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At The Movies
by Star

It was an art film. Which generally I like, but this one was a drudging cine, filled with morose, benighted characters trying to justify their exiguous existence's. Frankly, it was putting me to sleep. I felt my eyelids grow heavy about a half hour into this two hour distraction. I had already finished my popcorn and was eyeing yours. Sleep or eat, these were my options, locked in a dark theater.

I glanced over at you, but your eyes were fixed to the screen. He can't actually be enjoying this insipid garbage could he, I thought to myself. I slid down into the seat, my ass almost hanging off the chair, my legs spread, feet planted to the ground to keep from sliding all the way down to the floor. Not exactly "ladylike" but who cared? I leaned my head back and closed my eyes. I decided to opt for sleep.

I felt you lean a little closer. I could feel your warmth next to me. It was chilly in the theater. I heard someone complaining about it when the movie began. She was right. It was cold. Then I felt your hand on the top of my head, fingers gently rubbing my scalp through my hair. You do know how much I love when you play with my hair. Trying to relax me, maybe put me to sleep, I wondered. Until I felt your other hand on my thigh. Slowly you moved it up my thigh. I kept my eyes closed. Seems sleep was not in your plan after all.

Your hand moved up until it reached the top of my jeans. Unbuttoning and unzipping them. I closed my eyes even tighter. I didn't want to know if the couple in the next row could see us. Your hand crept down into my panties, cupping my mound. Then I felt two fingers slide inside me. Deep inside me. I spread my legs even wider. I wanted you inside me. I knew I was wet. You always make me so wet. I bit my lower lip to keep quiet, but my breathing became heavier as you started to fuck me. Although I wasn't sleeping, I certainly felt like I was dreaming.

With your fingers deep inside me, you worked your thumb over my clit. Rubbing it, sending me close to the edge. My hips were moving now, up and back. My hands gripping the arms of the chair. Your other hand still on my head. Then you kissed me. A hard kiss on the mouth. It took me by surprise. Your tongue parting my lips, like it had so many times before. Invading my mouth, while your fingers invaded my pussy. Closer and closer I moved to the edge. Some place much better than sleep.

You moved your face away from mine. My eyes still closed. You whispered into my ear, asking me if I wanted to cum. I felt myself blush a bit and I nodded yes. But you wanted to hear me. So, you told me no. Ask me, beg me. Embarrassed a bit, knowing there were people so close by, I whispered in a small voice to you.

"Please, please let me cum for you. I am right on the edge now. Please." I begged.

"Not yet little one."

I fought hard to stave off the impending orgasm. Not an easy thing to do when someone's fingers are working in and out of you. Faster and harder your fingers fucked me. My heart was pounding so loudly, I was sure you could hear it. My ass and hips pushing up to meet your strokes. I was sweating, despite how cold it was in the dark theater. I felt the beads of perspiration on my upper lip. I knew my other lips were quite wet, as well. You added another finger. I couldn't take it anymore. I needed to cum so badly.

"Please, oh please. I can't take it anymore. I need to cum for you. I will be a good girl, please. I am going nuts. I can't hold on anymore." I pleaded with you.

I knew you had to have been smiling. Enjoying watching me squirm and beg, all while trying to remain as quiet as possible. I wasn't even sure if I heard you when you whispered to me.

"Cum for me."

Hoping I heard you correctly, I let myself go over the orgasmic edge. Tumbling into this wonderful, ecstatic space. Biting my lip hard to keep quiet, my hips moving, my hands tight on the arms of the chair, eyes still closed, my whole body tense as I gave into it. The feelings washed over me. I was there. Cumming hard. I didn't care who heard me. I must have started to moan as I felt your mouth move on mine, quieting me. I made a note to myself to thank you for that later. The orgasm worked through me. It was so strange, it felt like it was moving both quickly and slowly. I wasn't sure, I only knew I never wanted it to end. As it subsided, I felt your fingers slide from my pussy. They moved away from me. I opened my eyes and looked over at you. You were facing forward, watching the screen, eating your popcorn. Maybe I had fallen asleep?

You glanced over at me and saw me looking at you. You smiled and took some popcorn and brought it to my lips. I noticed your fingers were wet with artificial butter. I opened my mouth and you put two pieces on my tongue. As I closed my lips you slid your fingers out of my mouth. Wait. That was not just artificial butter. I tasted myself on your fingers. I looked down and noticed my pants were zippered and buttoned. Could I have been dreaming?

You fed me some more popcorn as the movie dragged on. I kept tasting myself on your fingers. How was it possible? I didn't think my imagination was that powerful. I kept looking over at you. I don't know, maybe I was looking for a sign, or something. I felt like I had cum. I was a little light headed, felt wet between my legs. It was driving me crazy. As the movie ended you turned to me and said it was time to leave. You wanted to make sure I was awake. I wasn't sure about anything. Maybe I was still dreaming.

You took my hand as we walked across the lobby. I was still confused and having a difficult time focusing on anything. My legs felt a little wobbly. We stepped out into the balmy night and stopped to decide where to go get something to eat. I heard you saying something about not wanting to go to a particular restaurant, I was still having some trouble putting my thoughts together. I still wasn't sure if I was awake or sleeping back in the theater.

"I liked your show considerably more than the movie."

I turned my head toward the voice. It was an older man, about fifty. He and his female companion were smiling. He winked, not sure if it was meant for you or me, as he walked passed us. It was the couple from the row next to ours. I felt myself turn a deep crimson. I looked at you. You were laughing. I love when you laugh. You took me in your arms and hugged me to you.

"Thought you were dreaming, my love?" you asked me with a tender smile.

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