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by Romeo Blue

Bebe, I remember the time with her like it was yesterday. It only lasted one day, but that one day was awesome.

I met Bebe at, of all places, a car wash. I was getting my car ready for another night on the town. My brother and I would go cruising the local strip and meet women and, you know, have some fun. So I'm standing by my car, my brother and I are drying it and I hear my name being called.

"Romeo, Romeo! Where are you?" I look around and here is this beautiful young lady calling my name. At that point a little guy comes running around my car and runs into her arms. She gathers him up and takes him over to another couple of ladies standing by a car near mine. I walk over, smiling and say, "So his name is Romeo, huh? That is such a beautiful name."

She's quick and replies "let me guess, your name is Romeo?" I smile and nod, that yes, that's my name also. After a few minutes of chitchat, I get her number and my brother and I head out on our way. My brother is really looking forward to going out on this particular night almost as much as I was, until I looked down at the phone number in my hand, with the all too cute name above it, Bebe. I ask if it would be all right if we skipped our night out. I figured I'd be able to meet Bebe tonight and not go through all the trouble of looking for someone to play with. He's a little disappointed, but not without his own means and let's me know it would be okay with him.

Some quick checks with the parental units and siblings assure me the house will be empty tonight. I called Bebe, ask her if she'd like to come over and watch a video, she says yes and I set up a time to meet her. I pick her up and she looks so cute. She's wearing a little wispy mini skirt and a peasant blouse and she looks so young, I'm turned on immediately. She gets into the car and we drive off, me complimenting her the whole time.

At my house, we cozy up to each other on the couch and I put in a movie. Most probably something that was popular at the time. We watch for about 15 minutes, really doing a good job at pretending we were into what we were watching. I slide over to her and put my arm around her, she looks at me and starts to kiss me. In joy, I kiss her back. We only made out for about 15 minutes, but in that 15 minutes I was getting so hot. I had my hands all over her tight, little body, exploring her tits and her pussy and rubbing my hands all over her ass and just generally getting us both really worked up. I asked if she wanted to go upstairs with me into the bedroom. She got sheepish for a moment, then smiled and said yes.

I'll never forget the moments just after we got into the bedroom. Bebe just stood there like she was in shock that she was in my room. I kissed her and I asked her if I could undress her. She nodded and smiled and I went to work. First the top, I put my lips to hers and as I kissed her I worked my hands up under the bottom of her blouse and started getting my hands inside of it. I slowly lifted it until we had to break our kiss to let it pass over her head. She wore no bra so her upper body was now completely nude. I tossed the blouse over into a corner and just gazed at her beautiful tits. Not very large, but pouty, almost conical, sticking straight out, nipples hard and so damn long, I couldn't keep my eyes off of them. Then I started licking her nipples and I couldn't keep my mouth off of them either. As I nibbled on her tits, I started pulling her skirt down from around her waist. She helped by wiggling those nice little hips. Once the skirt was gone, she was left standing before me in only her panties, and I could see that they was already a small line of wetness just where the lips of her pussy were. I moved my kiss down her body to her belly and dropping onto my knees, a little lower. I ran my tongue along the seam of her panties and she grabbed my head and held it close to her. As I kissed her I pulled down this last barrier, this final bit of fabric keeping me from my goal. I kissed her pretty little pussy and stood up. She pushed me down onto the bed and started unfastening my belt. She then pulled me up again onto my feet and pulled my shirt to untuck it. She pulled it up over my head then ran her hands all over my chest. She hugged me and kissed me, pulled away and started fighting with my button fly to get my jeans loose enough to pull them down. I finished undressing myself and we stood there, facing each other, each of us drinking in the other and becoming intoxicated enough to try to make some kind of move.

I kissed her and moved her slowly back toward the bed. Once there, I slowly laid her down and positioned myself above her. I remember noting that she had no tan lines and how her tits just seemed to defy gravity and point up toward the ceiling. I placed the head of my dick against the opening at her very moist, very hot pussy. I tried to slide it in, but she was so tight, almost virginal. Could it be? Had I scored? I didn't think so, it had been pretty simple to get her here, so I had to figure she had done it before, but then I wondered how long ago might it have been. Not wanting too seem to eager I slowed down and made out with her for a while longer before trying to shove my fat cock into her again. I fingered that pretty little cunt for about 15 minutes, getting it wet and hopefully open enough to take me without too much effort. I got it in the second time around and Oh god, this pussy was the warmest, tightest pussy I had ever been in. I've heard guys talk about "like a glove" but this was unreal. It was the warmth of hot soup on a winter day, it was the feel of a hot bath after a long day at the office, in short, it was like perfection.

Needless to say I came after about 5 strokes. I couldn't believe it. I was flabbergasted, I had never, ever done that before. To make it worse, she looks up at me with those little doe eyes, offers me a tiny smile and asks if that's all I've got for her. I let her know that no, that was not all I had for her. Damn it. But I would need a few minutes to compose myself and get ready to continue the performance.

After a suitable amount of time, spent mostly just laying there playing with her body, I was again up and at attention and ready to do my best for God and Country, and for my rock hard dick and her juicy pussy. I slid my dick into her now not so tight pussy again and I started to stroke her, hard and furious. She had sort of upset me with that little innocent remark, I had to make her pay. I fucked her straight, doggy style, standing up, on the floor, against the dresser, sitting on my dick, legs high, legs tight, hell every way I could think to fuck her. We sweated like those crazy bastards that feed coal into furnaces. At first she moaned, then she got really loud until by the time I finally came the second time she was damn near screaming. I figured I was going to have some explaining to do when this was all over, I'm sure the neighbors thought I was torturing somebody in my house, which I guess I was, in a way. We took a quick shower and got dressed. I was happy with the performance and I thought it was going to be the beginning of a long and totally fucking hot relationship. But alas, when I got her home, some things became readily apparent. First, she had an overprotective Mom, the second, and most important was her age. Suffice it to say she was young. A lesson was well learned that night. Now I always ask the age, always.

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