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A Taste of India
by Shintani

Jim got the memo when he arrived at his desk that morning. Great, a communiqué from the powers that be waiting for him after he returned from a relaxing vacation. Another agent was joining the department, and he was tasked with teaching her how to get things done.

He groaned audibly as he read it. Training was a royal pain in the ass, he could look forward to his productivity dropping for the next couple of weeks as this newbie monopolized his time. A couple of his co-workers were snickering at him and his predicament. But there was something more than just the usual ribbing. Several of the guys were eyeing him up with barely concealed envy. As he turned to face one of them, and spout off an appropriate retort, she walked in, and all eyes were on her.

And with good reason! The girl was no more than 22 or 23, fresh out of school. She was of moderate height and very thin build, long black hair flowed behind her. Her brown eyes sparkled with an air of innocence. Long legs disappeared into her short skirt, her tits seemed to jump out from her tight sweater and say "Hi!" The red spot of makeup on her forehead accentuated her dark complexion, as the sing-song inflection of her voice accentuated her innocence. She had definitely captured the guy's attention as she wiggled down the hall, her fine ass beckoning from underneath her skirt.

"Hi, are you Jim?" she asked. "My name is Shachee. They said that I would be training with you." Shocked by her appearance, as the department had a history of hiring far less attractive women, Jim was barely able to stammer out a reply. This was going to be interesting. In fact, by the time he had settled her into position, and was ready to begin training, some of his associates had emailed him their reaction. One simply said "Hubba, Hubba", the other was a reprint of the firm's sexual harassment policy. Training certainly was interesting for Jim that week. The clothes she wore left very little to the imagination.

Jim found himself trying to keep constant eye contact, and not let his gaze wander. He did a very poor job of it. When she wasn't wearing a skirt, it seemed that her wardrobe consisted of hip-hugging slacks. And her tops were always tight. She wore tight jeans on the first casual day, and Jim wondered if she wanted help to peel them off. Her idea of tops was even better. Although she had never come to work blatantly showing off what had to be magnificent cleavage, what she wore was better. High necked tops, blouses, and sweaters that her breasts simply bulged out of, and then constricted down to her narrow waist. Shachee was sexy, yet innocent. What a perfect combination.

Guys who he barely spoke to were stopping by with alarming regularity. His signature was required on all sorts of documents that needed no authorization. And tech support was always crawling under his desk to tweak his computer system. Jim was able to put a stop to that last one. During the most recent visit, he crawled down there with them, to see what was up...and of course, it was Shachee. Once again, the young Indian girl was wearing a mini, and as she sat at the desk, you could see straight up it. That day, she was wearing a pair of bright red panties, and giving the tech guys quite a show. Jim enjoyed the view as well, and reminded them that he was well aware that no work was being done on the computer.

Those visits stopped. Without the distractions, Jim was finally able to muster up the nerve to ask the girl out. And she turned him down, flat. As it turned out, she was living with her sister's family while she settled herself down. And her sister was very strict. No dates, no calls, no men. Period. It didn't matter what was going on, she couldn't come out to a ball game with the crew, after work happy hour was right out, and she was only able to go to the holiday party in the company of several other women.

"Damn it," thought Jim as he settled in to work. At least he had the girl trained and now that she was on her own, the distraction on his work was less. Still he feasted his eyes on her at ever opportunity, and secretly rejoiced in the fact that her sister's rules applied to all the guys, not just him. Still, she was quite adept at flirting with all the men when she could, as the months passed, Jim noticed that she was getting away with quite a bit, on her looks alone. But with her sister's dominating rules, no one was getting anywhere fast. Something had to change, something had to break, and soon. Jim didn't know how long he could keep up working with this sexy girl and not lose his mind. Little did he know that his chance was coming, and coming soon.

Like most great opportunities, someone had to screw up for this one to happen. Jim and Shachee were called into the Director's office one morning shortly after they both arrived. Always a gentleman, Jim let her precede him. Besides, that way, he got to enjoy the view of her ass as it tempted him from beneath her skirt. She was wearing heels that day, and her gorgeous legs were encased in black nylons. A pink satin blouse completed her outfit, and her breasts were straining at the buttons. Very nice indeed, he thought as they entered the boss' office.

"Glad you two could make it, I have a big job for the two of you," she started. Within an hour, Jim and Shachee were in an airport limousine, on their way to an important conference. Apparently, one of the other agents managed to screw up his assignment; instead of Minneapolis, he had taken the wrong flight and ended up in Miami instead. While he was trying to sort that out, Jim and Shachee were supposed to take his place. There was no time for delay, the director had already booked them on a flight, and given them carte blanche to buy a new wardrobe for their trip.

During their flight, they got to know each other better. Basically, they were able to engage in the type of getting to know you small talk that they were unable to in the office. Shachee explained to Jim that while her sister was quite dominating, the limited amount of freedom she enjoyed was far greater than their parents would have allowed back in India. The reason she wore such a seductive wardrobe was her own little rebellion against her sister, after all, this was America, the land of freedom. She actually enjoyed going out when she could, and was dying for a date. One of her own choosing. Back in her home country, her parents might have even gone as far as to arrange her marriage, and India was the world's largest democracy.

Soon enough, the flight landed, and they were on their way to the conference. As usual, Shachee managed to turn heads without even having to try, and Jim had his hands full covering for the time that they lost because their co-worker couldn't read a flight schedule. Still, the conference didn't last forever, especially because they had arrived so late. As they would be finishing up the next day, and heading for home the day after that, they went shopping on the company's dime. Jim was able to quickly acquire what he needed, then he wandered through the mall until he found Shachee. She was at an upscale clothing store, and buying outfits similar to what she usually wore. He noted a Victoria's Secret bag in her hands with no small satisfaction. After a quick dinner, they were back at the hotel. Jim and Shachee had adjoining rooms, and as he relaxed on the bed and idea struck him. Going to the door between rooms, he opened it. What a sight he was greeted with! Shachee was just getting changed. Eyes bulging out at the treat, Jim stood silently in the doorway and watched. The Indian beauty had just stripped out of her work skirt and was bending allowing him to enjoy the view of her ass as she pulled off her skirt. Her panties were lacy little things, and garters supported her stockings. Next off was her blouse, revealing a black bra to match her panties. Mesmerized by the show she was inadvertently putting on, Jim didn't realize that she had stood up and turned around, staring straight at him! "Jim!" she screamed. "What are you doing?" He quickly slammed the door shut, and retreated back into his room. The knock he was anticipating was not long in coming. Sheepishly, Jim got up and opened the door. As he expected, Shachee was standing there, wearing a white terry robe. "Um, Shachee," he started to explain. "I didn't, I mean I wasn't..."

"It's OK, Jim," she offered. I am actually flattered that you find me attractive after I've been unable to do anything with you," she continued. "If my sister was not running my social life for me, things may have been different."

"You, know, your sister is not here now," replied Jim as he looked into her sparkling, mischievous eyes.

"I know," she said. With that, she drew herself up to him, and placed her lips against his. Jim's eyes widened with shock at how bold Shachee was being. Normally, while she would talk to others at work, the topics were always business. Now, here she was, in his hotel room wearing little more than a robe, and she was throwing herself at him. They tumbled down onto the bed, with Shachee flipping away her robe and groping for his shirt buttons all in one motion. Once he hit the mattress, Jim rolled her over onto her back and buried his face between her lovely breasts.

Groping and pawing at each other, they were somehow able to remove his trousers at about the same time his hands released her tits from their confines. What a lovely specimen she was. Her dark skin reminded him of a near-perfect tan, and the darker tone of her nipples excited him. Wordlessly, he dove on them, taking those sweet mounds into his mouth. Shachee pulled him closer to her as he sucked on her tits, a broad smile crossing her face. His hands kneaded her fleshy orbs at the same time he attacked them with his tongue. As he sneaked a hand lower onto her body, Jim was amazed at how receptive she was. Her thin frame wriggled beneath him as he caught the waistband of her panties, and he tugged them down off of her. His fingers encountered the coarse black hairs of her pussy, and he savored the sensation for a moment. Jim's fingers crept forward even more, until he felt the inviting wetness of her cunt. Rubbing her slowly, he heard a moan of pleasure escape her lips, encouraging him to continue. Renewing his sucking of her breasts, Jim began to rub her cunt, slowly at first, then building up his rhythm. Shachee bucked her hips against him, beckoning him to do more. Jim slid down off of her, onto the floor. In response, she spread her legs before him, waiting for his next move. It was not long in coming. Perching one of her thighs up on his shoulder, Jim leaned into her crotch, spreading her wet pussy with one hand, and deftly sliding a finger inside her. The feeling of his penetration was electrifying!

Shachee arched her back and closed her eyes as he sawed his finger in and out of her snatch. One finger was joined by another, and then he drew his mouth closer to her. The musky aroma of her pussy was invigorating as he slowly began to lick her. He started with her inner thighs, of course, and then worked his way to her swollen pink lips. Darting his tongue out at her, Jim sampled the exotic taste of her cunt. Then, in one swift motion, he latched onto her hardening clit, letting her wiry hairs tickle his face. She grew wetter and wetter, and Jim slipped a third finger into her. Their hearts raced, their breath grew deeper and deeper as he finger fucked her.

Shachee was moaning faster and faster, begging him to take her. The inflection in her voice aroused him even more, as it grew more and more pronounced the harder he did her. As her moans gave way to the first screams of her orgasm, Jim mounted her. With one swift stroke, he rammed his cock into her inviting pussy. Shachee's arms wrapped around him, her brightly painted fingernails drawing across his back. Her pussy was so tight as he squeezed his cock inside her. It almost felt like he was fucking a virgin. Using the bed as a springboard, Shachee thrust her hips up to meet him as he pounded away at her. Good Lord she was an incredible lay! Her ample breasts jiggled as he slammed himself into her, over and over again. Her dark hair was splayed out over the bedsheets as she writhed with the pleasure that he gave her. Her pussy grabbed at his cock, squeezing him as he slid deeper inside her cunt. Jim felt the sensations growing in his loins as he thrust harder and faster into her. She was screaming again, in her native Hindi this time, but somehow Jim knew the meaning. He braced his shoulders against the backs of her thighs; her legs spread and in the air for him as his final few thrusts sent him reeling over the edge. His cum shot inside her, deep inside her pussy as she wailed with delight. His hips bucked forward as she milked his cock for every last drop of his cum, her strong pussy squeezing his shaft out of her. Jim and Shachee collapsed, breathless onto the bed, neither one taking note of the puddle of their mixed cum soaking into the bedsheets. They lay there, in each other's arms, for awhile, not saying anything to spoil the moment.

Jim was about to doze off as she slowly rolled out from under his arm, and took her place on the floor before him. He woke with a start as he felt her mouth wrapped around his cock, and he looked down to see those seductive brown eyes staring back at him as she took his cum-streaked cock into her mouth and sucked to prepare him for what was to be a very long night indeed.

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