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A Trivial Pursuit
by BluesmanII

"Forfeit! Forfeit!" the girls cried out in unison. Jack had just answered a question from the deck in the category GEOGRAPHY, incorrectly. As with most questions about rivers in the "Trivial Pursuit" game, the answer was likely to be "The Amazon" and he ignored his instinct and, instead, replied "the Nile". Now he was in denial!

"But...But... that was a TRICK question!" he protested!

"Forfeit!" said Laura emphatically. Jack looked at Tom for help, but Tom just smiled. Rules were rules. The two girls, Laura and Cindy were sitting on the floor across the gameboard from Jack and Tom. Each girl had on her brassiere, panties, pantyhose, and... to trick the guys... each had on a "choker" which they planned to submit as an article of clothing later, when necessary. It was cheating, but what the hell!

Tom was wearing his chinos, no shirt, no shoes, no socks. He was down to two articles of clothing. Jack was in worse shape. He had only his jeans on and beneath, a pair of briefs.

As this game of Trivial Pursuit heated up, the guys found themselves several articles of clothing behind the girls, and Jack just tilted the balance even more in favor of the ladies. This was the second time that Jack and Cindy had gotten together with Laura and Tom for a game of Trivial Pursuit with the added rule that the game resembled strip poker, in that, incorrect answers were greeted by forfeits. An article of clothing had to be removed. Last outing, the girls won before either of them had disrobed, and all were a bit embarrassed and let it go at that. They poured another drink and returned to Jack's VCR recordings of past Seinfeld episodes. This time, an edge of sexual tension permeated the room. It seemed understood by all that the last time was a "dry run" and that this time, they would all push beyond their limits and try to have some spontaneous fun. They had all been friends for nearly eight years, and Jack and Tom each had dated both Cindy and Laura at one time. But never had they had sex in the same room together, nor swapped partners as it seemed might happen this evening.

Reluctantly, Jack peeled down his Levis and the girls giggled as his erection was transparently revealed by the tight fabric of the briefs.

"Do I see a soldier at attention, Jack?" teased Laura. "More like a disabled veteran sitting on two duffel bags!" said Tom derisively.

"Oh... I don't know Tom...maybe Jack's just warming up to us girls.

Who knows what his next wrong answer will reveal!"

"Uhhh.. that brings up a delicate question." said Jack. "This game is beginning to resemble our last outing. That is, Tom and I will be nekkid long before you girls are down to your tassles. Then what?

Game over?" Cindy looked at Laura and the two whispered to each other.

Tom shot a pained look at Jack, assuming that the worst was to befall them.

"Fellas," said Laura sweetly... "When you have nothing left to sacrifice in clothing, we decided that you have to do for us, whatever we want you to do. ANYTHING!" and the two girls giggled.

"Anything to a point!" protested Jack. If you ask to me or Tom do ANYTHING to each other, game over! Right Tom?"

"Fuckin' A, Jack!" said Tom.

"OK.. we accept those conditions," said Cindy but you might be surprised at some of the thoughts I'm having RIGHT now!"

Jack shook his head. Cindy, "NOTHING you think of surprises me or Tom."

Jack sat cross legged and left his hands up front to hide his visible hard-on. The girls shot a look at each other and laughed quietly.

The girls drew an easy question and both guys groaned at the card.

"How fucking easy can you make it Tom? Fer Christ's sake!?" said Jack.

"Sorry pardner... just the luck of the draw. MY turn." He handed the cards over to Cindy. She pulled the top card, chortled out loud and read: " An Investment Casting is a pattern of casting used to produce small parts using which ancient method of pattern production?" "Lost wax method!!!" cried Cindy. "You lose!"

Tom looked blankly and despondently at Jack and simply stood up and pulled off his chinos. Beneath, he wore a pair of NFL logo boxers.

If he was excited, the boxers, for now, hid the fact. Cindy pouted.

"OK... your deck." Cindy handed the cards to Jack. The guys loved it when she fell on a sports category color and they both exchanged knowing glances when she failed to answer a basketball question.

She went to remove her choker and both guys cried "Foul!"

"Hey..." said Tom. "When we made sure that we all had on an even number of items at the beginning of the game, neither of you declared those chokers! You can't remove them now!" Cindy looked to Laura and Laura conceded. "Ok, you win guys!" So Cindy stood and peeled off her pantyhose. She now had on only her panties, bra and choker.

Several wrong answers later found the guys pulling nearly even as Laura had lost her pantyhose and now Cindy was forced to choose between removing her panties or her bra. Both guys sat opposite, cross legged, with nothing left to remove but their shorts. With this move, Cindy would be even with them. Cindy had pendulous tits! She was a rather petite blonde with a nice figure and tits out of proportion with the small size of her body. Both guys, having dated her, compared notes and decided that what she lacked in size, she made up for in proportion. And, they noted... she LOVED to have her nipples sucked!

Cindy knew that the guys wanted to stare at her tits, so she deftly peeled off her panties and sat yoga-style hiding her well-trimmed pubis. The fellas looked disappointed. Surreptitiously, Laura stroked the crack of Cindy's bottom, causing her to redden with anxiety and desire. The game continued, and Jack, who was having no luck at all finding easy questions was forced to remove the last article of clothing that he had left. He remained cross-legged and slipped the briefs from his legs leaving a very plain, very erect penis dangling between them. He crossed his legs, but could not hide his genitals as well as Cindy. The girls deliberately licked their lips to further torture him. The next turn found Laura losing her top. She was a dark, almost jet black brunette with 34B chest, perfectly proportioned and 5'9" tall. She had large, dark nipples with well defined borders. Since she originally came from Baltimore, Tom had teasingly called these "The Baltimore Aureoles!"

As she sat, she started to cover them, but found the fact that they were taut and aroused amusing if not simply exciting. She decided to tease the boys with their apparent erect condition which furthered their own. Now, Cindy watched in anticipation as Tom blew an easy one. A thought crossed everyone's mind, but remained unspoken. Did he really not know the answer? Did Tom try to miss that question? What would happen next as the game progressed and they were nude? It did not take long to find the answer.....

Laura missed next and with that miss had to remove her panties. Laura had a very dark, very trim bush that was accentuated in that it fell in the lighter colored area of her skin, well beneath her tan line.

Laura, with her dark complexion, had olive colored skin everywhere except in the small areas surrounding her nipples and the area below her naval that was not tanned. She sat, enticingly, across from Jack. Jack fondly remembered her body, and though he dearly loved Cindy, could well remember every moment of pleasure that he had enjoyed with Laura just two scant years ago. If possible, Laura looked more enticing than ever! She smiled demurely at Jack, aware of the electricity between them, remembering his touch.

Then Tom missed again and left himself no further options. His boxers shed, the girls noticed that Tom, who was well hung, had a semi-erect condition. His long cock was somewhat flaccid, but still engorged and very fat, if not totally stiff. Cindy, who once had much experience with that monster wondered if she'd be tasting it again shortly.

Cindy missed her question! It seemed that the more that the game required concentration, the less they all were capable of answering correctly. Maybe the blood DOES flow out of your head! Both men stared intently as Cindy, slowly, unsnapped the hook behind her back, slipped each shoulder from the straps, and pulled the brassiere from her large, well rounded tits. Even Laura looked on in appreciation!

It was a dead-even tie so far! Now what!???

Jack spoke first... "Well... I guess we all know why we're here. I think we all want the same thing, the question is... Does anybody still give a fuck about this stupid game?" They all laughed heartily.

Cindy's tits bounced and both guys were drawn to their beauty.

"I have a suggestion", said Laura. "I STILL like the idea of chance deciding what happens tonight... so... why don't we take turns cutting cards? Boys against the girls. High card wins! The winner declares what it is that he wants the other two to do. Fair?"

"I'm game!" said Jack. Me too!" Said Tom.

They shuffled the deck and Jack drew first. Jack of hearts!

"Mmmmmm... how APPROPRIATE, Jackie!" cooed Laura.

They offered the deck to the girls and Cindy drew... King of spades!

"We win round one!" declared Cindy. "OK, Tom...I want to watch you stroke that large cock until it's much more erect! I want to see it the way that I remember it! Oh, I'm sorry Laura, did I cut in?"

Laura smiled, "No, Cindy... I always love the way Tom's cock looks when it's hard, and it IS at half-staff right now!"

Tom laid back, his legs still cross and he idly stroked his shaft. The hand stopping just short of the prick. Slow, slower... the knob visibly became larger and more purple and the shaft longer and fatter as he continued. His cock throbbed, and his eyes, closed as he did this, opened slightly to steal a glance from Cindy... to see if she was getting hot. She must have been, because Cindy was tweaking her own right nipple, watching Tom, licking her lower lip, and... on the fringe of her awareness... had felt Laura's hand on her back. Running up and down it! Fingers dallying at the crack of her ass. Laura shot a lascivious grin at Cindy. Time to cut the cards again!

Tom drew for the guys. 10 of clubs! "Damn..." Jack whistled in a low tone. Laura picked for the girls... Queen of Diamonds! "You lose again, guys....!" said Cindy almost too gleefully. "This time" said Laura... I want Tom to crawl over here and lick Cindy's pussy! You remember how to do that, don't you honey?" Tom looked at Laura doubtfully. "You really want to watch me eat Cindy?" "I'd rather you do another woman while I was watching and approve than some day without my knowledge or approval... so in a word, YES! I want to watch!"

Laura sat behind Cindy and Cindy could feel Laura's tits pressing against her back. Laura gently pulled Cindy backward so that her tits were pointed upward, her head thrown back, and then Laura reached and spread Cindy's legs apart with her knees bent and pointed out.

Tom lay on his stomach, his head down and his tongue tracing a long, wet mark on Cindy's inside thigh. Tom's cock strained against the carpet beneath him. He concentrated on Cindy's lovely thighs and bush.

Laura sat behind, looking over Cindy's shoulder, her hands idly cupping Cindy's very large tits, and watching intently as Tom lapped at Cindy's cunt making tighter and tighter cirles until he eventually licked at her clit. Cindy froze beneath his warm tongue... it's tip inserted into her cunt lips, deftly massaging her clit. Laura's hands, Tom's tongue and the sight of Jack, opposite her, watching his best friend and ex-lover play with his current girlfriend was too much to bear. Jack had been stroking his own erection watching the proceedings. She wanted to call him over to join, but rules were rules. This game was structured on the luck of the cards and there was plenty of luck to go around. Cindy's chest heaved beneath Laura's gentle touch and Tom's talented tongue. Tom was really into sucking her off now and she wiggled and moaned beneath the exquisite sensations of a couple playing with her body. Suddenly she stiffened as the first of that evening's orgasms overwhelmed her! Her legs parted wide, Tom got the sense that she was cumming and he probed deeper with his tongue... his lips, chin, and entire mouth working her cunt as his hands spread her thighs.

When Cindy finally heaved a sigh that indicated her release, Laura laughed gently! "Cindy, baby... I think you enjoyed that!"

"Ohhhhh, yeah! Oh, did I ever! Keep picking winning cards Laura, honey. It's going to be your turn next!"

Jack cut again and this time drew an Ace of Clubs. "Ooooh, Yeah!" he yelped! "Beat THAT ladies!" Cindy drew and had the four of hearts in her hands. She looked apprehensive. "I dunno, Tom... what do you want them to do?" Tom whispered to Jack and they both grinned. They moved over to the couch, sat down, thighs apart, hard-on's evident and motioned the girls over to the place between their legs. "Uhhh, Laura... can they do that? I mean require BOTH of us to perform an act?" "Wellll..." said Laura hesitantly, "Apparently, they can."

Since each girl made an effort to perform oral sex on her boyfriend regularly, there was no hesitation as to who would couple with whom.

Laura went over to suck Jack's cock for the first time in several years, and petite Cindy crawled over to place her hand at the base of Tom's massive organ and she slowly stroked it as her tongue teased the head. "Mmmmmmm..... miss that Baby?" queried Tom.

"Ohhh, I dunno," said Cindy non-chalantly. "It's not the meat, it's the motion! Jack's pretty good, let's see if you've learned anything."

"Ha!" snorted Tom. "I guess you didn't just cum in buckets over there!"

Cindy licked his cock and then whispered..."You did pretty good...

for STARTERS!" Her head went over the tip of his prick and her mouth opened to allow the large head entry. She sucked it in, allowing time for her mouth to fill with saliva and her lips to accommodate the size.

Then Cindy did what she had become somewhat notorious for in their friends circles. She slowly lowered her head inch by inch taking more and more of the shaft into her throat. Tom couldn't believe the sensation! He had forgotten this! The girl was practiced at deep-throating and she began a long descent from the tip to the base, her mouth engulfing his large member. Laura just looked on astonished.

Jack's eyes widened also!

Cindy continued to perform oral feats of incredible control on Tom's huge cock that belied her small stature. Although Laura continued to suck Jack, all eyes were glued to the sensual scene that Cindy was providing as her hands steadied Tom's hairy thighs, and her head slowly rose and fell... large gulps of his meat appearing then disappearing with each slow movement. Her breasts swayed tantalizingly as she brought Tom to near explosive potential.

Sensing his orgasm, she stopped suddenly, she gripped the base of the large shaft with her hand to head off the climax, and, swinging deftly around she turned her ass to Tom and told him: "C'mon Thomas! Stick that large dick into me doggy-style like you used to do!" She arched her back, and on hands and knees wiggled to accommodate Tom's swollen staff. He slid in easily as she was quite wet and hot from her efforts. Tom began to slowly fuck her replicating the easy rhythm of her head-job.

Jack, sensing what his girlfriend was interested in, decided to bang Laura hard. He turned her onto her back on the floor, threw her legs over her shoulders and buried his modest sized cock into her pussy.

The sensation of having her legs spread apart, over her shoulders, with others watching as she fucked Jack was an incredible turn-on for Laura. She played with her nipples which were really erect and closed her eyes concentrating on Jack's frantic pounding. Jack's arms were taut bands of muscle as he braced himself and shoved his cock in and out of Laura's dark cunt. His brow broke out in a sweat as he banged harder and harder against her thighs, his balls slapping against her ass. Jack plunged harder and felt Laura tighten in response when she suddenly gasped: "Yes.... Jack, that's it... Yes, Yes, Yes....Ohhh... Nooooooo!" She shuddered with sudden pleasure and then went limp as

the orgasm receded. Jack had tried hard not to cum since he knew that his girlfriend, Cindy, had something nasty in mind. It worked. He had controlled his passion so that he could prolong this sex-play long enough to satisfy Laura first and then Cindy's lust.

Cindy called over to Laura. "Laura, baby... why don't you come over here and slip underneath me? You can lick my pussy and watch your Tom fucking me at the same time!? You KNOW you want to see this..."

Laura, barely having had time to recover from Jack's delicious pounding, thought Cindy's suggestion was the perfect antidote to her decompression. She slid softly beneath Cindy's incredible dangling breasts sucking each nipple en route. Her tongue trailed along the firm belly and licked Cindy's blonde pubis as her head neared it.

Her sense of smell was aroused by the salty scents of Tom's cock plowing into Cindy's pussy and she nearly swooned at the sight of Tom's large organ plunging into her girlfriend's cunt and his musky man-scent. She had an aspect of their love-making that she had never enjoyed with another couple before. She was on her back, looking up, and watching an erect cock penetrating a wet cunt. Her tongue instinctively darted out to lick the balls of the male lover and somehow also managed to tease the labia of the female. The tastes combined to present her with a treat that was unequalled. She began to lick and suck earnestly at the two organs as they squished just above her face.

As Laura did this, Cindy, now manic with passion, enjoined Jack to kneel in front of her and fuck her mouth. Jack, who had suppressed his orgasm, was only too happy to oblige his girlfriend. He moved over to where Cindy, brow knit in concentration, was anxiously licking her lips. Jack's purple cock head teased at Cindy's glossed lips. The slick pool of semen that oozed expectantly from it was drawn in to her hungry mouth and she pulled his cock-head forth into her mouth with the ease of one who was well-practiced. He pushed his pelvis forward allowing her to suck him deeply. Cindy had no trouble at all sucking all of Jack's cock-meat with each stroke. Jack held her head firmly and began to mouth-fuck her hard and then harder! Tom, meanwhile, was beating her cunt unmercifully as he thrust in and out with each impossibly long stroke. Cindy could hardly take all this when she became aware of yet a third unreal sensation! Her cunt lips were being manipulated and sucked by Laura beneath! Laura took turns at licking her friend and then licking Tom's shaft as it appeared on each out-stroke. The combination produced a sensory overload for Cindy!

Her tits shook as the penetration of her mouth, her cunt, and the tingle of her friend's efforts, made her woozy with pleasure!

Jack was now frantically fucking her face and his cock felt like it would explode in her mouth soon! She held it in one hand, withdrawing it and whispering, "Yes Jack... come on, please cum in my mouth!"

Jack heard her coaching and, with little extra effort, pushed deeply into her throat and let a torrent of cum-juice loose. She felt her mouth fill with the sweet, sticky, cum and she swallowed as he pumped more into her! At nearly the exact same time, she came furiously, and her cunt bucked and wriggled above Laura's face.

Tom, sensing the denoument of the act, pressed harder as he felt Cindy shake with climactic ecstasy! His cock pulsed as it began to ejaculate into her but.... Laura, feeling his release, pulled his hard shaft from Cindy's cunt. She rubbed it against the wet labia and stroked it's long flesh coaxing forth a large amount of cum which she opened her mouth and swallowed. Both men were cumming at nearly the same time and both of their girlfriends were filling their mouths with the sweet, salty, ejaculate! If this scene were on camera, it would have wrenched the soul of even the most jaded pornophile. Cindy and Laura gulped down their boyfriend's offerings and, at the finish, Laura slid forward and kissed Cindy full on the mouth. The guys, face to face, just shook with laughter and release!

"Ok" said Jack comically.... "Five card stud, face down, jacks are wild!"

"Jack's are wild?" said Laura... "How about Toms too!" They all shared a long laugh to release the last of their energies.

Well, I hope you enjoyed reading this! I know it was a strange experience writing it. I put myself in each character's place for the action and tried to describe what they felt. Let me know your own impressions! You KNOW I love to hear about it!!!!


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