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Bobby & Mom
by Patrick

I lay staring at the ceiling as the first glimmer of light painted the sky, reliving the startling events of last night. I wasn't sure if I was shocked at what had happened, or shocked more by my reaction to it.

I'd been incredibly tired after a difficult day at the office, so shortly after tea I said goodnight to my son Bobby and went off to bed. Bobby had said he had a lot of homework to do and was busy typing away on the computer when I gave him his usual goodnight kiss on the cheeks and retired to my room. I fell asleep straight away, but sometime later woke up feeling very hot and dry and decided I needed a drink of water. I slipped out of my bed in the dark and walked out of my room and down the corridor, the thick carpet muffling any sound I made, and I guess that's why they didn't hear me coming.

There was a faint light coming from the partially open door to the lounge room and the muted sound of rock music, and I thought Bobby must still be working on his homework, so I detoured from my walk to the kitchen, intending to tell him that he needed to take a break and not spend such long hours at his school work. But as I eased the door open wider, I stopped in total shock, Bobby was already taking a break from his school work, or perhaps he was studying a whole new subject, because he was standing in the middle of the room totally naked, and kneeling before him was a half dressed girl valiantly trying to suck his rampant cock. I could see them both and hear them both quite clearly now, Bobby was saying, "Please Jacqui, take it in, suck it good"

Jacqui was responding in muffled tones, "Oh Bobby I can't, I can't, it's just too big"

I knew I should walk away, stop spying on them, but I couldn't, I was riveted by the sight of my naked son, and even more riveted by the sight of his absolutely massive cock, and it was like I was suddenly in a time warp, and it was me kneeling there in the lounge room, and my father standing there naked urging me on to suck his equally massive cock, and I shuddered at the vision. Shuddered with a feeling of almost overwhelming pleasure, and my hand automatically dropped to rub against my suddenly wet pussy.

God, this was crazy, but I couldn't move, all those memories came flooding back. I remembered that first time as though it were only yesterday. I was only 16 and staring at my first erect cock, and such an incredible cock, incredibly long and thick, I should have been feeling guilty or scared but all I was feeling was the most intense turned on feeling I'd ever known, and I didn't take much urging, I took daddy's massive cock in my hands and began to stroke him, then lick him and eventually to suck him until he exploded in my mouth, almost drowning me with his hot, tasty juices. After that, he undressed me and played with my young tits and my virgin pussy, bringing me such incredible pleasure with his hands and his tongue, and I was ready to be his love slave for ever. He was the first man to fill my mouth and the first man to fill my pussy, Mmmmm he was so incredibly gentle that his massive cock size was never a problem, oh no, it was a total, total delight.

But it didn't last, when I was just 17 he was killed in a car accident and I was completely devastated, mom was surprised at the depth of my anguish, but then she didn't know that dad had been fucking me for 2 years, 2 hot, horny and glorious years. I left home shortly afterwards and went to College where I met and married Don. I fell madly in love with him, so wasn't too concerned that he was deeply religious and didn't believe in sex before marriage, but on our wedding night I can still remember the feelings of disappointment as I finally got to see his cock, so different from Daddy's. If anything, Don was a little undersize, barely more that 6 inches, whereas Dad's cock had been a massive 12 inches, so I never got any real sexual satisfaction from our marriage.

Looking at my son now, it was clear that he took after his grand dad, he had to be over 10 inches, maybe even 12, and my pussy drooled, and I could understand why Jacqui was having problems with him, it had taken me some time to adjust to Daddy's size and to work out how to take him deep down in my throat, but god, the effort had been worth it!

I was jerked back to the present when I heard Bobby cry out, "I'm cumming, Jacqui, I'm cumming", and he started to shoot his load. I was surprised at Jacquii's reaction, a look of intense distaste came over her face and she quickly jerked back, his spurting cum splattering onto her face.

"Oh yuk, Bobby, that's disgusting, you could have warned me sooner, you could have waited, now look at me, I must go and get cleaned up"

My heart went out to Bobby as he struggled to stop his cock from spurting further cum onto her, and I wanted to dash into the room and wrap my lips around his cock and suck it all up for him. My God, what was I thinking, this was crazy, I was thinking of sucking my own son!

Jacqui jumping to her feet broke my reverie and I realized she'd be coming this way to go to the bathroom, so I backed away quickly, then turned and fled silently to my room, burying myself under my quilt, trying to block out the images, the thoughts and the memories, all to no avail, and I couldn't get back to sleep before masturbating wildly with hot, horny visions of my father's big cock, overlaid with visions of my son's big cock pouring through my mind.

When I woke up in the morning I felt like hell, I felt like I hadn't slept at all, so I just lay there looking at the ceiling, remembering the events of last night, remembering and reacting once again. A long cold shower was my punishment, as I tried to erase all those crazy thoughts so I could go to work and function properly for the rest of the day.

After 12 years of conflict and dissatisfaction with Don, I walked away from the marriage, taking Bobby with me, and over the last 8 years I had concentrated exclusively on my career and, of course, on my son, so there hadn't been the time or inclination to have another man in my life. But last night had suddenly made me realize that beneath the brusque career exterior there was still a living, feeling woman with deep, unfulfilled sexual needs, and as hard as I tried that day, I couldn't get the image of Bobby's massive cock out of my head, or the image of his pain at Jacqui's harsh words, or the image of his cock spurting forlornly into a void of emptiness.

I recalled so vividly the absolute delight on Daddy's face the first time I took his massive cock fully into my mouth and sucked him until he was totally drained, the total delight when I took his massive cock fully into my pussy without any problems or complaints and felt him unload his cum juice completely. I recalled the anguish with which he told me of his problems of acceptance, even with mom, because of his size. Of the cruel jokes his male friends used to play on him, of the girls who had freaked out at the first sight of his larger than normal cock, of the difficulty he'd had getting any girl to fully satisfy him, and my heart went out to my son as I knew instinctively that he was suffering the same fate, and I wanted to help, but could I? Should I? Would he be shocked? Would he reject me?

All these things flowed through my mind, then came that moment of total clarity, of total honesty. Only part of my feelings were a desire to help Bobby, the other part - an incredibly strong part - was my own needs, my own desires. I wanted, desperately wanted, to feel his massive cock inside me, in my mouth and in my pussy. That admission to myself was an incredible shock, but I knew it was truth, and I knew I had to make it happen, I just wasn't sure how.

I was actually walking in through the front door after driving home when the answer came to me. I needed to strike while the iron was hot and confront him about what he'd been up to last night, then take it from there. So that's what I did. As soon as dinner was out of the way I took a quick shower and put on an ankle length robe - but wore nothing at all underneath - and walked back into the lounge room and told Bobby I needed to talk to him.

"Oh Mom, do I have to?, I've got so much School work to do" he moaned.

I grinned at him, "Oh! School work, like last night you mean?" I asked

"Yeah" he replied.

"And since when has Jacqui Turnbull been regarded as School work?" I asked

He convulsed and spluttered and spun around in the chair, "What? How?"

I allowed my grin to get a little wider, "I woke up feeling very dry and came out for a drink" I said.

He groaned and put his head into his hands for a moment, then looked up, a distraught expression on his face, "You mean, you saw?" he groaned.

"I saw a little, maybe a lot, maybe everything, I don't know" I said, "I saw one very naked son with a very large hard on trying to shoot his load into Jacqui's mouth"

"Mom!" he gasped loudly

I shrugged, "I also saw the pain on his face when she told him he was disgusting and left him shooting his load into thin air, and I nearly wept for him" I said.

He looked stunned, and more than a little puzzled, "You did?" he croaked, "Why?, I thought you'd be angry"

I patted the sofa beside me, "Come and join me and I'll tell you why" I said quietly

He moved slowly and a little reluctantly over to the sofa and perched nervously beside me, and I leaned back into the corner of the sofa, allowing my robe to open slightly so I knew he was getting a glimpse of my breasts, and I saw his eyes dart down and straight back up again as a flush moved into his face.

"I was shocked, yes" I said, "I hadn't expected to come out and find my son who was supposed to be doing his homework, making out with a girl"

He snorted, quite involuntarily I think, and I grinned, "Yeah, well perhaps you weren't making out as much as you wanted to, but the intent was there wasn't it?"

He nodded mutely.

"And the reason it wasn't going the way you wanted was because you have a somewhat oversized cock, right?" I said. I saw the shock register on his face, but didn't wait for an answer. I grinned, "You certainly don't take after your father, he was more on the undersize side of things, but you do take after your grandfather - my father - and I know how much he suffered" I said.

Suddenly he looked interested, "Tell me about grandfather" he asked, and I obliged. Getting incredibly turned on in the telling and watching the variety of emotions crossing his face as I went through the sexual relationship I'd shared with my Dad. Shock at first, of course, some understanding when I spoke of the problems Dad had experienced both with his male friends and with the females he tried to get together with, and then a growing excitement as I admitted how much I had enjoyed licking and sucking my dad's big cock and fucking with him.

"And how big was he mom?" he finally asked

I chuckled, "I measured him once with a School ruler, and he was almost bigger than that, a good 12 inches" I said.

He grinned, "I measured myself like that once, and I was 12 inches too" he said with considerable pride, then a dark red flush crossed his face and he stammered, "Have you ever, you know, had one like that since?"

I let out a huge sigh, "No, your father's the only man I've known since my own father, and although your dad was a good man most of the time, he never ever could satisfy me"

He gulped, "And have you ever, you know, wanted?"

"God yes" I exclaimed heatedly, "Especially when I saw your beautiful massive cock last night, I found myself wishing I was Jacqui!", then I flushed bright red too, "Oh dear, I shouldn't have said that"

His face had flushed too, but now there was a grin starting to creep over it, "Isn't that crazy, all the time I was with Jacqui I was wishing it were you!"

"You were?" I blurted out.

He nodded, that grin widening, "Hell, I've been fantasizing about you for years, I mean you're such a beautiful, sexy woman"

I felt the color mounting in my cheeks again, but this time from the pleasure his words had brought, I was surprised and a little shocked, but my pussy was on fire and I found myself squirming around on the sofa. All that did was loosen my robe a bit more and I saw his eyes drop down to look again at my tits, and his tongue come out and brush across his lips. My own eyes dropped too, and I was startled to see the enormous bulge that had suddenly appeared in his track suit trousers. I felt the fire rushing through every part of me, realizing that he was every bit as turned on and horny as I was.

"Is Jacqui coming over again tonight?" I asked

He shook his head, then giggled a little, "I guess I blew my chances with her when I blew all over her face" he said.

I giggled too, then let my eyes drop almost shyly as I said "I wouldn't stay away because of that, I'd want to come back and keep on coming back until I'd mastered your beautiful cock"

"Like with your dad, you mean?" he asked

I nodded, "Just like that"

"Would you? You know, with me?" he asked in a suddenly stammering voice.

I lifted my head and looked him straight in the eye, "Oh yes, Bobby, I would, anything, anything you wanted me to do, anything to please you and satisfy you" I said, then grinned hotly, "Cause I know you got just what it takes to satisfy me too!"

"Oh mom, mom" he cried and lunged across the sofa and wrapped his arms around me and began to kiss me, and I returned his kiss, eagerly, hotly, darting my tongue deep into his mouth and encouraging his into mine. Then I felt his hands inside my robe, touching and clutching at my breasts, and I moaned with sheer pleasure. Then my robe was fully open and he pulled back and stared down at my breasts, I was suddenly glad that I'd worked out after the pregnancy and they were still ripe and firm, and those nipples that he'd suckled on 18 years ago were still hard and swollen.

"Oh mom, they're so beautiful, so beautiful" he cried and reached out and started to stroke them. I lay back for a moment, just enjoying the sensation of hands on my breasts after so long, enjoying the extra thrill of knowing they were my son's hands. Then his lips were on them and his tongue was lashing my nipples and I was in heaven. Then I was beyond heaven as I felt his hand slide between my legs and start to caress my pussy, god, it was already sopping wet. I spread my legs, allowing his fingers to slip inside my pussy and play with my swollen clit, and I gloried at his touch.

Then I pushed him away, amused and excited by the look of disappointment on his face, and by how quickly that changed when I urged him to take off his clothes, told him how much I wanted to see and touch his gorgeous cock, and within seconds he was naked, and I shuddered at the sight of his massive tool. Oh yes, he was every bit as big as daddy, big and thick and oh god, I just had to have it, now!.

I leaned down and wrapped my hands around his huge tool and began to lick it slowly and gently around the head, then up and down it's full length, before taking it slowly into my mouth, hearing him groan as the head slipped inside, and groan even louder as I fed more and more of his throbbing cock into my mouth and down into my throat. It had been so long that my throat had forgotten, needed to adjust, so I took him slowly, inch by precious inch, and it was so hot and tight that he couldn't cope, and with only half of his length in my mouth he began to explode.

Wow, suddenly gallons and gallons of hot cum juice were pouring down my throat and I gagged a little, but then instinct - and dad's super coaching - took over and I relaxed my throat and allowed his cum juice to just pour down into me, and I loved it, loved every hot spurt of his juices, He bucked and thrust his cock harder into my mouth as his explosion gathered pace, peaked and began to fade, but I didn't take his cock from my mouth, I began to suck him again, and progressively feed more and more of his cock into me, and his momentary softness after coming quickly turned to hardness once again, and he began a fucking motion, fucking his massive cock into my mouth, and kept doing that until a second, even more violent explosion wracked his body and another gallon of hot juice poured into my mouth and I drank him dry.

This time I allowed his cock to slide slowly from my mouth and slumped back against the side of the sofa, seeing that he was slumped too, looking somewhat the worse for wear, but with a completely silly grin plastered all over his face, and I knew he'd enjoyed it as much as me, I'd seen that self same silly grin on my dad's face, especially after that very first time I'd sucked him off, and I silently thanked him for allowing me to share something incredibly special with my son.

Dad used to take quite a while to recover, but an 18 year old boy, especially a frustrated and horny 18 year old boy didn't take too long at all, so I was soon moaning and crying out as his tongue played erotic games with my pussy and my clit and as his hands fondled and stroked my sensitive breasts, "Oh yes, Bobby, so good, suck my clit, suck it hard baby, oooohhh that's so good", and my body shuddered and shook through a series of minor orgasms.

Then I was reaching for him, crying out to him, "Oh Bobby, Please, fill me up, fill me with your beautiful cock, I want you inside me, oh please, fuck mommy, fuck me good"

And he was lifting himself between my legs and pressing the head of his huge dick to the lips of my pussy, and pressing forward. I spread my legs as wide as I could and lifted my ass cheeks off the sofa to ease his way, remembering those lessons from so long ago, and his huge cock began to slide slowly, inexorably into my eager, clutching pussy, deeper and deeper.

"Oh yes, oh yes, Bobby, so big, so hard, deeper baby, deeper, I want all of you, oh, fuck me baby, fuck me", and I arched my body and rammed myself forward, impaling myself fully on his throbbing cock and feeling his heavy balls banging onto my ass cheeks.

He cried out in amazement. "Oh Mom, it's all the way in, you've taken it all, I'm fucking you, I'm really fucking you!"

"Yes baby, yes, fuck me, fuck your hot momma, harder, faster, do me, do me, aaargh yes" and I bucked and heaved under him as he rammed his big cock into me as hard and fast as he could, and I could feel the orgasm starting at the very tips of my toes and rolling upwards, "Oh god Bobby, I'm cumming, you're making me cum, aaargh, aaargh, I'm cumming, I'm cumming' I'm Cuuuuummmmiiiing!!"

And I exploded, cascading hot juices all over his thrusting cock as my body lurched and jumped and jerked all over the place, then I heard him scream out too, an unidentifiable jumble of words and I felt his cock expand even more and explode his load of cum juice deep into my steaming pussy, and that took me up into another body shaking orgasm.

The feelings were so intense, that just for a moment I think I passed out, my body on automatic pilot as it responded to his continuing thrusts, but it was only a momentary thing, and then I was back, enjoying, no glorying in the incredible feelings that my son's cock was provoking in my body. Finally we both fell back exhausted and his now softened cock slipped slowly from my pussy.

Once again he had that silly grin on his face, the difference this time was that I had an equally silly grin on mine! I had been totally, completely and royally fucked by my own son and his massive, massive cock, and had loved every moment of it. What's more I knew that this was just the start. Oh, he'd keep trying with other girls, that's the nature of the male beast, but now he knew mommy was here for him, that mommy could bring him so much pleasure, he'd be back, time and time again he'd be back. Mmmmmm my pussy was getting juiced up again just thinking about it, and maybe Bobby was thinking about it too, as his cock started to stiffen and swell and he was grinning at me and reaching for me, Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, so good, so incredibly gooooooood!


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