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Arouseltwat: The Wonder Sex Drug
by Softly

Chemistry major Tim Gates was a really nice guy. A 4.0 grade point average sophomore at Central Michigan University, he found that with his average looks, height of 5' 6" and weight of 145 pounds he was invisible to the college girls who all wanted their men to be tall, dark and handsome. However, to Dr. Buck, the Dean of the department, he was a budding star. Dr. Buck hired Tim to be his assistant working on a project funded by the Welcome Drug Co......

After giving birth, many woman experience "post birth Depression" which can result in their rejecting their new baby or even committing suicide. Dr. Buck was trying to formulate a medicine to make woman affectionate, happy, without reservations. One night when Tim was alone in the lab, he discovered that Dr. Buck had the listed ingredients of "Prozac", "Valium", "Viagra", and a hormonal drug to enhance a woman's sex drive. He copied them all. He studied these for the next several weeks and them, based on his new knowledge removed some raw ingredients from the lab to experiment with.

Tim's desire was to create a drug that would make a woman horny. He would try different combinations to judge the effect on himself. Nothing seemed to work. Then one day he took three drops of a new combination. Four minutes later his cock got hard, and he had an uncontrollable urge to fuck something, anything, right now! Tim frantically humped the door jam until he came in his pants with a body shaking climax. Eyes wide in amazement he fell into a chair to rethink the event in his mind. "Maybe, just maybe", he thought, "I got it."

Who can I try this on? Working in the lab was a grad assistant by the name of Penny. Penny was about 5'4", weight 160 pounds and had huge tits. She often worked after everyone had left, as did Tim. She liked tea. Friday, when they were the only ones still in the chemistry building, Tim put three drops of his formula into her tea when she was looking in a drawer for a file.

He was sitting across the counter from her as she drank half of the tea. What followed was to become the exact pattern of action with each woman he fed his brew. Four minutes after drinking, she began to move her pelvic area back and forth on her stool like it was itching her. She stood up and started towards the door. She turned and looked Tim in the eyes. Her face flushed and she came back, grabbed Tim's hand and led him into Dr. Buck's office. Panting, she undressed. Tim undressed and lay on his back on Dr. Buck's cot. Penny, now naked and not having said a word, climbed onto him and slid his manhood into her thickly swollen vagina. Tim noted that her clitoris stuck out an inch and her love juices were running down her leg.

Penny's face got very intense. Her teeth clenched and she ran her pussy back and forth on Tim's pubic area like she had an eraser and was trying to erase his manhood. Tits were flying up, down, and sideways. Cunt walls constricted to a point that she was pulling his cock more then sliding on it, Penny went into an orgasm that had to be seen to be believed. Her body turned red. sweat ran off her tits, as her neck muscles pulled her chin to her chest. Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhaaaaa. Aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhaaaa, aaaa, aaaaaahhhh. Oooooooohhhhhhaaaaahhahahhhhhhhhh. She collapsed onto his chest and did not move for several minutes.

She sat up. Tim could see a difference in her eyes; confusion. Tim could only guess what was going on in her mind. All she said was; "God, that was the most wonderful orgasm." They both cleaned up and went their separate ways.

Now that he knew it worked, what to do? He named the drug "Arouseltwat". Tim had heard of a rental home at the edge of Mt. Pleasant, that had six bed rooms. There had been six girls living there, but one flunked out, so there was a bed room empty. The other girls had to make up the rental difference. In mid semester there was no hope of getting a sixth girl. Tim went to the door. He told the girl that he was looking for a room. It happened to be that all five girls were home so they interviewed him. It was like he was an "it", not a man. Short and skinny, they considered him non threatening. "Sure, OK, come on, move in, that will be $200.00 a month." Most of the time, when home, Tim discovered, the girls walked around with their hair up in curlers, wearing a robe, with nothing on underneath. Each in turn, he put drops in their drink when he knew the rest of the girls would be in class.

Sharon was a Goddess. She was drop dead gorgeous. Home coming queen, contestant in the Miss Michigan pageant. At 5'10" and a figure of 38, 20, 34 she was "Playboy" material. She also ignored Tim, and in fact let him know that she was higher on the home pecking order then he was. She was buttering her toast when four drops went into her coffee. Tim had a cock restraint in place so that he would not come right away. She was the first "four drop" girl.

Four minutes went by, and then Sharon begin to rub her twat on her chair. She begin to flush red in the face. Her hands trembled as she lowered the paper. She started for the door. Tim saw wetness on the back of her robe. She turned and looked at Tim with lust in her eyes. Panting, she said," Tim, come into my room." The robe feel to the floor as she pulled Tim's pants off and she pulled him onto her as she lay backward onto the bed. Her cunt lips were swollen out an inch, clitoris even further, with all her twat hair soaking she pleaded with a raised voice;" Tiimmmm, put iiittttttt iinnnn mmeeeeeee. Fuck me. Hard Tim, fuck me hard!" Only six pumps were needed for her orgasm to come. Her toes pointed straight out, her cunt gripping his cock like a vice, and her body shaking. "AAAhhhhhhhhhh Yes, yes, yes, yes. Tim rolled off and she scurried to get his dick into her as she rode him member with the same intensity that Penny and the others had. Tim had set up his video and smiled as her pictured in his mind how he would enjoy watching this sight, again and again, of her: face red, jaw clenched, tits flying as her twat did a wonderful dance on his penis. On and on it went. She keep his member in a constant state of trying to come as she went from orgasm to orgasm. Finally she lay on his chest. Ten minutes later she sat up. He could tell the drug had worn off. She sat there for three minutes without saying a word. She just stared at Tim, looking him in the eye. Finally she spoke, "Tim, I have had sex with twenty-six men, but never ever had orgasms or complete satisfaction like you just gave me. After I finish my bid for Miss America, if your interested, I'll gladly marry you". She was the third woman to tell Tim that. In her case, he thinks he will take her up on her proposal. But first, there was more twats to be had.

The most interesting of the seventy-eight woman he fucked in the next year was Dr. Jan Goudy, President of Central Michigan University. Dr. Goudy, was divorced at thirty, never dated, and had risen through the ranks of University Officialdom by being very friendly, professional, hard working and exact in her judgments. She was a good looking woman, that never wore makeup, hid her C cup breasts, and her perfect legs and fanny. Age 50, 5' 3", 112, (36-21-34) She resided down the street from the house that Tim lived in. He decided, after seeing her around the campus that it would be an interesting challenge to fuck her. Since she lived alone, he knew if he got her once, he could have her all he wanted. He got the job of cutting her lawn. She ask him, the third time he was there, if he wanted some milk to drink. "Sure". While he was drinking it in her kitchen, her phone rang. She went into the study to take the call. Drops went into her coffee. He finished his milk and went outside. A few minutes later he went to the door, just as she drank her coffee. Tim made idle chat until her hips begin the chair dance. Then he just watched as she struggled with her emotions. Tim soon discovered, to his delight, that the reaction is much more pronounced in an older woman. Jan became a sexual animal. By adding a drop in water that he provided to her between fucking frenzies, Tim kept his cock buried in her most of the time for the next three hours. She wants him to move in with her. Tim has enjoyed her twenty times, but won't because it would cramp his style, if you know what I mean.

Tim had to decide if he should complete his schooling, which also kept him on campus with eight thousand woman, or should he try to market his product. Maybe both. What would you do? Let me know. I'll tell you in my next story what he is doing. Look for it.

Oh, I was the second girl Tim gave drops to. We are good friends. He gave me a vial of the stuff that I take to Frat parties. I take four drops and take three boys into a bedroom and we get it on, but good.


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