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Abigail's Wedding
by English Bob

"I do," said Mark in a quiet shaky voice.

"I now pronounce you man and may kiss the bride," The minister concluded.

Abigail watched Mark's face as it approached her for that all important kiss. She was furious. To say that he looked a little green was a tremendous understatement. The fact was he looked completely sick! Abigail knew that he had been out on his stag party the night before and had told Steve, his best friend and best man, that she didn't want to know what happened, so long as Steve got Mark to the church at the right time and in a sober state. From the look of Mark, Steve had completely failed to comply with these simple instructions. Mark pecked his new bride carefully on the lips and, to the sound of the music, they walked back down the aisle and out into the bright sunshine for the photographs.

Towards the end of the evening, at the reception being held in the Embassy room of the Grand Hotel, Abigail was still being the perfect hostess, looking after her guests as she did the rounds of the tables. She thanked her guests for coming, and graciously accepted their compliments on her dress and appearance. As she indulged in small talk with the guests, she looked around for Mark.

"Where are you, you useless sod?" she thought to herself as her eyes scanned the large room, unable to sight him.

Disengaging herself from the light conversation with an elderly aunt she hardly remembered, she spotted Mark's best man Steve and walked towards him. Steve could see her coming from the other side of the room and could smell trouble. Abigail was a formidable woman. With her heels she stood nearly 6ft tall, and her long blonde hair was now tied in a tight bun on top of her head. The white bridal dress was exquisite. Cut low in the front to reveal a good amount of her well tanned 40 inch breasts, nicely tailored to hug her slim waist and rounded bottom and falling over her legs to a hem just off the floor.

As she neared Mark, she could see that he was chatting to Sue, Abigail's best friend and bridesmaid.

"Bloody hell, Steve," said Abigail as she walked up to him. "Mark was completely wasted at the church. Where is he now?"

"Sorry Abby. I guess we must have had a little too much to drink last night," Steve replied sheepishly with a weak grin. "I think he's gone up to my suite for a lie down."

"Shit. I suppose I'd better go look for him. This is not over yet Steve, I want to talk to you later!"

As Abby stormed off, Steve turned back to Sue to continue their conversation. Sue was really cute, and Steve had been trying to get her alone all night. He was feeling hung over as well and it had taken all his concentration to keep his attention on the conversation and his eyes from straying to Sue's very ample cleavage. It was extremely difficult! His mind kept wondering what it would be like to see her heaving breasts swing deliciously above him as she straddled him and impaled herself on his rapidly hardening tool. As their conversation lulled, Steve made a move. Gently sliding his arm around her waist, he let his hand slide down to her pert behind, giving the sweet cheeks a little squeeze.

"What do you say we continue this conversation upstairs?" he whispered into her ear.

"Well that might be a little difficult. I thought you said that Mark was sleeping it off in your room?"

Steve tried to assemble his thoughts in to a plan. She hadn't said no and that was a start.

"I'm sure we could find a room somewhere up there! Mark booked the whole of the first floor."

"I thought you'd never ask!" cried Sue as, grabbing his hand, they slipped out of the room and quickly made their way upstairs.

Abigail opened the door to Steve's room and peeked inside. All was dark. As she let her eyes become accustomed to the gloom, she could make out a figure on the bed and could hear Mark's familiar snoring. She approached the sleeping figure and gently shook his shoulder.

"Wake up Mark, it's me."

No response. She shook a little harder, spoke a little louder.

"Mark! Wake up you sod! People are wondering where you are."

Mark's rhythmical snoring answered her. Abby could feel her anger rising once more. She knew Mark too well. Once he was asleep in a drunken stupor, there would be no waking him until the morning.

"Shit!" she thought. "I'm not even going to get a wedding night fuck!"

Throwing a blanket over him, she decided to let Steve sort him out. After all, it was Steve that had let him get into this mess. He could have the pleasure of sleeping in the same room!

Closing the door, Abby made her way back down the sweeping staircase and re-entered the reception room. As the time was nearing 11pm, a lot of the guests were beginning to leave. Abigail again thanked them graciously, and after the last guest had departed, she made her way back upstairs to the honeymoon suite. As she opened the door to her room, she felt tired and a little buzzed from the day. She had been looking forward to a night of passion with her new husband, but as this was obviously not going to happen, she had resigned herself to a good night's sleep.

As Abby entered the room, she stopped suddenly. She could clearly make out the unmistakable sounds of pleasure coming from the bedroom.

"What the hell?" she thought. Someone was in her room! And, if she was not mistaken, they were enjoying themselves immensely!

Very quietly and with a mischievous grin on her pretty face, Abby closed the door. Slipping off her heels, she padded silently toward the bedroom. The curtains were not closed, and although the overhead light was not on, the moonlight through the window threw an eerie illumination over the scene before her. She could clearly make out the best man Steve, comfortably reclined in a lounge chair with his suite trousers round his ankles. Kneeling in front of him was her best friend Sue. Sue had her delicate hand wrapped around Steve's very large erection and was guiding it in and out of her pretty mouth. Even in the half light, Abby could clearly see the look of pleasure on Steve's face as Sue swirled her tongue over the end of his cock and once again sucked it deep into her throat. Steve's moaning was getting louder and more insistent as he urged her on.

"Mmmm...oh yes baby...suck it deep...mmm feels so good in your suck so good baby...ohhhh I'm gonna cum soon...soon baby...real soon."

Steve's lustful words encouraged Sue further as one hand gripped what little of his shaft was not buried in her mouth and the other massaged his large hanging balls.

Abby was transfixed as she silently watched the display. She had never thought of herself as a voyeur before, but she realised that she was becoming incredibly turned on. Steve seemed to be approaching his orgasm quickly now as Sue jerked his shaft, sucked his cockhead and cupping his big balls. Steve continued to egg her on with his words and started to buck his hips.

"Ugh..ugh..ugh.. Oh baby..I'm gonna cum...yes..yes..YESSSSSSSSSS"

Abby watched intently as Sue pulled her lips from his erection and jerked him furiously. Steve moaned deep and long as a huge stream of cum erupted from the end of his cock and landed on Sue's face. The first large release was quickly followed by several smaller ones as Sue fisted his cock and emptied his balls.

Abby decided that this was the moment to make her entrance, and flicked the light switch.

"Wha..what?" said Steve and Sue in unison as the room burst into light.

Abby smiled as she crossed the floor and sat opposite them on the bed. Sue's face was streaked with cum, and the surprise of her entrance had left Steve's cock wilting quickly.

"Well." said Abby, now in control. "I sure hope you're not done, because watching you has made me as horny as hell!"

Although Steve looked completely shocked, Sue smiled and began crawling towards the bed. Sue and Abby had known each other for years, and had first met at school. Neither considered themselves bisexual, but on a few occasions in the past, they had experimented together. Both girls were now really fired up, and as Steve looked unable to help for a while, they turned to each other.

Sue retained her kneeling position on the floor and as she neared Abby and threw a lustful look over her shoulder towards Steve.

"Maybe a little show will return you to a state of readiness a little quicker!" she grinned.

Abby smiled. She was really horny now, and needed some attention. Sue's gentle touch was just what she wanted! Sue slowly pushed Abby's legs apart and wriggled herself into a position between them. Taking the hem of the long bridal gown she began to delicately move it inch by inch up Abby's legs. As the gown rose further and further, and the tops of her white stockings came into view, Sue bunched the skirt up around Abby's waist. Abby put her hands on the bed behind her for support as she felt Sue's delectable tongue slide lovingly over the hot flesh of her thighs above the stockings. She let her legs fall open even further as the tongue left wet trails over her skin getting ever nearer to her white silk panties. Sue could feel the heat from Abby's crotch as, not wanting to wait to take them off, she pulled the panties quickly aside and buried her head in her friend's soft, blonde curls. Abby threw her head back and moaned deeply as she felt the tongue slide wonderfully over her moist slit and seek out her hot little love button. She felt the bed move slightly and looked to see a smiling Steve gazing at her with pure lust. Abby lifted her legs and dropped them over Sue's shoulders as Sue continued her oral assault. Steve's hands were sliding the zipper down on the back of her dress. Slowly ..slowly, further down the zipper slid until the dress back parted and the front gaped loosely. Abby was gasping for air now, as Steve pulled the front of the gown down to her waist and quickly removed the white lacy bra that was then revealed. As the bra fell away, Abby felt the cool night air hit her large tits. Her nipples stiffened almost immediately, and as Steve drew one straight into his mouth and nibbled gently on it Abby lost all control.

"Aaaagghhhhhh.....god yes....ooooooohhhhhhhh... I'm cumminggggggg .....aaaahhhhhhh!!!!!"

Abby's orgasm hit her hard and fast. The combination of her girlfriend's tongue now fucking her cunt, and Steve's teeth nibbling (none too gently!) on her nipple was an incredible feeling. Her senses exploded. Her legs jerked and beat a tattoo on Sues back and her vagina convulsed around the girl's tongue sending the shockwaves from her stocking covered toes to the top of her head.

As Sue climbed up onto the bed, her face still wet with Steve and Abby's cum, the trio relaxed for a moment, catching their breath. Steve was now naked and his cock proudly standing to attention again. As Abby was till partially, and Sue completely clothed, he encouraged them both to strip completely. Steve thought he had died and gone to heaven as he watched Sue strip off her clothes. Her body was as sexy as he thought it would be. Large firm breasts with huge nipples. A flat stomach wide hips and shapely legs. Sue's dark bush contrasted perfectly with Abby's wispy blonde curls. Both pussies were neatly trimmed.

Abby was back in control again. "I think as she has brought us both so much pleasure, Sue should now receive some back. From both of us. Don't you agree Steve?"

Steve smiled wickedly and gave his cock a swift rub. "Oh yes Abby. I think that's a perfect idea!"

Quickly, Abbey threw the unsuspecting Sue back on the bed and squatted over her head. "Just kiss my pussy again babe." she said "we're gonna make you feel soooo good!"

Pulling Sue's legs up Abby buried her face in her girlfriend's very moist vagina. Steve could see the way that this was going and took up his position behind Sue. With her legs up and spread widely, Steve could see Abby's tongue sliding sensuously into Sue's trimmed pussy. Abby's copious saliva was trickling down between Sue's swollen cunt lips and running over her little puckered asshole. Using his finger, Steve started to slide the moisture around Sue's tight little anus, teasing it and dipping his finger every now and then into her tight back door. This action caused Sue to twist and jerk a little, trying to get more of the digit up her ass. Abby raised her head from her task for a moment to speak to Steve.

"Do it Steve...she's always told me she wants it in her ass. Go on...put your cock in there..fuck her in her tight asshole."

Steve, needing no second invitation, proceeded to wipe some of the fluid from around the girls pussy and ass, against his now fully hard prick, lubricating it nicely. He lined himself up at the entrance to her back door and pushed gently. Abby had returned her lips to her friend's pussy now, and both girls were squealing in excitement. Steve's cock entered Sue's ass. With an audible pop' he was past the tight anal muscle and was sliding deep into her. Sue felt an initial sharp pain and buried her face into Abby's cunt to stop her from screaming out. The vibrations rocked Abby visibly and her body shuddered with a second orgasm, releasing a further torrent of fluid into her friends mouth. As Sue felt the warm liquid trickle down her throat, she also felt the pain in her lower regions mellow into a beautifully, pleasant awareness and joined her friend in a powerful orgasm bucking her hips and sending Steve's cock deep into her body.

Steve was still somewhere in heaven. He was fucking this beautiful girls ass with long sensual strokes. If he looked down, not only could he see his prick slide slowly into her stretched hole, but he was also treated to a close up view of the brides tongue lashing at her bridesmaid's clit! Wow, what a sight!. Having already blown his cum once that night, he was surprised to feel his balls start to twitch and spasm again so quickly. He tried to fight it, but, with the air full of the girls' squeals, the sight of Sue's swollen clit and the sensations that he was receiving from within her ass, his body took over and he succumbed to the delightful feeling of his own orgasm. Quickly pulling out of Sue's ass with another pop', his cock let loose as if with a mind of it's own. His cum spewed forth, dripping onto Sue's ass and pussy and dribbling down to pool on her stomach. Another burst from his throbbing member deposited a gob of his thick semen directly on to Abby's face which was still positioned between her friends legs and lashing furiously against her clit. Completely spent, Steve rolled onto his back to be joined a few seconds later by his two new friends.

"Wow, that was great" whispered Abby. "I could see everything from that angle. Steve's huge cock going deep into your ass looked sooo good!"

"God, yes." replied Sue "I though at first it would split me open, but then it started to feel just fantastic. I don't think I've ever cum so fucking hard! Abby, you gotta try it!"

Steve groaned. His head still hurt from the hang-over and he didn't think he could get it up again to save his life!

"Haha...Don't worry Steve, I'm not going to jump you again." laughed Abby. Then turning to her girlfriend she continued,

"Sue, what say we see if we can get any life out of my snoring husband?"

Smiling, both girls headed for the door.

To Be Continued...

* * * * *

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