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Arizona Family in '69
by NewAnon

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Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 2 parts for faster page loading.

Teri knew another threshold had been crossed, for she had known when she came into the room that her husband would come to her and that Katie was sitting there quietly, perhaps waiting for...? She stopped sucking for a moment and he helped her to take off the bikini top and then sucked her breasts, laving them with his wet tongue. Then she pulled down her bikini bottom and John licked her belly repeatedly.

John wondered if Teri had seen Katie, but she made no indication of it to him. Then John had an extra thrill as he saw that Eddie was outside near the patio door, sitting and intently staring at the scene.

Teri returned to her sucking as John petted her body. He again leaned over to suck her breasts, but then he turned and faced her feet, looming completely over her as she parted her legs and he bent to lick her hot wet cunt.

Teri saw the long, hard beautiful prick above her face. She moved up and then down with her mouth, then repeated the motion, sucking up and down, up and down: fucking his hard prick as it remained stationary over her face.

"Sixty-nine in '69," he thought, "making love is wonderful."

As they made love in this way, the two children watched, enthralled.

John was thinking of them as much as of anything as he licked and sucked his wife's cunt and as she suctioned his prick into and out of her eager mouth: up and down, up and down, sucking, sucking. John felt the taboo wonder of it: Katie watching him suck her Mom's cunt! Eddie seeing his Mom -- suck!

He could not contain his urgent feeling as he called out, "I'm coming Teri, I'm coming."

Teri's heart was beating rapidly, her face flushed and hot, her mind like an electric circuit gone wild with transmissions ... but not with any clear thoughts, only with sensations shaped by the knowledge that their incredible sixty-nine-loving was on display, naked and lustful, before their very own teenagers! Now she felt herself going beyond the limit, the feeling rocketing through her, from head to toes. Now her husband was coming and Teri did not turn away from the jet that was soon to come.

Teri accepted the liquid flow, letting some of it spray her forehead, her closed eyes, her nose and then sucked up onto the hard prick yet again, licking the come-drenched head of her husband's prick and spreading the come over it entirely, licking, sucking. As he softened, she gently licked the sensitive head of his prick while he now plunged into and out of her cunt with his tongue-prick until she shuddered again, another orgasm shooting through her body.

In the coming few days, Katie found herself becoming indifferent to what she had on -- including nothing -- as she paraded around the house doing this and that. In fact, when her parents were gone one afternoon, she strolled into the living room with only a short shirt on, aside from shoes. When Eddie arrived, his eyes were treated to a lovely bare ass as she reached down to pick up some envelopes and sort through the mail.

Then Eddie seemed to dress less and less. Most of the time, he had on only a pair of red gym shorts, cut very brief and really no more than a man is equivalent to a bikini bottom. One day Eddie had been sun bathing the backyard, hot from the sun and his thoughts much hotter, until he had to find a cooler spot. Thinking about what he had seen, the way his mom had suctioned up and down repeatedly, sucking his dad's hard prick: the picture in his mind brought his prick to maximum erection. Time to go inside! As he strolled from the patio into the living room, he knew that the outline of his hard prick showed through the bikini briefs -- visible for Mom to see! He knew he should not, but he could not help it, he wanted his Mom to see him, to get hot and to ... who knows?

Teri looked over and then looked again, startled. Her juices flowed as she saw her handsome son's tall tan body surrounding the genital attraction, the obviously large hard cock outlined through the briefs.

"Hi, Mom, what's up?" Eddie asked as he casually sidled up close to her. Teri stood her ground but felt like swooning. Her pussy juice was leaking down one leg. As it was, all she had on was a bikini too and her son's obvious interest in her left her dizzy with excitement.

"Nothing much Eddie."

"I think I'll take a shower, Mom," Eddie said and strolled away.

She heard the shower turn off as she was doing something near the bathroom and then as she turned, facing its open door, Eddie came out of the shower. His prick hung semi-erect, large and veined, as he reached for a towel. She paused and could not help herself. She stared at her boy's exciting organ. He, in turn, saw her gaze and as he began toweling his back, his prick arose gradually, becoming harder and more erect. Teri turned beet red but remained frozen to the spot, her eyes darting across his fantastic tanned body from head to prick to toe and returning to the center of attraction again and again. He spread his legs and buffed his behind, his hard cock swinging laterally, pointed at her, a hard angry-looking thing, urgent in its erect posture. She felt goose bumps go down her body and she found some excuse to put something in the bathroom sink cabinet, still focussed on his prick as she did so.

"Hey, Mom, I'm sorry if this bothers you," Eddie said.

"Oh, it's OK Eddie, I understand. It's natural."

"Yea and ... after all, Mom, you've got a great body, a guy can't help it."

"Thanks sweetheart. I know what you mean. Your father is an active man you know."

"Boy, do I know. I loved it the way you two ... made love."

"We're not just your parents, Eddie, but husband and wife ... and really, lovers. We want our loving relationship to be clear to you and to Katie."

"It is, Mom. It's wonderful. You two are hot lovers. I liked it the way you ... sucked!"

Teri blushed as her son continued, "I loved watching you suck -- suck up and down!"

Teri turned beet red and then said nothing, leaving the room.

Eddie lay in his bed, nude. Boy, his Mom was something! What a great lady, what a body! He spread his legs, naked and feeling horny. What nice breasts she had! Her legs! Oh, yes. He began to beat his meat. He thought of one time on the beach when she had little on. Her breasts! Oh, man. Now he imagined her stripping down on the beach and removing his own trunks. They were naked, his Mom ready to be fucked as he held her close.

Then he heard the movement in the next room, as his sister Katie was moving around. He stopped masturbating and let his prick drop to semi-erect while he remained with his eyes closed. Katie's door opened and a moment later he knew she was at his open door, looking in. He began to fondle his penis, enjoying the idea of Katie watching him. He smothered it in some saliva and then began to jerk off, thinking about his Mom. Thinking about fucking her mouth the way he had seen Dad do it, thinking about licking her cunt too. He heard Katie gasp and he quickened his pace. His sperm went flying up and out over his chest. A moment later he opened his eyes and looked at the doorway, his eyes meeting Katie's and they both smiled.

Katie lay in bed later that night. Her Brother Eddy's prick was enormous, although no bigger than Dad's. Mom really knew how to suck and Katie wondered how it could be to suck ... somebody's ... prick. She closed her eyes and envisioned the prick above her face, large, hard and totally still. She moved up to it the way she had seen her Mom do it. She opened her mouth in accept it, to suck up on to it, in and out, again and again. She spread her legs as she imagined the sucking. His mouth would be down there, licking, sucking ... she let her finger work at her hot sopping cunt, thinking of the action. The door was open and she heard the flush of the toilet. She continued moving her mouth up to and then down from the imagined prick above her face, imitating her mother's exciting motions that she had seen ... as she knew that somebody would be walking by her open door! She peeked, knowing that it would be too dark for the person to see whether her eyes were open. It was Mom! She continued her sucking and now she finger-fucked herself, enjoying the idea that her own Mom was watching her.

Teri returned to bed, no longer sleepy. She lay on her back, naked and fondling her breasts, thinking of her boy, his beautiful prick, and of her daughter, with her imitation of sucking up and down on a prick the way Teri liked to do it, with John on top, 69-style. Only Katie didn't have an actual prick to suck on. Would she be thinking of any particular prick? Would it be ... but no, no, she wouldn't be thinking of anyone right here at home ... would she?

Teri let the thoughts come to full articulation. The sucking technique she had perfected over the years was wonderful, and John really loved it too. She wondered how it would be to sixty-nine with her boy, using the technique, with Eddie licking her cunt while she sucked up into his hard prick, released it and dropped back down and then went up again to capture it and suck, suck, suck. As she envisioned the boy-fuck, she fingered her cunt lips and spread her legs, closing her eyes.

The words in her mind excited her; the object of her emerging sexual obsession was taboo. "Let me suck! Oh, baby, I love my boy's huge prick! Oh, Mom wants you, baby! Eddie, do you like Mom to suck you?" Taboo-sucking!

Taboo! She didn't need the word for it; she felt it in every nerve cell of her body as an electric feeling of urgent but forbidden sexual desire raced through her. Sucking up and down on the imagined long hard cock of her boy!

She heard a sound beside the door. She could see the shape, it was Eddie there, his form barely visible in the dark. She knew he was naked and that he was erect, watching her. She spread her legs and moaned as she finger-fucked herself and continued her imagined motions, her sucking up and down -- imagining the way Katie had imagined, but with the fuller knowledge of the real thing -- thinking of Eddie there, his prick. She heard her husband, beside her, snore. She felt overwhelmed by her desire and could not hold back. The world was new; the old one had ended. It was 1969, the dawn of something new! Now, yes, her cunt ruled her and she didn't care, she wanted her Eddie and she wanted him to respond, the way John did, with the words, the words meant for passion. Closing her eyes, she feigned complete self-immersion and lack of awareness of her watcher, her loving boy.

"Oh, yes, yes, ... baby ... Eddie, darling!"

As she said it, she felt herself enter that other world of swooning sexual heaven. There! She had said it, she had told Eddie what she was thinking, wanting, feeling. She thought this as she finger-fucked more rapidly and she watched Eddie masturbating at the door. As she came, she heard his muffled gasps as his come flew into their room. Then it sounded as if he raced away, back to his bedroom ... at least it sounded that way. ...

John listened, barely able to hold back from speaking, his prick hard, as he heard his wife's call for mother-fucking and as he heard the clear sounds indicating that her son had heard her too. When he heard what sounded like Eddie returning to his room, John went down on Teri, kissing her thighs and sucking her toes.

"Oh, Teri, baby, that was fantastic," he whispered.

"John! I thought you were asleep."

"Uh uh, it's OK honey, it was a joy, and now...." He licked her legs and then shifted to licking her belly and her breasts and then he climbed over her and pushed his prick between the beautiful two globes and began fucking back and forth, squeezing his prick with them. Then he lifted up, with his knees beside her arms, and slowly began a mouth fucking as she propped her head up on two pillows.

"Oh, yes, Teri, I love to fuck you this way!" He knew he was talking too loudly, but he wanted to, he wanted them to hear it, to hear him as he fucked her lovely mouth!

She couldn't reply but her hands petted his chest and back and urged him on. And, suddenly and on pure intuition, she knew that he knew what she wanted to hear, although they had not spoken of it. He pulled out of her mouth and lying next to her, fondling her breasts, he whispered what she knew that he knew she wanted to hear.

"Oh baby, you always wanted your boy, didn't you? You wanted him to see your naked body, didn't you?" he asked urgently.

Her whole body was flooded with goose bumps. "Oh yes, yes..." Teri replied in an equally urgent whisper.

"You wanted him to go down on you, to lick your hot mother cunt, didn't you?"

"Yes, yes!"

"And you want to suck him, his hot hard boy-prick over your face as you reach up to it, licking, sucking, isn't that what you really want, to suck your boy?"

"Yes, you bastard, yes, I want his prick!"

"Here it is baby, pretend it's your boy's hot prick and suck! You always wanted your boy to do this, didn't you?"

John felt a thrill running down his back as he uttered those words and as he lifted up and paused to give her a chance to respond.

"Oh, yes, yes, I want his prick in me!"

"Take it, Mom, here it is -- your boy is fucking your mouth!"

Meanwhile, young Katie had been so stimulated that she could not sleep. She left her bed to get some water and in doing so, passed her parent's bedroom. She glanced over and was treated to the fantastic sight of her Dad fucking her Mom's mouth!

"Oh, baby, your boy loves to fuck your mouth, do you like it?" she heard her Dad say.

"Ummmm," was Teri's positive answer as she took him deeper and deeper into her mouth. She had seen Katie at the door and was now doubly turned on by the idea of her daughter watching her being mouth-fucked. And also, in imagination created by the vivid words, she was being mother-fucked! She spread her legs and finger-fucked herself with both hands and let her husband be fully in charge of the mouth region, fucking in and out. She closed her eyes and sighed in sexual delirium: being fucked his way, being watched! Yes, her boy fucking her, his prick in and out of her mouth!

Her husband paused and whispered in her ear, "Your boy likes to fuck you, Mom. He lies in bed thinking about it, seeing his Mom naked, her cunt in view, his mouth going down on her, his prick getting hard and then fucking his Mom's mouth, in and out, in and out."

"Oh, yes, yes," Teri cried, her entire body rippling with goose bumps of such taboo talk.

He plunged his prick in and out her mouth once again and leaned forward toward her as he whispered, "Oh Mom, your boy loves to fuck your mouth!"

"I'm coming, I'm coming," he called out as he pulled out and his come sprayed over her face and breasts. Teri licked and sucked his prick and balls while she brought herself off once again.

Their daughter Katie watched her lusty parents make love and cloth it in a taboo fantasy in which Mom was taking her brother as a lover. So would Dad want her too, would he want to give himself to her, to spray her with his come after she made love to his monster organ? Katie swooned with the thought. Who knows what else could happen? Weren't people saying that the world was new, something was happening out there? She hardly knew what they meant. Was it this, was it about love and did love mean sex?

Eddie had realized something wild was happening in the night and, quietly, after first starting back to his bedroom, the idea propelled him back to the doorway. Then, in the dark he tiptoed back into his parent's bedroom and stood in the shadows in a corner.

He listened to his Dad's wild urgent talk, the exciting talk -- about him! About making love to ... his own mom! And Mom wanted it, she said so, she wanted her boy to make love to her! And not just any old way. She wanted his prick gunning in and out of her mother-mouth! Eddie masturbated while he listened and then, as his father came, he too shot a fresh load onto the white posh rug. He waited until Katie returned to her room, then he tip-toed out as he heard his mother's last swooning words, "Oh, yes, I want him, I want my boy to make love to me!"

The next day, a Monday, Teri was vacuuming the living room rug. Even when she worked around the house, she liked to look nice. She was proud of her attractive body and liked it when men ogled her. John had left for work and Eddie was in his room, probably sleeping. She thought about last night and felt her body get warm. She turned off the machine and went to the kitchen to drink some water. In her mind, a movie was playing, featuring John and Eddie. First one, then the other was making love to her. Her pussy became very wet, her panties soaked. She removed them and, after pausing, decided not to put on fresh panties just yet.

She returned to the living room and tried to take her mind off the sex by continuing the vacuuming. In a minute, Eddie was there and he sat in a large chair, his legs spread, wearing only his shorts, as usual. She was startled and still hot. Suddenly, she felt her sexual desire take over. She wanted to thrill her son, to let her boy see her sexuality, her hotness inside, she wanted to display for him! She pretended to see something on the rug that needed close attention and shut off the machine to bend to it, hunching down and spreading a little as she did so, revealing to the gaze of her boy her beautiful cunt lips.

Eddie's eyes opened wide and he stared, licking his lips. Teri was intently focussed on trying to remove an imaginary particle from the rug, having to work at it so that she now had to bend closer. The view of her cunt was gone now, but in its place was the deep cleavage on display because Teri wore a shirt with all but its bottom two buttons open. Eddie's groin ached as he observed the luscious mother-tits, large and with puffy areolas with lovely nipples. He wanted to suck them!

Teri bent still further, now at Eddie's feet and she looked up now, her eyes moving from his face to his swollen crotch.

She smiled seductively, "Eddie, what are you thinking about, dear?"

"About ... you, Mom!" He was flustered by her question.

"Ummmm, I wish I knew what you thought -- I mean, what picture is in your head, for instance?" She had her hand on his naked thigh and her eyes fixed upon his, smiling.

"The picture? It's you ... and me!" There he had said it! He felt warm all over, maybe she would really be angry now? But his Mom's hand roamed closer to his groin and then, he closed his eyes as he felt her hand running up and down over his erection.

Suddenly Teri stopped. This was going too far! What was she doing? It was one thing to fantasize, to display, to talk, but to actually have physical contact? To fuck her son? No, she couldn't!

She got up, saying, "I'm sorry, Eddie, I don't know what got into me, I have work to do."

Eddie, at once relieved and disappointed, got up and went back to his room. He pulled down his shorts and began to masturbate. In this mind, the scene played itself out with a different ending. She was sucking it, the way she had said last night she longed to suck it. He moistened his prick with saliva and increased the tempo of his masturbation. His Mom taking out his prick, admiring its length and width, its huge angry head. His Mom under him. He was licking her cunt but he could look back and see her head swoop up and down, sucking him, sucking him.

"Oh, Mom, Mom, suck, suck, suck me!" Eddie cried out.

He had forgotten that his door was still open and really had no idea that Teri was still in the midst of hot desire and that in her indecision, she had now come upstairs with the apparent purpose of continuing the vacuuming in a new location. She had heard the bedsprings and moved to the door, then watched her son as he wet his lovely prick. Then she heard him call out and knew he was thinking of her sucking him. Thinking of her, his mom, going down on her own son.

She raced to her bedroom and pushed the door closed, undressed and lay on the bed. She too wanted to complete the scene with a different ending! Her boy above her, his feverish tongue at work while his prick waited above her mouth....

Eddie's come flew out and over his naked belly just as he heard his Mom's feet racing toward her bedroom. Quickly, he dried himself and put his shorts on, moving out into the hallway. He edged toward her door. It was not completely shut! At first it was slightly ajar, but then his light touch ... and it moved silently to provide him with a better view!

Teri's bedroom was dark, with curtains drawn, but her beautiful naked body was clearly on display for her ogling son. He saw that her eyes were closed, but she was mouthing words. He listened intently.

"Oh, baby, yes, let Mom suck that giant prick, I always wanted it and I need it! I know you want me baby. I know you masturbate dreaming of your Mom, of fucking her! I need you baby, I need you to fuck me. Sixty-nine! Love me while I love you, sixty-nine! I don't care about anything, anybody. I just want your cock in me, in my mouth, I need it!"

Eddie approached the bed and she opened her eyes. For a moment, she hesitated on the boundary of fantasy and reality. Then she whispered something to him and waited. When she opened her eyes again, the thrill of seeing it there so near, just above her, overwhelmed her. She moved up to capture it in her mouth. Her boy's prick! Sucking it! Reality had become fantastic.

This story was split into 2 parts. Jump to any of the segments from here:
Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 2 parts for faster page loading.

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