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After Work
by nobody special

After a hard day of work, she sits in front of her mirror brushing her long blond hair. I stroll into her room, making small talk as I start to massage her shoulders at the base of her neck. I can feel the tension release in her as I gently knead her tight muscles. I push her hair to one side, exposing her beautiful neck. I gently kiss her neck. I start kissing from the base of her neck to her ear and back down to above her shoulder blades, kissing through her shirt. Watching her reactions and enjoyment in her mirror. I start to kiss down her arm; starting at her shoulder and down the back of her right arm to her fingers.

I start to massage her hand and wrist as I kiss every finger, ever so gently. I kiss my way back up her arm to her shoulders and then down her left arm to her hand. And I massage her hand and wrist and gently kiss each finger. I start to kiss on the front of her arm and work my way to the left side of her neck. I gently kiss up her neck and down her jaw to her chin. Then a long passionate, loving kiss on the lips. She eagerly accepts the kiss and gives one of her own in return. I started to unbutton her shirt as I restart the little kisses on her chin and up the right side of her jaw and her neck. I unbutton her shirt starting at the top and going down while gently giving her kisses on her beautiful throat.

I peel back her shirt revealing her beautiful, trapped breasts and stomach. She gives out a loud sigh as started to kiss my way down from her throat to her bra-covered breasts. She finished removing her shirt as I started to gently kiss her left breast through the bra, paying special attention not to touch her nipple. She goes to remove her bra, but I catch her hands with mine, and quickly give her another passionate kiss on her lips and I say to her in a soft, loving voice "No, let me do it."

Looking into her I eyes, I see her eagerness and acceptance as she returns the kiss back to me, with even more passion that I could ever have imagined. I start back on her breasts, kissing the right one through the material. I reach behind her and release the clasp on her bra. She takes a deep breath and said "Thank you" as she exhales the breath she just took in. I peel her bra off. Ever so slowly, watching every expression on her face. Her beautiful breasts stay in the same position as when they were bound up. I can't resist. I start kissing her right breast again as I finish removing her bra from her arms. I then kiss her right nipple; I lick it and then take it into my mouth. She moans with pleasure as I start to play with the little button with my tongue. I suck and roll my tongue around her nipple until it is as hard as I can get it. Then I gently kiss my way back to her left breast and do the same for that one. I look up to see the pleasure on her face from what I am doing. As I suck on her left nipple, I reach down and unbuttoned her jeans, She breathes a "yes" as she feels the pressure of her jeans release from around her waist.

I start kissing around each breast again as my hands unzip her tight jeans. I then move the kisses to her stomach. I reach behind her and pull her hips forward, she raises up off of the chair so I can peel her jeans down to her knees, revealing her panties. I straighten them as she sits back down. I look back up to her and smile as I think of what is coming next. I then kneel down to help her step out of her jeans. I take her left foot and start to massage it and give each toe a little kiss. I try to keep eye contact with her as I kiss the back of her long leg; little kisses starting from her ankle to her knee and then to her thighs and panties. I pause for a second as I get to the middle of her panties, it feels like an hour as the temptation to dive into her willing pussy grows stronger. Her intoxicating smell makes me want her even more. I blow a soft breeze over her panties where her pussy is making a wet and inviting impression.

I then continue to kiss around her pubic area and then kiss over to her right thigh and up to her foot and her toes, giving them the same attention as the other. I start kissing again on the back of her right knee, gently kissing her inner thighs: kissing one then the other in a criss-cross manner. I watch her squirm and moan as I continue to work my way back to her panties. As I get to her panties, I slip my hands back behind her and gently move her forward an inch or two. Then I blow on her panties where her wet inviting pussy pouts for attention. She moves her hips forcing me into her wet panties. I start kissing around her pussy again, and she moans even more. I kiss her pouting pussy, and she starts to grind her pussy into my face. I pull away and look at her with a smile and say to her "Not yet," as I stretch up to give her another passionate kiss, which she returns with much more force and passion than before.

I return to her panties. I push the center of them to the side, revealing the beautiful folds of her inviting pussy. I blow on it with my warm breath, making her squirm and moan a little bit more. I kiss her warm, wet tenderness and then give one quick lick, covering the entire length of her pussy. Her body stretches as her muscles contract from the sensation of having her pussy finally touched. I eagerly remove her panties to get her more comfortable and I return just as quickly to her delicious tasting pussy.

I place her right thigh on my shoulder as I blow some more warm air over her beautiful folds. With my left hand I uncover her swollen clit from its hiding place at the top of her pussy. I lick her pussy again stopping about half way so I can suck her eager lips into my mouth and gently pulling them up and let them snap back to her. I rub her clit back and forth between my fingers as my tongue makes its way up to it, trying to lick and suck up all of her luscious, sweet nectar. I use my right forefinger to joyfully play with her womanly folds, gently pushing one finger in and out of them. I take her clit into my mouth and suck on it as hard as I can. I roll my tongue around her clit and push my fingers farther into her folds until her body shakes and her screams get louder, calling for more. I don't let up, I want her cum now and with a few more spasms of her body, that almost send the chair flying across the room, I quickly catch her and help her to the floor.

I crawl up over her and give her another passionate kiss, which she returns eagerly, and then says in a soft, loving voice, "thank you, I really needed that."


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