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An Unforgettable Visit I
by Pat McCarthy

Carol didn't know if she was supposed to feel happy or jealous. Her mother-in-law Helen was her best friend, the only person she felt entirely comfortable with. Seeing her come out of the airport gate with almost everybody ogling her was enough to make any woman jealous. Helen was exceptionally beautiful and well-preserved. A lean and athletic woman, she was almost six feet tall on long and well-formed legs. Muscular thighs showed under the short skirt, the long nipples of two small pointed breasts pushed unashamedly through the light fabric. What was so irritating to Carol was that Helen could even afford to refuse to dye her hair; the small gray wisps in her red-brown mane looked like premature blanching on a young woman!

Carol had insisted during almost a year to make Helen come visit her son Jack and her daughter-in-law in L.A.; finally Helen had given up her job as a marketing executive and would be enjoying a month or so of vacation before setting up shop on her own. The two women fell in each other's arms. Immediately after getting home they decided to go on a day-long shopping spree, as Jack was not due back from his business trip before the next day. They enjoyed shopping without having to drag a man.

When they sat at the mall's restaurant to rest their feet, Carol said she would have to think up a program for this Saturday night. Helen replied:

- Don't worry about that, I'm taking care of it.

- What do you mean?

- I called Ted, a guy I used to work with. We'll go out somewhere nice. He's bringing a friend, there's a blind date for you.

- Helen, you're absolutely impossible! Why, I can't, I'm married!

- I know, I know. Married with my only and best son. So what, don't you have the right to have some fun if Jack can't join us? Besides, you're supposed to have dinner and dance, not necessarily to have sex. What a dirty mind, my girl! Now, you really look like you need to go out and enjoy yourself.

- What do you mean, I look like it?

- I'll be frank...

- As if you could be anything else...

- ...and tell you that I am a bit worried. When you and Jack got married, I couldn't even get you out of bed for lunch or even dinner. When you were dating, you two had an excuse to disappear somewhere every ten minutes or so. Now, when you visited me three months ago, I just couldn't believe it: Jack would sit watching TV all night, and you'd be chatting with me the whole time. This isn't fun, if you ask grandma's advice. So, what's going on? Are you guys tired of each other?

- Oh, Helen, I really love him, I do. He's just simply the best man.

- I know, I made him. Tell me more now.

- Well, I suppose you're right, it's no more like at the start, with time passing, but everybody says it's normal to lose interest in... in...

- In sex. No it's not normal, it's nonsense. I always kept my men on their toes, hot after me until I dumped them. There are ways to keep any man interested. Tell me now, I'll be very indiscreet but I'm curious. How often?

- How often... what?

- You heard me. No need to be embarrassed. I can be a mom, but I know you and Jack are not sexless angels. So, how often?

- ...

- OK, last week for example?

- Give him a break Helen, he went on a trip Thursday!

- All right, and the last month, then?

- ...

- I see. And you tell me you don't need to have fun because you're married.

- But I really love him...

- Nonsense again, sweetheart. You think I don't? OK, you'll fix that problem later. Meanwhile, nothing wrong in going out for dinner. First we'll buy you a nice outfit, that'll be my present to you. And we're not really having a date anyway. Ted is way too young for me, he's forty-two or forty-three

- Helen, now it's you that's talking nonsense. As if you didn't know that you'll look younger than any forty-year-old. And Ted's friend, then, is he young or old?

- He said "a young friend". Also remember I didn't tell Ted you're my daughter-in-law. I hate being the grandma in a group.

Carol loved the dress that Helen chose for her, something looking like the one she herself would be wearing. They went home to shower and get ready. When they met at the door to go out, Helen stopped Carol: "Oh no, you shouldn't go out dressed like that!"

- You got me confused now. It's the dress you bought me today!

- Yes it is. Only, there's a problem with the way you're wearing it. The bra shows. The panties too. You can't do that with this outfit! You don't want to look like a prohibitionist at Mardi Gras.

- You mean no bra and no panties?

- Yes I mean just that. I never wear any with any dress myself, I like the feeling.

- OK for the bra, I can see you're right. But the skirt is short too, I'll be showing my pussy every time I sit or bend!

- Don't worry, I'll show you how to move, so you don't show it if you don't want to. OK, go back and get rid of that horrible stuff.

The outfit they wore looked a lot like each other's, low-cut simple dresses of silky material with thin shoulder straps and mid-thigh skirts, heeled sandals, no stockings. Otherwise, though, they looked very different. Carol was a petite blonde with a round baby face, generous breasts and pink skin.

"Wow, Carol, you're an absolute knockout now! See what those boobs look like when they're free! Doesn't it feel sexier this way?"

Ted was a tall, grey-haired black man with just the hint of a belly. He sure looked older than Helen. His friend Tony, under thirty, perhaps twenty-five or so, was also tall, full of humor, with an impish look in his blue eyes. They enjoyed the dinner immensely, in a restaurant that had a band and dance floor in the same room. Tony was unendingly witty and kept sparring with Helen. Carol was fascinated by Tony's conversation and, when Helen and Tony went to dance, continued chatting with him and having drinks. She and Ted also danced time and again, while the other couple never left the dance floor until the band stopped playing and they came back to the table holding each other by the waist. When the waiters had to tell them the place was about to close, Tony said he was too drunk to drive.

They took a cab to Ted's place, where their cars were parked. Ted invited everybody up into his apartment. What the heck, the next day was Sunday and nobody was fit to drive anyway! He lived in a kind of loft, a very nicely arranged single room with lots of space.

The two women made themselves comfortable on the big red leather couch while Ted went to fix the drinks. Tony crouched on the floor in front of Helen and resumed his clowning: "Oh, Goddess! A kiss, just a kiss to this humble mortal, please. Mind you, it's the only way to get rid of me because if you do kiss me -I mean a real kiss, not a peck like I got- I won't need anything more in life and I can die right away." The women kept laughing and Tony continued: "I see there's no pity in your heart for this poor squeaking clown, this frog. But, Princess, under this frog is a noble and A-one lover who will reveal himself if only you deign give him a kiss! Please, Helen?" Sliding between Helen's stretched legs, he got nearer. Ted was back with the drinks, which he left on the coffee table before sitting on the other side of Carol.

Tony continued his clowning, only he wasn't smiling anymore; Helen and Carol had also stopped laughing. "Helen, the more you wait, the more I'll ask. If you drive me crazy I'll lose control and carry you off to my place - stupid old Ted doesn't even have another room in this apartment". Helen tried a playful answer, but she gave away her arousal to Carol, whose thigh she had grabbed without even taking notice of it. Carol couldn't move and felt her heart beating in her throat. Helen's mouth was so dry that it came out a croak, half of it almost too low to be heard:

- Tony, it... it sounds perverse, you bad boy. I could be your mom, your grandma even, I'm over fifty!

- You can be over two hundred fifty for all I care. You could be an Egyptian mummy. If you were my mom I'd say "more power to incest!"

Then, dead serious and in a low voice: "I never ever wanted anybody so fucking bad!"

Suddenly Helen grabbed the young man by the nape of the neck and kissed him hard. The kiss went on and on, in complete silence. Helen's hand was still kneading Carol's thigh, transmitting every movement of the kissing tongues. Carol was too weak to even move her little finger. She let her arm, resting on the back of the couch, drop to Ted's shoulder and she lightly pulled him toward her. Ted's head came to rest on her breast, his cheek caressing her skin. She felt his hand on her leg. Having Helen's hand grabbing one thigh and Ted stroking the other drove her nuts. Her free hand pulled up her skirt, all the way to the hips. Both the hands on her legs followed the invitation to come nearer her pussy. When Helen's fingers touched Ted's, she shuddered. Helen plunged forward and rolled to the carpet, pulling down Tony under her, still without breaking the kiss.

Ted's fingers were parting her pussy lips now. She slid her shoulder straps down to free her big, firm breasts for his mouth. Her dress became a narrow sash around her waist. She let out a loud gasp when two fingers entered her cunt. When she opened her eyes again she saw that Helen and Tony were completely naked now, entwined in a desperate sixty-nine and lost to the rest of the world, rolling over each other and making strange noises. Ted was crouching on the carpet, eating her and using his fingers in her pussy and her ass. She came with a deep sigh and continued grinding her bottom on his face. When she came to herself she lifted him by the shoulders, made him stand in front of her and took off the man's pants and drawers while he slipped out of his shirt. She just loved his mature body, muscular but not lean, and the largest cock she had seen until now, very thick, deep black with a silky glow. Its head was about the size of a golf ball. Jack's cock was already real large but this was a monster She took the two heavy balls in her hands and started kissing, licking, sucking. She had trouble eating even only the head of it, but it felt good. When Ted started breathing heavily, she stood up and, holding him by the balls, started walking toward the bed that was in the far corner. She was shocked to see that Helen was looking at her and making signs with the hand, calling her to her side, patting the carpet.

This aroused her to near fury. She pulled Ted toward the other couple, lay down spread-eagled next to her mother-in-law, lifted her legs and said: "Ted, make me come, please, make me come again!" She didn't have to twist his arm. When he entered her, with one single thrust, it felt like being fucked with a baseball bat. Helen held her hand. She came right away, then again, then once more, after a while she lost count. Then she turned and presented her back to Ted, on all fours. While Ted pounded her she watched her mother-in-law eat her young lover's meat, all in, all out, until Helen pulled off, winked to her and offered her Tony's purple, engorged cock. Carol took all of it in her mouth. She didn't have to move her head, being already shaken back and forth by Tony's powerful fucking. She could hear both men moaning. She felt the dick in her mouth start twitching and, before she could think, her mouth was inundated and she swallowed it all -her favorite moment in sex. Ted came too, bringing her once more to a noisy orgasm.

When she pulled her face away, Tony's dick was still steel hard. Helen murmured: "That's what's so beautiful with young men".

Carol went back to kissing and sucking Ted, while they both watched Helen and Tony fuck, sometimes soft and tender, sometimes hard, changing positions, not an inch away from her face. She stroked both of them and just the fact of touching and watching them, added to the excitement of feeling the dick she held in her mouth get big and hard, making her choke, made her come again.

Helen was on her side now, facing them. Tony was behind her, spoon-fashion, his cock moving in and out of her pussy. Helen tried to speak, what she was saying was hard to understand, interrupted as it was by moans and sighs: "It's so beautiful to be with you, Carol. And Ted! You know, I was with Ted once... Just that once, at a convention". "I'll never forget it" said Ted, "so beautiful". "Yes," said Helen. "and I want to show Carol how good it is". Carol wasn't even trying to understand any more. She was still facing Helen. Ted, laying behind her, was now sliding his cock past her pussy lips, entering her slowly. Helen played with her clit and sucked Tony, deep and hard. Then she told him to lay down, facing Carol who couldn't help take his balls and cock in her hand. Yes, this was paradise... Then Helen also took that dick in her hand, and started rubbing the tip of it against Carol's already overfilled cunt. Tony started pushing and, in no time, both cocks were together in Carol's cunt, moving slowly up and down. Helen whispered in her ear: "Isn't this heaven? Is there anything better than being stretched?".

Ohmygod she was coming again. And again. "Come now, Tony" said Helen. He slowly left Carol. Helen sucked him hard, relentlessly, until he seemed to have a seizure and shot his load. She didn't let him come out without sucking it dry. Ted was standing up now. Carol couldn't believe it when her mother-in-law kneeled and swallowed that giant dick to the hilt in one single movement.

Ted fucked that mouth as if it was a cunt, thrusting his pelvis forward, until she could see the balls contracting and the spasm of his ejaculation, then she saw Helen swallow again and again.

Helen woke up with a good but strange feeling. She opened her eyes. She was laying naked on the carpet. Tony was sucking on her left nipple. "Not now, darling! We really have to go. Please, Tony, stop. Help me wake up Carol, we got to run! We have to go pick up her husband at the airport."

Another fine story by Pat McCarthy.
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