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A Temporary Solution
by English Bob

Sarah and Gary had owned their own software company for five years, and had been told by their friends that being married and also working together was a recipe for disaster. Well, they seemed to be proving them all wrong. Their home and private life was still good after 10 years of marriage, and business was even better. In fact it had boomed so much that they had decided to take on extra staff. Being the careful and prudent type, Gary was hesitant to take on anyone on a permanent basis. It was only when his wife had suggested a temporary secretary that he had readily agreed.

Wendy had now been with them for 2 weeks. At 23 years old, she fitted in well with the husband and wife team. When Gary first saw her, he did a double take. Standing at least 5'8" in her stockings, which Gary noticed she liked to wear a lot, her short blonde hair was cut into a fashionable, businesslike style. She was always dressed very smartly in a business suit, with short skirt and black seamed stockings. Her white, almost transparent, blouse did little to hide her ample young breasts that constantly seemed to strain against a lacy bra of the same colour.

For her part, Wendy was very happy with the situation. She loved temping around the city. It gave her plenty of variety and enabled her to meet lots of hunky men (and some sexy women as well!). She was happy apart from one thing; her bosses were very attractive, both of them. But no matter how sexily she dressed or how carefully she put on her makeup, neither of them had made a pass at her. Wendy had discovered her bisexual side in her last year at high school, with a very sexy English teacher, and had since had a definite thing for older lovers, male and female. Usually, with her sensual figure and alluring smile, she did not have to work too hard at getting a potential lover to notice her, but this situation had left her with a constant itch in her panties!

Gary and Sarah had both discussed the Wendy situation. She was a good worker and a great help to them. Throughout their ten year marriage they had often brought a third person into their bedroom to spice their love life a little, and both of them found themselves attracted to their temporary secretary. Until now they had agreed that, as Wendy was such a boon to their still growing company, neither of them would make a pass at her for fear of losing her. Until today.

5pm Friday, saw Gary and Sarah both sat in the small conference room talking over the weeks business. It had been a good week and Wendy was still working out in reception, entering orders onto her computer terminal.

"Sar, what the hell are we going to do about Wendy?" Gary asked in a quiet vice so as not to be overheard from outside. "She's driving me crazy! And I've seen you looking at her today. I know you want her as well."

"Well, I have a little more info on that subject!" Sarah replied. "When she was at lunch today, I sneaked a peek at the book she's been reading. It's all about submissive females and dominant older men and women."

"Wow. What do you think? Maybe we should just take a chance?"

"I think so. Let's do it!"

"What, right now?"

"Yeah, I so horny now from watching her all day, my pussy's almost on fire!"

Without another word, Sarah pressed the button on the intercom.

"Wendy? Would you come into the conference room please?"

A few seconds later Wendy entered the conference room and stood in front of the couple.

"Sit down, please." Said Gary "You don't have to rush off do you? We just want to talk to you for a while."

"No that's fine, Gary. I've nothing planned for tonight." replied Wendy. With a seductive smile she took a seat next to Sarah.

"Make yourself comfortable. Take your Jacket off, it's quite warm in here." Said Gary

Wendy could feel her heart beating quickly in her chest as she slipped her designer Jacket off and placed it carefully on the back of her chair.

"We have been most impressed with your work." continued Gary "And your appearance has pleased a lot of our clients. We have never taken so many orders. Mr. Franklin, from CDA, mentioned to me only yesterday that he thought you had an exquisite figure. Are you showing our clients something that we haven't seen yet?"

Although this was exactly what she had been waiting for, Wendy was still a little taken aback at the directness of the question. After composing herself for a second, she decided to play it cool.

"Well, I think Mr. Franklin got a glimpse of my bra when he stood over my desk on Tuesday, and he seemed to keep looking at my stockings whenever I crossed my legs."

"Hmmm, well I think that we ought to see what he was looking at. Don't you darling?" said Gary as he threw a look at his wife.

Sarah nodded quickly and with her heart in her mouth said "Yes, please take your blouse off Wendy."

Every one seemed to hold their breath, waiting to see what would happen. After what seemed to be an eternity but was only a few seconds, Wendy began to unbutton her blouse. Pulling the garment from the waistband of her skirt, she removed it completely and dropped it onto the floor with a sexy grin.

Gary and Sarah both let out their breath at the same time. She was obviously going to go along with this.

"And the bra please" said Gary in an authoritative voice.

The lacy white bra followed quickly and joined the blouse on the floor. Gary was at her side in a second. His hands immediately went to her full heavy breasts, cupping them and running his fingers over the stiffening nipples. Wendy's nipples had always been extremely sensitive and her head fell back with a sigh as she felt them squeezed and pinched in just the way she liked it. Gary lowered his head and gently sucked one of her hard red buds into his mouth, making Wendy moan audible.

Encouraged by Wendy's's acceptance and obvious willingness, Sarah crouched in front of the younger girl and deftly spread her legs. Pushing the short, black skirt up her thighs, her fingers hooked into the waist of her pale yellow bikini panties and began rolling them down her long, smooth, sexy legs. As was usual for her, Wendy was not wearing her high heeled shoes in the office, and Sarah grasped her pretty stocking clad feet in her hands and began to massage them, pulling her legs ever wider.

Gary was still standing over the seated Wendy and squeezing her tits, causing quiet sighs of contentment to escape her lips. His excitement was getting the better of him. His erection was pressing hard against his boxer shorts inside the suit trousers, and he knew that if he didn't release his cock soon he would cum in his pants! With one hand still squeezing her nipples, he used the other to unzip himself and haul his ten inches of solid meat out of his underwear.

Gary heard Wendy moan loudly as he took his cock out. He wasn't sure if this was due to her seeing his erection, or the fact that his wife was now sucking the young girls toes through her stockings while her other hand seemed to be doing wonderful things to Wendy's wet and open pussy. Taking his solid cock in his hand he guided it towards Wendy's mouth. Her lack of formality shocked him, as without hesitation, the girl opened her mouth and sucked his entire length in deeply. God, she felt so hot in there. Gary closed his eyes in ecstatic lust as her lips closed over his shaft. He felt a tongue swirl delicately around his length as Wendy began to build up a fantastic suction. Her head began to bob up and down on his tool as his fingers tensed around her large breasts and pinched the nipple. The harder he seemed to pinch, the longer the nipple seemed to grow and the deeper her mouth went over his cock. It felt like a velvet tunnel engulfing his tool, the delicate, exquisite friction sending sensations like bolts of electricity throughout his entire body.

Gary, nearing his climax, opened his eyes just in time to see his wife's head bury itself between Wendy's spread thighs. He noticed the damp tops of her stockings, betraying her excitement and the wet toes where Sarah had been sucking her. But now Sarah had turned her oral attention towards the girls wet pussy. The sight of his wife's long, pink tongue, that he had often experienced himself, licking in delicate sweeps over Wendy's clearly visible clitoris, was too much for Gary. With a lunge he buried his cock deep in her throat and fucked her wildly. He could feel his cum boiling up from his tight, heavy balls, as with a deep, guttural groan, his knees buckled and he exploded a huge quantity of hot cum into her mouth and throat. Wendy was not far behind him, as with bucking hips and an orgasmic scream, she drenched Sara's face with her fluid.

Later, as Gary recovered, he was treated to a wonderful sight. Sarah was sprawled in her executive chair, her panties long since discarded and her skirt bunched around her waist. Wendy was expertly licking and kissing her very wet vagina and gently probing the older woman's exposed anus with a long dainty finger. Sarah was going mad, talking dirty to her new bisexual lover and thrashing her legs in the air. Gary could sense her impending orgasm before Wendy, and smiled as he watched his wife's long, powerful legs wrap around Wendy's head and trap her against her sweet cunt. As Sarah came, her whole lower body bucked up from the leather seat, giving Gary a perfect view of two of Wendy's fingers buried deeply in her anal passage. Wendy, trapped as she was, was gasping for breath as she furiously lashed her tongue against Sarah's distended clitoris. Eventually, as the tide of passion ebbed away from Sarah, she bent down and kissed the lips that had given her so much pleasure.

"You know Wendy?, I think we just may have to offer you a permanent position with our company! But the temporary solution has been fun!"

The End

* * * * *

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