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Amber's Visit
by Amber Rose

My family has always had many close friends that visit often. Two of these friends are Ron and his wife Suzanne. I've known them since I was fourteen. I always thought Ron was very attractive, kind of like one of those men on the cover of cheesy romance novels. I used to dream of what it would be like to have him carry me away in his arms and make love to me. What his forearms, hard from years of labor, would feel like wrapped around my tiny waist. What his muscular legs would feel like next to mine as he slowly thrust into my soft body, filling me like no young man could.

When I graduated from high school and went to college, I guessed that I would rarely see Ron again. But one day, as I was sitting on my computer, he messaged me out of the blue. We talked about his marriage, what was going on in my life, and pretty much anything. He told me he had moved out of my old hometown to a neighboring town, about a half an hour away. I wanted to see his new house, but I knew I couldn't do it until the summer. Most of all though, I just wanted to see him.

When the end of my freshman year rolled around and I went home, Ron started visiting us frequently, and one day he asked if I could do him a favor. His wife and he were going out of town, and he wanted to know if I would watch their house and keep it clean for them while they were away. I agreed, of course, as he knew I would.

That Friday, I got ready to go over to his house. I had recently come home from the beach, and I wanted to show off my golden tan. I was wearing cut-off jean shorts that let the curves of my tight ass peek out from the bottoms of the frayed edges. I put on a white lace thong and a white lace demi bra underneath a plain white tank top that clung to my perfect 38DD breasts. I pulled back my long thick golden blond hair into a ponytail and hopped into my little silver Miata and sped off.

When I pulled into the driveway, I finally saw their house. It was a beautiful two-story white house, complete with a white picket fence. I walked up the sidewalk to the front door and picked up the little fake rock that held the door key. Then I let myself in and thought to myself, this is going to be fun. I walked into the kitchen and found the cleaning supplies and got to work.

After I had dusted for a long time, my muscles were tired, and since they didn't have the air conditioning on, I got hot. So after I stretched my long legs and tired arms, I walked through the screen door into their back yard. I looked around and found a gardening hose attached to the wall of the house. I noticed that Ron had put in high fences and wondered what they were for. I turned on the water and poured it into my hair, tilting my head and arching my neck and back, trying not to get any onto my shirt. All of a sudden I heard a man's voice come from the doorway of the house. "Amber, what are you doing?"

I spun around and dropped the hose, which sprayed water all over me and soaked my shirt and face. It was Ron. He was wearing a button-down shirt and khaki pants. His arms were crossed, which showed-off his deep spring tan. I just stood there as his eyes roamed over my young body. He started walking forward and picked up the hose.

"Are you hot, Amber?"

Hearing him say that almost made me pass out from embarrassment and arousal. I just backed towards the house as he kept on walking forward. Finally, my back was against the house, and he tilted the hose towards my neck and let the cool water drip down the front of my shirt. I couldn't believe what was happening. He dropped the hose and grabbed both of my wrists and carefully raised my arms above my head and bent to kiss my on my lips. My head was reeling as his lips kissed my jaw and went down to my neck. The cold water had made my nipples hard and he bent to suck on them lightly - his warm mouth felt so good against my tingling skin.

He dropped the hose and led me into the house. I followed him blindly until we were upstairs in his bedroom. I stood mutely in front of him. "Put your arms over your head, Amber," he said firmly. I obeyed, and Ron pulled my wet shirt over my head and began kissing my tan, soft belly.

I finally got up the courage to speak. "Ron, we can't do this, you're married!"

"I know," he replied as he glanced behind me. Sitting in a chair behind me was his wife! Suzanne was wearing white cotton panties and one of Ron's dress shirts, unbuttoned so you could see that she that her 36C breasts were bare. My mouth dropped open.

"It's all right, honey," Suzanne said. "This is the only way I will let Ron fulfill his fantasy of having you."

I stood but didn't say anything for a minute. I've always wanted Ron with a passion, and having someone watch us make love would be such a turn on! I turned to Ron and smiled. "Now what?"

He smiled as he said, "Take your shorts off." I obliged, turning around so that my cute, young ass was facing Suzanne. When I stood back up in my soaking bra and thong, Ron grinned devilishly.

"Mmmm... Has anyone ever told you how incredibly desirable you are?" I giggled and shook my head as he pulled me into his arms again. The softness of his kiss made my skin flush as he reached around and undid my bra. Sliding it off, Suzanne gasped at the sight. Perfectly tan orbs of soft flesh greeted her eyes. After Ron wrapped his arms around my waist and tilted my neck backwards, he licked and bit my nipples softly. I made soft moans in the back of my throat. His kisses moved down to my flat belly and to the top of my panties.

"Take off her panties, Ron," Suzanne said from the corner of the room. Ron pulled them off of my hips and down to the floor, and I raised each leg, one at a time, to free them of the wet satin. His kissed his way back to my legs.

"Put your foot on the edge of the bed, Amber," Ron said, and so I lifted my foot and placed it on the edge of the bed so Ron had better access to my vulva. He ran his tongue up and down the length of me once. Then he penetrated me with one of his fingers. Grabbing his head, I almost fell over from the intense pleasure I was feeling. His warm, wet tongue flicked across my clitoris rapidly, which caused me to cry out in pleasure.

"Lay Amber on the bed, Ron," Suzanne said as she leaned back in her chair and pulled the crotch of her panties aside. I had never before seen another woman naked, and it made me swoon with desire. She pulled her labia apart so that I could see her tiny pink clitoris jutting out in desire. Ron settled his weight on top of me and began kissing me again. His tongue was deep in my mouth, flirting with mine. I could taste the sweetness of my own vaginal juices on his lips, which made me kiss him furiously. He lowered his mouth to my damp breasts and bit them and then quickly licked them to soothe the pain. I watched Suzanne as she pinched her nipples and moaned as her breathing shallowed. Ron moved lower down my body until his face was between my thighs. He started licking my clitoris again, this time slowly.

I saw Suzanne stand up and go into the other room.

"Where is she going, Ron?" I said.

"You'll see," he replied, just as Suzanne walked through the door again. She had shed all of her clothing now, and was carrying a camcorder and a tripod. Ron kept at his wonderful tempo between my legs as Suzanne set up the camera and walked over to us, sitting on the bed. Right then, Suzanne leaned over and kissed me. I had never kissed a woman before, so I turned my head away at first, but she grabbed my face and tilted it towards her, kissing me softly on the lips, running her tongue along my jaw and neck. I moaned in pleasure, wanted her to kiss me more. She trailed her kisses to my breasts, sucking first on one nipple, and then the other, toying with them both while she caught her breath. Ron pushed his middle finger inside of me, and began finger-fucking me slowly. I heard the sucking noise of his finger in my tight vagina as I felt my orgasm begin to rush over me. The tide of pleasurable spasms were getting to be too much. Finally, I reached the peak of my crescendo of pleasure. I yelled out Ron's name in pleasure, bucking my hips towards his face as he gradually slowed down, letting me enjoy the tranquillity of an amazing orgasm.

Ron and Suzanne sat up. They turned to each other and began kissing. I could hear the wetness of each loving kiss as I began unbuttoning Ron's shirt, pulling it out of his pants. Suzanne bent down and started kissing me, and Ron began licking the back of my neck. Suzanne undid Ron's belt and unzipped his pants quickly. She broke our kiss and bent down and took Ron's cock deep into her mouth. She would lick around the head of his penis, and up and down the sides, never breaking eye contact with Ron. She opened her mouth wide and took it into her warm, wet mouth.

Ron leaned his head back, so I grabbed the back of his neck and kissed his mouth hard and deep. He reached out and began pulling on my nipples again, and I moaned. Ron pulled away from his wife with a look of desire on his face and pushed me onto the bed. He knelt between my legs and rubbed his penis against my clitoris, which started my pleasure again. I moaned and Suzanne bent and kissed me again. Ron pushed his penis slowly into me - so slowly that I lost track of how long it took for him to fill me - and then he pumped his cock, his rigid cock, in me as Suzanne rubbed my clitoris. I felt my second wave of pleasure begin to rush over me again, so I tilted my head back, eager to feel this wondrous sensation again. I closed my eyes and I came, and screamed as I came, and then I fell into silence, resting until I could enjoy this again.

Ron pulled out and said, "Get on your hands and knees, Suzanne," She quickly obliged, and shook her ass at him as she looked at him over her shoulder. He filled her with one quick thrust. Suzanne came immediately and gripped Ron's cock, which made him moan again, louder this time. He kept pumping, harder and harder. Suzanne tried to reach her clitoris and still withstand his hard thrusts, but she couldn't reach. "Get between her legs, Amber," Ron said.

I smiled and scooted underneath her. I tentatively touched her vulva with my fingertips and then, as Suzanne moaned, I slowly touched the tip of my tongue to her clitoris. As I began to gain more confidence in this new experience, I tried to imagine what I would want my own lover to do to me. Her moans made me bolder in my actions, and I began to lick at her rapidly, pushing hard on her clitoris with my tongue. She came again, and as her vagina contracted around Ron, he yelled out in an almost animalistic cry. He pulled out of his wife just as he started to orgasm, and as his come burst out of him in hard spasms, it dripped off of Suzanne's ass and vulva onto my waiting lips.

"Mmmm..." I said as I licked my lips. Suzanne sat up, kissed me on the lips, and licked Ron's cum off of my face with her wet tongue. Ron walked over to the camera, turned it off, and pulled back the sheets on the bed. Three of us snuggled together, with me in the middle, and fell asleep.


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