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Beer and Incest
by Chac

When I was too young to know any better I had a boyfriend named Ryan Cherry who thought he was a skinhead or some kind of Neo Nazi or something. He liked to listen to racist music and liked to use the "N" word and stuff and tried to talk tough all the time. He had a terrible home life with a drunken, druggie mother, who we will meet later, and he had no values or morals. My parents had banned me from seeing him, which was a good idea, but of course my rebellious nature eclipsed my common sense and my respect for my parents, and I continued to see him without my parents knowledge, at an amusement park or when I was supposed to be spending the night at a girlfriend's house. I knew he was bad news but he had taken my virginity and my association with him really pissed my parents off, which made the situation irresistible.

One day, when my parents were out of town, I rode my bicycle, about three hours, all the way to his house. When I got there he had some beer so we decided to get drunk. I got plenty drunk and kept drinking even after that. When I was good and sloshed and didn't know what the fuck was what, that is when the thing happened that would finally convince me that Ryan Cherry was too bad, even to use for the purpose of upsetting my parents.

Ryan was in his mother's room talking on the phone to the girl he referred to as "just a friend". Later I got to meet her and she and I both discovered that we were both referred, to the other, as "just a friend". I was waiting in the living room, sitting on the sofa, across the room from Ryan's mother, totally crocked and feeling strange, since this was the first time I had gotten drunk. She was sitting there in a similar state but much more fucked up than I was because her alcohol was most likely mixed with heroine or crack or something. She just sat there in a trance, staring right at me. When I got good and uncomfortable I decided to go into the bedroom with Ryan.

I decided I would rather listen to his phone conversation than watch his junkie mother stare at me. Ryan was speaking inaudibly when I entered his mother's bedroom and he quickly wrapped up the phone call, telling her that his mother needed to use the phone. Just as Ryan hung up the phone his mother came into the room. She had a queer grin on her face and she smelled of alcohol and something else that had some kind of chemical scent. She was probably about thirty, she would have had to have Ryan at age seventeen or so. She lay down on the bed beside me and moved her hips in a suggestive motion. She started touching my hair and petting my thigh, telling me how pretty I was and how lucky Ryan was to get to have sex with me. She said that she taught Ryan how to make love to a woman and that she knew he was fucking me right.

I was so drunk my eyes could hardly hold still and Ryan's mother was like a distant dream. She started unbuttoning my shorts and I realized that Ryan was kissing me. Ryan's mom licked my stomach, my pussy was instantly dripping, Ryan prodded my mouth sloppily, his mother rubbing the front of his pants and alternately rubbing her own crotch. Ryan's mom had my pants down and off my ankles and my legs were pushed up to my chest as she lowered her mouth to my pussy. I was barely aware of what was happening as I was outraged by his mother's behavior yet nearing climax, feeling her skilled tongue working my clit. Ryan bit and licked my nipples as his mother took turns eating me and sucking him. I was semiconscious for a few minutes then I realized Ryan was fucking me, without a rubber, while his mom licked our assholes, licked Ryan's balls and my gash.

I had already cum three time when I found myself in another position. Ryan's mother sat on his face while she finger fucked me, one finger in my pussy and the other in my ass hole. She moved down on Ryan and guided his cock into her as she lowered her mouth to my pussy, maintaining her rhythm on both my holes. My eyes were in the back of my head, I came again and was awakened again to find Ryan's mom laying beside me. Ryan would get between her legs and bang her about nine or ten times. Then he would push back from her and get on top of me, pump me several times and so on. His mom reached over and rubbed my clit and licked my nipples as Ryan continued this for about ten minutes. I dozed off while Ryan pumped his mom. I woke up, Ryan and his mom were fucking doggy style, with their cock and pussy hanging right in front of my face. I felt Ryan's mom's mouth on my pussy and came again unable to remember how many orgasms I had that night. Ryan's pubic hairs tickled my cheek as I smelled the mixture of spit and ass hole. The next thing I knew I was beside Ryan's mom again but this time we were on our stomachs and Ryan was pushing the head of his cock into my ass hole. His mother watched, propped up on one elbow, her knee level with her head, rubbing her clit. Ryan pounded my ass with his balls five or six times then mounted his mother's ass and gave her the same treatment. As this was going on Ryan's mom was reaching behind him finger fucking his ass hole while she did the same to me with the other hand. I came again realizing what a strange situation I was in and wondering how often Ryan and his mother had sex.

I woke up the next morning on Ryan's living room floor. Ryan was passed out on the couch and his mother was in her room with the door shut. I woke up to Ryan's step father's fingers in my pussy while he rubbed his exposed cock. When I awoke he jumped up and ran out of the room. I sneaked out of Ryan's house and rode my bike home that morning. I knew what had happened the night before was reality because of Ryan's step father's wake up call. I have never saw Ryan again after that day though he called often for about a month. I have found myself made anxious as well as horny by that memory. I have masturbated to it many times.
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