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A Winter Fantasy
by Cowboyk5

For Hunter

Snow collects in the corners and swirls past the frosty windows of my cabin in the cold, dark winters' eve. I stoke up the fire and put away the dried dishes from my evenings' meal then stare out into the darkness, wishing for a companion with which to share my warm shelter and desirous mood. Realizing that the chance of such is largely without much hope, I retire to my comfy sheepskin-covered pallet and, from a most secret cache, I retrieve a sheaf of dog-eared letters. Well worn from repeated perusals, these shall be my companions on this blustery winters' night. Written by a dear and creative lover, these same tomes have elicited from me on past eves both the effects for which they'd been composed, those being one of extreme arousal, and the flow of copious amounts of my thick issue, spilled o'er my clenched fist during the visions and fantasies conjured by the words upon their pages.

Settling back against stacked cotton-stuffed pillows, I began to read, - a favorite selection from the cache in one hand, the other lightly rolling and caressing my heavy testes slackly hanging betwixt my thighs. As I progressed into the tale upon the pages, the visions invoked by the shameless descriptions thereupon of actions both experienced and wished for began a stirring in my loins, the beginnings of arousal. My cock, thus far listless and at rest, began to swell and lengthen, increasing twofold in it's proportions as my free hand lightly grasped it and began languidly stroking it's lengthening shaft. Not much further along into the sordid yarn, the first rivulets of glistening pre-cum began to flow from the open eye in its' tip, cascading across the purplish, plum-shaped head and over my clenching fist.

Wiping the flow down the shaft to lubricate my now-tightening grip, wet sounds began to fill the quiet air of the cabin as my pumping grew more and more fevered. Visions of the events described on the pages filled my mind, and I closed my eyes and relied on memories to finish the fueling of my masturbatory frenzy. Nearing the doorstep of imminent release, I could feel my heavily laden balls drawing close to the base of my cock precedent to orgasm when suddenly, I was yanked back from the brink by an insistent pounding upon the front door of my dwelling! A bit shaken at this pumpus-interruptus, I released my throbbing member and wrapped myself in the largest of the warm sheepskins. Whomever this is must certainly be in dire need, or shall be so momentarily, I swear were the thoughts that replaced my previous lustful reveries. Quickly stomping across the space to the door, beyond which stood the unknown intruder, I steeled myself for come-what-may. Grasping the latch, I flung the portal wide and stood there agape..... For beyond the opening, there in the swirling white flakes in the darkness, stood the very composer of my most treasured letters! She smiled and shook the snow from her blonde locks as she threw back the cowl of the long wolfskin parka in which she was clad. Looks like I've arrived at a singular moment,- care to make it a moment for two? ~ was I startled?- yes. Articulate? - no. Stupid? = hardly!

Reaching out, I grasped one mittened hand in mine and drew her into the warmth of my den. "What in the world are you...?" was all I managed to blurt out before she stopped me mid-sentence by shrugging the heavy coat from her shapely shoulders and letting it fall to the floor at her feet, revealing that her voluptuous form was clad in little more than a few thin hides roughly sewn in strategic spots and a huge cheshireish smile.

This, and a little pair of wolfskin boots comprised the whole of her outfit,- nice, I thought , nice indeed! Not much concerned whether her hugely erect nipples protruding against the tautly drawn bustier she wore were due to the cold or her present mental state, I dropped to my knees before her and nuzzled the valley between her rounded globes and nipped and drew upon each nipple in turn through the leather. "I take this then, to mean a yes, - eh?" she said as she lifted me to my feet with nothing more than a crooked finger beneath my chin. Small talk wasn't even a consideration as we led each other over to my low bed in the far corner of the room. The sheepskin having been discarded at the door, my now merely semi-erect member hung defenseless and at her mercy as she pushed me back upon the pillows in the corner and proceeded to revive it to it's former state of tensile strength.

I watched as her full lips first engulfed my length, then regurgitated the wet shaft to suckle at the head, over and over again, and she easily soon had me where she wanted me - extremely hard and wanton. Lifting the hem of her skirt, she rose to straddle my hips, then reached down to rub the swollen head of my hardened cock against her dewey labial folds, enjoying the tease and my lusty expression. Then, with a huge lascivious grin, she rose slightly and impaled herself upon my turgid shaft. I Watched as her wet sex rose and fell around mine, the thick, pink-lined lips pushing in on her downward thrusts, and pouting outward on her upward pulls. The tightness when she would occasionally squeeze me with a motion of her thighs, made me only want to thrust into her deeper still. Gripping her at her waist, I rolled us over and spread her wide, using my weight to press her knees upward as I drove my cock up into her belly, I took control for a moment. Then, a pause, and pulling from her delicious little cunt, I rolled her over, grabbing one of the large, firm pillows under us and placied it under her middle.

"Do you want this? Do you need this?" I growled into her ear as my hand delved to caress her sopping pussy then using the wetness from there to ease the slow penetration of a finger into her tight, puckered ass. Her assent, - a nod and a toss of her head as she looked back over her shoulder and smiled at me. Slowly and deeply my wet digit pumped her until I could feel her relax, accustoming herself to the entry, and allowing the insertion of a second finger to dilate her opening even more. I slowly pumped her for a moment, feeling the thick muscular ring open and welcome my actions, then rose, and moved around to her side. She knew immediately what was up and again locked onto me, sucking hard, then working my shaft with one fist, allowing her saliva to coat and lube my hard cock for the assault to come.

Moving behind her upturned rear, and withdrawing the fingers from her now open ass, with both hands I spread her cheeks wide and worked the head of my wet member into her, waited a moment, then motioned for her to take it from there. With a low groan she pressed back against me, taking my length inch-by-inch until my loaded testes lie against her sodden cunt. I felt the movement of her hand as it insinuated itself between her widespread thighs and began massaging her swollen clit before she began to pull herself slowly from my intruding cock. I left the entire process to her as I watched my shaft alternately appear and disappear with the rocking of her shapely derriere as she fucked me with a slow, methodical determination. But alas, I was not long for this pleasure, as I could feel the pressure building at the base of my deeply embedded prick. I entwined my fingers into her beautiful hair and roughly pulled her head back to gaze into those heated eyes, the response this elicited informed me as how to proceed. With the one hand in her hair and the other cupping a full breast, I commandeered the pace and began to fuck her with deep, steady strokes, my pendulous balls slapping her rotating fingers on every inward push, and feeling the sudden rush of cool air around me as I vacated her warm flesh on the outward pulls. Closer and closer we approached the point we struggled to reach. I drew her to me as I burrowed deeply into her for the last thrusts, then, there it was, the shudder I had waited for as she came in an undulating wave! I felt her fingers caress my cock through the wall of flesh separating her wet pussy from her rectum as she finger-fucked her pussy, and her mouth formed soundless words before she groaned into the chill air of the cabin. That, combined with the clenching of her ass around my engorged member had me there. I held as long as I could, enjoying the feeling of her spasming, thrusting cum, then had to pull from her and leap to my feet.

Still grasping a handful of her curls, I lifted her to her knees just as I lost control of my reserve. A stream of grey-white jizz erupted from my pulsing cock as I aimed for her opening mouth. She extended a kittenish pink tongue and did her best to catch the thick, ropy streams as they came, spurting across her tongue and down one cheek, then allowed me to hover over her and milk the last sticky strands with my clenched fist before retracting her goo-coated oral digit and licking her lips clean of my poorer-aimed shots. I watched as she gathered the slippery stuff from her chin and the crevice between her magnificent globes with a finger and transferred it to her pursed, sucking lips. Upon this culmination of our tryst, my knees finally gave way and I sank down beside her on the pillows to laugh and roll with her together before engaging in a race across the floor to the icebox and a bottle of pink champagne we both knew was kept therein.

Upon the popping of the cork and the first swigs from the foil-encased vessel, we parked ourselves in front of the sputtering fireplace and began to argue as to who's fault it was that we hadn't done such a filthy thing together for such an overly-long time and when we would hope to do it again. Of course, we couldn't agree as to who's fault it was, but did come to the conclusion that I'd better get to the soap and water if we were gonna repeat the session before the bottle was finished!

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