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Bonnie and Ron Pt. IV
by Doug4Dirt

<The last day>

I had to attend to some business in town and left Ron's house early. I told the others the prior evening not to expect me until late afternoon.

As things would have it, my appointments were all right on schedule and I finished a lot sooner than I had expected. Thinking that I might get to enjoy some sun out by the pool, I headed straight back to the house.

Walking down the hallway toward my room, I heard the unexpected, but then again, expected sounds of sexual activity coming from one of the bedrooms. The closer I got, the more obvious it was the bedroom that Donna and I were sharing.

"Oh, eat me, lick me, fuck me, oh, yeah, oh . . ."

Was that Donna? I stopped and listened at the door.

"Oh, uh, yeah, oh, fuck, oh . . ."

Ron? Was Donna's brother in her room, eating her pussy? But if he was, how could I hear him talking?

My curiosity was getting to me, and, since, all three of the others of us were already involved, walking in on my wife and her brother wouldn't be too traumatic. But, where was Bonnie?

The panorama spread before my eyes as the door slowly swung open. I could see Ron's back, and what appeared to be Donna laying on her right side. From their posture, Ron looked like he was fucking her.

"Oh, that's it, eat my pussy, make me cum, oh, it feels so good!"

As I entered, I finally saw the reason for my wife's language. Bonnie and Donna were in a sort of sideways sixty-nine, and Bonnie apparently was getting her wish, eating another woman's pussy. But what of Ron?

"Oh, Ronnie, I can't believe you have your dick in my ass!" "Oh, I can feel you so deep in my ass, oh, Bonnie, Ronnie, make me cum, fuck me, eat me, oh . . .!"

"I'm getting close, Donna, feel me getting big, feel my cum, I'm going to cum in your ass, oh, fuck, Donna, it feels so good, Bonnie, lick my balls, oh, yeah!"

"I'm going to cum, Bonnie, eat my pussy, make me cum, oh, Ronnie, cum in my ass, fuck me, eat me, make me cum!"

"Oh, fuck, I'm cumming!" "Donna, feel my cum in your ass!"

"Uh, yeah, oh, Ronnie, I feel it, I feel your cum, shoot it, fill me up, Bonnie, eat me, make me cum, oh, I'm cumming, oh, yes, oh fuck, I'm cumming!"

As I finished undressing, I walked around the bed to view Bonnie's position more closely. On her own right side, it appeared that her ideas for a sixty-nine had not been completely fulfilled. Her left leg was elevated, exposing her dripping pussy, but there was no attention being paid to it.

Ron's dick was firmly in Donna's asshole, his hands holding onto her left hip for leverage. Bonnie's face was buried as deep into Donna's crotch as Ron's presence would permit, her tongue reaching out to Donna' pussy and clit.

Crawling onto the bed, I offered my dick to my wife's open, gasping mouth, and she took it. As I fucked her mouth, deeper and deeper, I also reached over and began to finger fuck Bonnie. Her wetness told me that she had cum at least once while eating her sister, and I used my right hand to spread her pussy juice over her asshole.

Bonnie was so engaged in eating Donna's pussy, that even the introduction of two of my fingers into her asshole didn't cause her to flinch. She was getting her wish, tasting another woman, and didn't appear to want to waste the opportunity.

As her asshole instinctively relaxed, I formed a spear with my hand and began hand fucking her ass, pulling out to stick my hand into her gapping pussy to rewet it. I knew that I had to fuck her in the ass. I knew from our experiences together that she needed it.

Pulling out of my wife's mouth, I turned and in one motion, buried my dick into Bonnie's ass.

"Oh, what . . ., oh yeah, I want it, fuck my ass!" Bonnie had come up for air as I sunk my erection into her butt.

Ron was done, and his limp cock had slipped out of his sister's asshole. Bonnie had ceased her attention to her sister's pussy, and Donna had rolled away. It was back to the original ass fucking twosome, Bonnie and me.

"Oh, that's so good, fuck me, fuck me deep, I want your cum, cum in my ass, oh, yeah!" "Donna, eat me, eat my pussy, please?"

Donna couldn't be bothered, as she had slipped off to sleep, into a multi-orgasmic coma.

"I'll do it, Bonnie, I'll eat your pussy."

"Oh, Ronnie, I love you, you've always taken care of your little sister!"

Ron lay down into the same sixty-nine his two sister's had maintained earlier. As he lay beside her, he took his semi-hard cock and pressed it to Bonnie's lips. She instinctually opened her mouth and took him in.

I spread Bonnie's right leg to give Ron's head some room. As I fucked in and out of Bonnie's ass, Ron began to lick her clit and slip his tongue into her pussy.

"Oh, Ronnie, that's it, eat me, eat my pussy, make me cum!" "Oh, fuck my ass, oh, shoot your cum in my ass, I need to feel it deep!"

"Suck me, Bonnie, suck my dick while I eat your pussy!" "I can cum again, cum in your mouth if you'll suck me!"

As Ron licked his sister's pussy, and with his tongue occasionally grazing my dick and balls, Ron's comments of the previous day played back in my mind. I wondered if he would really like to taste another man's cum?

Bonnie raised her head from Ron's crotch. "Oh, fuck me, I love the feel of your cock in my ass, I need to feel you cum deep in my ass, fill me up, fuck me, make me cum, oh, Ronnie, eat me!"

I was getting close, lasting longer than I had in the past, having to catch up with the others, and also needing to study the situation more closely. My conclusion was that I was going to let Ron get his wish. Ron would taste my cum, as I had his, just as his sister would be tasting his as well.

Taking long, deep plunges, I continued to bury my dick in Bonnie's asshole, all the way to the hilt. "Oh, that feels so good!" "Fuck me, fuck me deep, I want to feel you shoot in my ass!" Bonnie would alternately lick and suck Ron's dick, and shout encouragement to me, jacking Ron off whenever her mouth wasn't on it.

"I'm ready, get ready, I'm going to cum!" I buried my cock one last time in Bonnie's pleading asshole, and shot my first burst.

"Oh my god, oh my, oh I can feel it, oh, fuck, I can feel your cum in my ass, oh, give it to me!"

"I'm cumming too, Bonnie, suck me, suck my dick, oh, yeah!"

But I had other plans. After my first shot up Bonnie's ass, I pulled out and pointed my cock in Ron's direction. With his distraction of Bonnie eating his cum, I knew that I would have an easy target. As he opened his mouth to talk, I struck.

"Your turn, Ron, suck my dick, taste my cum!" As I shoved my dick into his open mouth, another load burst out, and directly down his throat, gagging him.

"Ugh, oh, what, um, oh . . ." Ron seemed first surprised, and then, as he tasted my cum, a little less apprehensive. A second shot hit him on the chin as he had backed away, and my final landed on his lefty cheek. His tongue swept around his mouth, searching for the wayward drops.

Ron continued to pump into Bonnie's eager mouth, dropping his second load into a second sister. As he finished with her, he looked up at me. "That's not bad, kind of what I was expecting." "Can I finish you off?"

"Of course, take all you want."

Ron lowered his face to my softening cock, took it into his mouth and began to suck the juices from both inside and out.

"That must have been the biggest load of cum I've ever had in my ass!" "If it hadn't been, I was going to be mad at you for pulling out!"

"When I saw you, in the position you were in on the bed, I knew I needed to fuck your ass one more time."

"Well, you don't think this will be the last, do you?" "Now that Donna knows, we should be able to get together real often."

"But, what about Donald?"

"What about him?"

"Well, what do we do with him?"

"Fuck him!"


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