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A Voyeur's Dream
by Carl East

The rain seemed to be coming down harder as I walked the mile or two toward a house I had spotted from the hill. I'd just had a flat tyre, which in turn had put me in a ditch. Now I was getting soaked as I turned the bend at the bottom of the hill. I could clearly see the house I was trying to reach. It was an old Georgian affair with a white picket fence and a Chevy parked in the drive. Stepping up to the front door and taking hold of the big brass ring hanging in the centre, I knocked twice, stepped back and waited for an answer. When the door wasn't answered, I decided to knock louder just once more. When there was still no answer I walked to side of the building peering in through the window and found it to be deserted.

"Well," I thought, "that figures! I brake down in the middle of nowhere in the pouring rain to find that the only building for miles around is deserted."

"My luck cannot get any worse," I said. "Now I'm talking to myself!"

Checking my watch I found it was nearly midnight. At first I was going to brave the elements and walk further down the road in search of a telephone, but seeing the rain falling even harder than before I decided to stay under the porch until it let up. It was then that I heard voices coming from the house. A light had also appeared in the window I had peered in earlier. Looking through the window again I found that there were people here after all. I was just about to go back and knock on the door again when a beautiful red head entered the room dressed only in a sheer see through night-dress.

This got my voyeur side peaked. I stood my ground waiting to see what would develop. She had the most amazing breasts; no bra, yet her breasts were standing out larger than life with a firmness that defied gravity. Her slender body was shapely in all the right places and you could also clearly see that she was devoid of any pubic hair.

Only then did I notice the four men sitting to one side admiring this beautiful woman. One of them got up from his chair and embraced her gently with a kiss. She responded, too, by placing her hand behind his head and pulling him into herself for a more passionate kiss. She then let the night-dress fall to the floor, allowing herself to be led into the middle of the room. Suddenly there were hands all over her body as the other three men joined in on the fun.

By now my cock was harder than Tyson, as I watched this incredible spectacle. They had placed her on a table. Each one had their own little area to explore: there was one on each nipple licking and sucking, one had gone down between her legs to explore her pussy with his tongue and the other had taken his trousers down presenting her mouth with his erect cock. Not having a very big cock, the woman easily engulfed it into her pouting lips then vigorously started to give him head.

I reached down to my trousers and started to rub almost unconsciously the now throbbing cock that was bursting to join in on the action. The one licking her pussy stood up and pulled his trousers down, revealing an enormous ten-inch wonder. She was too busy servicing the one buried in her mouth to notice this, but when he entered her, her attention was immediate. She groaned out loud then almost fell upon the cock she was sucking. Turning her head around and around licking the bell end with each outward movement, she then reached for the cocks that were to either side of her. By now they had discarded their trousers, and were both rubbing their cocks over her tits.

The ten-inch wonder was now thrusting into her hungry love canal at an alarming rate, for she was writhing about in an indescribable orgasmic frenzy. The one servicing her mouth couldn't take anymore and he started to cum, but with all the frenzied activity going on his seed was going everywhere: her face, her hair, some in her mouth and still the man fucking her was going at it, with sweat running down his face.

Another replaced the cock that had been in her mouth, this one was a respectable eight inches, and she hungrily buried it down her throat. She continued to pull on the two at her side and the one that hadn't cum yet shot his load onto her breasts putting his head back in a sign that he had enjoyed every last second. Her back started to arch in response to the pounding her pussy was receiving. He started to pull the tell tale face of someone about to cum and sure enough he pulled out just in time to cum on her legs, pussy, and stomach.

By now I had my cock in hand and was pulling for all I was worth, this was without doubt the most intense fucking I had ever witnessed. They decided to change positions as she was standing next to the table. The one that had cum on her tits was now lying on the table and she mounted him, then slowly started to go up and down. The ten-inch wonder man reached for some cream that was on the sideboard near the door and he then proceeded to rub the lotion onto his joint. Mean while she was busy trying to give head to the two gentlemen at the front of the table.

When she felt the ten-inch wonder start to enter her anal passage her concentration was temporally disturbed and she looked back at the assailant egging him on. Once more composed she returned her attention back to the cocks that were waiting to be serviced. How she could do all this with the kind of professionalism she was exhibiting was beyond me, but there she was with two cocks in her mouth, one up her pussy, and a third pounding away in her arse.

The action above him must have stimulated the man lying down for he suddenly pulled out and started to cum, some of it ending up on the one shagging her arse. Then one of the blowjobs started to cum as well, pulling out just as the first stream hit the end, splashing her face and neck. This must have been two much for the other one, for he too started to cum. He decided to leave it in her mouth. She sucked his cock dry, bucking as the onslaught in her arse continued.

I also started to cum. I have never been a big cummer, but this was different! I shot a load that hit the top of the window, then another in quick succession, moaning softly as the third and final one came. Now that was horny, I thought.

But it wasn't over yet, for I was about to witness a position that I had never seen before. The man that had been pounding her arse had stopped and he was pointing to a spot near the table. Then upon reaching the spot he got down onto his back and indicated that he was ready. The other three grabbed ahold of her gently, one on each leg and one holding her between her arm pits. They then commenced in lowering her onto the waiting cock, but instead of leaving them to get on with it they proceeded to do the work for them. Up and down they were going, just enough that his cock stayed inside her.

I could hear her shout "faster!" to which they obliged by pulling her legs further apart. His cock was deep inside her whenever she came down, her face a twist of ecstasy and lust. She was coming big time, as was he.

Still not satisfied, the ten-incher placed her on the floor, pulled her legs up and over her head so that her pussy was facing the ceiling then entered her once more to screams of, "More! More! More!" The powerful man thrust into her with the lust of someone who hadn't had sex for a year, his cock going deeper than I thought humanly possible. When he came she was on her third orgasm, the intensity almost too much to handle.

Once that was over she cleaned herself up a little and rejoined the party. This time she got down on all fours, taking one cock after another into her mouth. Gagging on the ten-incher, she made each and every one shoot their loads once again.

It was then that she turned to look at the window. Seeing me she screamed, then suddenly they all vanished. I fell back, with the shock of it all. They were ghosts! I suddenly suffered a cold chill and the hairs on my legs, and the back of my neck stood up. I couldn't vacate the area quick enough as I ran down the road, zipping my fly up.


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