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Another Workingday
by Natasja

I have gone to some party where there are mostly men, something I don't notice when I get there. I have a few drinks, enjoy myself, but after some time I am starting to get sleepy. So I sit down, en just before I fall asleep, I realize that somebody must have put something in my drink. Then it all goes black. When I wake up the next morning I don't remember a thing, so I think I had a pleasant evening.

Next day I go to work, and everybody's smiling at me. So I think they are all in a good mood. Then someone calls me over to his computer and asks me to check something out. On the screen I see pictures of me on that party, naked, and being used by a large group of men, all at the same time. I can't look away from the screen, surprised, horrified and shocked. There are many pictures, from different viewpoints, but all with one face, mine. All the people at work have now gathered and are watching it with me. One of them says something like; "so that's what you like" and puts his hand on my ass. I am unable to react, still looking a the screen. The others see there no reaction, so they start touching me as well. I feel their hands rubbing over my clothing and some have already started to open my blouse and trousers. I realize I'm being raped but I can't do anything else then look at the pictures of me on the screen. I feel hands sliding over my ass, my thighs, my stomach, my breasts. But it seems like I'm paralyzed by the images of me before my eyes. Someone has unbuttoned my jeans and I feel it slide down my legs. My blouse is also pulled down and I feel loads of hands exploring my body. I feel how my underwear is also stripped from my body, but I don't seem to realize what's going on.

My colleagues stop touching me for a second, as if everybody wanted to have a good look at my naked body. Then some start touching me again while others start to undress. The first dick enters me in my ass. It's huge. Although the pain is awful, I still am paralyzed. I know what's going on, but my body won't listen to my brain. The man who as raping my ass grabs my breasts and pulls me towards him, leaning backwards himself, jamming his dick as deep as possible in my ass. Once again I want to scream, but don't move my mouth. The man pulls me backwards far enough to lift my feet of the ground, and immediately there are hands around my legs, pulling them up and spreading them. A second guy enters my cunt, and as soon as the first guy has lied down on a table, another hard cock is forcing it's way into my mouth.

My mind goes crazy, but my body just reacts to the constant pounding I'm taking, but I'm still able to see the monitor and there keep appearing new images. This must have gone on for hours, the whole company being round up to have a go at me. And all I do is push people aside when they block my view of the monitor. The positions I take on the pictures on the screen are repeatedly being copied. The favorite seems to be the one where I'm lying on top of the guy who's fucking my asshole, and three guys on top of me. One is pistoning his dick in and out of my mouth, the second one is rubbing his between my tits, and the third is ramming into my cunt. My arms are pulled sideways, and my hands are used to jerk people off.

As I start to see pictures on the screen I have seen before, I fail to notice that many of my co-workers have also returned for a second round, becoming excited again by watching my naked and now sweaty body bobbing up and down between all those men and by noticing that I don't put up a fight, and there are people shouting; "Fuck her harder, she's loving every second of it, the wet slut!" Sometimes it looks like it's a competition, the one who fucks me the hardest, or the one who makes me react. Because that's the one thing I don't do. Even not when they resort to jamming their fists in me, front and back. Hours later the men are starting to leave. One by one, satisfied, exhausted, or just have lost interest after they have fucked and cum in and on me.

When the last dick slides out my cunt, I'm completely covered in a moist thin substance.

When everybody's done, they tell me they have got the photos, and if I am nice to them and obey they won't do anything with them. I'm still in a state of shock, and somehow I believe that it's better to listen to what they say, thereby avoiding the pics going through my neighborhood, or being seen by family and friends. Unfortunately everybody now believes that I'm willing to go any length from the pics getting out, so now they fuck me when they want to. I still believe I have to listen, and do what they say.

For some strange reason I don't realize how stupid I am. Every night, I am the victim of a gang rape, and the word gets out. Colleagues brings friends, the friends bring friends, and still I don't get that doing this to prevent the pics from getting out in the open, has now gone to myself being out in the open. Maybe it's because I have stopped to think and accepted it as a daily occurrence. I'm getting raped walking through the city, when I'm going shopping, I'm getting raped when I'm going out, I am becoming a party treat for bachelor parties. And no-one who sees this happen is upset or angry.

I have become a things-to-do-when-you-are-in-Holland item. I get raped on the middle of the street, and when I ask for help, the women snigger and look down on the whore they think I am, and the men join in the bang. It doesn't take long before it has become as acceptable to me as going shopping. I'm strangely getting used to men, coming into my house, just to get an orgasm. They don't come to fuck me, they just come to shoot of a load in a nicely packaged fucktoy. On days that there is something to celebrate in the city, I'm getting tied up on the market and get fucked the whole day through. And when I go to sleep at night, if there is nobody waiting in the bedroom, I know that when I wake up there is somebody who already has his dick in my ass. And I don't care.

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