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Alice's Visit
by Sneaker

The Korean War was sending our country's men to battle. Although I was posted in Korea with my family, I never did get to see action. Instead, I was assigned to an organization that required the highest security clearance by the government. We dealt with coded messages. "For the Eyes of the President Only" was my classification.

My family lived in a cluster of duplex buildings with entrances at each end. This allowed two families to live in the same building. Our family shared a building with a Captain from Hospital Administration and his wife, Alice.

My wife was a nurse who applied for a job at the Base Hospital. She was hired for the night duty shifts because the commissioned army nurses, who normally worked that shift, wanted their nights free for sleeping with their doctor friends.

The Hospital Administration Captain at the other end of the quarters was admitted to the hospital as a patient, which allowed the spouses at each end of the building quite a degree of freedom. I knew Alice was visiting her husband at the hospital. Even though her three children were old enough to stay home alone, mine were not, so I watched TV and put my two toddlers to bed.

It was during the 10 o'clock news that I heard the knock at the door. It was Alice and she didn't wait to be invited in. I closed the door and lowered the volume on the TV. I could smell whiskey on her breath as she entered. She didn't stagger though so I knew she wasn't drunk enough to mistake our front door for hers.

This was the first time I had really noticed her. She was about 5'3" and weighed approximately 130 pounds. Her legs stretched out from her black dress and I felt that she was stretching them even more to make me notice. She made some small talk and I tried to keep the conversation going as I wondered what she wanted.

My kids were asleep so I lowered my voice and noticed that she was talking in a soft, sexy tone. She had nice tits but I knew a bra was holding them up.

I waited for her to take the lead in the conversation and I felt she knew it.

"I have wanted to do this for a long time." She broke a moment of silence.

"Do what?" I hoped for a hint and got it.

"Can I see your bedroom?" she asked.

I hesitated trying to guess what she was thinking and decided to take a gamble. "Sure," I said, "but I would like to know if you are wearing panties."

I knew this would reveal her true interests or send her rushing out the front door. She hesitated as if I had asked her the wrong thing. Then she stood up and started toward the bedroom. Because all of the buildings were built the same, she knew the way.

"Yes," she said and I reached out for her hand. I led her into the bedroom and locked the door. I took her in my arms.

"So you want me to fuck you. Is that all?"

"First I want you to eat my pussy," she replied.

"You've been talking to my wife." I replied. "Doesn't your old man eat your pussy?"

At an army post, wives felt they could talk openly about their sex lives. They were lonely and alienated from the real world. Their neighbors were not like real neighbors. They were travelers on a brief journey through the highway of life talking to the passengers in the adjacent seat who would leave at the next intersection. They could be trusted to never break the confidence bond.

My wife was just experiencing oral sex for the first time and was willing to trust Alice. Alice had already confided to her about a neighbor who had bragged about a mirror on the ceiling above her bed. I believe it was then my wife shared with her the fact that I performed oral sex.

"I want you to eat me," said Alice. She pulled her dress over her head. "Here it is." She lay down on the bed with her legs pulled together.

I ripped her panties off and grabbed her cunt in my hand. I had her total pussy; burying three fingers in her slit and pressed her clit with my thumb. She yelled in pain and then began to moan with pleasure.

With my free hand I dropped my pants and all eight inches stretched out. Normally I treated my lovers gently but she had asked for it. I grabbed her hair and yanked her face toward my hot cock. I slapped all eight inches across her nose. Pre-cum splattered over her face.

What could she do? Here she was on my bed, her legs spread to reveal an abundance of hair on the mound that led to the moist lips below. She was in my control and she had to do my bidding. If she didn't, I would have her reputation in my hands.

"You know you have to do whatever I want. I am going to ask you to do something. Do you understand?"

"Yes. I know I will do what you ask. The women tell me how good it feels and I am dying to feel a tongue on my pussy. You tell me what you want. I'll do anything." Her voice told me that she was at my mercy.

I had long fantasized about the sexy neighbor with the mirror over her bed. She used to walk into a woody area behind the quarters to pick blue berries. I often followed but went into a different area. I pretended to pick berries too but always tried to find her and watch her well-shaped ass in her tight shorts. Also I knew about her mirror.

"Have you ever had sex with a woman?"

"No." she answered. "I have wondered about making love to another woman but never tried."

"You know that woman who has a mirror on the ceiling over her bed. She'll be easy. You only have to get her to show you the mirror again. Get in bed to test the mirror and see what she does. When you do, I want you to record all the intimate details on a tape recorder I will give to you."

"I will. I'll do anything if you will eat my pussy." She was pleading.

"Maybe, but first I want to teach you how to deep throat my cock. Take it with your mouth now and hold still." I shoved all eight inches in. She began to struggle.

"I can't breathe when you put it all the way in." Her voice was panicky. "I want to please you but I have to breathe."

I grabbed her head and turned it upwards so I could get away from her windpipe and into her esophagus.

I felt the throbbing head of my cock slide through the entrance to her esophagus and it was my turn to shake and tremble with pleasure. Now I had to teach her to use her esophagus. I always thought of it as a muscle.

"Now I want you to swallow the head of my cock. Come on, make like you are swallowing my cum. Go ahead. Taste my cock as it leaks juice." I started pushing my hips into her mouth and felt my balls slapping against her chin.

I rammed it all the way in and had my cock head trapped in her swallowing muscle as she began to open and close it and I felt a tremendous surge on my balls. I struggled to hold my fluid in as long as possible but she was fighting to suck my cock even deeper.

With one surging wave, my cum spurted once, then again and again. She didn't gag - every ounce of my repeated waves dropped into her stomach. My pole quickly subsided and was free of the muscle that pumped so perfectly.

Then, and only then, did she taste my load. As the final ounce of my sperm leaked into her mouth, she had a new gleam in her eyes. Freeing her mouth, she whispered, "I like the taste. Can you do it again?"

"It will take a few minutes. If I am going to eat your pussy good, you have to pull the hood off your clit." Both of Alice's hands rushed to the joy opening between her legs. She spread the lips of her cunt apart and pulled the skin back towards her face.

So far, this was working out better than I had expected. She was fully submissive and was now my slave. I took both of her ankles in my hand and spread her legs apart. This gave me a full view of her slippery pussy lips. Her tiny clit was barely visible.

I slipped my tongue into her vagina and she erupted like a volcano, with her hips rising up to bounce against my chin. I tongue fucked her for a full minute and she had two orgasms. They were what I like to call mini orgasms. When I got to her clit, though, I wanted her to fall off the mountain. She pulled the hood back even further as my tongue began its march up to the nub of pleasure.

Her hands grabbed her nipples and pinched them so hard I expected her to cry out in pain.

She was moaning and thrusting her clit up against my tongue. I started moving my tongue from just above her ass hole and dragged it slowly towards her clit. Every time I reached her nub of heavenly pleasure, she uttered in a low voice, "my God."

After the fifth call out to heaven, I stopped the movement of my tantalizing tongue and swirled it around her now swollen clit. Her body twisted violently and then she suddenly went limp.

I knew what happened. She fell ass first off the mountain into a maxi climax. I wasted no time. Her pussy was tight and her body was now available to me as if she was a virgin; her cunt lips closed a trap.

There was only one thing for me to do. I leaped over her limp body and forced my cock into her swollen pussy lips and into the quivering oasis of her body.

It wasn't a mirage. She began to recover from her orgasmic faint and looked at me. "What happened to me? Whatever it was, I liked it. "

"Fuck me. Fuck me harder and faster," she pleaded as she felt something strange.

I knew what she was experiencing. She had experienced a mini climax first and she was now experiencing a vaginal orgasm. How do I know that? I knew because it had happened before and it had scared me at the time. I knew because a past lady love had experienced the same emotion and had told me what happened to her.

"Ahhhhhh...yes, hon.......give it to me......fuck fuck fuck.....ahhhhhh...... yes.......yes.......I'm cumming."

She became a bucking mare as she experienced the climax that would make her clit so sensitive that she tried to hold my hips away from a full thrust, so I rested, knowing that the sensation would ease and she would want me again.

As her breathing returned to normal, I turned my attention to my needs. I was the rider and she was the mare who didn't want to buck me off. I stayed in the saddle of her pussy until I released my load of cum.

She bucked in her final orgasm with me. Our eyes locked in understanding. In only one visit, we became sex slaves to the each other.


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