hands slide up the inside of your legs, and gently moving closer and closer to your pussy. You had spread your legs in anticipation of what was to come. I then slowly bent down and start to kiss you with long and passionate kisses. Letting my tongue play with yours, and slowly teasing your pussy lips and the area around your clit with my fingers at the same time. As one finger start to slides up and down between your pussy lips, I kiss my way down over your neck and chest to your breasts. I suck on your nipples, gently letting my teeth tease them, and my finger play with your clit again. Gently rubbing it, circling it and caressing the area around it.

I slowly kiss my way down from your breasts, over your stomach and down between your legs. I then position myself between your legs; I cover your clit with my mouth, and start to let my tongue tease your clit, sucking and licking it, and gently teasing it with my teeth. My hands are caressing the inside of your thighs, and your pussy. Letting two fingers slowly slide in and out of your pussy, finger fucking you.

I suddenly stop, get to my feet, and as you look at me, wondering why I stopped, you can see on my face that I'm up to something. I tell you to turn around, and when you have done so, I tell you to lift your stomach, so I can place a pillow there. I start to tie your legs and arms to the bed with soft cotton ropes. When you're tied up so you can hardly move I blindfold you, and tell you that since all you have done, is to laid there and enjoy my treatment, without offering me anything in return. You need to get punished.

You pretend to shiver and say with badly hidden excitement in your voice "please master, don't do it, I'll do as you say". I tell you it's too late now, and that you should have thought about it earlier.

You then feel me start to spank your ass with my hand, gently at first, but slowly spanking harder and harder. Suddenly you feel that it's not my hand I'm using any more, but something slim and hard. You don't know it, but it's a wooden coat hanger that I'm spanking you with now. I'm spanking the back of your thighs as well as your ass, and I can hear you moan in both pleasure and a little pain, as your ass and thighs get redder and redder.

I tell you that I'm going to loosen your ropes, but only because I want you to turn around on your back. But before I do it, I slap each buttock hard twice with my hand, saying to you that it's so you remember to do as I tell you. After I have untied you, you quickly turn around on your back, and spread your legs and arms again, so it's easy for me to tie you up.

When you're tied up again, I kiss you with passion, and you kiss me back with the same force and emotion. This convinces me that you like what I'm doing to you. To be sure I gently let a finger slide down between your pussy lips, and I can feel you're slowly getting moist there.

I let my hands and mouth start to play with your breasts again. I take one nipple into my mouth, suck on it, letting my teeth dig into it a bit. I'm playing with the other nipple with my hand, and suddenly I take it between my fingers hard, and at the same time lift up on your nipples, stretching them, lifting your breasts with them. You moan in both pain and pleasure, and I know you're really turned on by now.

I then walk out of the room a few minutes, and when I come back, you're wondering where I went. Then you suddenly feel an ice-cold feeling on both your nipples, and you realize that I went to get some ice. Your nipples get incredibly hard, and I let the ice slide all over your body, closing in on your clit and pussy lips. As I let my mouth cover your clit, I push the rest of the ice cubes into your hot pussy. You shiver a bit as I do it, but at the same time you moan in pleasure. I let my mouth slide down and cover your pussy, and I can feel a bit of juice flow into my mouth, as the ice starts to melt.

I then move up next to your head on the bed, and I tell you to turn it to one side, so I can stick my hard dick into your mouth. You do as I tell you, and as you are sucking my cock, you suddenly feel hot drops land on your breasts and nipples. As you suck me deeper, I let hot wax from the candle drip over your breasts, down your belly and a few drops on the inside of your thighs. You moan in pleasure again, even though it's not easy with my cock in your mouth. And I can feel that you're getting more and more excited. I then get down between your legs again, and start to eat your pussy. Letting my lips and tongue suck on your clit and you pussy lips. I bury my tongue in your pussy, penetrating it as deep as possible, enjoying the taste of you. My hands are playing with your ass, and I know that even though it's somewhat sore, you do like it, because you start to moan more and more.

I stop eating you, and move up so I can suck on your nipples, and play with your breasts at the same time. I place the tip of my cock between your pussy lips, and slowly start to let the tip slide in and out and up and down between your lips. Suddenly I thrust my cock all the way into your pussy, I can feel it slides into you so easy, because you're wet with your juices. I start to kiss you deep as I fuck you slowly to start with, letting my cock move all the way in and out with each thrust.

As we both moan in pleasure, I start to move faster and faster, thrusting harder and harder in your pussy. I have untied one of your hands, so you can play with your clit as I fuck you, knowing that it makes it easier for you to climax. Suddenly I feel you climax around my cock, and as I thrust deep you can feel me shiver between your legs, as I'm getting ready to climax. Suddenly I thrust all the way into your pussy, letting my cock stay there and I come in a very intense climax, moaning deeply. I fall down into you, and lay still there for a few minutes, before I roll down of you, and untie you. When you're untied and the blindfold is removed, we get under the covers together, and cuddle up real close. Feeling completely Satisfied we both drift off into dreamland.


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