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Amy Takes Over
by NawtyGirl369

I went over to Amy's apartment expecting to play the same roles we always did: she being the slave, & I the master. Believe me, I'm not complaining! She makes an awesome slave, & she's beautiful as well. Let's see...she's about 5'5, (give or take an inch or two) long auburn hair, huge brown eyes, & her body is 38c-24-32. But anyway, I got to the door & she immediately opened it & she was completely naked. My cock was already semi- hard, but now he sprang to attention. I walked in & she came up behind me & blindfolded me!

"I have a change of plans for today...slave" she whispered in my ear with her tongue lightly flicking it. She began to undress me licking & kissing every body part she uncovered. She then led me to her bed & tied my arms & legs to the bedposts. I could hear her open the trunk at the foot of our bed which we use for our toy box. She came back & slipped something over my cock which I guessed was a cock ring. This was getting interesting! She came up & removed the blindfold & then straddled my chest. Amy then opened her legs so I could get a good view of her shaved, wet pussy.

"Do you want this, slave? Maybe I'll let you make me cum...later! For now, you get to watch me make myself cum, I know you've always wanted to see it. So now you get to see it up close & personal." My mind was racing, I HAD always wanted to see her masturbate, but she always said no. I never pushed her to do it when she was my slave & now I was going to see it, but I was tied up!! She began to lightly run her finger around her lips & clit. Then dipping it into her cunt. I could smell her scent & all I really wanted to do was eat her until she screamed! She continued to finger herself, only faster now. She must be getting close. Suddenly she tensed up & made a loud moan. Her pussy was ripping now, she was forming a puddle on my chest.

"What do you want my slave? Do you want to eat me?" She moved closer to my face so I could lap at her. Without my hands to hod her the way I wanted that's all I could do. Realizing this, she made the mistake of uniting my arms. I ate her until she came hard, screaming, but then I took control! I rolled her over & laid on top of her. She was surprised by this, while she lay in shock, I tied her arms to the bed. I took the blindfold that she had used on me & tied it over her eyes, I then went back to the "toy box" & got out a set of nipple clamps attached with a chain & a smaller clamp for her clit. I also decided to get a gag as well, I may need it later. I went back to her & sucked on her nipples until they became hard as little pebbles & attached the clamps. She let out a loud moan at this, & I decided to put the gag on her. I made a trail of kisses down her body stopping briefly to suck & tongue her belly button then continued my way down to her clit. I sucked on her clit until it stood out like her nipples had, & put the clip on it. She really screamed at this! Good thing I put the gag on!

"You've been a very naughty girl, as your master, I need to punish you. Very severely. How many spanks do you think you should receive? 20?" She shook her head yes to this & I continued. "All right then, that's what you asked for!" I untied her so that I could roll her over on to her tummy. This way her ass was in the air & I had perfect access to it. SMACK! She yelped at the sudden attack, & I continued, giving her 9 more. I paused at 10 to admire her lovely red ass. She had tears running down her face & I was tempted to stop, I didn't want to hurt her too badly....on second thought, she had been really bad, she deserves the other 10. SMACK! the next set was much harsher than the last & now she was really crying.

"Poor baby," I cooed. Laughing, I went to the freezer & got some ice. I let the ice melt in my hand then let it dribble over her burning ass. Some of it made it's way down to her pussy & she shivered. This was fun, but I wasn't done yet! I went back into the toy box & found a rather large vibrator. I'd say it was about 3 1/2" around & 7" long. I dipped it into her dripping cunt & then shoved it in her ass, turning it on to a low setting. This would keep her on the edge throughout the next thing I had in mind. Now, one thing I had always wanted to try is hot wax. She never said no about it, but she was always kind of unsure about it. So this was my chance to do it. But first, she was going to suck my cock! I untied her from the bed & led her over to a corner. I told her to get on her knees & suck my cock. She's an expert at cock sucking. She sucks so damn hard while she's twirling her tongue around the head & it's fucking amazing! She knows that I like having my balls massaged while she's sucking & her strong hands feel wonderful! I held out for as long as I could but finally it was too much.

When she was done, I handcuffed her arms above her head & attached them to a hook. I then took the nipple chain & put it on the same hook, this made her stay on her tiptoes because as she settled down the pull on her nipples became very great. Not entirely satisfied, I went back & got a spreader bar. This made her a little bit shorter & she screamed as the pull on her nipples increased. I took the strawberry scented candle she had lit earlier & drizzled some of the wax onto her already tortured nipples. The sounds she made were somewhere between intense pleasure & pain. I drizzled the hot wax all over her body until there were pink rivers of wax down her back, chest & legs. She was moaning & screaming like crazy! My cock was aching for another release & I took her down from the hooks. I shoved her to her hands & knees & pushed my cock into her tight pussy. As I pumped into her, she began cumming. Her muscles were milking my cock & not long after, I was cumming as well. I pulled out & watched as our cum ran out of her cunt down her thighs.

"Have you had enough yet, my love?" I was surprised that she shook her head no! "Very well then, luckily for you, I'm not done yet!" I carried her over the bed & tied her back down this time spreading her legs as far apart as I could get them & put some pillows under her ass so that I had maximum access to her pussy. I slowly began fingering her with two fingers, gently massaging her pussy muscles. I very slowly added a third to the same slow, steady rythm. Eventually I was able to get my entire fist inside her, I slowly pushed it deep inside her & as I pulled it out, she came harder than I've ever seen her! She screamed my name over & over again, & I thought I might cum right there! I did it again & this time she came so hard she passed out. I decided she'd had enough for now & I untied her from the bed & removed all the clips. I then went back the hall to start a bath.

I came back in the room carried her to the bath tub where I began to gently wash her hair & scrub the dried wax from her body. I was so hard I wanted to fuck here & now, but I decided that would have to wait until after a nap. When I decided she was spotless, I dried her off & carried back to the bed where I held her until we both fell asleep. As to what happened after the nap, you'll have to wait & see...


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