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Bill and Lauren Part IV
by Glacier-7

When we last left Bill and his girlfriend Lauren, Bill had taken his beautiful sister Michelle's virginity after Lauren approved first though.

Bill looked down at Lauren watching her sleep. She looked like an angel; her blonde hair let loose around her shoulders her soft breathing and that little smile that was always there if you looked. Just holding her like this was all Bill ever needed from her. There was such a nice feeling in the room with her resting on top of him letting out soft moans of relaxation. But now Bill was feeling sleepy so he just closed his eyes, and drifted off to sleep.

"WHY DO YOU HAVE TO BE SUCH A BITCH" John yelled in Lauren's face.

"I'm sorry John," Lauren replied she didn't even know why she was apologizing John who had asked her out earlier in the day to go out to dinner that night. He had just forcefully grabbed her breasts, something she did not want him to do so she simply nudged him away. She slowly began to back away from him, but he grabbed her arm hurting her.

"OW, John stop it please" Lauren pleaded. "Where do you think your going" John raged on pulling her close to him.

"I just want to go home" she sobbed tears swelling in her eyes.

"You're not going anywhere until I say you can, UNDERSTOOD?" John demanded.

"Please, please just let me go Johnny" Lauren pleaded again.

"Don't ever call met that," John warned. "Now get down on your knees and suck you slut, you'll finish what you started."

"All I did was kiss you on the cheek" Lauren exclaimed.

"Don't smart off to me bitch now get down their and suck!" John said in a threatening voice.

"No" is what came out of Lauren's mouth she didn't know what forced her to say it, but it was too late to change that.

"I told you not to be a smart-ass" John said raising his hand in the air and letting it come crashing down on Lauren's pretty face. John had just crossed a line she didn't even know he would cross and she knew how his temper was from when he played basketball for the school s team. Why did she ever say yes to him anyway, it was Bill her friend Michelle's brother that she wanted. She pitied herself. John grabbed her shoulder and pushed her to her knees. "Now open it up and start sucking slut."

"Oh no, there s no way out now" she thought as she put her hands on John's belt buckle.

Suddenly at the edge of the entrance way to (Teen's Pass) an alley that led directly to a hamburger joint and a gas station, hundreds of kids passed through the alley each day. But now there were three guys standing there. John had his back to him but Lauren could see them now. It was Bill her friend Michelle's brother, and two of his friends Chris and Jeff. All three of them played football and they were all really nice guys they would surely stop John. Lauren made eye contact with Bill he motioned her to stop what she was about to do. She took her hand off John's belt.

"You're an asshole John" Lauren declared new courage forming in her since her saviors had arrived. John was still unaware of them he grabbed her by the throat and stood her up.

"What did you say to me you stupid bitch" John growled in an inhuman voice.

"You heard me you're an ass and I bet you got a small dick that no girl would want either." Lauren laughed triumphantly in his face. "What has gotten into this girl" John thought, didn't he have complete control over her a few seconds ago? "That's it bitch got any last words" John said taking a small knife out.

"Umm, yeah how should I put this oh I know look Johnny the cavalry's here."

"Huh" was all John was able to get out before Chris landed a punch directly in his right eye.

It only took about five seconds for John to regain his balance when he did he couldn't seem to open his right eye. But he did see Chris standing there, wait someone to the right maybe he couldn't be sure. "I'm gonna cut you up Chris" John threatened. Chris shrugged and stepped to the left. What John didn't see before was Jeff a huge linebacker was setting himself like a charging bull. Jeff shot at John like a bullet knocking him to the ground. Now John had the wind knocked out of him and he probably had a few broken ribs. John realized there was two attackers but then he heard another voice but he couldn't see that well.

"Man looks like you picked the wrong girl and the wrong place shit head." John realized it was Bill he must have been the one off to the right before. Bill grabbed the back of John's neck and pulled him to his feet. "Say You're sorry to Lauren now." Bill commanded.

"Sor-Sorry " was all John was able to squeeze out from his injured state. What Bill didn't see was that John still had the knife in his hands and now John remembered that he had it, he pulled away from Bill and took a stab at his heart. But Bill was much to fast. Lauren wasn't sure what he actually did because he moved so fast but when everything slowed again Bill was holding John's arm in a position where it could easily be broken and the knife had fallen from his hand. "Get the fuck outa here now, I don't ever wanna see you again and if I do be sure You're not near a girl." John stumbled away into the night.

Lauren had the feelings all rush back into her head she was almost raped. She started crying again and latched onto the closest person to her, which was Bill. Bill wrapped his arms around her comforting her. Lauren realized how much this made her calm down being held be Bill that is. Lauren looked up to Bill's face "Oh thank you, thank you so much."

"Are you alright kiddo?" Jeff said placing a hand on the top of her head. "Yes, now I am thank you" Lauren cried now with joy. She let go of Bill and hugged Chris and gave him a little kiss, and then did the same for Jeff.

"Ok we'll be going now." Chris said and him and Jeff wandered off down the alley.

Lauren embraced Bill again, "Are you sure You're alright" Bill asked with concern.

"Come on I'll walk you home" Bill offered.

"Umm, Bill would it be ok if I went to your house instead, I don't want my parents to see me like this and I want to talk to Michelle." Lauren asked gently with innocence.

"Sure let's go" Bill approved, taking her hand. Lauren really didn't need to talk to Michelle, nor did she care if her parents saw her she wanted Bill and now she could get him, her knight had come to her rescue.

"Laur Lauren wake up honey."

"Hmmmm" Lauren moaned softly signaling she was waking.

"What's the matter you were shaking and moving around a lot" Bill questioned.

"Oh I was just having a bad dream, well not really you showed up" she smiled and kissed him.

"What was it about" Bill asked.

"Remember what happened like two hours before we became boyfriend and girlfriend with that jag-off John kid."

"Yeah" Bill affirmed.

"Well that's what it was" Lauren finished. "Bill, hun, I can answer your question now." Bill had asked her a number of times - Lauren always told him to just wait. "The question was why do you want me of all the other guys. I know I'm not the best looking."

"Go on" Bill confirmed. "The reason I love you so much doesn't have to do with what you look like, its your character your absolutely magical. I feel so warm and safe when I'm with you, I feel as if there's nothing in the world that can hurt me when I'm in your arms, You're my knight in shining armor." She gave him a long kiss and broke it to say. Besides, about the looks, some guys look sexy in clothes and stuff and that's just sexy, girl s call them hot guys and that's it but you, you're a handsome young man and I'll never let anyone take you from me" she kissed him again.

"I love, I promise I'll never leave you" Bill said.

To be continued...

Sorry about the lack of sex in this story I just thought I'd tell you guys how they first came to love each other.

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