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At The Office
by Selias

Before telling you this story, you should know that my fiancée is a charming, beautiful, sexy woman, and she tends to like things a little on the more risqué side, which is just fine by me. Now that the background is done..

I was walking into my office, and my secretary stopped me, telling me the president of the company was on the phone, wanted to talk about some technical problem or other. I told her to transfer to my phone and walked into the office.

I walked over to my desk and leaned over, pressing the button on the phone and greeting my boss. We did the usual banter he always seems to enjoy, and my mind began to shut off, just giving the reflexive "yes sir"s and "of course"s that he expects, punctuated by a laugh here or there. I sat down in my chair, glad for the miracle of speakerphones and just sat there, eyes closed, listening to the ramblings of my employer.

Suddenly I felt a hand on my crotch, and my eyes flew open, looking down right into the deep blue eyes of my fiancée, and the evil grin on her lips... She had hid under my desk! I took a gulp, then cleared my throat as the president asked twice if I were still there. I apologised and caught back up with the conversation as my beloved opened my pants and took me into her mouth.

I wasn't aroused when I entered the office, but I felt myself grow rock hard in her mouth as she expertly teased and caressed my length. It was getting harder and harder to concentrate on wiring and networking as my body reacted to her... Her head slid up and down my erection, her eyes never leaving mine, glazed over with lust and desire, her lips so tight, wet around me. My mind was racing, solutions to wiring problems the last of my concerns as I looked down farther, seeing my fiancée hiking up her skirt, fingering herself. I slid back and stood up, lifting her gently to the desk and leaning her back, lifting up her skirt and leaning down, taking only a moment to taste her sex, slipping my tongue deep into her, but having to reply to the boss a moment later. He asked what all the rustling was...

I came up with something about checking a tech manual and pressed the mute button before leaning down and whispering "I love you" to my lover, then leaned close, slipping my hard length into her as her legs folded around me. She was always so incredibly tight, her body toned and sexy from head to toe. I heard the boss asking more questions and with a muttered curse, still feeling my hard cock deep inside her, I reached over and turned the volume back on, my hips rolling slowly, slipping myself DEEP into her, then pulling nearly totally out, teasing us both more and more, feeling her body arching against the table, the thought of being caught so easily turning us on even more. She was getting more and more passionate, her arms pulling me down, lips and teeth grazing and licking over my neck and shoulders, her heart racing just as mine was as our needs both increased.

I answered a few more questions, then couldn't help but move my hips faster, my breath coming faster, biting my lip to keep quiet, then her back arched off the desk, her sex clamping like a vice on me as she came, HARD, a soft whimper slipping from her lips before she managed to quiet herself, setting off my orgasm. My body shook, my world going white as I felt my cum flooding so deep into my love's body. Luckily the boss had been asking a long question which I could answer briefly, then caught my breath as he was finishing the call.

As I was about to hang up, he made one last request..


I blinked nervously at my love, "Yes sir?"

"Tell your fiancée to wait until lunch next time."

I laughed and told him I would, then hung up and kissed her slowly, after calling my secretary, telling her I'd be taking lunch now...


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