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Bonnie and Ron Pt. II
by Doug4Dirt

<Some weeks later>

Donna's announcement that we would be visiting Ron brought a couple of mental images to mind, and when she said that Bonnie would be there, too, I was ready to go.

Donald was leaving Friday morning overseas for a two week business trip and Bonnie was going to stay with Ron while he was gone. Ron had invited Donna and I down for the weekend. We gladly accepted.

When we arrived at Ron's house, he and Bonnie greeted us with freshly made pina colada's. As I accepted mine from Bonnie, I looked at her with a little suspicion. Had she and Ron, being together, alone all day, been doing anything?

Donna and I went to the guestroom, changed into our swimsuits, and joined Bonnie and Ron out by the pool. Since their family was so close, an outsider wouldn't have thought anything of it, but I found it strange that Bonnie and Ron had placed two lounges very close together.

Donna and I pulled up two more lounge chairs, adjacent to the other two and struck up a conversation about work, the world in general, and other mindless topics.

Ron had some steaks on the grill and Bonnie had prepared a salad and other accompaniments for dinner, and we all joined together on the patio for dinner. The drinks flowed continuously, with wine for the meal, and rum afterward.

As the evening progressed, and the lights began to get low, Donna started to nod off. It had been a long week for her, and she was fatigued. Before she fell completely asleep on the patio, Bonnie and I helped her to the guestroom and bed.

Bonnie waited outside the guestroom until I had tucked Donna in. "What's on your mind?" she asked.

"What do you mean?"

"I saw how you were looking at me and Ronnie!"


"Well, I just wanted you to know . . ."

"Know what?"

"Well, we talked about it, and played with each other, but we've been waiting for you."

"What do you mean?"

"Ron wants to fuck my ass so bad, he's had a hard on all day!"

"So, why didn't you let him while you were alone this afternoon?"

"Because he wants you to fuck his ass while he does me!"

"Do you think that's possible?"

"I don't know, but I'm willing to try!"

Bonnie and I walked back out to the pool, where Ron was waiting.

"Is she asleep?"

"Yeah, she's down for the count!"

"Are you sure, I sure don't want her to wake up and find us!"

"Once Donna's down, she won't wake up until I get her up in the morning."

"Did Bonnie tell you what we talked about?"

"Yeah, are you sure that's what you want to do?"

"Ever since I fucked your ass, I've been wondering what it felt like."

"It feels like your ass is stuffed full of cock."

"But, what about when I came?"

Bonnie joined in our conversation. "I'll tell you what it feels like when a man cum's in my ass, it feels great!" "I'm tired of talking about it, I've been looking forward to this since we left the country house." "I almost asked Donald to ass fuck me once, but decided he wouldn't understand."

"Where do we want to do it, here by the pool?"

"No," Ron interjected, "not private enough!" "Let's go to my room."

As we walked down the corridor toward Ron's master bedroom suite, I couldn't help but squeeze Bonnie's ass cheeks. She turned to me, "Later, but not too much later, I want you to play with my ass like you did before."

As we entered, Ron locked the door behind us. Bonnie had her bathrobe and swimsuit top off before she was three feet into the room. She threw them into a chair in the corner, and turned toward us, stepping out of her bottoms. "I'm ready to feel my little brother's dick in my ass!" "Ronnie, will you stuff that thing deep in my butt and shoot your cum?"

Ron looked a little embarrassed at this sister's suggestive language, but stammered: "You bet, let me get ready!"

I had already taken my swimsuit off and had the beginning of an erection, as did Ron as he removed his suit.

"Let him suck you off again, Ronnie, like he did before!"

"What do you mean?"

"I want to see you sucking on Ron's cock!"

"But I thought you wanted to feel his cum in your ass?"

"Well, don't get him off, just suck on him for a while, go ahead, suck him!"

"And what are you going to do?"

"I'm going to finger myself here on the bed, and watch!"

I had to admit that the thought of having Ron's dick in my mouth again did sound interesting, so I walked over to where Ron was standing and dropped to my knees.

He spread his legs and I took his cock into my mouth, swirling my tongue around the entire length as I took it in.

"You like that, don't you?" Bonnie asked in the background. I responded by starting a slow up and down motion on Ron's cock with my lips. I worked up a load of saliva and let it flow down Ron's cock and balls. I lifted my right hand to his scrotum and cupped his balls into my palm. The drool flowed down along his balls and into my hand.

As Ron relaxed, he spread his legs and I moved my hand up his ass crack, bringing my handful of spit with it. As I dragged my hand back down his crack, I found his ass hole with my middle finger and stopped. He shifted and spread his ass cheeks with his hands and I pushed my finger in. He was tight, and I withdrew and found some more spit, and reinserted, deeper each time until my entire finger was buried in his ass.

"Are you going to finger his ass?" "You better not make him cum, I want it in me!"

I glanced over at Bonnie and noticed that her asshole wasn't going unattended either. She had her right hand fingering her pussy and clit, and her left hand massaging her ass. From my angle, I couldn't tell how many of her own fingers she had in her ass, but from her squirming around on the bed, my bet was several, if not all.

I thought back to the night at the country house. First of my dick fully up Bonnie's ass, and then later, Ron's dick in my mouth, and then finally, his dick fully up my asshole. Suddenly I couldn't help myself. I wanted a load of cum in my mouth, and saw that the opportunity was mine. I stuck another finger up Ron's ass, and played with his balls with the remainder of the fingers of my right hand. I could feel the pressure of his and Bonnie's foreplay this afternoon building in his balls.

I bobbed my head up and down his cock, massaging his balls and asshole. Stroking my fingers in and out, bringing his orgasm to a head (so to speak). As I sucked and licked his cock, he groaned and shot a load into my waiting mouth. I pumped his ass with my fingers and sucked his cock and drained his balls.

It was so erotic, that for the first time in my life, without touching myself, I shot off, too. My cum spraying out onto the carpet and Ron's feet in thick white strings.

Ron's groan of pleasure brought Bonnie back out of her self-induced orgasmic bliss. "Are you shitting me?" "Did you just suck his dick and make him cum?"

"Oh, Bonnie, he's almost as good as you are!"

"Yeah, but when I sucked on you this afternoon, we agreed not to cum until tonight!"

"Well, its tonight and I just did!"

As I leaned back on my calves, Ron's cum dripped off my chin. I looked down at the pool of my own cum that had formed between my knees. "I have never cum like that before!"

"You came too?" "Now who's going to shoot in my ass?"

"Don't worry, I'm sure we'll come up with something!"

"Didn't you get yourself off?"

"Well. Yeah, but it's not the same, I need cum in my ass!"

"Ronnie, will you eat my pussy and make me cum, again?"

"Of course, dear, let me rest for a second." "Can you go get us another drink, I don't think either one of us can walk!"

Ron staggered over to the bed and sat on the edge. I pulled myself up to the other side of the bed and did the same. Bonnie came back into the room with three glasses.

As she served first me, and then Ron, she sat her drink down on the side table and climbed into bed. As she lay back on the pillows she spread her legs. "Ronnie, eat me!" "I need to cum, again."

Ron put down his drink and climbed onto the bed and between Bonnie's thighs. On his hands and knees, he began to lick and suck her pussy,

"Oh, Ronnie, eat me, make me cum, suck my pussy!" Bonnie's right hand held the back of Ron's head firmly at her crotch, and her left hand flew from one nipple to the other, twisting, tweaking, and pulling.

Both of Ron's hands were between Bonnie's thighs, spreading them wide, seeking the source of her pleasure. I could hear him slurping and swallowing.

With Ron fully consumed in his attention to Bonnie, I couldn't help but notice that he had assumed a position which would make it possible for me to meet his previously stated expectations.

I crawled up on the bed, positioned myself behind Ron and considered my options. It was obvious that he was oblivious to my presence, his attentions fully on eating his sister's pussy. Bonnie, however, could see me clearly, and nodded her approval.

"Are you going to fuck his ass?" She whispered. "How are you going to get him ready?"

I had already been thinking about that myself. How would I get Ron's asshole ready for fucking?

"There's some lubricant in the night stand." "Look inside that drawer!"

I leaned over and reached the nightstand and opened the drawer she had pointed to. Sure enough, a tube of KY was readily accessible.

As I moved back into position, I looked Bonnie in the eye. Her legs were now pulled up so that her feet were even with her hips. "Oh, Ronnie, finger my ass, stick your finger in my ass, oh, Ronnie, that's it, yes!"

"Now, two, yes, oh, yes!" "Is that three, now?" "Deeper, Ronnie, finger me deeper, now don't stop licking my pussy, that's it, yes, fuck my ass and lick my pussy!"

I took a glob of KY on the middle finger of my right hand and started to apply it to Ron's asshole. You would have thought he had been shot, he jumped so high.

"Oh, Ronnie, you took your fingers out of my ass!" "That was so good!" "Eat me some more, finger my ass, see if you can get your whole hand up my ass!"

Bonnie's demands were starting to get a little unrealistic, but I could sense her state of excitement.

"What are you doing?"

"I'm getting ready to fuck your ass, isn't that what you wanted?"

"I guess it is, I just wasn't expecting it."

"Do we need to think about positions?" "I can see that you're ready to try to fuck her, too."

Ron's cock was fully erect and dripping pre-cum. I was almost tempted to see if I could suck him off again, but didn't want to seem greedy.

"Well, what do you have in mind?"

"What if I lay down on the bed and you sit on my dick?"

"Okay, but then what about Bonnie?"

"She backs onto your dick, facing me."

"I think I understand, Bonnie, does that make sense to you?"

"I don't care, I want a dick in my ass, and a cum shot!"

"Okay, then, let's do it!"

"Do you want to let me finger your ass, to get you ready."

"No, let me finger Ronnie's ass again. I think that would be neat!"

As I lay on my back in the middle of the bed, Bonnie moved behind Ron and filled her hands with KY. Ron bent over at the waist and got on his hands and knees. In this position, his face was only inches from my cock. Bonnie spread the KY all over his ass and began to poke one, then two fingers in his hole. At first, Ron appeared to resist, but gradually, I could see the look on his face relax.

Ron looked me in the eye, and then down to my erection. Slowly and deliberately, her lowered his mouth to my cock and took me in. For the first time in my life, another man's mouth was on my dick.

As Bonnie administered to Ron's ass, his mouth worked up and down on my cock. I could feel his tongue working around the base as he took me fully in, and then he would tongue my pee hole on the way out.

Soon, Bonnie was working all four of the fingers of her right hand in and out of Ron's ass. "Don't suck him off, Ronnie, crawl over there and sit on his dick, Ronnie!" "Let him fuck you in the ass!"

Ron took Bonnie's advice and moved up to straddle my waist. Bonnie moved in behind him and held up my cock to his asshole. Ron slowly lowered himself on top of me and I felt my cock begin to penetrate him.

"That's it, Ronnie, sit on his dick, all the way down, let him fuck you in the ass!"

I felt Ron lower his full weight onto my cock, and I pushed into him to the hilt. The pressure of my cock in his ass caused him to shoot a little stream of pre-cum onto my chest.

"Now, fuck him, Ronnie, fuck up and down on his dick, oh, Ronnie, fuck yourself on his dick!"

"You better get on up here if you want my cum in your ass, Bonnie!" "This is feeling so good, I don't know how much longer I can last!"

"Okay, but hold on, I want you to cum in my butt!"

Bonnie took a handful of KY and spread it all over her own ass, fingering her asshole as she did it. Once she was satisfied that she was ready, she swung her legs over my waist and backed up to Ron's erection.

"Fuck me, Ronnie, stick that thing in my ass!" "Oh, yeah, that's it, let me sit on your dick!"

I could see Bonnie rocking back and forth on Ron's cock. As she moved up and down, her tits swayed in front of my face. I tried to lick her nipples, as they would pass my face. Bonnie and Ron's actions temporarily distracted Ron's attention from me, and my dick, which by now was firmly in his ass. I watched as Bonnie began to fuck her ass onto Ron's dick with increasing intensity, literally slamming her ass into his hips.

"Oh, Ronnie, that's great, oh, I'm going to cum, oh, yeah, fuck my ass Ronnie, fuck me deep!"

Of course, Ron wasn't doing much more than trying to resist Bonnie's thrusts, but the effect was obvious. "Bonnie, get ready, I'm gonna cum!"

"Shoot in me Ronnie, fuck my ass, I want your cum in my ass!" Bonnie bent fully over to where her head was resting on my chest. She took one hand and reached between her legs and grabbed Ron's balls, with the other she started playing with her own pussy, then, bending from her knees, she began to rock back and forth on Ron's dick.

"Oh, Ronnie, that feels so good, fuck me Ronnie, fuck your little sister's ass, shoot that cum in my ass!" "Oh, Ronnie, I need your cum, fuck me Ronnie, fuck me!"

Ron had been pretty stationary on my dick while Bonnie fucked herself in the ass on his, so I wasn't quite as close to orgasm as he was. "Get ready, Bonnie, I'm cumming, oh, yeah, yeah!"

"Oh, Ronnie, I feel it, I have your cum in my ass, oh, I'm going to cum myself, oh, cum, oh, cum, oh!" As was her custom, a stream of cum jetted out of Bonnie's pussy, splashing onto Ron's balls, and dripping down onto our union.

"Now, are you going to shoot your cum in my ass?" Ron looked over the bucking Bonnie and caught my eye.

"You need to work on me, pump up and down, jack me off with your asshole!"

"Okay, how's this!" Ronnie started to rock up and down on his knees, working my cock in and out of his asshole. As he did, he became dislodged from Bonnie's ass, and she rolled over on her side.

"There, fuck me deep, I can feel your dick deep in my ass, I want to feel your cum!"

With Bonnie out of the way, I could also get some leverage and movement and began thrusting into Ron's asshole as he rocked on his knees. As we continued to rock and fuck, I could feel a load of cum building in my balls.

"I'm getting close, keep it up, fuck me with your asshole!"

"Oh, I can feel your dick getting big, shoot in my ass, fuck my ass, cum in my ass!"

Ron had regained an erection and was now jacking himself off as he bounced up and down on my dick. I could see him concentrating on his own pleasure, as well as mine.

"Ron, I'm going to cum!" "Get ready to feel me cum!"

"Do it, shoot your cum in my ass while I jack off!" "I'm going to cum again!" "I'm going to shoot all over your face!"

"Fuck me, Ron, fuck up and down on my dick, I'm going to cum, now, oh, now, oh, fuck, oh, cum!"

I released a torrent of cum into Ron's butt, and as I did, he came again, as well. A string of cum spewed from Ron's cock and hit just below my chin. My own cum continued to fill Ron's ass as I pumped deep into his butt. As Ron continued to shoot, lesser amounts of his cum dribbled down my chest and stomach.

As we both spent our loads, my dick began to shrivel and popped out of Ron's ass. Ron rolled over toward the almost comatose Bonnie and watched her catching her breath.

"Bonnie, I want you to lick my cock, lick all the cum off my cock!" as he crawled up and poked his still erect cock into her wide-open mouth. "And I want you to lick him too!"

I took the hint and crawled over to Bonnie's head. I wiped my right hand across my body, gathering Ron's cum and spreading it onto my dick, offered my cock as well. She stretched her mouth open and accepted both cocks, licking around and between them, cleaning them off with her tongue.

After she had finished, Ron looked at me and nodded his approval. "That was great!" "What do we do for an encore?"

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