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A Walk into Submission
by Amor ad Vincula

It was unseasonably warm for late fall. I was walking the dog when she decided to run off leaving me frustrated in my search to find her. I walked the wooded path calling her and grumbling under my breath that I would never trust her again to be off her lead. The woods were quiet, empty and almost eerie in their stillness, yet the sun was warm and bright in that early part of the afternoon encouraging me to walk deeper into the thick brush and trees.

I stumbled occasionally on a few rocks and fallen branches before eventually falling. It was then that I felt a large hand upon my shoulder helping me up but not before I heard the deep gruff voice tell me to look straight ahead and to not make a sound. Startled, I attempted to turn and protest but a flash of shiny metal caught my eye as the man placed a large knife to my throat. I froze in fear as he gently pushed me forward coaxing me ahead. I walked slowly, stumbling in the thick brush underfoot. He held tightly to my arm as glimpses of the knife could be seen from the corner of my eye.

I whispered quietly to him asking where he was taking me. He remained quiet as we trudged deeper into the woods. Before long, we came to a less dense area. He placed the blade at my throat and a hand on my shoulder pushing me to my knees. I groaned as I knelt on the cold hard rocks while trying to maintain my balance. Within seconds a dark bag or hood of some sort was placed over my head and my arms were pulled tightly behind my back. He placed his heavy booted foot between my knees and pushed them wide apart. He tied me at my elbows and wrists then crossed my ankles before tying them as well. He tied my wrists securely to my bound ankles.

I remained there for a short while, I suppose he was admiring his handy work or maybe trying to decide what he should do. My voice trembled as I squeaked out a faint, "Please?" He ignored my weak attempt at pleading as he approached me, his footsteps heavy in the fallen leaves below them. I remained silent. He walked past me and I heard him rustling not sure what he was doing before he returned to me. I felt him behind me. The weight of his stare almost smothering. He lifted the dark material from my eyes, enough to allow me a glimpse of the shiny knife. He lowered the hood back to just below my view. It was dark again but at least I could breath better as my mouth and nose remained expose to the crisp air.

He moved from behind me. Standing me front of me now, I could feel the warmth of his presence before me. He inched a bit closer before I felt his hard cock as he rubbed it against my lower cheek and chin. I could feel my body shake in fear as he traced my lips with the sticky tip. I remained still as he slid the cold metal along my jaw line to my neck. Slowly the blade inched lower and I felt my tee shirt slip from my body as he cut it. The sun was warm but the cool air evoked my nipples to stand at attention. He slid his fingers over the hard tips before his knife freed them from my bra. I felt tears form in my eyes as I imagined the site of me kneeling there, so vulnerable to his whim. He grabbed my full breasts roughly, squeezing and lifting them.

He tugged at my hard nipples, pulling them and pinching them. He stopped and I heard him take as few steps. I felt my breasts being explored by what felt like a twig or thin branch. It was only seconds before my body reacted and I cried out from the stinging pain of the switch across my breasts. I begged and pleaded for him to stop but it was of no use. I struggled to keep my balance on the uneven rocky surface. My knees which had ached now became painful. Visions of the knife flashed in my mind. Time and again the burning sting seared across my flesh until I was unable to distinguish the location of the blows. My pleas soon became quiet moans as my body acclimated to the sensation. The tender flesh of my tits burned and stung from the lash of the thin branch. The pain lingered as the sensation soon became almost pleasurable. I closed my eyes beneath the hood and tried to relax as my body reacted in ways foreign to me.

I felt pleasure meld with the pain that soon possessed me and my mind floated to another place. The pain grew less as I felt myself becoming more aroused. The growing wetness between my thighs became quite obvious to me. I felt embarrassed that I could have these feelings while being in this situation. I wondered about this man and his intentions but knew that I was his captive audience and that it was hopeless to do anything but comply albeit reluctantly.

My tits were hot as he lashed them yet I was almost disappointed when he stopped. I then felt him approach me and once again the knife beneath my jaw. He moved it to my lips and used the blade to part them before pressing his swollen cockhead to my mouth. I relaxed my jaw for what I felt was inevitable. I knew what was to happen and tried to relax. I slowly opened my mouth allowing him to slide his hard length into the warm wetness. I tasted his salty precum as he placed his hands on both sides of my face. I felt him slide deep and I gagged slightly as he pressed his dick to the back of my throat. He began to move slowly, sliding it in and out of my mouth, each time pressing firmly deeper. I felt him reach behind my head and slide his hand beneath the hood.

Entwining his fingers in my hair, he pulled causing my head to tilt back. He pressed his thick shaft further into my throat as he pulled harder on my hair. My gagging did not seem to affect him as he pistoned his cock in and out of my mouth while reaching down and seizing my left nipple. He pinched it mercilessly as his hips moved faster. I could manage only a moan as my mouth was raped by his thick rod. My juices oozed as it occurred to me that my body now belonged to him to use as he wished. I was enjoying that fact and hated myself for doing so.

He moved his cock faster and deeper as I heard his breathing quicken. He grasped my hair tightly as he buried his throbbing cock in my throat. My nose was buried in his hair, his balls pressed tightly to my chin as I felt him spurt his hot cum into my belly. I could do nothing but swallow the seed of this man I did not know but had become intimately familiar with. He pulled his cock from my mouth as it continued to spill thick hot cream onto my chin and tits. He stroked it, milking it's remaining drops onto my parted lips. He traced them with his slimy wet tip as he slowly released my hair from his grasp. I remained kneeling, my sex wet and wanting, as this man finished emptying his balls on to my hot flesh and wondered what was to happen next.

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