The Best Erotic Stories.

Bonnie and Ron Pt. III
by Doug4Dirt

<The next day>

"I need you to fuck my ass!"

"What?" As I awakened from my slumber on one of the lounges out beside Ron's pool, I couldn't figure out if I was still dreaming.

"I need a dick in my ass, right now!"

As I rolled over and opened my eyes, the vision of a naked Bonnie came into focus. "What are you doing?"

"Ron and Donna just left to go shopping. Ronnie was going to take her to some fashion outlet he knows about. They'll be gone for hours!"

"Are you serious?"

"I need your dick in my ass, I can't stop thinking about the first time. Yours is so much bigger than Ron's!"

"Well, thanks for the compliment, and I did notice that, especially last night when he fucked your ass."

"Well, do you want to fuck me, or what?"

By now, the head of my erect cock was peaking out of the top of my Speedo swimsuit, and I think it was obvious that I was excited. "Okay, where?"

"My room, and now, I need it bad!"

As I followed Bonnie into the house, I fixated on her butt cheeks and began anticipating how great it was going to feel to shoot a load of cum into her asshole. I stopped at the bathroom to relieve myself, and she continued down the hallway.

When I got to the bedroom, she was already on the bed, on her back. "Get naked, and lock the door, so that, just in case . . ."

As I turned to get the door, she directed: "No, get naked first, I want to watch your butt, like you were watching mine on the way in!"

I dropped my swimsuit to the floor, and, for drama's sake, bent over to pick it up. "Did you enjoy having Ronnie in the ass last night?"

I straightened up, and as I walked to the door, looked over my shoulder: "Almost as much as I enjoyed having him in my mouth!"

"Are you serious, you liked to suck his dick?"

"Don't you?"

"Yeah, but that's different!"

"Oh, why, does it taste different to a woman?"

"Well, no, but . . ."

"And I thought that butt was what we were in here about, anyway?"

"Okay, then, get your's over here and fuck my ass!"

"As I crawled onto the bed, I could see that her pussy was wet and swollen with the anticipation. "How close are you to cumming?"

"If you merely touched me, I'd be gone!"

With that, I bent down and touched my tongue to her swollen clit and felt her shudder.

"See," she trembled, "I told you I was ready!"

I moved my mouth down to totally engulf Bonnie's pussy, licking long and deep into her slit, lapping up ever ounce of the pussy juice she had just spilled. As I ate her, I brought my right hand up and placed the index finger on her anus. It opened voluntarily and I had no trouble burying my finger to the hilt.

"Oh, I needed that!" "Your finger is right were I need it!" "Finger fuck me, fuck my ass, oh, more, more!"

I assumed that more had two meanings, numerical and frequency. One finger became two, then three, as I rapidly worked them in and out of her asshole.

"Oh, yes, fist fuck my ass, stick your hand in my ass!"

Not being one to resist any sexual offer, I folded my hand into a spear and tried to push all the way past her anal resistance.

"Fuck!" "Is that your entire hand?" "Oh, I can feel your hand inside my ass!" "Fuck my ass with your hand, eat my pussy, I'm going to cum!"

She really needed it. I couldn't believe what I was experiencing. Her asshole was so relaxed, that as I pushed deeper and deeper, it opened up and accepted my entire hand. Seeing my hand wrist deep in Bonnie's asshole was probably one of the most erotic visions I had ever experienced.

I couldn't believe the effect it had on her. As I licked her pussy slit, from asshole to clit, she released a virtual flood of cum, the force of her orgasm actually creating a spray. "Oh, fuck, your hand, my ass, oh, cum, oh, eat me, lick me, fuck me, oh, I'm cumming, I'm cumming!"

I slowly removed my hand from her ass, and backed away from her now trembling body. "I have never, ever, cum like that!" "That was fantastic!" "Now I'm ready for you cock!"

Bonnie rolled her legs back, lifting her hips and exposing both her pussy and her anus. "Remember, fuck me in the ass, and fuck me hard!"

I complied and easily slipped my cock into her now totally relaxed and wide-open asshole. "Oh, yes, I need to feel your cum in my ass!" "Oh fuck, fuck my ass, fuck me deep!"

As I stroked in and out of her ass, she reached one hand down behind her back and grasped my balls. "I want you to shoot your load deep in my ass! "That's it, fuck me, fuck deeper, all the way, deep, deeper!" With her other hand, she began to finger herself, playing with her swollen clit, which by now was almost erect, like a small penis.

I was now taking full, almost violent plunges into her asshole, going all the way until our pubic bones crashed together, and then back out until just the tip of my cock touched her ass. I could feel a load of cum building in my balls, the effects of her massaging of my balls and my long strokes into her ass.

As she alternately strummed her clit, jacking it off like the female cock it represented, and crammed her fingers in and out of her pussy, she screamed: "I'm going to cum again!" "Oh, I need to feel your cum in my ass, I want you to fill me up as I cum!" "Fuck me, cum in my ass, cum, oh, cum!"

I was ready to comply, my balls ached, and I couldn't hold off any longer. "Bonnie, get ready, I'm going to cum!"

"Oh, yeah, give it to me, shoot that cum into my ass, cum deep inside me, oh, let me feel it!"

With a groan, I shot, like I had never shot before. I pumped once, twice, three, four, and then lost count as she responded with her own orgasm.

"Oh, yes!" "What a load of cum, I can feel your cum shooting up my ass!" "Now I'm going to cum, watch me cum, watch my pussy cum!" She spread her pussy lips with both hands, totally exposing her hole.

I looked down, with my unobstructed view of her cunt and watched as pussy juice shot out of her, and filled the space between us. I had never seen such a pool of pussy juice. "Oh, nice, oh, that feels so good, oh, how can you make me cum like that?"

Bonnie reached her hand down between her legs and scooped up a handful of her own juices, and put it in her mouth. "Now I know why men like to eat pussy, this tastes so sweet!"

"And you wanted to know why I don't mind sucking Ron's cock?"

"What do you mean?"

"Do you think another woman's pussy juice would taste any different from yours?"

"You know, I never thought of it that way, maybe I'll need to try and find out!"

<And the next day>

"I need you to fuck my ass!"

"What?" As I awakened again from my slumber on one of the lounges out beside Ron's pool, I couldn't figure out if I was still dreaming.

"I need a dick in my ass, right now!"

It was déjà vu, except this voice was masculine.

As I rolled over and opened my eyes, the vision of a naked Ron came into focus. "What are you doing?"

"Bonnie and Donna just left to go shopping. Bonnie talked Donna into taking her to some of the places we went to yesterday. They'll be gone for hours!"

"Are you serious?"

"I need your dick in my ass, I can't stop thinking about the first time. "I've tried fingering myself and jacking off, but it just doesn't compare!"

I looked at his erection and could tell he was excited. "You know, this is a little unusual, don't you?"

"What do you mean?"

"Well, when it was the three of us, well, there was a female involved."


"Well, I guess I never thought of being alone with another guy!"

"I didn't say that I wanted to kiss and make love with you, I just want to feel you shoot cum up my ass again, and now's a perfect opportunity."

I looked at his erection bobbing inches from my face, a drop of pre-cum hanging precariously. "And suck your dick, is that what else you want?" "Are you sure just fucking is all you want me to do?" "I mean, I don't mind either one, really."

"Well, I was only really thinking about you fucking my ass, so do you want to, or what?" I could tell by both his irritated tone of voice and the enlarging drop of pre-cum that had now dripped from his dick, leaving a thread, that Ron had worked himself up to this point and that my delays weren't in his plans.

By now, the head of my erect cock was peaking out of the top of my Speedo swimsuit, and I think it was obvious that I was excited, too. "Okay, where?"

"My room, and now, I need it bad!"

I followed Ron back into the house and down the hall.

"How do you want it?"

"I want to lay on my back and have you fuck me from the front!"

It was obvious he'd also thought about the position, as well.

"Okay, how do we get ready?"

"What do you mean?"

"Well, do you want me to finger your asshole, you've already got a hard on, so I guess I don't need to suck your dick?"

"No, I'll do that, I'll finger my ass, it kind of makes me excited to stick my fingers in my own ass."

As I took off my swimsuit, I watched as he squirted the KY into the palm of one hand and wrapped his other fingers in it. He then rolled his hips back and inserted two lube-coated fingers into his asshole.

"Get up here and get ready!" "When I take my fingers out, I want your dick right there to take their place!"

I climbed up on the bed between his knees and took some of the lubricant and began jacking myself off. I watched as Ron buried three fingers into his own asshole and readied himself for my cock.

As he removed his fingers from his ass, he took both hands and spread his ass cheeks apart. "I'm ready, get that thing in me, now!"

I placed my dick at his ass and shoved. The combination of the lubrication and his prior manipulations, as well as my erection made for an easy entry.

"Oh, man, that feels great!" "Shove that thing all the way up my ass, fuck me, fuck me hard!"

With me fully planted in his ass, Ron took his now free hands and grabbed my hips. With my hands, I began to massage his balls and jack him off.

"I want to feel that cum shot deep inside me!" "I need you to fuck me deep!"

I began rocking back and forth on my knees, sinking my dick to the hilt, and slapping my balls on his butt.

"That's it, fuck my ass, deep, deeper, I'm going to try to cum at the same time you do!" "Let me know, oh, fuck!"

"You'll know!" "You'll feel me start to swell, but I'll warn you just as well!"

I fucked and fucked his ass, and he watched as I jacked him off, playing with his balls, as I rock back and forth on my knees.

"Oh, man, you can't believe how great that feels, I want your cum deep in my ass!"

I could feel my orgasm building within my balls, with each plunge and retreat drawing my cum closer to the surface.

"I'm close, Ron, real close!"

"Good, so am I!" "Jack me off, try to hit my mouth, I want to eat my own cum!" "I think I can do it with your dick in my ass!"

This was an unexpected twist, but an admirable goal. "I'm ready, Ron, I'm going to cum!"

"That's it, fuck deep in my ass, fill me up, let me feel your cum deep in my ass!"

I couldn't hold on any longer and shot my full load.

"Oh, yeah, I can feel it, I can feel your . . . now, I'm going to cum, oh, yeah, oh, fuck, oh!"

I watched as a white stream shot from the end of Ron's cock, and hit on his left cheek, splattering some into his nostril, a little more on his eyelid, and even some on his forehead.

"Yeah, keep fucking, keep going deep in my ass!"

I pumped another two or three loads into his asshole and continued to watch in amazement as another of his bursts did, as he wanted, land right on his lips, his tongue sweeping it into his mouth.

"Yeah, I did it!" "I tasted my own cum, I shot my own cum into my mouth!" "Oh, fuck, that was great!"

By now, I was depleted and my dick plopped out of his ass as he reveled in his success.

I looked down as some of my cum dripped out of his asshole. As I sat back, I looked at Ron: "Is that what you had in mind?"

"Oh, yeah, that was great!" "I've never tasted cum before, and if I was going to, I wanted it to be my own."

"Well, now what?"

"What do you mean?"

"Well, how'd it taste?"

"Kind of like I thought it would, you know, from the smell, and all."

"Ever think you might want to try it again, or even taste someone else?"

"I don't know, maybe, probably, yeah, it might be interesting to see how another guy tastes."

"Okay, so that's all that you wanted from me?"

"Yeah, thanks!"

I slipped off the bed and walked into the bathroom to wash off. As I left the bedroom to go back out to the pool, Ron was asleep on his bed, still covered in his own cum.

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