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by Young At Heart

I spied her chubby form turn around the corner. Long dark hair swirled around her, grasping the places I so longed to kiss, before she disappeared from my sight. I hurried to follow her. I had watched her for near to 3 months now. Her none the wiser of it. Leah-Ann was her name; I had heard it while at the checkout stand next to her one day. "Leah-Ann", the sound whispered past my ear, as I fell into the fantasy of this morning's dawn. The wonder we had explored in each other's body. The words of cherished love we shared. The way her body molded to mine perfectly. My body convulsed with chills as my mind again found the path back to reality.

My heart filled with giggles when I saw her arms snake out, like that of a lizard's tongue flicking out to smell something, so fast did she reach out and replace the things her son grabbed from the shelves. Watching her, as usual, out of the corner of my eye with hunger and need as I steered the grocery cart around a display of marshmallows in the center of the isle. Her short stature so Reubinesque in its beauty seemed to speak to my libido while her tinkling laughter and smiles to the children warmed my heart. I hated grocery shopping almost more than laundry. The only thing making this chore more exciting in the last few months was the thought of finding her here. I had pretty much mapped my time around hers it would seem. "Lucky me" My mind whispered.

We had passed polite words while in the same isle always with plenty of smiles. I already knew she was married and had only 2 children, a son age 3 and a baby daughter, near 6 months, which were always with her on her excursions to the store. I ogled her luscious curves as she turned the corner into the next isle, my feet naturally following her after three months of such a routine, as I pushed my half-full cart to catch up with her. I couldn't stand not seeing her...not watching her every movement while I had her with me.

"With you? What are you crazy? She's not with YOU, idiot! She's shopping just like everyone else in the store. She doesn't even know you and might not want to if she knew the thoughts you have of her...the fantasies that have overwhelmed your mind and fulfilled your lust so many times." My sub-conscience screamed at first then melted off into erotic thoughts of exploring her entire being. I accidentally ran into her cart as I was walking.

CRASH! My eyes looked up in shock as my dream-state broke. It was she! What do I do now?! "I am so sorry. Please excuse me." I rush to say politely. "Are the kids alright?" I ask with concern.

"Yes they are fine." She said to me in an angelic voice smiling as if she knew what I was thinking, but that was impossible.

"I really am sorry. I don't know where my mind was." I reply with an apologetic smile, thinking only of her beauty. Her full lips, rounded chin, and tear drop ear lobes made for suckling. The shape of her neck, the contour of her body. The fullness of her breasts making my own grow fuller with the need to touch them.

"It's truly ok. The kids are fine, no harm done." she said to reassure me.

"Hi, my name is Zarabeth. Haven't we talked before in here?" I tested her memory of me as I extended a hand to her.

"Yes, I'm sure of It." she giggled. "Leah-Ann, nice to finally meet you." She replied politely as she shook my hand. The static electricity bolting through our fingers encouraged both of us to pull apart quickly with a strange sort of laugh.

"Thanks, I guess we have the same shopping schedule." I laughed. "How much do you love this chore?" I asked in a sarcastic tone.

"Actually I hate it!" she honestly replied.

Her laughter tinkling around me I put forth an invitation of friendship. "Well it would seem logical to make this a regular date for us then and do this dreaded thing together and maybe have some fun along the way. What do you think?"

"Sounds good to me, I could use the help at the checkout counter when I'm trying to remember if I put that in the cart or my son did." She joked.

"Great! Shopping buddies it is then." I happily replied inhaling her lavender scent. The aroma of her freshly washed hair wafting around me, the gorgeous auburn hi-lights streaming like sunshine through a forest and smiling upon a favored wood-sprite, as I pushed my cart slightly behind hers. I gloried in the fact that I was able to spend the rest of my morning in her company. We had more in common than we had anticipated and became fast friends while we walked the isles of our favored grocery store. We both picked out similar items and had lots of fun joking around with the many we could think to use in a sexual way. We spent more time than usual in the store that day enjoying the connection we had found with each other.

"How would you like to grab lunch with me?" I asked not wanting it to end so soon, not wanting to be away form her yet. Smiling lustfully, I placed the foot long twisty Popsicle's I talked her into trying on top of the other ice cream treats.

"That would be great. I'm starving. Had to skip breakfast this morning with so much to do." she smiled pointing at the kids with a twinkle in her voluminous eyes. I wondered if the twinkle was for her children or for my Popsicle knowledge and me.

Our fingers touched as we both grabbed the candy bars from her son's hand. Our eyes met when the electricity flashed through that touch and scorched a path up our arms. We both pulled away and looked at her guilty faced boy with a smile, not acknowledging the touch as anything more than another shock of static electricity, but I knew better and was happy for it.

We packed up the groceries and I watched her saunter in front of me towards her car. She turned just as I was glancing her backside up and down. She smiled when my head moved up high enough to make eye contact. I flushed red and smiled fully.

"Don't take this the wrong way, but you have a beautiful body that glides in sensuality as you walk, Leah-Ann." I held her gaze to see how she took the compliment. I smiled a different smile at her. A hungry smile, the devouring kind. Then changed it to a happy one in a flash of a second and acted like the before mentioned didn't exist.

Leah smiled back at me and flipped her hair around. I think she did it on purpose to tease me but I wasn't sure and didn't care after she started walking again. I watched excitedly, my blood racing faster as her heart shaped ass shook so sweetly in the faded jean shorts she wore. I could feel the wetness slip from between my lips and dampen my own crotch. I kept imagining her spread before me, front side up, lying upon satin sheets of hunter green. My hands tying her wrists to the corner posts with black silken cords and then blindfolding her to create that much more feeling. Then dragging the remaining two strands over her creamy skin. The clash of color tempting the weakest of souls as I tie her ankles to the corner posts at the foot of the bed. To have her at my mercy, to give her all she deserves and more. To show her everything she can give as well as receive.

"STOP this instant!" My mind shouted at me, "Before you start openly masturbating in the parking lot!"

I laughed out loud at my dreamy thoughts and the reality of them happening and moved to catch up with Leah-Ann. She was just opening her trunk. I helped to load the groceries, my breasts bouncing deliciously without the bondage of a bra. I slid up beside her and brushed my breasts against her bare arm, another small test to see if she would move rapidly away. She paused for a breadth of a second and then moved in mechanical efficiency loading the rest of the groceries. I noticed a smile on her face and neither of us pulled away too quickly from the touch this time. We allowed it to course through us like a scanner in a sci-fi movie. The heat rushing our veins and flooding us with sensations unlike anything we had known.

"I'll take the cart you take the kids." I grinned after all was placed inside the trunk.

"Rats! How come I always get stuck with the kids? I never get to put the cart away!" She whined like a three-year-old then burst out laughing.

"Because you're the mommy this time." I teased and turned to push the cart into the cart return. I walked back over to her car just as she was slipping her seatbelt on and adjusting her mirror. My turn to do a bit of teasing I thought as I stepped up to her car window and leaned over giving her a fairly glorious view of my breasts. The thought of her looking at them filled the tips with lust. I felt them pebble before her eyes. Now she could tell they were pierced, and she did. She licked her lips as I chattered on about where we should eat lunch. Her fiery glares from my breasts to my face growing hotter by the minute as I watched her nipples grow hard as well. Her breathing changed as did mine and we finally decided to go to Bakers Square. They offered coloring books and crayons and things to entertain her son while we chatted.

He was actually a very well behaved child. A delight to be with even though he was active as all get out. I thought to myself how long it had been since mine were that age, thinking too long then giving up on the math and getting back to thoughts of Leah-Ann as I walked toward the back of my truck to load my groceries.

It was a cool day so it should be safe leaving the food long enough to eat lunch I thought as I looked in my mirror to back out and saw her in the car behind me. Her head bopping to some tune on the radio was a delight to watch. She was full of life and had a zest for fun that drew me to her. I smiled and waved as I backed out and lead her out of the parking lot and onto the highway.

Leah-Ann's car followed mine into the restaurant parking lot and parked on my left side. I hopped out and helped her with the kids. I held the tiny hand of her son as we walked through the doors and waited to be seated. The waitress asked us what section we would prefer, smoking or non-, and I asked if it made a difference. She replied with a smile that it made none to her and so I was relaxed knowing she wouldn't hold my smoking against me.

We settled into a booth sitting across from each other, her daughter in a car seat at Leah's left and her son on the end in a taller chair made for bigger kids. We looked over our menus and I asked her if she'd like a margarita. "Heck yes" she admitted. We order our drinks first and then perused the menu again.

"Eww look at that!" I squeak out showing her a very disgusting picture of liver and onions.

"Yuk! I hate liver!" she exclaims with a funny face. Her button nose turned up slightly. I wanted to lean across the table and kiss it, kiss her.

My thighs squeezed tight as I tried to appease the demanding throb from my pussy for the touch it so needed. The milky wetness slipping between my lips again as I looked upon the goddess of my fantasies. My nipples hardened as I watched her suckle the straw from her drink. I gulped as I watched it slide down her throat and further still. I imagined I watched it slip down it's well known path down the center of her body, past her breasts, to her stomach. The stomach I wanted to kiss and lick. Tickle and tease.

"Well the shrimp looks good." I said with a smile as I set aside my menu to show her my nipples bursting through my shirt. My breasts grew fuller by the moment as she gazed upon them. She smiled lusciously, and agreed the shrimp did in fact appeal to her as well. We ordered our meal and talked as we waited.

By the time our food made it to the table we had drank 3 margaritas and revealed much about our sexual needs and wants. We both explored the world of erotic writing and many other things. She told me she was BI-curious and I admitted to having been with a woman before. We wore out that conversation while we ate our meals and goofed off with her son. Her daughter slept at her side.

I begged her to have one more drink with me, a Pepsi this time to sober up a bit before sending her home with the kids. We exchanged phone numbers and e-mail addresses with the promise of calling next week for our shopping date, and finished up our lunch with chat of tattoos and piercing.

Neither of us wanted to leave as she shuffled the children back into their seats and slipped into hers behind the wheel. I watched with hunger as Leah-Ann bent over the seat to hook her daughter's chair in with the seatbelt. I melted as her leg fully extended before me, as she reached in to clasp in her son. She was driving me crazy and I didn't think I was going to make it home in time to master the thoughts rushing in my mind. Flashes of her body, angelic voice, the swell of her breast, fullness of her hardened nipple, and the tongue ring I was so enchanted with during our entire meal. I wanted to reach out and touch that ass that begged for attention.

We parted with a hug through the car window and a kiss meant to land upon her cheek but found her lips instead as she turned into mine. The warmth and fullness of her lime-flavored kiss was overwhelming to say the least. The electricity flooded throughout my entire body and made me eager for more. Our lips touched for no more than a mere second and yet it felt as though we had explored them for an eternity. I was shocked to have her confirmation of my own feelings toward her. I wanted to reach inside that window and hold her face to mine in that parking lot, explore her fully, but thought wiser of it as her son came in to vision. I slipped my hand to the back of her head and gloried in her hair as she started her car and held my hand. We promised to talk very soon and I watched her drive away with my heart.

I drove home with thoughts of her filling my mind, my heart, and my soul. I drove with one hand while the other explored my body. It ached with need. Throbbed with the growing feeling of orgasm. I stopped at a stop light and my hand slipped under my shirt to caress and tease my aching breasts. They filled my hands as I forced myself to stare at the stoplight waiting for it to change.

I was stopped once more by a red light and my hand slipped into my waistband, slid over my abdomen and past my mound. My fingertips found paradise as the light changed and I sped off toward home. My inner thigh bulging with the muscle's movement as I teased my nub into pulsating sensitivity.

"GREAT! A train! Just what I need right now", but not even that stopped the feelings of overwhelming hope for my own future. A future with a woman I could hold close to me forever as a friend and more. My head fell back on the headrest as the lust overwhelmed me. I could wait no more. I was first in line for the train and as thoughts of being so near her today, and finding out she wanted me as well, enflamed my passion into overwhelming hunger that fed my need. I masturbated ruefully as the train went slowly by on the tracks. Click Clack Click's rhythm matching my own as I fell into salvation. She flooded my mind and her name filled my truck as I found my release, her lips touching mine breathing in my whimpers of ecstasy.

I floated back into my body from high above and settled in to watch the caboose go by, and the gates lift. My shirt was hiked up, breasts exposed and rosy in color from being pinched and squeezed. My pants unbuttoned and unzipped, spread wide to afford better access. I try to hurry and fix my clothes, as the cars on the other side of the tracks would surely see me now that the train has moved past. The pick up truck in the front of the oncoming line has a nice looking older man inside wearing a business suit. He glances over at me just as I am pulling down my top.

I smile as he crosses the side of my truck, thinking to myself. "Well, with a grin like that you know he knows what you were doing while waiting for that train." I smile back and wink as he passes me.

I pull up in front of my house feeling exuberant with energy. The kind of energy that doesn't go away no matter how bad your days become. I step out of the truck with noodle legs and attempt to carry my groceries inside.

I fill my week with life's deeds and we write each other e-mail. Teasing and tempting each other mercilessly we gained a closeness we both wished to express in playful, erotic ways.

I call her on Thursday night. "Hello" I savor her voice in my ear before answering.

"Hi Leah-Ann, This is Zarabeth" I state in a sensual voice, trying to sound as sexy as possible without faking it. "Our usual time tomorrow for the store?" I ask hopefully.

"I wouldn't miss it babes. I think I may have a bit of a surprise for you as well if things go as planned." she secretively discloses. I can hear the laughter in her voice, the anticipation growing as we grow closer.

"Oh really now? Hmm...I can only hope for one thing and dream it is the same as the gift you speak of." I say cherishing the way she sounds with a secret. Enchanted by her thoughtfulness, I too felt I should bring something. "Am I required to surprise you as well?" I ask playfully.

"Not a thing but yourself." she replied confidently.

"My gosh woman I can't wait to see you again." I admit as we cling to the conversation. "To watch you again, hear you laugh, feel our special touches burn through me." I whispered into her dreams.

"Mmm..." she moaned just a bit and then giggled. "Nor can I Zara, nor can I." she admitted as well.

"Ok, my sweet, I'll look forward to the morning and hopefully pass the night with some semblance of dignity." I laughingly joke with her. "Hubby is beginning to wonder about my extra energy." Her giggles tinkle my ears with sweetness and satisfaction as her smile fills my mind.

I dreamt of rose petals and honey that night. Dripping and oozing all over her glorious nudity. The golden warmth drizzle's her snow-white skin into mesmerizing patterns of lust. I watch with intrigue as it glazes her body in golden light. Her young white breasts dripping warm honey down her delicate side and onto the wrinkled sheets below to lie in golden drops. I watch as it traces loops and lines over her stomach and fills her belly button with stickiness. I bend and dip my tongue into the thick golden pond swirling in delighted frenzy. Lying my head upon her thighs to watch the honey take a path farther still, and begin it's engulfing of her mound.

It slips over the crack of her lips. Sliding between them as she wiggles with the heated torture. The slight pressure of the honey pressing against her swollen clit, and smothering it in sweetness. My finger slips past the honey into the sticky slit. I manipulate her clit to throbbing ecstasy and then push my hand down over her entrance and back up again. Twirling her tingling button around my fingertip in small circles, as I breathe into her ear how sexy she is. How much I need her. Telling her I want to hear her voice in ecstasy, as I slide my finger inside her pulsating walls. I flick my finger inside her heated realm and bring her to madness as I hear her voice fill my ears.

"Yes, Please don't stop?" She begs for my erotic torture in her passion-jaded voice. The sound brings my own smiles and the desire for more.

"How is that, Mi. Belle? You are so hot and wet, sticky sweet and delicious. I can't wait to taste you." I whisper into her ear as my breath scorches a titillating path across her neck. My lips dip down to suckle the tear-dropped shape of her ear lobe between my soft lips. My tongue wraps behind it tickling her neck as I let her lobe loose and travel down her neck nibbling and biting. I felt her breathing quicken and her voice whimpering and moaning the non-words of the lost souls in passion shrouded mists.

The melting of our inhibitions washes over us and onto the floor with our clothes. My fingers thrumming her a melody of sweet ecstasy as I slipped in and out of her pulsating eager womanhood. I find the way back out again and as I slide my suckling mouth to the side of her breast, she whimpers in my ear and my fingers find their way lower still over her tight bud of anal nerves.

"Oh God Yes!" she screamed as my mouth encompassed her nipple and my finger teased the entrance to her taboo hole. I felt the warmth gush out of her to cover my hand. The milky whiteness of it rolling off the honey covered skin. My tongue wraps around her nipple again and again suckling it into my torrid mouth. The heat pulsates from her every pore.

"I can wait no longer my love, I must taste of you, now!" I explained to her as my hands and mouth left her body. "I see the chilled night air and the wetness I left behind are clashing my sweet." I giggle and reach over her body to flick her nipple tips lightly with my fingers.

"I know you feel me between your legs, Leah-Ann. I can tell you know I am here your inner thighs quiver with excitement, I hope, and not fear or fatigue?" I ask gently before I begin my discovery of her cherished gifts.

"My body quivers in need of your gentle touch, Zara. Please tease me no more I ache inside for the feeling of your attentions upon my lust."

My hands start at her feet, wrapping her toes in the warmth of them. Over the top of her foot and around to touch the instep and caress her heal. Pushing up the inside of her leg, past her knee, and farther still. So slowly did I tickle her that she eventually begged me to taste of her, fill her void with my love.

"Not quite yet, Mi. Belle. I have something else for you right now." I explained to her as I reached to the dresser and plucked the 12 long stemmed peach colored beauties from their vase. I quickly dragged them over to her body still dripping the ice cold water across her prone form. She squealed with unexpected surprise and a chill ran through her. The blood coursed through her veins to chase away the cold, as she felt the silken petals graze her skin. Perpetual softness meeting perpetual softness was the most beautiful thing in the world to me at that moment. The peach colored petal's enflaming her skin to glowing blushes and yet it still had goose bumps. Her nipples so sensitive from my kisses, the petals brought them to heights I had no idea nipples could explode to. The silken under skin of her breast was delicious to say the least as the wetness dripped a trickling trail down her side and my tongue had to chase it's beauty. Taste of its purity and the sweetness of the honey.

"I cannot take much more I shall go mad with devilment when you let me loose, Zara." She complained and tossed meager threats at me as I plucked the petals of the roses from their thorny stems and sprinkled them over her body in disarray, as if it rained them from the sky specifically for her body to enjoy. And she did just that, as the aroma of the honey and roses wafted to fill her nostrils and mine.

"You smell fantastically erotic, Mi. Belle. I wish I could make a perfume out of your essence and wear you on my skin everyday. Smell your lust and sweetness on my body throughout the workday making me hotter and hotter with lust. Filling my mind with memories of this moment, my body with hunger to feel it again, my soul with the love we shared this very afternoon that expresses so much trust in one another. I love you Leah-Ann. I love you for trusting me to do this for us. I love you for allowing me into your life. I love you because you make me a better person and so much more. You are my inspiration, my muse, the liberator of my heart." I whisper over her body, kissing between rose petals and honey. Licking my way to her blooming petals of beauty and love. My mouth finds a place to suckle on her mound; the small crack at it's beginning.

"Mmm...Once more you take me to heights only a woman could, Zara. I love you as well, for the many things we have shared and I hope to continue to share in our future...."

She was cut off by my lips. My tongue slipping over her pouty outer labia lips as I enjoyed her taste. Her eagerness to share as much as she received budding and flowing out of her like an erupting volcano. She was gorgeous. Her petal shaped outer lips thick and full, and covered in fine dark well-trimmed hair. Her inner labia-lips smaller and thinner. A shade of pink that could only be described as that of a California sunset off the coast in the summer time.

"Leah-Ann, you have the most beautiful pussy I have ever seen." I spoke before I slipped my tongue over her throbbing bud. I suckled and dipped between her lips over the entrance and back up again. I pulled her lips apart with my fingers as I dove into her pussy with my hungry mouth. She was sweet and sticky and I loved it on her, on me. I lay between her inner thighs, my long hair spread over her thigh, the fingers of one hand separating her lips while the other fed her need. Her moans filled the room and enflamed my desire as my tongue slipped back and forth over her clit. The tip of my tongue stiff and hard rubbing it gloriously over and over, then switching to the flat of my tongue as I slip past her clit to tickle over her urethra. My finger slides into her faster and faster. I slide in two fingers in and out, beating to a rhythm with my mouth; they slap against her g-spot.

I allowed the saliva to slip down my chin so I could continue to lick and suckle without stopping to swallow. It dribbled over her small budding asshole. My pinky fingertip teasing and tempting the muscles. They spasmed against it as her pussy tightened on the now three others filling her. Her screams of ecstasy filled my mind one moment and the next it was silent.

I had awoken from my erotic dream. I found myself soaked between my legs. The sheet wet below me. My fingertips dipped between my lips and the skin puckered from being wet too long.

"Wow! That was so real." I thought it was real until I rolled over and found my hubby lying next to me and not Leah-Ann. It was sort of a let down to wake up without her after a dream like that but then again, what a dream, and I was drenched and horny as hell. My eyes shut and I drifted in and out of dreamlike fantasies as my hands began exploring my already craving body. Nipples so hard they could cut like diamonds. The piercings standing at attention and the charms tinkling as whispering touches move over my body. Her whispering touches.

My clit throbbing I can hardly take anymore as I finish her off in dream and finish myself off in reality. Both of us exploding together her in my mouth and I in my hand. I feel her pulsating walls on my lips and tongue as she climaxes in my dream. I feel the warmth and smell the musky odor as it covers my hand. My mind begins to float back to reality and I open my eyes to see the clock.

"4:00 am. Thank you," I whispered and rolled over taking my hugging pillow with me, and fell back into my dreams of her. I had the rest of the morning to sleep in and I intended on using the time for just that. I had a few surprises in store for my new friend and confidant this afternoon. I fell asleep with a smile on my face and a warm spot in my heart for a certain little wood-sprite by the name of Leah-Ann.

"My god I can't wait to see her tomorrow," was all I heard myself say as I fell off into a dreamless sleep.


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