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A Weekend at the Cabin Pt. II
by db01

How can I ever thank you but to continue the story in part 3? **kiss** my darling Amanda

"May I have this dance?" I ask. Your eyes smile as you reach up and take my hand. The electricity of our fingers touching causes jolts to run up my arm. Oh how much I love this man. I hear the music you've picked, a salsa, and my hips begin to sway seductively. I see your expression change to one of surprise and pleasure.

"Dance for me, darling," you tell me. With a smile in my eyes and my heart pounding, I begin to move, hips gyrating, hearing the beat of the music all the way to my soul. I move forward, dancing directly over your head, tantalizing you with the movement of my hips and thighs. Your eyes widen as you see hints of what lies beneath the negligee. My body sways and moves and I begin to lift the edge of the gown. I see your hand begin to reach for me, but shaking my head, I move back, out of your reach. Clutching at the rug underneath you I see you lean back and regain control. I smile, and move closer once again. The music has me in its power, and I respond as a woman who knows what she wants and plans to have it.

This time I move lower. Hips twisting and grinding round and round as I move lower to your face. Knowing that I am causing the blood in you to boil. I continue to lift the edge of my gown giving your imagination hints of the pleasure that is to come. The heat in me is transferring itself to parts of my body, which respond in kind. My face reddens, and I begin to feel my juices flow. Heat is coming off my body in waves and you respond to me by running your hands up my thighs. I look down and see your face. There is a look of intense concentration on your face and I realize it won't be long before you rise up and take me up those stairs to the loft and that wonderful mirror.

I spread my legs a bit wider and feel your fingers moving up towards my center. Stopping the hands that travel my body is hard because I want more. Our eyes meet, communicating without words. I see you begin to rise and I know this is our moment. Leaning over, I grab the two champagne flutes and the bottle of champagne and head for the stairs. You are right behind me, one hand on my backside. Are you guiding me or pushing me forward? Either way we are both eager to reach the bedroom.

As we enter the bedroom, I feel you turn me around to face you. It is at this moment that you kiss me with all the pent up frustrations I've created with my passionate dancing. Your hands move down past my waist, and I feel you squeezing my buttocks. With love overflowing, my arms wrap themselves around your neck, kissing all over your sexy face, eyes, ears, nose, and your lips.

Feeling your powerful erection at my belly, I move sensuously against you, the friction causing you to pull me even closer and kiss me harder. I feel you lift me in your arms, still kissing me and move towards the bed. Gently you lay me down, taking the glasses and bottle from my hands.

Your hands move to the sides of my thighs and slide under the edges of my gown. The scent of my body is powerful and I feel you open my legs, and bury your face in my wetness. I arch up to meet your tongue. All is forgotten except for our need to quench this thirst within each other. I feel you move your tongue deeply inside of me, and I begin to whimper. Your tongue slides from inside me to reach my clitoris. Gently you suck it into your mouth, squeezing it between your lips. Causing me to lift off the bed in ecstasy. Your fingers move towards my breasts and you take my nipple between your thumb and index finger and pinch me gently. My juices are flowing freely now and I feel you sucking me thoroughly, not wanting to miss a single drop.

My hands in your hair are holding you in place as you continue to suck me. I am almost delirious with delight at your sexual ministrations. I am climbing this mountain and am almost at the precipice. I feel you take my legs and place them over your shoulders. Lifting my hips off the bed to reach your mouth you begin sucking me in earnest and I shatter into a thousand electrical sparks. I am shaking with the passions you have brought forth and you continue to drink the nectar my body has created.

Slowly you let me down. As I try to catch my breath, I see that you have yet to begin your own journey. I rise up and help you to remove your trousers. I see you standing before me, a fully aroused male in all his glory. I think of what a lucky woman I am to have the love of such a powerful, yet caring man and I ache to show him how much I love him. I pull you onto the bed with me, turning you onto your back, straddling you. It is my turn to be in control and I revel in the thought.

Holding you down with my hips, I scoot down a little lower in order to see you in glorious detail. I glance over to the side of the bed and look at our reflection in the mirror. What an erotic picture we make! My hands reach for you and I slowly trail my fingertips up your shaft. I feel you arch up into my hands and I smile knowingly. Looking at your face, I wink at you. Be patient lover. The twinkle in your eye is back and you chuckle at me. I bend forward and kiss you and then return to your waiting manhood. Its head is almost purple and the veins, engorged with blood are visible all around it. I lean over, kiss the head and gently suck it into my mouth. I hear you groaning. Oh what a joy this is, making love to this man. Looking over at the mirror I am able to watch as I take you deeply into my mouth. Listening to you groan I take you in deeper. You lift your hips to penetrate deeper and knowing how this makes you feel I take all of you into my mouth.

Oh how good you feel to me! Your hands have moved to my hair and you hold me in place as you slowly thrust in and out of my mouth. Sensations such as I have never felt course through me. I feel a sense of power in knowing that I am able to cause you to tremble at my touch. It's a heady feeling. You are loving my mouth thoroughly and I open up completely and feel you shudder as your head touches the back of my throat. Sitting up, you pull me up to you and kiss me deeply, your tongue filling my mouth just as your cock was a moment ago..

I feel you turning me over and in one fluid moment I feel you entering me. It is heavenly, that first thrust inside of me! Deeply you stroke into my being. Looking into my eyes and then smiling, you lean over and pull one nipple into your mouth. I reach down to hold your head there. Your tongue lavishes attention on first one breast and then the other. I feel you sliding in and out of me with long smooth strokes. My hips are almost off the bed, rising to meet you. Almost simultaneously, we both look over at the mirror and what a sight there is to see, your arms supporting you, my legs around the back of your thighs as you kneel in between them. I feel you start pounding me harder with each stroke and I am rising to meet your demands. The emotions that are flowing through me know no bounds and I feel like I am floating free. Your touch has created a wanton creature whose only desire is to please you.

Pushing you over, I straddle you and begin the ride of my life. I feel your hands on my ass, and you rise up, pushing into me deeper, much deeper than I have ever felt you before. We are like two animals in heat, our passions completely out of control. I raise my hips and rush back down again and again, and then it happens, so quickly. I feel you thrust up, hear you cry out and you erupt inside of me. I am filled with the sensation of warmth as you cum deep inside of me. I feel my own juices begin to overflow and a feeling of incredible release, my mind's eye seeing flashes of brilliant lights and then contentment slowly washing over me as I fall forward to lay on you. I look over at the mirror and look at us and I sigh, softly as I feel your arms wrap themselves once more around me. What an evening this has been and so much more to look forward to this weekend.

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