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Arizona Family in '69
by NewAnon

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It began when they lived in the hot southwest in a ranch-style house in a cul-de-sac. The particular day was not much different than others, yet it marked the beginning of something really new in the family.

The house was not air-conditioned and the heat could be oppressive. As a consequence, John and Teri had gotten into the habit of wearing few clothes around the house. They turned each other on constantly, despite the fact that they had been married two decades and were parents of two teenagers: Katie, a nubile 19, and Eddie, a well-built 18-year old. But usually, even on weekends, during the day they were too busy with shopping and household tasks to do more than briefly kiss and pet, pressed against each other in a doorway, then quickly parting and only consummating their lust later, at night.

But there came a day and a moment when the feelings were too urgent to delay gratification.

On that day, he had on only a pair of shorts, while she had on a colorful shirt, buttoned only toward the bottom, and panties. When he saw her lovely breasts as she bent to do something, John felt the urgency to make love, even though it was daytime and the kids were around. Teri saw that he was aroused and, smiling, she snuggled up to him and pressed her body against his now growing erection. Their tongues twirled in an urgent deep kiss and his hand caressed her behind while she rubbed herself into him. Teri felt a certain thrill run through her body, a dim thought unspoken even to herself: a risky thing, but ... oh God, the joy of such feeling, of doing it now, now, here and now!

"I can't wait, I can't wait," she moaned, pulling his shorts downward and reaching for his erection. She massaged it with her soft loving hand while she sucked on his tongue. She felt herself grow very wet.

"Oh, baby, yea," he responded.

But then she laughed and ran away, headed for the bedroom.

As he followed her, in the corner of his eye, he saw Katie sitting in the living room and having a full view of his bare erect cock. The teenager was obviously focussed on it and somehow this excited him. He walked rapidly past her to the bedroom and, on an impulse, "forgot" to close the door as he dived onto the bed where Teri had already stripped off her panties. He spread her legs and began licking her cunt, his sexual excitement suddenly amplified by the knowledge that their teenage daughter was not far away, and probably interested in their activity.

"Oh, baby, let me lick and suck ... oh baby," he said aloud, now getting an extra thrill from the idea that Katie might hear them.

Teri spread her legs and he lapped at the gushing flow of her juices, while in the corner of his eye he saw now that Katie was indeed watching and probably seeing his hard erect prick ready for the fuck and her mother's wide open snatch being daddy-sucked.

Now Teri climbed above him, totally naked and in raw heat. He positioned his prick for her come down on it. Then he plunged into her and they began fucking as he now sucked her breasts, licking and sucking even as she moved to go under him in rhythmic acceptance of his thrusting hard prick.

Teri knew that John's lovemaking depended upon words as well as feelings, the latter amplified by the former, emotion and words feeding back into each other, bringing John's beautiful penis to that volcanic state of eruption into her.

"Fuck me, darling, fuck me," she moaned urgently, using the word that she knew would trigger the next level of excitement.

For John, the sound of that word and his knowledge that Katie could hear it and would see them, brought him into a state of sexual frenzy.

"Yes, yes, your being fucked -- I'm giving you what you want. That's what you always want, right? My prick in you -- fucking you?"

"Oh John, yes, I love your prick, fuck me, faster, harder," Teri cried.

They came together in rush of sweat and heat and then collapsed in joint satisfaction.

Katie had seen it all.

But as Teri held John close to her, she was unaware of the extra source of John's sexual delirium of a moment ago. And John lay there, thinking about it, about Katie watching and hearing them. He loved the idea, wanted to think more about it, and wanted more of it in the days to come.

That evening, in the growing darkness with only the TV on, their daughter Katie and their son Eddie were watching TV while John waited for their mother, sitting on the couch wearing only a light robe. He had showered and she was now completing her preparations. It was a new idea he had suggested: that they make slow love in the living room as the darkness approached, the children sitting there. Katie and Eddie would see the shape of their parents making love in the very dim room, especially the early kissing and petting stage, but it would not be too blatant. "Make love, not war!" he thought. A new age was coming, where people would learn that love was the source of all truth and beauty and where better to start that here at home? To show the children, the next generation, how much their parents loved each other -- not as an abstraction, but as a real tangible, physical, unashamed thing. And so John had found a rationalization for the route along which he now would drive the family.

Teri prepared to join her husband, her mind a jumble of confused half-thoughts. As she closed the lights of the bedroom and entered the living room, her mind seemed to have taken an elevator down to her crotch. Mind and body were wet ... wet with the urgent need catapulted into a near-delirious anticipation of what was going to happen. She refused to think about it except as something joyous, something incredible happening. Love, sex, love, sex, it was all one thing and nothing that swept her into such a state could be wrong!

John's eyes penetrated the semi-darkness as Teri came to him, a beautiful tall blond woman, with those exciting long legs. She was wearing only a see-through baby-doll-type of thing with thong panties. She wore high-heeled black shoes, but no stockings. She walked slowly past the children, approaching him. As she did so, she could see his semi-erect penis showing through his under shorts. She saw how it now grew as she approached and as they both were aware that they would soon make love within a few feet of their two teenagers.

In the dim light, they kissed deeply. Their tongues intertwined. He opened his mouth wide and she fucked it with her tongue, then she opened and he fucked her mouth with his tongue. Then their tongues met. Each probed and fucked the other's mouth, the two tongue-pricks colliding in passionate embrace. He moved one hand along her body: beginning at her feet, touching the tall heels of her shoes, then the ankle, the calf, and then the smooth thigh, slowly moving upward and onto her bare belly.

Meanwhile, her hand caressed his bare chest. He thought of Katie watching and his prick inched upward to erection.

Teri felt herself entering another world, one of flesh and desire only, devoid of injunctions. She thought of her boy watching her, seeing how she opened to her husband, his Dad. Her juices flowed with the thought.

John pulled down the baby-doll and kissed her breasts, then sucked them, first one and then the other, then licked her belly, then arose to kiss her as he fondled her breasts. While he did so, she reached into his shorts and fondled his prick as it grew. He reached down and pulled on the thong panties and as they came down, he removed them and then quickly pulled off his own shorts.

He pulled off Teri's baby-doll and they embraced. Now they were totally naked except for her high-heeled shoes. The room had become nearly dark and as their eyes adjusted to the situation, she saw her boy there. Teri trembled, knowing that her boy was seeing his Mom through the darkness, naked and filled with passion.

John's hand raced across her entire body and then stopped at her cunt, marveling at its luscious wetness. He finger-fucked her while she began to masturbate his hard prick, now only a few inches from her tits and mouth. He thought of Katie watching him make love to her Mom, of Katie seeing his huge erection.

"Oh, yes, yes," she cried, as his finger fucking continued.

"Baby, baby, fantastic," he called out as she masturbated him while he finger-fucked her, as they were locked in passionate kissing, their tongues flicking into each other's wide-open mouths. Then she moved his head to her breast.

"Oh, yes, John, kiss them, and suck," she whispered another of the hot words, yet not so low that her boy Eddie could not hear. Teri massaged John's cock with one hand and held his neck in her other hand, as she urged him on.

John rose up a little and whispered, "Suck me now, Teri, I need to feel your loving mouth."

She took his prick into her mouth and sucked long and hard as he now more slowly fucked her with his finger and as he held her head in his other hand. The children might see, she thought, but they needed to see that all this was love-making, that their parents were in love in a physical way. Eddie, her boy, needed to know how his Mom loved his Dad ... how she loved to suck prick! A shudder went through her body as she sucked and yet held in mind the boy-viewer, watching his Mom suck!

Now Teri broke off and urgently whispered, "Fuck me, lover!"

John sat back on the couch and she climbed on him. His cock slid into her, hand in glove. She began a slow movement up and down, fucking him. Teri lusted for the hot prick, almost crying with the sheer ecstasy of what she felt: her husband in her, her children right there ... they were making love in the open, unashamed, but yet, excited ... so exciting! Her boy watching her ... fucking! Her boy Eddie seeing how his Mom loved to fuck his Dad!

"Oh, Teri, yes, love me ... fuck me ... you know what I like," he whispered in a voice that carried to his sweet daughter Katie who, he could see, now blushed and stared intently at his huge prick as Teri moved up and down on it.

"Oh, yes, Teri, yes, do it ... fuck me," John whispered urgently.

Eddie began rubbing his own erect prick, his eyes intent on the side view outline of his mother's luscious breasts as she moved more rapidly up and down, her head thrown high, her eyes closed, her mouth open and panting.

Then John came into her and a moment later, she had her orgasm and collapsed on him. They snuggled and petted each other.

"Oh, Teri, I love you. I love to make love to you," he said fully aloud now.

Teri wanted to climb into her husband's sweating body, she felt their union as an almost holy thing. She thought again of her boy watching them, his own prick probably hard. Maybe ... maybe he was appreciating his Mom's body, she thought. Maybe he would want to ... but she cut off the thought, blushing, and turned back to husband, searching for a way to express her combined feeling of love and satisfied lust.

But all she could say was, "John, you're my wonderful lover, I love you too."

A few days later, they had been sunbathing outside when Teri decided to go inside. She said she was too warm and, anyway, getting drowsy.

John saw that she was lying down on the living room couch. He sat there and admired the shape of his beautiful wife: her long legs and hefty breasts, her lovely face. The children had gone inside too and were somewhere around but he did not see them. He arose and approached his wife. He dropped his shorts as he kneeled on the floor beside her face. She opened her eyes, smiled and then moved to take him into her mouth. Slowly, she sucked his prick as it became larger and harder. He wondered where the children were as she sucked deeply and as he began massaging her body, his hands moving across her barely covered bosom and then down to the bikini brief.

Then, startled, he saw Katie sitting right there on a living room chair, only six feet away! When had she arrived? In any case, her presence transformed the moment and John's swooned in the excitement of it: his teenage daughter watching her own Mom suck her own Dad's prick!


This story was split into 2 parts. Jump to any of the segments from here:
Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 2 parts for faster page loading.

Another top quality story by NewAnon.

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