The Best Erotic Stories.

by Damien Smith

As I watched the girl eat, I wondered what a pussy tasted like. I decided to find out and withdrew my finger and put it in my mouth. The salty, acidic taste and smell really got me going. My pussy throbbed and my little nipples became harder than ever. I put my hand back down and really started pinching my clit and fingering my cunt and lips hard. The one girl being eaten suddenly bucked her hips against the other's face. I bucked my hips into the air and stuck my tongue out, licking the air, pretending I was licking a pussy.

I collapsed on the couch and blushed, instinctively covering my parts as I notice Jessica standing there looking at me with a funny look on her face. I was too embarrassed to even say something and just hung my head in shame.

"What do you think your doing, Dianne?" Jessica demanded.

I was too frightened to say anything.

"Where did you get that tape?"

I started to pout.

"Where did you get that tape? Answer me!" I started to cry and blurted out,

"From your dresser drawer. I'm sorry. I really am. I'm sorry. Please don't tell my mom Jessica, please. I'll do anything. I'm sorry."

I teach you to go through my dresser," she shouted and, throwing down her purse, lifted me up, sat on the couch, laid me face down over her lap.

The first crack of her hand against my naked bum hurt. She kept wailing at me and my ass stung. I cried like I had never cried before. Here I was 18, being spanked for misbehaving. After about 20 or so hits, she stopped. My ass stung and pulsated from the beating. She lay her hand on my cheeks and squeezed and rubbed. The pain intensified and then died down from her caressing.

"I'm not going to tell your folks, but you WILL be punished!" She commanded me to kneel on the floor, facing the couch, with my eyes closed and head down. I was not to look up until she told me to. She said she was going to check and see if I took anything else and would be back to give me more punishment.

I knelt there and sobbed. I felt that I couldn't take any more of her spanking, but I was too afraid and ashamed to do anything. Shortly, I heard her come back and she sat on the couch in front of me. She told me to open my eyes and look up. I freaked out when I saw her sitting there, naked with her legs spread. I started to back away but she grabbed my head and pulled it against her cunt. My nose slammed into her hairy pubic area and she screamed at me to eat her pussy. I cried No, and tried to pull away but the rap of her hand against the side of my head told me otherwise.

The smell of her cunt got to me and I started to lick it. Soon I was sucking, licking and slurping her lips, clit and hole. Her pussy juice tasted so good. She humped my face and quickly came. A big splash of cum hit my face and she cried as I felt her cunt throb with her orgasm. She pulled me up and we started kissing as our cunts, bellies, and boobs rubbed together. She slipped a finger into my wet hole and fucked me with it while pinching my clit hard. I soon had a powerful orgasm and shot cum all over her stomach, thighs, and the couch. We necked more passionately and Jessica whispered, "You're a bad girl, Dianne."

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