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All These Things Running Through My Head
by Todd York

I got all sorts of things running in my head. I've had a long night of work and practice and sex. Sex was the best part of it all. My favorite girl with a pager came by and I paid my toll. She has long perfectly stringed dark hair down to her waist. Her eyes match her hair. She is my height, and slender. I went outside to meet her (she was three hours late) and she got out of her car and ran up to my stair well and when she got close she said, "Hi sexy." I said, "You didn't have to hustle." I let her walk in front of me up the stairs and through the door where she saw that I had candles lit, in a room seductively mannered, you see. In case I forget one day, my bed is in the living room right now.

She had on a short white one-piece skirt. Did I mention legs up to her chin. I love legs, which is why she is the only girl I stay in touch with in this manner. For a leg man she is tops. She says woo when she sees the candles. I state, " I am in a freaky mood tonight. I should have warned you on the phone."

We did the small talk, how ya doins. She was sitting on my bed, her long legs dangling off the side. I had a straight shot up her skirt, and why not. I really can't start to lust for her this much, but she is so fucking hot, it is hard not to. She is really sweet too, I can tell.

I started with letting her know that I wanted to admire her body. She started to take her dress off but I told her to stop and let me do it. She, with her grin face, comes to me and I handle her hips. I say, " I want to talk dirty to you, and I want you to talk back when it feels natural to do so." She was rubbing my hairy chest and playing with one of my nipples. I rubbed myself against her and told her she had a beautiful body. I just can't help but let her know I know. "Put your hand on my dick", I say. She rubs it over my jeans and says, "ooo, it's getting harder." Of course it was.

"Turn around and rub your ass on my dick." When she turned around I raised up her skirt and grabbed her ass real nice. I had on some Miles Davis Live Evil, very funky, and she started to move to the music against my growing cock. She leaned her head back and I put my face in her hair. It smelt like the wind with a ting of cigarette smoke. I ran my hands around to her front. Felt her tits over her dress that she looked so good in. I remember wondering before she got there if she would be wearing pants or a skirt. I pictured in my head taking off both. She was three hours late so I had a lot of time to daydream. The rhythm in her ass was great. I told her to turn around and I pulled her dress over her head. She was not wearing a bra and her smallish breast standing perfectly on their own stared at me. She has a tattoo above her left breast but there is so much else to look at that I can't even tell you what it was of.

"Unzip my pants. Pull out my cock." When she did this I got that feeling in the stomach that men get and I made a little "uh" noise. "I don't want to hurt 'em." She said as she pulled it out, gently. She had it out and stroked it. We stood there for awhile. I asked her if I could put my mouth on her tits. She said just don't suck, "they are very sensitive." My cock was getting sensitive in her thin hands. I kissed her breast.

I told her then, to lay down on the bed. I started at her ankles and kissed my way up. She started to giggle, "It tickles, I'm sorry, I'm very ticklish." I still went on. Licking her creamy prickly thighs. "If you were my girlfriend, I would lick your thighs all night long, I swear to God." I said. I meant it. I told her to turn over and licked on her ass. Her ass had the perfect consistency. She looked back over her shoulder to watch. I got a hand full of hair and proceeded to put my mouth all over her ass. In hindsight, I should have licked up her crack. I could have licked her ass all night. I came up and she turned around to face me. I grabbed her tits and told her to grab my dick. I was so hard.

"Have you ever had my cock in your mouth?" I asked. We agreed that she hadn't and I told her to get a condom. I had seen her a few times but only for hand jobs. I wanted to see her mouth bobbing on me. See what kind of faces she makes when she sucks dick. She put the condom on and stroked me good and stiff again. Then she asked me if I was ready for her to take my cock into her mouth. The way she said it sounded kind of corny but I wasn't going to call her on it. She then started to lick it. Looking at me all the while. Her lashing was learned. She then went down. With one hand on my shaft, I put my hands in her hair and admired this beautiful girl who had my thickness in her mouth. She looked good giving head. "Do you think you can make me come in your mouth?" I asked. She said yes. I didn't really think so, not with a condom on. But I let her try. And if we would have had all night, I bet she could have made me cum in her mouth, hardcore.

As good as she looked sucking my dick, I told her to get out her lotion and jerk me off. It felt more like head anyway. And she is really good at stroking me off. She has the perfect motion. So she got it lubed up. Slip, Slip, Slip, she went on my dick. She started scratching my thighs and my hips, where she knows I am very sensitive. I felt the build up. She started calling me dirty names, telling me I better cum. "I want you to cum. Ya hear me. Right now you dirty bastard. Ya hear me." Her voice wasn't tough at all but the way she said was demanding in her girly voiced way. She almost had it once, then changed rhythm. So I started to bare into it. I closed my eyes and gyrated. She leaned down and kissed me on my hip. This sent a shock through my stomach. Then she reached up and pinched my nipple. I felt it coming on and then I gushed a squirt of hot stuff on my stomach. It made my head and shoulders rise up off the bed. And in with that rush, came the feeling that nothing seemed to matter too much. I felt good.

She got up and asked, "Do you want a towel?" "I am always such a bad host after I cum, here I can get it". But before I could get up she was already off to get it in the bathroom.

"So are you playing the guitar a lot?" She asked.

"Yes I have a gig tomorrow."

"Oh really. Are you looking forward to it?"

"Yes." She walked back to the bathroom. I followed her.

"What are your interests?" I asked curiously. "I like music. My dad use to try to teach me to play the guitar but it hurt me. I never built up a callus."

"Yea, it's hard to play without one."

"Then I tried to play the violin. But I never practiced enough."

"If you could play the violin now I would have you come play with me tonight. Of course no one would be listening to me, but that's ok. It would attain the goal of interest. I am sure of that." She laughed. She thinks I am cute. I asked her why she didn't have a boyfriend and she said she just broke out of a serious relationship not too long ago. The guy wanted to get married but she thought she was too young. I agreed, probably because I would like her all to myself, even though it is not that way. But she is only 22.

She got up to leave. "Sorry again about being late."

"That's ok. You were worth the wait."

"Oh, you're so sweet." She cued her finger under my chin. I laughed like a little kid. She could have done anything to me.

"I had a good time this time, you were in a freaky mood."

"Well, it's hard to find a freak like me." We headed for the door and she put her cheek out for me to kiss and her arms out for me to be within.

"Call me."   

"No problem." I said, which made no since really. She went out the door and was gone.
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