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Bonnie and Ron Pt. I
by Doug4Dirt

I told the other two that I needed to get rid of that last beer, and stood up. As I turned toward the scenic overlook behind us, Ron, my brother-in-law, said he would join me. His older sister, Bonnie, who had been sharing the "solve all the problems of the world", stories around the campfire, would have to sit by herself at fireside until we got back.

As the two of us began our journey, Bonnie asked if we needed any help. I assumed that to be rhetorical, and probably beer-induced, I answered back that, with over 30 years of practice, I could probably handle my own. Ron, a little embarrassed at his sister's offer, seemed to ignore her.

Apparently, Bonnie wasn't satisfied with the responses, or lack thereof, she received, and got up to follow us to the edge of the river that ran past their parents' country lodge. With a sense of urgency brought on by an afternoon and evening of steady beer consumption, I stepped to the edge and unzipped my shorts. Presence of sister-in-law, or no, I had to piss! Ron stepped up, about a yard away, and began to do the same.

Bonnie walked up and stood between Ron and me, and made her offer of assistance again. My alcohol-soaked brain argued between right, wrong, and the fact that Bonnie's older sister, Donna, my wife, was asleep in our room in the lodge. Bonnie's outstretched hand solved my dilemma. She said that although she had seen men pee before, she had never held a man's penis while he relieved himself, and thought it might be exciting.

With a slight piss-hard giving her a larger target, she wrapped her right hand around my dick and held me as I released a stream of urine off over the edge of the cliff into the darkness below. The pressure of her hand was more than I usually used, and constricted the flow slightly, making it a longer and higher-pressure process than usual. She commented that she did not realize that a man could pee that far!

Ron stood in disbelief as his sister held my dick. I don't know whether it was the fact that his sister was so forward, that I was married to his other sister, or that Bonnie's husband, Donald, was also asleep in their room back in the lodge. Nevertheless, there she was, and Ron still had to pee!

As I finished, Bonnie shook my semi-hard cock in the night air, and asked how many times should she shake it. I told her that if you shook it more than twice, that you were playing with it. She took this as somewhat of a challenge, I guess, and continued to shake me far more than twice, giving me the beginning of an erection.

She turned to Ron, my dick still in her right hand, and made her offer again. She told Ron that she had always wondered about her little brother as they grew up. How he got to stand up and pee, while she and Donna had to sit and that she had tried to pee standing up once and had made a horrible mess in the bathroom.

I am not sure what Ron's motivation was, but he slowly unzipped his shorts and pulled out his penis. Bonnie reached out with her left hand, and wrapping her fingers around it, said she was ready. Ron let loose a stream of pee out into the darkness, and you could hear it hitting the leaves and water down below.

Bonnie continued her stroking of my dick as she held Ron during his piss. As his stream diminished, she began to shake his rod, as she had mine. At this point, I was about fully erect, and she was actually starting to jack me off. She changed the tempo of her actions on Ron's dick slightly, and I could see that he, also, was getting hard.

Bonnie said that she had to pee, as well, and wanted to know if we would help her. In our mutual bewilderment, both Ron and I agreed. Bonnie let go of our cocks just long enough to pull off the biker shorts she had on underneath her oversized t-shirt. She then took our tools back into her hands and asked if we would turn sideways, facing each other. We complied and she squatted, using our erections as handles to hold herself up. The tips of our dicks touched momentarily, both of us reacting by pulling back.

As we watched, she began to simultaneously jack us both off, and also to begin to pee. A flow of urine appeared from her crotch, which was partially hidden by her shirt, and made a puddle between her feet. I had always heard that women could hold their pee longer than men, and Bonnie confirmed it. She must have pissed for a good two or three minutes, all the time, keeping up a tempo on our erections.

As she finished, her next action caught both Ron and me by complete surprise. She leaned forward and licked the end of Ron's dick, and then turned and did the same to me. You would have thought that Ron had been hit by a bolt of lightning. He must have jumped two feet in the air, feeling his sister's tongue on his dick. Being a little more prepared, I did not react quite so violently, but it was still quite a shock.

After she licked me, she looked Ron in the face and told him that she had thought about him all through her puberty, wondering what he was doing in his bedroom, while she played with herself in hers. Ron looked back at her and said that he had thought about her a few times, but knew that it was wrong. Bonnie told him that in her mind, the only thing that made it wrong were other people telling you it was wrong.

With that, she leaned forward again, and turning slightly, took the head of Ron's dick into her mouth, then pulled it out to lick all around the head. Following a few minutes of this, Bonnie took his dick out of her mouth, looked up and told him that she was going to suck him off. Ron, at this point, in a state of passionate resolve, did not say anything, but stuck his dick back into her mouth.

Bonnie had released her hold on my hard-on, to pay full attention to Ron. She knelt down in front of him, and began to bob her head up and down his rod. I looked at his face, and he just grinned in resignation. I began to jack myself off, partially out of a now building urge to relieve my erection, and partially out of the erotic scene in front of me.

I knelt down behind Bonnie and reached my hand under her shirt and began to finger her crack. I could feel the wetness of the pee still on her pubic hair, and I could also feel the wetness of her sex, as she began to get turned on by her actions. I worked my hand up to her swollen and fully exposed clit, and began to work on her orgasm, as she worked on Ron's.

She parted her legs and thrust her ass toward me, in a sign of acceptance of my actions, and continued her ministrations on Ron's cock and balls. I reached my other hand up her t-shirt until I found one of her breasts, and began to pull and pinch at her nipple. I could feel Ron's hand, it having come down the open neck of the t-shirt, playing with the other.

I worked my one hand up and down Bonnie's soaking wet slit, taking pussy juice from her hole up to her clit and all the way down to her asshole. As I played with Bonnie's slit, I began to stick one, then two fingers into her pussy hole. She reacted by squatting down each time I inserted my fingers, trying to fuck my hand.

Her entire crack, from clit to asshole, was now one huge juicy slit. As I fingered her pussy, I stuck one of my other fingers into her soaked asshole. She responded with the same squat reaction she had when I first put my fingers in her pussy. With two fingers firmly in her cunt, I stuck my thumb in her ass. She stopped her attention to Ron for just a second, and seemed to settle onto my thumb, and then began to wiggle her ass to maximize the sensation.

I could tell she was beginning to reach a peak and paid closer attention to her clit. Sure enough, as I rubbed up and down, using her own juices to lubricate, she stopped, shuddered, and released a stream of pussy juice that dripped into the palm of my hand and down my wrist. I continued to stimulate her clit, pussy, and asshole, and she returned to her attention to Ron.

I pulled my hand out and lifted her shirttail, and began to position myself to fuck her from behind. As I approached and she felt my dick head brush her butt cheek, she took one of her hands and brushed me away. A little confused, but still driven by the passion of the moment, I leaned in again.

This time, she stopped her work on Ron, and turned her face to me. She said that she and Donald were trying to have a baby and that she was not using any birth control. I told her that I had a load of cum getting ready to explode and that I did not want to waste it. She said that she still wanted to suck Ron's dick first, and I told her I could not wait that long.

She told me that, while it had been a while, that she liked to take a cock up her ass, and that the way she was feeling now, it would not be that difficult. She turned back to Ron's dick and balls, and from the slurping sounds, I could tell that she was taking him deep.

I ran my hand up her crack, and pulled a smear of pussy juice up to her asshole. I then took my hand and smeared more of her juices onto my cock head. With two fingers, and then three, I opened her anal passage. I had discontinued my attentions to her breasts, and used my other hand to stimulate her clit. As if giving me a cue, she brought her knees together in front of her, an action which spread her ass checks wider apart.

I brought my dick head to her ass hole and rubbed it up and down, making sure that everything was fully lubricated. A drop of pre-cum leaked from my dick and added to the accumulation of her juice. As she leaned back at me, I stuck my dick into her ass, and felt the first reluctance of her sphincter muscle. The head of my dick just popped into her hole, and I held it there while I stroked her clit.

Bringing more of her pussy juice up to her asshole, I applied a little more pressure, and as she voluntarily pushed back, I finally had about half of my length in her ass. We both paused, as she continued sucking her brother's dick.

I looked up at him and could tell that he was getting close. I wanted to finish at about the same time as he did, so I lubed my dick one last time and gave it a shove. I think Bonnie must have taken Ron's dick all the way down her throat when she gasped. I buried my dick to the balls in her ass, and she ground her butt cheeks against my thighs.

She and I paused again, as the sensations rose over our respective bodies, and as we relaxed and became accustomed to our position. I could hear Ron tell her that he was about to cum. She pulled away from his dick only long enough to tell him that she was going to swallow his entire load, and then returned to her task.

I began to slowly stroke in and out of her ass, looking down to see her ass hole stretched outward as I pulled out. I plied another hand full of her pussy juice onto my shaft and pumped back into her ass hole. This time, she seemed to relax, and that, coupled with the last load of pussy juice, seemed to open her up to more active thrusts on my part.

I stroked my dick in and out of her ass hole, being careful not to lose too much position on the outstroke. Bonnie began a rhythm with me, meeting every thrust of mine with one of her own. She seemed to be balancing her actions with me with those intended for her brother's cock.

Ron looked down at our anal copulation and moaned that this was all he could take, and shot a load of cum into his sister's waiting mouth. She buried her face in his crotch and I could see her neck contract as she swallowed. Ron must have pumped a dozen times, each one followed by a squeal of glee from his sister's throat.

As he finished, Ron backed away, and knelt down, resting his butt on his heels. Bonnie bent fully to the ground and reached her hands between her legs. With one, she replaced mine that had been rubbing her clit, and with the other, she grasped my balls. With her head resting in Ron's lap, looking back over her back, she told me that she was ready and wanted to feel my cum in her ass.

That comment, along with the attention she was paying to my balls was about all the encouragement I needed. I began to take long strokes into her ass, burying myself deep each time. Bonnie tickled my balls and asshole with her fingers. She wet her middle finger in her pussy, and finding my asshole, stuffed her finger directly up my ass. She began to finger fuck my ass, and massage my balls. This stimulation was all I needed, and with one final deep thrust, I shot a load of cum up her ass that knocked her forward into her brother's limp dick, and pulled her finger out of my asshole.

I pumped deep into her ass, emptying my balls. As I finished cumming, I began to stroke in and out of her asshole, now even better lubed with my cum. She began to thrust her ass back at me, and I could see by her actions that she was getting herself off. I watched as she worked her hand up and down her slit, pinching and rubbing her own clit. She looked up and begged Ron to play with her tits.

Quickly and steadily, they both rubbed and pinched. Suddenly, she just stopped. I was not sure why, but then she moaned low and loud, and then collapsed on the ground. When she did that, my dick popped out of her ass, and in the moonlight, I could see a puddle of cum, pussy juice, and urine between her legs.

All of this had given Ron another hard on. I was not sure what he could do, with his sister panting on the ground, but he stood up and walked toward me, straddling his sister's prostrate form. As his dick got closer to my face, he began to jack himself off.

I could not fathom what he had in mind. Looking me in the eye, he said that he had always wanted to fuck his sister. With her totally used up by my recent attention to her ass, he was not sure he could do it just then. I asked him if he had another idea, and he told me that he had never been sucked off by a man before. I told him that he and I shared something in common, and that I also had never sucked off another man.

I do not know if it was the alcohol we had both consumed, or a fit of suppressed revenge, but Ron told me that he needed relief and I was going to provide it. With that, he pulled my face toward his crotch. I was not sure what I should do. While I had never sucked off a man, I had to admit that the idea had crossed my mind. It was not as if I had never tasted a man's cum before, as I had eaten the pussy of women that I had just fucked.

As his dick came closer to my mouth, I opened it and accepted the tip. I could taste and smell the remnants of his first orgasm. As he pushed his cock into my mouth, I relaxed my jaw and began to use my tongue on the tip, licking his pee hole. He released his grasp from the back of my head, and I lifted one of my hands to his balls. His scrotum was soaked with cum and spit from Bonnie's blowjob.

As I worked my mouth up and down his shaft, he began to contract his cock, attempting to pull more cum from his depleted balls. I could tell that he really wanted to cum in my mouth, and helped as much as I could by massaging him and jacking him off. As we worked, I began to get another erection, and Bonnie lifted her head and asked us what we were doing.

Ron turned to her, temporarily pulling his dick from my mouth. He told her how aroused he got watching me fuck her ass, and that he really needed to cum again. She asked me if I really wanted to suck him off, and I said it was not my first preference. I asked if she would like to take his cock up her ass, but she said that once per night was plenty.

Then, Bonnie came up with an interesting alternative. She suggested that Ron could fuck me in the ass. I told her that I was not sure, and she said that she would help to make sure that I was relaxed and ready. Ron seemed to like that idea better, as well.

Bonnie had me lie on my back on a bench that had been built on the overlook. She then bent down, between my legs and began to lick and tongue my ass. Ron brought his dick up to my face, and I returned my attention to him. I licked up and down his shaft, gaining his arousal. Bonnie layered spit, as well as cum and pussy juice, into my ass hole.

With first one, then two, then three fingers, she spread my anal passage, all the time, licking around my ass, licking the bottom of my balls, and gently jacking me off. She would drool on my balls, at the base of my dick, and let the fluid flow down to her hand, now firmly situated in my ass.

Ron was really starting to grow, and I knew that he was getting ready to cum again. Bonnie asked me if I was ready, and I told her that I know that Ron was. With that, she told Ron to move to my ass, and that she would help. Bonnie changed positions, and straddled my face with her pussy. I could now see, first hand, the ass hole that I had earlier savaged.

She began to lick and suck my cock, as she lowered her pussy to my face. I greedily began to lick her slit and clit, feeling her shudder as I pressed my tongue deep into her pussy hole. She directed Ron to position his dick at my asshole, and removed the three fingers that had been stretching it.

I felt Ron's dick head touch my ass, and push. Bonnie moved back slightly, pressing her pussy tighter onto my mouth, as she spread my ass cheeks with her hands. Continuing to lick and suck my cock, she drooled more spit over my balls onto my ass hole. She encouraged Ron to push slowly and steadily. I could feel him penetrate deeper, and also could feel his cock twitch in anticipation. As Ron pulled out slightly, Bonnie bent back over and licked the full length of my ass crack and, apparently, Ron's dick, leaving a trail of spit, lubricating us even further.

As Bonnie trailed her tongue back up to the tip of my dick, with one last shove, Ron buried his cock deep into my ass, actually, simultaneously, pushing my cock into his sister's mouth. Two totally new sensations couldn't last very long, and needless to say, Ron gave in first. I felt a first hot shot of fluid flood my bowels, followed by a second and a third, each one accompanied by a deep thrust of my cock into Bonnie's eager mouth.

With Ron's dick firmly in my ass, massaging me in ways I had never expected, and his sister's lips grasping my cock, I too, gave in. A second load of my cum entered Bonnie, this time violating her mouth. I pumped in concert with Ron, and as he thrust into my ass, I shot into her mouth. The first shot must have gone directly to her throat, as I felt the end of my dick hit the very base of her tongue. Subsequent squirts filled her checks to overflowing. Ron collapsed and his dick popped out of my still twitching ass hole. This gave his sister a little more freedom, and she ground her pussy into my face, as an orgasm wracked her body. I stabbed my tongue deep into her pussy, feeling the warm juices flow down my throat. As her orgasm subsided, she rolled off the bench, onto the grass.

I just lay there, looking up at the stars, unable to move. I had just experienced an entirely unique feeling, while missing the opportunity for another. Maybe, just maybe, some night in the future, after Donna and Donald have retired for the evening, and Bonnie, Ron and I sit around the campfire, I just might have to pee again.


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