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After the Reception
by Jon T

The reception was finally over. It had been a wonderful night full of absolutely delicious food, beautiful music, and just a bit too much champagne. He had enjoyed every splendid second of it; and every smallest detail would be forever burned in his mind, even down to the smells of jasmine and sandalwood which somehow hung over the ballroom for the entire evening.

He would remember it all, but only for one reason - because she had been there to spend the evening with him. She had prepared for this night for months, pouring over the plans, menus and music selections again and again to make sure that everything would be perfect, and she had succeeded.

He stayed with her all night, watching her move through the gathering of well-wishers, politely listening to every little pleasantry that they offered, and responding to each in a way so that every one of them felt that they had received their due attention.

He would never forget the way she looked; the black off the shoulder gown, the string of pearls, her gorgeous black hair worn up, and those night colored eyes that burned through him whenever she looked his way, even in the most casual of glances.

When dinner was over they danced together for the first time. He held her close to him, as they glided across the floor. He felt almost weak as they danced when her hair brushed against his cheek and his neck. Her neck was exposed as her hair was pulled up and he occasionally let his lips brush against her silky skin.

They had danced for hours, and they savored every second of it because they knew that this night would not end. Although it had never been spoken of, both knew that they would not separate tonight, as they had every night since their first meeting almost six months before.

Now that the reception was behind them their night alone together could finally begin. He had left the ballroom a bit early and went upstairs to make sure everything was ready. He had chosen the largest of the bedrooms on the east side of the housefacing the ocean. He had prepared the room with carnations and scented candles, and he opened the French doors onto the balcony to let in the light of the full moon and the sounds from the Atlantic.

He left the white shears as they were, closed in front of the opening so the breeze kept them blowing slightly. This only added to the more perfect atmosphere he had created for her.

He stood by the door going to the hall and he heard her voice. She was wishing one of the servants goodnight as she climbed the staircase. She was coming closer and he could feel and even hear his heart pounding in his chest. He moved away from the door and to the disc player in one of the armoires. Enigma, one of his favorite albums was already in the cradle waiting and he pressed "play". It would be playing when she came into the room.

She immediately scanned the ambience of the room the second she entered. The look on her face told him that she too thought it perfect.

"You've done beautifully," she said with that slight whisper which told him she too was anxious about what lay ahead.

"I wanted it to be everything you could have ever wished for," he said moving toward her.

He took her right hand, and he gently pulled her toward him. When she was close she turned around so that her back was to him and she leaned back into him. Her body pressed against him set every one of his nerve endings on fire. He had never felt desire like this in his entire life. He pressed his lips into her neck and softly kissed her. Again and again he kissed her neck and shoulders. He loved her shoulders and wanted to worship them for hours. He fought hard to keep his kisses soft for as long as possible because he wanted her excitement to build as slowly and as desperately as his own. It was happening because the more he worked the heavier her breathing became and the faster he felt her heart race through the fabric of her dress.

She turned her head enough so her lips met with his. Her lips were full and her mouth opened to let his tongue embrace hers. His hands explored her body through her dress releasing the force of a passion built up for so long. He pulled her back into his body and held her tight. She was pushing against his sex which was so hard now that it had become almost painful.

While never releasing their grip on each other's mouths, he eased his fingers down under the fabric of her dress to touch her breasts. He caressed them, gently at first but as she kissed him harder, his explorations became more intense. He surrounded her hardening nipples between his fingers and pulled at them until he felt her body tense.

She pulled away for a moment, and said, "take this off," pointing to the zipper which ran down her back. His breathing became shallow with the realization that he was about to see her, really see her for the first time. He had fantasized about this forever. His hand trembled slightly as he slid the zipper down. Then he slipped the black gown off her shoulders and let it fall to the floor.

Her back was still to him and she was nude from the waist up now. She wore black panty hose, but he saw that there was nothing under the nylon. He didn't focus there yet, he wanted to wait until that too was bare. She reached down herself and slipped the hose down and stepped out of them. Then she took a forward. It seemed to him that she hesitated before turning

around, and that hesitation was an absolute eternity for him.

When she did finally turn to face him, he felt dizzy. She was as exquisite as he had imagined. Her flawless skin, her perfect breasts, and the gorgeous patch of dark hair between her legs was exactly as he had hoped. There was only one more thing. He gestured to the clip in her hair, which she undid and her naturally curly hair fell over her shoulders. This had to be heaven.

"My God, you're beautiful." She smiled, a devious little smile, "Now your turn."

He removed the tuxedo jacket and tossed it on the bed. She stood there watching while he slowly removed the bow tie and unbuttoned his shirt. She seemed to be enjoying what she was watching so he deliberately took a few seconds between each button. He removed the shirt and she breathed in the sight of his bare chest and stomach. He then stepped out of his shoes and socks.

She stepped closer to him and felt his hardness through his pants, the whole outline of his erection was completely visible. She undid the button and zipper and slid them off, leaving him with only his silk boxers.

"I want you so bad," she was stroking him through the fabric, "I want you in my mouth." His arms went around her, and his hands explored either side of her body, caressing from just under her arms down to her waist and over her hips. She kissed him again, full on his lips and again their tongues danced in each other's mouths.

Finally, he couldn't wait any longer, he sank to his knees. Her legs had driven him insane since the first moment they had met; he would finally get to kiss them, no he would adore them with his mouth. He started from the bottom on the inside of her calves, they were so smooth. He kissed his way up, past her knees to her inner thighs, stopping just short of her beautiful sex. He kissed the back of her legs too and then the curve of her ass, all the while her breathing increased in its force. Finally she lifted his head and pleaded, "lick me."

Just hearing her say that almost made him come. He stood up and gently laid her back on the bed. She spread her legs and he knelt down in front of her. Again he started with her legs, tracing each from her toes all the way up, but this time he did not stop. He ran his tongue over the closely trimmed pubic hair; he loved the feel of it on his mouth and he even brushed his cheek on the soft hair. He then moved to her outer lips, and stayed there until they opened up to him. She was so wet and she tasted so wonderful that he could have done this forever.

His tongue was fucking her now and her hips were dancing to the rhythm of his movements. Her breathing was heavy and when he knew she was ready, he dove into her clitoris, licking furiously and even biting gently until she screamed out his name over and over, grabbing his face and pulling it into her now dripping opening. She was coming hard and he could feel her vaginal muscles tighten again and again in the spasms of orgasm.

She didn't pause not even for a second, she jumped up and pulled him down onto the bed, on his back. She kissed him hard on the mouth and then moved on, down to his neck. She told him once that she adored his neck, and now she was sucking on it. She stayed there a while and moved down to his chest, leaving a trail with her tongue. She bit his nipples and he screamed with delight. Then she moved on down to his hairless stomach and down to his hard cock which she rubbed and kissed through the boxers.

He arched his back and she pulled the boxers off and immediately dove between his legs. First she licked his inner thighs and to his smooth scrotum and then up each side of his hard shaft. When she reached the head she took him into her mouth and her tongue ran circles around the glans. He couldn't stand it. He begged her to slow down but she only sucked more furiously. He was out of his mind, and he fought to hang on because he didn't want this to end. He fucked her mouth, absolutely mindless with lust. He was screaming now, screaming for her and for God. She licked and massaged his balls and when the tip of her finger slid gently into his ass, he lost all control. He managed to warn her he was about to come, in case she wanted to pull back but she only sucked harder and he released with intense bursts She held on tight and swallowed as fast as he released. Then just after the last burst she pulled him up and drove her tongue into his mouth, letting him share what she had just tasted.

He was so weak now and would have been so ready to sleep, but she was so beautiful and he still wanted her so much. They began kissing again, this time much slower giving him time to recover. After only a short time of tender kisses and caresses, he could feel his cock becoming hard again. She was still so wet, he got on top of her and slowly spread her lips with his fingers and then eased himself inside her. Her warm wetness surrounded his cock. He made love to her now. There movements were in perfect unison, and their kisses and caresses were passionate. Beyond their heavy breaths of desire were the sounds of the sea outside and the voice of Enigma on the stereo. The candles were burning and the white shears danced in the breeze.

Everything was right, as their dark eyes locked on one another. That inevitable look of weakness again in each other's eyes told them that they were on that edge of release once again. No words needed to be spoken, they both agreed that all was perfect, and when he felt her inner muscles tensing around his organ, he knew that she coming and that triggered his own release inside her. When it was over they collapsed into each other and rested, and waited until they could make love some more.

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