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A Very Divine Intervention
by Flagg

As God looked over the vast expanse before her she sighed, thinking of yet another infinity of nothingness, existing for little purpose and feeling mightily bored.

There had been a time when life had been full of fun and adventure but unfortunately that idiotic brother of hers had somewhat screwed things up down below and now she was restricted to a lonesome life in heaven with nothing but a few fluffy clouds and a couple of irritatingly pleasant angels for company.

The plan had been quite simple. Jesus was to descend to earth for a very straight forward research project that would determine exactly why bananas were bending so much. A simple task really but no, he had to get an ego when he was down there and before you knew it the self proclaimed messiah had put the whole world in turmoil causing floods, plagues, wars and all sorts of ridiculous things! When finally he returned, she had had to give him a seriously long lecture on the ethics of messing around with the minds of a fragile species. But unfortunately the damage was already done and at the next meeting of the Divine Council it was decided that earth was to be left to its own devices. With a bit of luck they will have forgotten all about it in a couple of thousand of years they mused.

So now God was left with only two of the original three planets she had had in charge. One was a blue planet that contained nothing but buttercups and the other a planet made of rock - and rock being rock there was little administration to be done there.

As God sat in her cloud contemplating her bleak future she was approached by one of the angels.

"Your divine holiness!" the angel sang.

"Oh for goodness sake, drop the notes!" God replied irritably.

"Your divine Holiness, Lucy is at the gates, she says it is urgent!"

"Well you'd better let her in then hadn't you?" God replied.

The sound of the gates creaking open resonated through out the clouds and in the distance, God could see Lucy floating towards her. Lucy was a particularly attractive divine being. She was tall and slender and had magnificent red curly hair that cascaded like waterfalls down her smooth back just reaching the curve of her lovely pert bottom. God always felt slightly uneasy when Lucy was around and wished she could put some clothes on now and then.

"Hi God! It's been ages - how have you been?" she asked.

"Oh you now, same as usual, there have been a few photosynthesis problems with the buttercups but that's about it really. How about you - have you recovered from your devil complex yet?"

Lucy winced and replied, "I wish you wouldn't keep bringing that up, it took centuries of psychoanalysis to get over that you know. And I still bear a grudge at that brother of yours for starting the whole thing!"

Given Lucy's stunning appearance and the fact that she was the only female divine being with a sex , she naturally attracted a lot of attention from the male divine beings and Jesus had been no exception. For millenia, he had pursued Lucy for himself but had never got anywhere at all with her. He was so frustrated and bitter about the whole affair that during his messiah campaign on earth he had decided to preach to the humans the "evil" of Lucy, the woman with the hair like fur and that if they did not obey him they would be sent to her hell of sexual frustration when they died. Of course over the years, Lucy-fur became Lucifer and the whole thing just got way out of hand. Anyway, the knowledge that a whole planet knew her as a devil had been quite an ordeal for Lucy to deal with.

"Yes I know. He's got a lot to answer for that Jesus. I still blame him for me having to look after buttercups for a living! Anyway, what goes? Why have you come?"

"Well," Lucy replied, "I've got some insider information about yesterday's Divine Council Select Committee meeting. Apparently they've decided to put earth back on the records and the job of running it will be up for grabs again!"

"You're joking," God replied, suddenly feeling quite dizzy.

"No, not at all. Apparently there are millions of people down there following the rules that that bloody Jesus laid down, the worst of all being that lust is a sin! The Divine Council has decided that this must be rectified so we're going to have to go back and teach them that sex is literally a gift from the divine ones and that they should use it as much as possible!"

"Goodness me, that's amazing!" God replied. "They'll have to give the job to you because you're the only female that has a sex so you'll be able to sort it out won't you?"

"Afraid not old girl," Lucy sighed. "It wouldn't work to send a divine being who they all think is the "devil" down to earth to preach the joys of sex. No I'm afraid you're going to have to do it."

"But I can't possibly do it, I don't know the slightest thing about sex! I haven't even got one!"

"Well that's about to change, the Divine Council has managed to reach an agreement with the Divine Trade Union and you are to be altered and given a sex. They're going to appoint me as your trainer."

God sat back down on the cloud astounded. A sex, they're going to give me a sex, she thought. The thought repulsed her and made her feel quite sick.

"Don't look so worried God darling! I'll look after you and I promise you'll enjoy it in the end!"

And so it was. No matter how much she protested, the Council insisted it was to be done and finally after weeks of torment, God went to the Clinic of Divinity and was given a sex.

When she awoke the first thing she felt was a sense of vulnerability. She dubiously lifted the cloth laid over her and peered down at her crotch. And there it lay. A small furry mound of hair covering newly formed sensitive flesh. It felt odd to have an opening just there and God replaced the cloth hastily.

Soon, she was back on her feet and back on her cloud where she nervously awaited the next events. It wasn't long before Lucy arrived. With a large grin on her face she approached God and sat next to her on the cloud.

"Now then God, you are now the second female divine being to have a sex which is a relief to me, because being the only one with all those randy males has been a complete nightmare. Now, have you touched yourself there yet?"

"No I certainly haven't! I want as little to do with it as possible!"

"Now, now, that is hardly the right attitude is it? I'll touch you there so that you can begin to be feel acquainted with it."

Reluctantly, God removed her robes and laid herself down with her legs spread open facing Lucy.

"My, my, they have done a good job haven't they?! That's a beautiful bit of craftmanship there on the clitoris - its even more defined than mine!"

As Lucy examined God's newly found sex, she began to caress the long slender legs in front of her, allowing her hand to brush against the delightful hair that lay there. As God nervously looked on she then proceeded to lower her head and kiss her thighs, gently nibbling at her smooth flesh before gently parting the lips of God's sex and stroking them with her fingers. God felt a strange sensation in her lower body as her sex began to moisten and had to steady herself on her elbows as Lucy began to gently lick her pussy lips. As Lucy licked her sex the lips begin to swell and expand revealing the beautiful clitoris in all its glory.

Hungrily, Lucy took the clitoris in her mouth and gently suckled on it. God was amazed at the feeling soaring through her. It was as if her clitoris was a tap that could release juices from her sex at will. The feeling of her enlarged clitoris being sucked off in Lucy's mouth was wonderful and she eagerly ground her body in rhythm to it. Lucy continued to pleasure her by sucking on the clit as if it were a small penis. Teasing the very tip with her tongue before slowly pressing her wet lips over it completely engulfing it in her warm slick mouth. God was stunned at the intensity of feeling and was soon screaming in ecstasy as infinite orgasms tore through her body. The two remained locked together for days until God could take no more and finally they stopped.

"So what do you think then?" Lucy enquired.

"That was incredible, I can't believe I've been denied this pleasure for so long! Why an earth are us female divine beings not given a sex from the beginning!"

"Well they say that with a sex divine beings are incapable of running their planets properly because they simply can't stop doing it. In the beginning they decided that the female beings would be without a sex so that they could take care of the planets properly. It didn't matter so much for the male beings because they don't have many responsibilities to take care of. They only gave me one to give the males a bit of relief from incessant masturbation."

"I can't believe what I've been missing, its the most wonderful thing I've ever experienced!"

"Well, there's more to come. You haven't been penetrated yet."

"Ooh, I like the sound of that. When can we do that?"

"Well" Lucy laughed, "I can't help you with that one but I know someone who can."

At that point Jesus appeared as if from nowhere and came to join the two females.

"Hello God! I've been told I've got to help you with your next assignment."

"What! Surely they could have sent someone else. Why did they send you?"

"Well" Jesus replied, "they said that I was largely responsible for this mess and so I've got to help sort it all out and if it means I can finally have sex then I'm certainly not complaining!"

"Don't worry" Lucy said, "I'm sure he'll do. Now, Jesus I want you to take your clothes off and come over here."

Jesus did as he was told and laid down next to the two females.

"God, I want you to learn how to fellate a male. I'll show you how its done and then you can have a go."

Lucy then laid down next to Jesus and started to caress his torso, running little circular motions through his chest hair. Jesus started to moan almost immediately, his desire for Lucy finally being fulfilled. Lucy's hands then began to make a downward journey to his lower body and were soon grabbing and squeezing his balls. His cock quickly became rigid and stood at a modest five inches. Lucy then held the base of the cock with her hand and brought her head down to kiss its tip. Jesus winced with pleasure and tried to lift his body up into her mouth. But Lucy resisted and continued to tease him by licking the head and the shaft of his cock until it glistened in the divine light. As Jesus writhed under her, Lucy placed her other hand behind his bottom and started to gently rub his anus. She then opened her mouth wide and slipped the head of his penis inside it and slowly descended the shaft of his cock. As she did so she forced her finger in to his anus and started to pummell his cock and ass in rhythm. It wasn't long before Jesus was screeching with desire and on the verge of cumming. Then Lucy stopped and turned to God. God was laid watching them with one hand firmly stuck in her pussy furiously bringing herself off to the spectacle before her. Lucy beckoned her to come and take over. God approached Jesus, timidly staring with wonder at his hard prick.

"God, I want you to finish the job. Just do what I did and feel free to improvise."

And so God sat down next to Jesus and started to stroke his cock. She marveled at its hardness and imagined what it would feel like firmly wedged in her soaking pussy. Jesus urged her to pleasure him and so she, slightly awkwardly, began to suck his rod letting his whole five inches come deep into her throat. Jesus again started to moan and soon was again on the verge of cumming. At this point Lucy urged God to mount Jesus and to enjoy his cock inside her. Eagerly, God straddled Jesus and slowly directed his cock between the lips of her glistening pussy. She then slowly let her body drop over him and gasped as she felt his erection explore the insides of her newly found treasure. Jesus warned her that he wouldn't last much longer and so God quickened the penetration and soon they were both orgasming loudly.

Later, the three divine ones lay lazily on their cloud discussing the afternoon's adventures. Lucy was pleased with God's progress and felt that she was probably ready to engage in her mission.

"I think we should inform the Council that all is ready at this end now."

"That's fine by me," assured God. "I can hardly wait to get some more action!"

The Council was then informed and plans to start the mission were made. God's task would be to 'appear' in front of every human deemed to be too sexually cold and convince them to change. A special chamber was constructed for God to lay in while she projected herself down to earth. Obviously, being omnipresent meant that she could visit all the millions of people at once and so she would need to be comfortable.

And so it was that God did visit all the sexually frustrated, repressed, frigid people on earth and give them the lay of their life. As she sat in her chamber making love to millions of people simultaneously, the sounds emerging were incredible. She shrieked and screamed until she was hoarse and had millions of orgasms at once.

A she lay there being penetrated and licked by half of the earth's population she thought to herself "this certainly beats buttercups".


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