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An Unforgettable Visit II
by Pat McCarthy

The two women were barely in time to get home, clean up and change their clothes before driving to the airport to pick up Jack, back from his business trip. In the car, Carol was silent. When Helen tried to ask what the matter was, she said: "I suppose I am a bit ashamed".

- Ashamed? Because of Jack?

- Not only that. I mean, I was doing it right in front of you...

- So what? We both enjoyed it! Aren't we friends?

- Yes we are... but also, you are Jack's mother.

- Look here sweetie. If it's the "Jack's mother" thing, I am the one who should be ashamed, to have sex in front of my daughter-in-law, and I'm not ashamed. Not a bit. I am happy. Which is how you should also feel after being properly fucked. As for Jack, what you should be thinking about is only this: you've got to do something to make him interested again, to spice up your life together, or this marriage isn't going anywhere. If it goes bad, it won't be because you're fucking around but because Jack loses interest in fucking you.

- You're so right, Helen, only I don't know how to do it. He'll go watch TV tonight and he won't even have an itty-bitty hard-on when I go near him.

- Ehm, if I remember right his hard-on isn't itty-bitty at all.

- Oh, you know?

- Of course, silly. I'm his mom, remember? I've seen him. I've also seen him masturbating, I've seen him when you sucked him after your first date, on our porch - of course I was up, waiting behind the blinds. Mothers see these things. But back to the subject: the best way to keep a man red-hot for you is to let him know you're getting it somewhere else, believe me!

- You mean, tell Jack I had sex with Ted?

- Tell him, or let him know otherwise.

- No way Helen. Now that's one thing I absolutely can't do. No.

- OK sweetie. There are many ways to spice up your marriage.

- Will you help me?

- Of course I will. But...will you let me? I mean, do you trust me to do it right?

- Of course Helen. My turn to be frank, you're the only person I trust absolutely, I'd be in love with you if I wasn't your daughter-in-law. There are things I won't tell Jack, but not with you.

- Same here. It's a deal then.

After a while Carol asked: "Helen, were you serious when you said all mothers do see their sons masturbating and having sex?"

- I don't know about all mothers, dear. Me and the ones I know.

- And what was Jack like -before me? I know he had all the girls he wanted at high school.

- That he did. Also he was a horny devil. I had to tell him not to hide the nudie magazines when I came into his room, because it was ridiculous to see him run to the closet every time. In fact I even gave him some. Once I was almost embarrassed.

- You embarrassed! I don't believe it.

- Yes, I was. See, his father had made all these beautiful nude pictures of me, you know, striking poses and all. I came home early and there was Jack, who had found the pics, barenaked, one finger in his ass, beating his meat like crazy over my pictures. The best of it is that he saw me come in but simply couldn't stop it, he had to finish jerking off. But I don't think I would be embarrassed today. Oh, we're at LAX already!

Jack was absolutely delighted to see his mother, but he was too tired to go anywhere. They drove home and lounged by the poolside to chat, Carol snuggling against her man. Helen made herself comfortable in an old T-shirt belonging to Jack. Mother and son had a lot to tell.

- Your father called me, from Hongkong. He said he doesn't need to have a divorce if I don't insist. I said I won't insist, so your parents are not divorced, I thought you should know. And he's still with the same Chinese lady.

- Yeah, he wrote last month.

- Speaking of Chinese ladies, I made an important discovery. From now on, I'm going to date young men only. I mean real young, your age or less.

- Mom! What's got into you? You're not an old hag to need gigolos!

- No gigolos, dear. As you so nicely say, I'm old but not a hag, so some young men are genuinely attracted to me. Also, the age difference doesn't show in public, so it's not so ridiculous as you think. To the question, what's got into me, I'll be blunt. Something real hard.

- Oh, Mom!

- There's no need to blush or "Oh, Mom" me ! These are facts, dear, and you should know yourself that young men are hard and stay hard. My advice to you, use it while you're young. Also, some men -you belong to them- aren't stupid at all, they're good company. Still blushing? OK, you two stay there and pet, I'll cook. Meaning you can choose between cold cuts and cold cuts.

When she brought the tray, still wearing the T-shirt, she bent forward to place the food on the low table and her naked buttocks sprang out, Carol, settled spoon-fashion against her husband, felt his cock stiffen instantly. It kept getting bigger when Helen said: "You two stay here if you're tired. I think I'll go out for a couple of hours with a very nice kid I met yesterday. Don't worry, I'll be back by midnight and I have a key".

The next morning at the breakfast table, as soon as Jack left for work Carol said: "Thanks a million, Helen. Your magic works!"

- Yeah, I heard you screaming from my room -thin walls, you know. It sounded like you two were having a lot of fun -but I'll be discreet.

- Discreet, you? I know you're dying to know the gory details. There's nothing left to hide from each other, so I'd like to tell. We did make love soon as you left, we were almost falling asleep when you came back. Jack went to the window to see why the security spotlight was on. He stayed there without speaking, so I joined him just as you had finished undressing Tony in the patio and were going down on him. Jack wanted to close the curtain. I wouldn't let him. I said if he pretended he wasn't turned on he was a liar, so he should as well watch with me. After Tony left and you went to bed he gave it to me like never before, non-stop till the alarm went off. I'm sore all over, in all my holes, I'm falling asleep and I feel great. Thanks again!

- You're welcome. It's all for the happiness of my baby boy. Bye now, I got to visit three companies today, I'll be back sometime in the afternoon.

When Helen got home she went to the bathroom to shower. From the window she could see her son and his wife lounging by the pool in assorted yellow swimsuits, she in a string bikini and he in bikini bottoms. Jack's body was just a dream, very muscular but not exaggeratedly so. She felt proud.

After she showered she walked out wearing high-heeled beach sandals and nothing else, plopped down on a lounge chair and asked: "How was everybody's day? Mine was bad, I didn't get any offers except an indecent proposal from a CEO. The dirty old man was almost my age! I had to tell him I'd direct his inquiry to our whorehouse department".

They all laughed. Jack's eyes couldn't leave her crotch. Carol followed his gaze and said: "Helen is right, you know. We've got a fence, so why wear swimsuits at home?". She unhooked her bra, then got out of her bottoms. "How about you, Jack, don't you want to be comfortable?"

- Thanks, I'm plenty comfortable already.

Helen: - Nonsense, my boy. That big thing you got in front doesn't fit in your dainty panties, its head is poking out and I imagine it hurts. Don't be embarrassed, we girls know it happens to the boys. We're even flattered if it's for us.

- Mom, I mean.. I didn't mean...

- I said it's OK, honey, just free the poor suffering thing.

- Jack, don't be a bore, please. If your mother says it's OK...

He stood up and took his swimsuit off. Freed from its chains, the cock sprang up, almost vertical against his belly. It looked harder and larger than what Helen remembered. Her throat was parched. She stood up too.

Jack said: - I guess I'm still a bit embarrassed. We talked very freely about sex at home, but never about this.

- About incest, you mean? You're right, and I regret it. I should have spoken openly about it. We all get these pent-up wishes, they become a problem if they're pent up a life long.

- I suppose you're right!

Helen was trying hard to keep her voice normal. She came nearer her son: - I don't know what I should have said, though. That it's ok to have fantasies, that talking is not doing? Perhaps I should have asked you to tell me your wet dreams about me?

- Ehm, I don't know if I would have told you...

- I would have told you mine. Yes, I had a lot of them. Anyway, where does "doing" start? Was it already incest when you masturbated watching me? I don't know, I suppose it's OK as long as one doesn't touch?

Carol: - Come on, Helen, people do touch and kiss each other a lot...

- So, I'm confused. Or is it already incest if I touch him, hmm, sexually - like this?

While saying this, she lifted her long leg, and let the inside of the thigh slide slowly against Jack's upright dick. He let out a groan and closed his eyes. Carol was behind him now, her hands around his chest. She softly pushed her husband against Helen. When their bodies touched, Helen tried to speak. She opened her mouth, but no sound came out. Carol pushed Jack further, tight against Helen who now had her back to the fence. She could feel his cock throbbing against her groin. She saw Carol smiling at her.

Carol now moved next to Helen and held her hand. Jack's eyes were closed, he was breathing hard. Helen mustered all her energy to speak again: "When you want something so much... and can't say it...". Jack made a sudden thrust with his crotch. Helen moaned. Carol lifted Helen's leg high, her husband moved forward again and entered Helen brutally. She came right away, so weak now she would have fallen if she wasn't against the fence, pinned to it by Jack's cock. They didn't move, he felt her vagina contract in rhythm, milking him. He groaned. Carol thought she'd go crazy when she saw sperm oozing down Helen's thigh. Seeing that nobody was moving for a long time, she said: "Let's go to bed now, please. I want you two to show me what you did in your dreams!", and led the way.

"Perhaps we had the same dreams, who knows?" said Helen on the bed. She caressed Jack's dick gently. "It's like in my dream, it's so soft and nice when I touch it". "And then I make him lie on his side, like this. I touch and kiss his butt, like this...". She licked the balls, the taint, and her tongue went to the little asshole, round and round on the rim, until everything including the bed sheet was full of spittle. She darted her tongue inside the hole. One hand held the balls, while the other masturbated Jack's now full-sized dick. When Jack started twitching and making strange noises, she moved and swallowed his dick, slowly, carefully letting in her mouth all its length, then pulling out.

This went on for what seemed an incredibly long time. Carol started feeling a need to release the tension that had been building up relentlessly, but Helen continued, slowly, until the spasm in the balls and the sperm oozing from the corner of her mouth showed it was done. Helen continued and Jack's dong seemed to get harder and larger instead of going limp. Then Helen pulled away. "That's what I dream of. He stays hard and wants to fuck me." She lay down on her back and Jack didn't wait to position himself and enter her, fucking slowly, steadily. Carol kissed her deep, holding her hand. Helen shuddered with an orgasm. "My baby, my little baby! Perhaps we had the same dream? Tell me.".

Instead of speaking, Jack pulled out. Helen lifted her legs and spread herself with her hands, as much as she could.

"Yes" said Carol, "I feel it too!" Jack pushed again, this time against her asshole. "Yes, you knew it. Oh, I'm so happy! Go deep into me, please, deep!" Jack pushed gently and she let out a yell. After a while Jack was completely buried in her ass and they started moving together fast, with rage, until she was crying and laughing at the same time. He whispered: - I can't hold anymore.

- Don't, baby, don't hold it. Let it go! Let me feel it! Carol was holding Jack's balls, she felt them contracting, then his sperm dripping slowly on her fingers.

Later on, Jack couldn't keep his eyes open. Helen was half asleep too. Carol said: "Sleep now. I'll get my reward tomorrow. I'll eat Helen all day while you're at work. Or perhaps you call in sick, you deserve it!". Her mother-in-law sure knew how to spice up a marriage...

Another fine story by Pat McCarthy.
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