The Best Erotic Stories.

by Imorol

You answer the door dressed in plain white bra and panties with a set of black wrist and ankle cuffs. My eyes are drawn to the bulge of your cunt lips in your knickers. A small damp patch has formed in the crevice between your petals. You confess to masturbating before my arrival. Naughty girl!

Following you up the stairs, my eyes won't leave the sight of your buttocks. Their movement is really getting to me. Leaning forwards, I push my nose between your cheeks and take a deep sniff of your arse. Dragging my nose lower, I take a second deep sniff, this time of your pussy. The erection in my trousers is very hard by the time we reach the top of the stairs. Your nipples match the erectness of my dick and are clearly defined by your bra.

You slide a hand inside your knickers and stroke a finger along the crack of your pussy while I strip. As you reach behind yourself to unclip your bra, my hands slide around your sides and cup your breasts. Once your bra is unclasped, I draw down the cups, exposing your breasts. Dropping the garment I stroke your nipples with my thumbs to make them as hard as possible. When they are ready, I take a hold of them and begin to twist and pinch them gently. I do not want to hurt you, only arouse you.

While I play with your nipples and fondle your breasts, you reach behind yourself again. This time your aim is lower. Stroking your hand up my thigh, you feel for the heat and hardness of my dick. I sigh as your hand begins to stroke it, pulling the foreskin back before releasing it. With your other hand you fondle my balls. You repeat this, making my erection almost painful.

As you gently wank me, I lower a hand down your body to your knickers. Following the elastic, my hand reaches your gusset, (such as sexy word!). A single finger strokes up and down your pussy crevice while my thumb strokes and rubs against your hard clit. The damp patch in your gusset now becomes a quickly growing wet stain. I lift my finger to my nose and sniff it. I'm sniffing you.

You release my dick as I step back from you. Lifting your own hand to your nose, you sniff your palm, smelling my dick. My hand slaps against your arse as I spank you for being so horny. You drop your hand and look down at your feet as your arse glows a gentle red, looking all innocent.

Bending over with your arse facing me, you pull down your soaking knickers. The gusset is so wet that it sticks to your sex before you force them down. You step out of them and hand them to me. Without hesitation, I push my face straight into the sopping gusset and sniff your cream. I can also smell your anus on them. Lovely!

Extending my tongue, I taste your juices for the first time. It is unbelievably arousing and my dick jumps in excitement. I'm not greedy so I hold your dirty knickers in front of you. You lean forward and push your face into your own gusset. I touch my dick as I watch you sniff, them lick your own juices from your dirty gusset. You are so dirty!

Taking them away from your face, I slide your wet knickers on myself even though there is not enough room for my erection. The feel of your wet juices on my hot, hard cock and balls makes my erection so intense, I feel like I could cum any second..

You are now naked and ready for the next stage to begin. Stepping forward, I strap you into a wide door frame. Your entire body is exposed to me, and you are helpless to stop me from doing whatever I wish. In front of you is a wide, open window looking out over a busy open area. Anyone looking up will see you completely naked and exposed. Your body shudders at the thought of complete strangers ogling your body as it is pleased. Cunt cream starts to seep out of you and run down your legs.

Standing in front of you, I take each of your breasts in turn in my hand before sucking on your nipples. I pull away as I suck, stretching your teats and running my tongue over them. As I do this, I rub my free hand against the gusset of the knickers I am wearing, playing with myself. Pulling the gusset aside I begin to rub the head of my dick against your vulva and clit. My dick is soon covered in your juice, and your clit keeps threatening to actually slide into the opening at the tip of my dick.

Slightly lowering my penis, I push forward until the head of my dick is inside you. As I fuck you with just the head, I run it around your smoothly shaved hole. Your juice continues to seep out and down your thighs. When I can feel your juice on my own legs, I step back. Looking at the mess on your legs really turns me on.

Putting my dick back inside your wet panties, I get down on my knees, and push my face up close to your pussy. With a deep sniff, the scent of your arousal floods into my nostrils. I can't help but touch my dick as I breath in your scent. Suddenly, I push my full face up against your hot sex, my nose brushing against your clit as my tongue slides deep inside you, savouring the musky taste.

Withdrawing my tongue, I take each of your labia into my mouth and suck on them. The texture and taste is out of this world. Like your nipples before, I pull my head back and stretch you lips. Releasing them, I turn my attention to your erect clit.

My tongue makes twirling movements all over your sensitive bud before I suck it into my mouth. Instead of drawing away from it, I suck on it even harder, making you moan as your legs buckle as you orgasm over my face. Juice drips from my chin as I gently bite your clit while running my tongue over its tip.

Moving behind you, I turn my attention to your arse. My hands stroke and fondle your cheeks before pulling them apart to reveal your rosebud anus. I kiss both of your buttocks before making my way into the crack of your arse. Pushing my nose into the crevice, I release your buttocks which press against my face as I lick your anus, even drawing it into my mouth to suck it. The feeling of your arse hole on my tongue is so delightful! You moan as I gently force my tongue into your bum.

Drawing my face away, I replace my tongue with a finger, slowly sliding the digit through your bum hole and into your arse. You push your backside at me with a moan, trying to get my finger to go deeper. As I finger fuck you, I reach round and push against your belly, squeezing your bladder. I want to make you piss.

Removing my dirty finger, I pick up a long, thin vibrator. Turning it on, I run it up and down the slit of your cunt to make it wet before I bring it up to your anus. First I stroke your rosebud with just the tip before easing the full length of it up your arse. You give a small grunt as I push it a little to hard. You clench your buttocks to make sure it doesn't slip out though.

Moving back in front of you, I kneel before your pussy and open my mouth. You know what you must do now, it is something that you have been bursting to do since long before I arrived. You move as best you can in the restraints and aim your piss hole at my face. With a yell of desire, lust and relief you let a flood of piss free from your body, sending it straight at my face and open mouth. Closing my mouth to swallow, your continuing flow of piss cascades over my face and down my body.

Your piss is just right! Its clear, warm, and totally sexy. I rip your knickers off and wank as you continue to piss all over me. The vibrator up your arse making you want to piss even more.

As I stand, your flow of piss travels down my body until the lasts spurts of your urine splashes against my dick, which I am wanking hard and fast. Just as your flow stops, my cum spurts from my dick to land on your soaking, hot and open pussy. Pussy juice, urine and my cum drips from your hole, making a very wet patch on your floor.

I release you so that we can clean each other. Now freed, you push me onto the floor and straddle my body so that we are facing each others genitals. Taking my dick in your hand, you lower your mouth to its head and start to lick it before sucking it into your mouth. You can taste your cream and urine as well as my cum as I enter your mouth.

You pussy descends quickly onto my face. I thrust out my tongue which penetrates your sopping hole immediately. Running my tongue all around the tight hole, I too can taste the liquids of your body mixed with my own cum. I suck eagerly on your labia and clit once again. Reaching up, I take a hold of the anal vibrator and fuck your arse with it.

Within moments we both start to orgasm. As I shoot my second load of cum into your mouth, I ram the vibrator into your open arse hole. This, and my mouth and tongue, bring you to your second orgasm.

As we both cum at the same time, neither of us notices a couple outside. They are watching us pleasure each other. The man has his hand up the woman's skirt while she has his dick in her hand. Wonder if they want to join in?


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