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A Tight Reunion
by Elmo

I went back to the quarter slot machines to spend the last three dollars I had in my pocket. Not that I had spent all my money. I had just put a limit on myself. I was in town for my high school reunion. My thirty year reunion. There had been an unofficial party the night before with a lot of the old group showing up. Most of the girls that I had liked were there. Of course back then most of them had not liked me. I had been too lower class for them. Looking at them now I was glad they hadn't liked me. They had changed. I guess living in the same town for all your life had it's affect.

The person I most wanted to see wasn't there. They told me was coming but he wouldn't be in until later the next day. And since it was later the next day I thought I might be able to catch him here. I could see the check in desk from this area of the casino. His name was Jack. We had known each other since elementary school and had remained close through the years. By the way, they had called us Jack and Jill. Of course I was Jill. We had always done everything together. Some people had even thought we had been queer(which was the term used back then). But of course we weren't. We both had our share of dates. We did share one thing that not too many people had known about. We both loved to wear tights and leotards. But we both also liked to fool around with the girls when they had their tights and leotards on. We would always have girl friends that were on the dance team or the gymnastic team. As I said not too many people knew of our little habit. The ones that did know were almost always doing the same thing. Moreover, Jack and I never had sex with each other or no other male as far as I knew.

I saw him walk up to the desk to check in. I could tell just by looking at him that he was wearing his tights and leotards under his clothes. I walked out of the casino and up to the front desk just as he was finishing signing in. He turned around and saw me and threw his arms around me in a big bear hug. We talked for a minute telling each other how sorry we were about each other's divorce. Of course, we really weren't really sorry. We had both married someone who we thought shared the same interest but it turned out not to be true. So I guess it was for the better that each of us finally got a divorce.

It was getting late in the afternoon by then and as we walked to the elevators everyone was saying hi to Jack even as the elevator doors were closing. I told him what I had been doing while I was waiting on him as we rode up to his floor, which happened to be my floor also. The elevator stopped and the doors opened. No one was there thank goodness. He put his suitcase down on the bed and headed straight for the bathroom. I sat down in the chair and waited for him. I didn't have to wait long, even if I had it would have been worth it. He walked out in a skin colored bodysuit and skin colored tights on. And from the lump showing through the leotard he must have been enjoying them. He looked like he hadn't gained an ounce of weight over the years. "What do you think," he said as he turned around so I could get the entire view.

I didn't say a word I pulled my pants and shirt off and stood up and showed him my black leotard and tights I had put on about an hour before he had arrived. We both stood in front of the mirror and admired each other and ourselves. "Just like old times," I told him as I grabbed two beers out of the mini-bar. I noticed that I was getting a rise in my tights, also. We both sat down next to each other on the bed and started talking about old times and old girlfriends.

"About those old girlfriends," Jack said as he put his hand on my leg and rubbed my tights slowly. For some reason that was making me horny. "I never really had any girlfriends, I think I was or have been gay all my life," he finished. I guess the blood drained from my face after he told me that. He asked me if I was okay but he kept on rubbing my tights. I recovered quickly though and told him it didn't make a bit of difference to me. Besides him rubbing my tights was starting to get to me.

I looked down at my crotch and even with all black on I could plainly see that I had an erection. Jack saw it too. Then I looked at his crotch and with the light color he had on it was easy to see his erection. "So what now," I asked him. "Just lie back on the bed and I'll show you a little trick," Jack said as he moved back on the bed. He stretched out on the bed and looked good enough to eat with those skin colored tights and leotard on. However, I didn't think I was ready to eat so soon.

I moved back on the bed even with him. Then I turned around so my crotch was at his head and his at mine. Before I could say or do anything he put his hand and gently followed the outline of my penis showing through the tights and leotards. A shiver went up and down my spine. I hoped that material was strong enough to hold my erection in. He had his penis more pushed down between his legs than I did so I had to do a little tracing of my own to find the tip of his dick.

I pushed my head between his legs to make it easier to get to his dick and started licking and nibbling on his shaft. I could feel a little wet spot start to form on the outside oh his leotard and knew that had to be his pre-cum So I worked on that spot sucking through the material slowly at first then faster. He was trying to keep pace with me. The faster I sucked the harder he rubbed my dick. I had a feeling neither of us would last much longer. I was right. I could feel my sperm traveling up the shaft of my dick and out the end all inside my tights and leotards. He never stopped rubbing until he felt me stop erupting. Jack lasted a little while longer. I was so wrapped up in my orgasm it startled me when I could feel his warm sperm I was sucking into my mouth through his tights and leotards.

I was tired by the time Jack was through shooting off but it was worth it. I could taste his sperm in my mouth. My crotch was so wet I thought I must have shot off a gallon of sperm. Jack was the only one I had ever done that to. I had thought about it for a long time. And Jack had told me he had never been with another man. I guess it was just sharing the same fetish and trying something new. I hoped it wouldn't be this long between sessions, again. Because I liked it a bunch. He did too.

We really didn't say anything to each other for awhile. In fact we both fell asleep right after we finished. He threw me a pillow and fell asleep facing his crotch, still tasting him. I woke up with a start. I don't know how long we had slept. Jack wasn't in bed so I looked around the room and found him sitting in the chair watching television. Only now he was completely naked. My tights and leotards were still so wet but they still felt good so I didn't want to take them off, yet.

My desire to have another session had faded a little when I saw Jack sitting there naked. Maybe I had to have someone wearing the tights and leotards to make me able to touch another man. I knew my fetish was bad but I didn't know it was all consuming. I finally talked to him about it. He told me he actually felt the same way. He really didn't understand it either but he wasn't going to let it bother him. Anyway he had just taken a shower before I woke up and just hadn't had a chance to put fresh ones on.

I took a shower and when I had finished he had already put his shirt on but he did have a pair of red tights on. Now he looked like the old Jack. I put a pair of tights and a pair of briefs like the ones cheerleaders wear under their little dresses. In fact this one the pair I had borrowed from one of them after a session in my backseat after a ballgame. Taking the elevator down to the lobby we were both getting ready for our grand entrance to the reunion. We each took a deep breath and walked into the reception area of the ballroom.

It looked like everybody was there. Even the ones that used to call us Jack and Jill were there. And they still called us that. We had decided not to stay long if it was too boring which it was. There were some women there that were divorced but they didn't do much for us. I was getting the old ache in my groin from wearing the briefs over the tights. They were probably not as loose as they had been back in high school. I finally caught Jack's eye and we started moving toward the door to leave.

I didn't know if Jack was in the mood for another round or if he just wanted to go to sleep and forget about the reunion. As we got off the elevator to go to our rooms he told me to get some of my clothes and bring them to his room. Evidently he wasn't ready for bed, yet.

I retrieved my little bag of tights and leotards from my room and knocked on Jack's door. He had already slipped a red leotard over his tights and was waiting for me. Oh well, so much for getting some rest. I went into his bathroom to put on my leotard and we both happened to start humming Jack and Jill went up the hill. And we tumbled all night long.
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